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Christian World News - August 3, 2018

As believers in the Middle East face harsh persecution, men and women are standing strong with the same faith and power of biblical martyrs. And, a spiritual tradition that's gone unbroken for 200 years: How one summer camp has passed the faith ... Read Transcript

- I see the church is standing.

And standing strong

with all of the difficulties

and with all of the atrocities

and all the persecution.

- [Wendy] Coming up onChristian World News,

as believers in the MiddleEast face harsh persecution

many women are standing strong

with the same faith andpower of biblical martyrs.

- [George] Plus a spiritual tradition

that's gone unbroken for 200 years.

How this summer camp has passed the faith

from generation to generationof American Christians.

- [Wendy] And they calledhim the Renaissance Redneck.

And his video blogs aretaking the Internet by storm.

Head town to the PungoPrairie to meet this

hunter, camper, extraordinaire.

- Hello everyone welcometo this week's edition

of Christian World News.

I am George Thomas.

- And I am Wendy Griffith.

Great to have you with us.

Well in recent years thechurch in the Middle East

has gone through some dark days.

- They certainly have.

However some say the livesof the believers today

reflect those of the heroesof the faith in times past

and in a very place whereChristianity was born.

Chris Mitchell has the story.

- [Chris] Across the Middle East

Christians and the church

have suffered terrible persecution.

Yet there is still optimism here.

- I see the church isstanding and standing strong

with all of the difficulties

and with all of the atrocities

and all the persecution.

- [Chris] Egyptian bornYvette Isaac believes

that's because they'recontinuing the testimony

of the early believers.

- I do believe every day anew page of the book of Acts

is being written.

- [Chris] And Isaac wants thechurch in the west to know

what's happening here.

- They're brothers and sisters.

Christian brothers andsisters who are living there

and if it wasn't for them first

we would not hear aboutChristianity in the west.

Because of the church in the Middle East,

Christianity spread all over the world.

- [Chris] Yet she saysthe pressure on Christians

has been enormous.

- That's where it all started.

And the enemy's focus is to destroy it.

The enemy's focus

is to empty the MiddleEast from Christianity.

So he's putting all of this pressure.

And we have seen all kind ofpressure under the people.

- [Chris] Isaac hosts a television program

to the Middle East

and she believes Christianmedia can play a big role

to help Christians.

- The church needs to know the truth.

The Christian media needs to air

and to show the worldthe stories from there.

If we just depend on the secular media

we will get what their agendafor the worlds to hear.

But awareness is very important.

That's why we have manyclips of Christian people

that they suffer andthey tell their stories.

- [Chris] One of the storiesshe tells are the Christians

who suffered under ISIS.

- We go to Iraq and to Syria.

And we go to those placesand we try to empower

the girls that they came out of captivity.

Christians in Syria and in Iraq

they don't wanna speak too much.

Probably it's a fear.

But when we go there,

they open up and theyfeel like they can open up

and tell us their stories.

So we share their storiesafter their permission

to the world.

- [Chris] She tells onestory of an orthodox priest

and an evangelical pastor.

- An orthodox priest told me

when there was no water,

and there only few drops of water left.

I would rather divide itwith the evangelical pastor

because I know if we both live

we're going to be more powerful together.

If I live and he dies, I'm weaker.

- [Chris] She hopes eachpart of the body of Christ

will do their part.

- What am I called to do.

Especially in the western world.

The western church needs to understand

the importance of theexisting of Christians

in the Middle East at this time.

- [Chris] Chris MitchellCBN News Jerusalem.

- Thanks Chris.

US President Donald Trumpis following through

to threats on to sanction Turkey

for the arrest and trial ofAmerican pastor Andrew Brunson.

Trump says Brunson is suffering greatly

and that he needs to bereleased immediately.

- At the President's direction,

the Department of Treasury is sanctioning

Turkey's Minister of Justiceand Minster of Interior

both of whom played leading roles

in the arrest and detentionof Pastor Brunson.

- [Wendy] Brunson was arrested in 2016

and charged with links to a failed plot

to overthrow the Turkish government

an accusation he denies.

A Turkish court denied anappeal for him to be released

from house arrest.

