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Plans for Impeachment? Latest Trump Tweets Fuel Democrat Dreams of Defeating the President

Plans for Impeachment? Latest Trump Tweets Fuel Democrat Dreams of Defeating the President Read Transcript

- A fresh round oftweets from the president

fueling the conversation surrounding

the ongoing Russia investigation.

Fake news reporting, acomplete fabrication,

that I am concerned aboutthe meeting my wonderful son,

Donald, had in Trump Tower.

This was a meeting to get information

on an opponent, totally legal

and done all the timein politics he tweeted.

It confirms the 2016meeting in Trump Tower

was about gathering opposition research

from a Russian lawyer,not primarily adoption

as previously stated.

Trump's lawyer, Jay Sekulowsays that isn't a crime.

- The question is, what law, statute,

or rule or regulation has been violated

and nobody's pointed to one.

- [Amber] As to thecharges by some Democrats

that the president's tweet last week

calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions

to stop the investigationis obstruction of justice.

Sekulow says, not so fast.

- Obstruction of justiceby tweet is absurd.

At the end of the day this isall about The Constitution.

It's all about ArticleII and that would be

the question if it went to court

that would be the question.

- [Amber] While President Trump's lawyers

say he wants to sit downwith the special counsel,

they've advised againstit leaving the question

for Robert Mueller's team, tosubpoena or not to subpoena.

- A subpoena for livetestimony has never been tested

in court as to a Presidentof the United States

and there's a lot of language, articles

and precedent againstthat but if that decision

is made we'll, we'll prepareto handle it in court.

- [Amber] While the president is calling

for the investigation toend Senator Marco Rubio says

it must continue forthe good of the nation.

- I believe it is in the bestinterest of the president

and of the United States of America

and the American peoplefor that investigation

to run the course for allthe truth to come out.

If there was evidence,strong evidence of collusion

I guarantee you it wouldhave been leaked by now.

- [Amber] Meanwhile visions of a blue wave

come midterm elections have some Democrats

talking impeachment again.

- Two in three Democraticvoters say Democrats,

if they win the house,should begin the process

of impeaching President Trump.

That's according to a recent poll.

Would you support that?

- Yeah, if the groundsare there, then that a,

then we should proceed.

- But others is theparty caution Democrats

need to be careful beforeinvoking, the I word.

Amber Strong, CBN News in Washington.


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