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Did iTunes 'Shadow Ban' the 'Walk in the Word' Podcast over a Trump Prayer Request?

Did iTunes 'Shadow Ban' the 'Walk in the Word' Podcast over a Trump Prayer Request? Read Transcript

- It will be a time of defiance.

- Past James McDonald admitshe wasn't a big fan of

Donald Trump the candidate,mainly skeptical of policy

promises and concernedover his moral history.

But now McDonald sayshe's been impressed with

President Trump.

Recently on Facebook theHarvest Church pastor asked his

viewers to pray for andsupport President Trump as he

considered his secondsupreme court nominee.

That's when something suspicious happened.

McDonald's podcast Walk inthe Word a favorite on iTunes

vanished from the charts.

The podcast which had neverdipped below the top 40

wasn't even making the top 200.

- The only thing we could reallyconclude was it was within

24 hours of us posting aboutpraying for Donald Trump

and the new supreme court election.

- Walk in the Word suspectsit's become part of a growing

number of prominent conservativeand Christian groups

shadow banned by tech giantslike Facebook, Twitter,

and now Apple.

That means the user and theircontent have been blocked

by an online communitywithout their knowledge.

- It's not surprising, I meanlook at what Facebook stock is

I mean they've taken a nosedive this week.

Twitter losing significantly as well.

People are tired of this leftwing initiative effort to

silence conservatives and Ithink that's why you see more

and more people coming tomore and more evangelicals in

particular coming to CBN, andother outlets that they can

trust who know they'regonna tell them the truth.

- Twitter has been accusedof limiting the visibility

of prominent Republicansin search results.

The company responded with ablog post saying it does not

shadow ban, however Twitterdid seem to admit that it makes

certain users posts harder to find.

Walk in the Word says itcan't come up with any other

explanation for the suddendrop from iTunes charts.

- We haven't gotten anythingmore than really a form letter

response, we want to believethe best but at this point we

can't seem to come to anyother conclusion than something

is either technically goingwrong or there's a censorship

going on here because of thecorrelation with that post.

And all the metrics that wehave that show that we should

still be ranking in the top 20 to 50.

- The ministry's legalcouncil the National Center

for Life and Liberty senta formal letter to Apple

inquiring about thedisappearance and requesting

an explanation.

CBN news has also reachedout to the tech giant

and so far no response to either request.

Caitlin Burke, CBN news.

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