Meanwhile US pastors arewarning their churches

not to travel to Turkey.

In a statement to NPRReverand Johnnie Moore says

if Turkey isn't safe for Brunson,

it isn't safe for us.

- The Attorney Generalhere in the United States

Jeff Sessions says the dangerous movement

chipping away at religiousfreedom in America

must be stopped.

This week he announcedthe Justice Department

is taking action toprotect people of faith.

- That's right.

Some question however ifthe FBI is up to the job.

That's because of itswork with an organization

that's labeled Christianorganizations as hate groups.

CBN's National SecurityCorrespondent Erik Rosales explains.

- Attorney General JeffSessions made it clear

religious liberty is our first freedom

and the DOJ will continueto actively defend it.

The Attorney Generalannounced the formation

of a new Department of JusticeReligious Liberty Task Force.

It's a direct result ofPresident Trump's executive order

directing federal agenciesto respect and protect

religious liberty and political speech.

Sessions says the culturalclimate in America

has become less friendlyto people of faith.

- Many Americans havefelt that their freedom

to practice their faithhas been under attack.

And it's easy to see why.

We've seen nuns orderedto buy contraceptives.

We've all seen the ordeal facedso bravely by Jack Phillips.

- [Erik] Christian bakerJack Phillips was ordered

by a Colorado civil rights tostop making all wedding cakes

when he refused to createone for a same sex wedding.

- We had death threats.

There were times were my wife was afraid

to come to the shop just because

didn't know what kind ofsituation there would be.

Some really, really dark times.

- [Erik] While the taskforce is a step forward,

some want the DOJ to take a closer look

at its own practices.

Florida Republican MattGaetz is demanding answers

from the FBI over thebureau's working relationship

with the Southern Poverty Law center.

Representative Gaetzwrote a letter to the FBI

calling this surprising and worrisome

as the SPLC is known to use its platform

in order to denigrate anddisparage certain groups

by labeling them hate groups.

The SPLC has named the FamilyResearch Center a hate group

for its biblical positions

on homosexuality and gay marriage.

It's even tagged HousingSecretary Ben Carson

with a hate label.

- Southern Poverty Law Centeris an arm of the extreme left.

This hate labeling istotally illegitimate.

It's contrived and it'sfor political purposes.

- [Erik] CBN News askedthe DOJ for a comment.

A spokesperson said the Attorney General

ordered the FBI toreevaluate it's relationship

with groups like theSPLC to ensure the agency

does not partner with anygroup that discriminates.

- If the FBI will follow through on that,

I think it's a great day in America.

- [Erik] The SPLC wasrecently forced to apologize

and issue a $3.3 million settlement

to Maajid Nawaz and outspokencritic of radical Islam

for including him in a listof anti Muslim extremists.

Erik Rosales CBN News.

- [Wendy] Thanks Erik.

Coming up, Holy Ground the Christian camp

where Christians across the generations

have gathered for more than 200 years

to pass on the faith.

- [Pat] Angels were created to serve God.

These magnificent beingshave awesome power

beyond our comprehension.

- [Announcer] CBN presents

Angels Their Power, Purpose, and Presence.

In Pat's latest DVD,

you'll get a biblical insight into

these mysterious spiritual creatures.

And discover the important role they play

in God's kingdom and in your life.

- We're also going to meet real people

who have come face to facewith these divine creatures

and have experienced whatcan only be described

as miraculous, life changing encounters.

- [Female] As he startedpulling me through,

it was just a burst of white light.

- [Male] My thought isthe angels were there

to hold me together.

- I knew that this wassomething that was happening

and it was supernatural.

- Angels, Their Power,Purpose, and Presence.

- [Announcer] Call now or go to CBN.Com

to get your copy of Angels.

- Hello I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there aremore than 148 million

orphans in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated

and they're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now

because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- Welcome back to Christian World News.

The Greeneville Awakening.

A spiritual revival innortheastern Tennessee

is now in its sixth week.

And the evangelist leadingthe services has told CBN News

there are no signs of it slowing down.

More than 400 people have puttheir faith in Jesus Christ

under the big tent nearGreeneville, Tennessee.

Evangelist DR Harrison sayspeople from 178 churches

and 17 states have come to the services.

