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Trump Hits Iran with 'Biting Sanctions' as Furious Iranians Demand an End to Islamic Regime

Trump Hits Iran with 'Biting Sanctions' as Furious Iranians Demand an End to Islamic Regime Read Transcript

- The US sanctionstargeting Iran's technology,

automobile, currency andprecious metal industries.

The punitive measures areexpected to further damage

the countries economy and exertmore pressure on the regime.

(people shouting)

In Iran Trump's strategiesalready having an effect.

A worsening economy has ledto anti-government protests.

A growing number of Iranians are demanding

an end to the regime.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

praised President Trump's decision

calling it an important momentfor Israel and the world.

- I call on the countries of Europe

who talk about stoppingIran to join this move.

The time has come to stoptalking, the time has come to do

and that is exactly whatthe United States is doing.

And that is what Europe should do.

- [Gary] But the EuropeanUnion is unlikely to join in,

it's taking actions to shield businesses

from penalties imposed forviolating US sanctions.

They ensure lucrative oil,banking and investment deals

with the Islamic Republic can move forward

when a tougher set of sanctionstakes effect in November.

President Rouhani denounced the sanctions

calling them psychological warfare,

but he opened the door to direct talks

with pre-conditions, aUS apology and payback.

- If the US government is ready today

to negotiate about paying compensation

to the Iranian nation from 1953 until now

over its meddling in thelife of Iranian people

we are ready for talksto see how they are going

to compensate and pay us back.

- [Gary] President Obama already returned

at least $150 billionfrom a canceled arms deal.

Middle East analyst Robert Spencer,

- It was the Shah's regimethat had made the arms

deal that was canceledand so it did not by right

belong to the Islamic Republic.

- [Gary] And even if the USstands alone against Iran,

Spencer says Trumps approach may be enough

to make a huge difference.

- He has reversed thepolicies of appeasement

that Obama pursued soindefatigably for eight years,

and this could bring aboutthe downfall of the regime

which would be good for theIranians and good for the world.

Gary Lane CBN News.


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