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Winning the Battle Against a Fatal Brain Disease

Doctors had no hope of recovery for Peggy after she was diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia. As her condition worsened, her family relied on prayer. Read Transcript

(somber music)

- [Narrator] Dwayne andPeggy King had a full

and happy life.

Married since 1961, they've spent most

of their time travelingand sharing the gospel

as the founders of Deaf Missions.

But in early 2010, Dwayne noticed

that something seemed off with Peggy.

- The terrible, terriblefar away look in her eyes

and the actions were just awful.

- He would tell me that shehad some extreme fits of rage

if she didn't get her way

and that was not like my mom at all.

She's one of the sweetestladies on the planet.

- She just didn't have thesame kind of inhibitions

and boundaries, we justgradually became more

and more concerned.

- [Narrator] Eventually doctorsdiagnosed Peggy with FTD,

frontotemporal dementia.

An MRI revealed herfrontal lobe had shrunk

and there were holes throughout her brain.

- She'll do nothing but get worse.

Another professional said

the best thing you can dois pray she dies quickly.

- That friction between thetwo of them during that time

was very, very difficult for him.

- She would right away,she'd keep me awake,

I couldn't sleep.

Finally, they put her in the memory ward,

made her at home best we could.

When we left (sobbing)

and that door locked,

that was awful.

- I remember feelinglike I was losing my mom

but then as my dad'sconcerns about her grew,

I remember feeling likeI was losing him too.

- [Narrator] With a prognosisfrom the medical community

of no hope of recovery,Peggy's family reached out

to other relatives and friends for prayer.

- Prayers for her healing,prayers of comfort for my dad,

prayers of comfort for us.

The number of people praying for her

because of the connectionsthat my parents have had

through their ministry through the years

and especially with social media today

word gets out, why wouldwe not expect a miracle?

- I was praying Lord help me accept this

and there was a day whenI remember distinctly

God you take this, it'smore than I can handle.

That very day is the same day that Peggy

in the memory ward was giving up to God.

And from that moment onshe started to get better.

♪ When you kneel to pray ♪

- [Narrator] Since that day,

not only did Dwayne notice a difference

in Peggy's cognition,behavior and motor skills,

so did the doctors.

So much so that byChristmas of that same year,

the doctors and staff ofthe memory unit agreed

that Peggy was well enough tobe discharged and sent home.

- And she did so well,she started cooking,

she could follow a recipe.

She could play the piano.

That terrible far away lookwas gone from her eyes.

Then the doctors said I havetreated hundreds of patients

and it, nobody ever got better.

This is a miracle.

- [Narrator] Though a CAT scan shows Peggy

still has an abnormal brain.

Her condition has never regressed

and she has never had toreturn to the memory unit.

Her family says they owe it all to God

and the power of prayer.

- And at first I thought, youknow, I was scared I'd go back

but it's just good and maybea little better all the time.

That's more of a miracle that God

is letting me function normallywith an abnormal brain.

God is good and wonderful.

- I don't understand it allbut I think it's very evident

that through men and women of faith

and men and women of prayerpowerful things happen.

- We have had our back,

we have had her the matriarchof our family again.

How could we ever not thank God

that we get to have ourmom cooking. (laughs)

- We have so many friendsand so many prayers

and most of the people werepraying for her to be better,

be well.

To have her back is a greatlesson, a great, great lesson.

(inspirational music)

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