The revival at GreystoneFreewill Baptist Church

was supposed to last just one week.

- That's always how it starts.

One week and keeps going.

- Six weeks later.

- Well during America's early days,

frontier settlers were so spread out

that preachers called circuit riders

rode from house to housepreaching the gospel.

- Yeah it was an amazing time back then.

Paul Strand shows us howthat led to the only camp

in America that is stillmeeting 200 years later.

Check it out.

- [Paul] Those circuit riders lit a fire

that became America'ssecond Great Awakening.

Christians camped out by the thousands

to hear these traveling evangelists.

In 1818 Seekers andthe Saved began to meet

in an Ohio Valley by acreek known as Hollow Rock.

To imagine these summer camp meetings

at Hollow Rock have beengoing on for 200 solid years

without a break.

And it was a lot harderto get here in the 1800s.

Back then the road ran rightalong the Hollow Rock Run

and you had to fort it seventimes to get to the campground.

Sheron Brooks Woodruff hasbeen coming here 75 years

and her ancestors long before that.

- My grandmother actuallycame in a horse and buggy.

- [Paul] Same for LynnCampbell's ancestors.

- My grandmother's grandparents came here

and generation after generation.

- [Paul] Traveling evangelistLane Loman's father

preached here 15 different years.

And Lane is drawn back over and over.

- And what the secret is they hand it down

to the next generation.

- [Paul] Mel Truex has presidedover the camp since 1977.

- This will be 8th or 9th generation

of families that have madethis place what it is.

- [Paul] At three tabernacles,

half a dozen servicesbring the faithful together

to worship and hear the word each day.

And at 1:15 PM without fail,

(bell ringing)

The camp bell rings out and everyone stops

what they're doing topray for several minutes.

Many have met Jesus Christ here.

Many have let him heal their broken lives.

Truex remembers the conversion of one man

whose marriage had fallen apart.

- And he said oh my.

He said there's my wife

that I've separated from.

And she found Jesus too

and the met together and ina few months they remarried.

- [Paul] Prayer circles often break out

to take needs to the Lord.

- You can share things that you know

that when people say I'm praying for you,

they are praying for you.

- [Paul] Kids and teens love coming

even if their cut off fromtheir usual online life.

- We don't have a pool.

We don't have Internet.

They can't play their games.

We're so concentratedon seeking God's will

and that his Holy Spiritwill just permeate this place

in such a way that we do feellike we're on Holy Ground.

- [Paul] Campbell remembersas a kid she could hardly wait

to get back to Hollow Rock.

- I packed a week before camp.

I was ready to come.

- [Paul] One lifelong campgoer said he offered his kids

Disney World or Hollow Rock one summer.

They all shouted Hollow Rock.

- I see a hunger, a new hunger

especially in young people for something

that's going to take thembeyond just going to church,

just being a nice person,

the wanting to be holy andwanting to be right with God.

- [Paul] All agree it's thecamp's 200 year emphasis

on holiness that is at the heart

of Hollow Rock's success.

- God said by holy for I am holy.

- So we receive freedomfrom the power of sin.

That's what we get.

And that beautifulrelationship that's untainted

by any essence of sin in our lives.

- It's just totally died out to the self

and things that would distract

from having that relationship with him.

- We can actually live, chooseto live above willful sin

and that's freedom.

- And when you find that relationship

you realize his ways are best.

Why would I try to tell an awesome God

how he ought to do it.

Even though sometimes we do.

- Develop a hunger for God.

There is no end to what God can do.

- [Paul] Those at HollowRock do seek to change

the world for Christ.

In the meantime,

they're happy to baskin what's right here.

- There's just something about this place.

When you walk on the campus,

I mean you just have that peace,

that calming God's presence is here.

- [Phil] Evangelist JohnBrasher so loved Hollow Rock

he preached here again andagain across half a century.

When he was near death

and could no longer come here physically,

he sent a letter to the HollowRock congregation writing

tell the trees, the hills,the rambling little creek,

the bubbling springs

that the old preacherloves them very much.

They are like music in my memory.

So now an American memory thatstretches a solid 200 years.

Paul Strand CBN News reporting

from the Hollow Rock Camp in Ohio.

