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CBN Global Update: August 6, 2018

Orphan's Promise recently celebrated the graduation of more than 50 children from an education center in Mrgashat, Armenia. Read Transcript

- Orphan's Promise ishelping to educate children

all over the world.

More than 50 children graduated

from an education center in Armenia.

Orphan's Promise recentlycelebrated their graduation

by giving them a diploma

and promoting them to the next grade.

Students work with Orphan'sPromise all year long

to achieve high marks and were proud

to finish the school year.

Orphan's Promise educatesthousands of children everyday

in more than 61 countries.

Now you can learn moreabout what CBN is doing

around the world by goingto

Pat and Terry are back withmore of today's 700 Club,

that's coming up right after this.


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