- [George] Terrific story Paul thank you.

Coming up meet the prairieman who's changing lives

and feeding souls in the great outdoors.

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- [Male] Life it'smeant to be lived fully.

Jesus said it.

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Life in your family.

Life in your finances.

Life in your body, mind, and spirit.

Life in your every day.

At we're takingwhat Jesus said seriously.

We're here to help you discover life.

Life, live it fully.

- 911 what's the emergency?

- [Caller] We have a vehiclethat's upside down and on fire.

These people are trapped

and we need the jaws of life.

- [Woman] My feet were on fire.

The car was filling up with smoke.

- [Man] Fire coming inthrough my left door.

The steering wheel was stuck in my chest.

I couldn't move.

- [Woman] Seatbelt, Ikept trying to release it

but it wouldn't release.

And I just screamed Godsend your angels now.

I saw a set of just white hands.

It was just a burst of white light.

- So welcome back to Christian World News.

Hunting, camping, fishing, cooking

Bill Dixon he is a connoisseurof outdoor adventure.

- He sure is George.

His video blogs on Facebook and Youtube

feature not only hispassion for God's creation

but his love for Jesus.

I recently went out to the Pungo Prairie

to meet the man known asthe Renaissance Redneck.

- Hey Y'all welcome to Pungo Prairie.

Now we gonna be huntin'some of these legendary

Saskatchewan trophy white tail bucks.

So don't go nowhere.

'Cause you don't wanna miss this.

- [Wendy] For more than five years

Bill Dixon has been serving up a delicious

medley of recipes,

outdoor adventures,

and camping tips

sprinkled with a good dose of faith

that has delighted fansof his video blogs.

- Now I'm gonna showy'all how to set up camp

the Pungo Prairie way.

- [Wendy] Pungo is a ruralarea of eastern Virginia

and the last place Dixonthought he would end up

after his marriage ended.

- She was the love of my life.

We were married almost 20 years

and she just decided she wantedto do something different.

I always thought I wasgonna be in the mountains

at this stage of my life.

God finally told me Dixon

you're not gonna be in the mountains.

You can go to the mountains,

but I'll give you the Pungo Prairie

so you gotta learn tobloom where you're planted.

- [Wendy] Some of thatplanting happened after Dixon

flunked the fifth grade

and had to repeat itat a Christian school.

- My mother she kind ofgot worried about me.

One day I was out in the yard

and she was watching me.

I came in the house and she said Billy

are you okay?

I said yeah mom I'm fine, why?

She said who are you talking to out there?

I said what do you mean.

She said I'm a little bit worried,

every time I look out you're like talking

your lips are moving.

Oh mom I'm just praying.

She said you're praying.

I said Ms Gracebrooktold me the Bible says

to pray without ceasing.

Now the first thing we're gonna do

- [Wendy] For years friends begged Dixon

to share his deliciousrecipes in a cook book.

But Dixon thought he couldreach more people by video.

- I made a what you got chili.

Just out of what I had in therefrigerator and the pantry.

It wasn't planned at all.

And I shot a real quickimpromptu video of that.

And I said that'll shut 'em up.

Once they see that

I won't have to worry about it anymore.

- [Wendy] And they loved it.

- And they you gotta do another one.

You gotta do another one.

- Bill you always say ablessing over the food.

And why do you do that?

- I thought okay if I'mgonna be doing this,

let me do it so that maybe

people can see that you can have fun,

you can hunt you can fish,

you can love the great outdoors,

you can party and have a great time,

you can still love the Lord.

And it's even better.

By the subtleties of theBible or God's Minute

sitting there in the scene in a clip

and the blessing at the and

maybe just maybe that willgrab the attention of somebody.

- [Wendy] Dixon says one ofhis videos did more than that.

It helped save a life.

- And he said I just want to let you know

that you really kept megoing for the last year

while I was laid up 100 andsome odd days in the hospital.

Battling two forms of leukemia.

And him and his six year old son,

they watched my video good camp.

Which is a time lapse thing of me setting

my huntin' camp up in themountains of Virginia.

And he said I just wanted to let you know

how much I appreciated beingable to go to watch your videos

while I was spending thattime in the hospital.

And that really just blew me away.

- So Bill right now asI'm interviewing you,

we are surrounded by several deer

that I'm assuming that youshot and killed and ate

and a very large buffalo.

Can you tell us about this?

- Each one of these animals you see,

I took and my daddy taught me early on.

If you're gonna kill something

make sure you're gonna eat it.

And I like knowingwhere my food comes from

and one way I knowwhere my food comes from

is where I go out and harvest it myself.

- [Wendy] Today the manaffectionately known

as the Renaissance Redneck

entertains his many followerson Facebook and Youtube.

And has no plans to stop.

- To me there's two verses in the Bible

that is almost all you need.

And one is John 3:16

We know what that is.

And the other one is Psalm 23.

The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.

So if you accept Jesusand you act on that faith

and you believe Psalm 23 verse one.

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.

Everything else comes together.

And that girls and boys is what's cooking

on the Pungo Prairie.

- Oh that's priceless.

- And you know he fixed us a nice lunch.

- I'm sure he did.

- We had the best barbecuedribs I've ever had.

- Wow.

- Homemade strawberry icecream from fresh strawberries.

- Next time I gotta getthese kind of stories

- I know.

Well you can find the link to Bill's

his Pungo Prairie videos on his website

and all his videos onour website

- Hello is this thing on?

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Well do ya?

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- Hello I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there aremore than 148 million

orphans in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activities

of the Ukrainian orphanage as we waited

to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated

and they're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to joinwith me and become family

to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- [Pat] When you give smiles grow bigger.

When you care,

homes are happier.

When you comfort,

the hurt goes away.

When we all come together to love,

miracles happen.

- Non stop monsoon rains

have caused massiveflooding in the Philippines.

- Many towns are isolated

but CBN disaster reliefteams are getting through

delivering much neededaide to stranded families.

Asia correspondentLucille Talusan is there.

- [Lucille] Armandodemonstrated to CBN News

how he stacked up chairs and sat on them

to save himself fromthe rising flood waters

in his house.

- I asked rescuers to evacuatemy son to a safe place

but I stayed behind because I don't want

to be a burden to anyone.

I was not afraid because I believe

whatever happens Jesus is with me.

- [Lucille] Armando is blind.

Several years ago his wife abandoned him

and their only son.

But despite the hardships in his life,

Armando continues to have hope.

- This is just trial.

And I believe God will help me overcome.

I thank God for my son.

Because I can see through him.

His eyes have become my eyes.

- Some kids bully mebecause my dad is blind.

Daddy said don't mind them.

I hug my dad so I will feel strong again.

- [Lucille] Because Armando cannot work

they rely on government support.

However the calamitythat struck their town

has made it more difficultfor father and son

to have sufficient food.

And this is why Armando was so thankful

when his 10 year old son Armond

brought home a pail of relief goods

from CBN disaster relief.

CBN Disaster Reliefteams braved flood waters

on small boats to bringaide to stranded families.

And it's really very challenging.

You have to keep your balance

and they are delivering the relief goods

such as rice, water,canned goods, and noodles

and including Bibles to the residents

in this town who have been isolated

by these flood waters.

Marcella is so thankful thatCBN Disaster Relief Team

came right on time.

Because her family wasrunning out of food.

All she had left to eat wassoy sauce and shrimp paste.

She was also relieved thatthe CBN Disaster Relief nurse

was able to check on her granddaughter

who was ill with a feverand was given medicines.

CBN Disaster Relief Teams are bringing

additional help to more flood victims

in the provinces underthe state of calamity.

In addition to material aide,

workers bring spiritual relief.

- Thank you Lord.

And thank you CBN for coming to help us

despite very difficult conditions.

Thank you for the Bible.

My son reads it to me.

- The milk is my favorite

because we don't have money to buy milk.

Thank you CBN if you did not come

we will not have food to eat.

- [Lucille] Lucille Telusan CBN News

Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

- Lucille she's alwaysright in the middle of it.

- Yes she is.

CBN Disaster Relief doinggreat work around the world.

Folks that is it for this week's edition

of Christian World News.

- Until next week from all of us here

goodbye and as always God bless you.


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