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The 700 Club - August 7, 2018

A mother with “holes” on her brain is slipping into dementia and the doctors offer no hope. Watch the incredible outcome. Plus, Bishop Joseph Walker shares how his church is reaching the masses through social media. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored

by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up,

their mom had holes in her brain.

- We just gradually becamemore and more concerned.

- [Narrator] And was quicklyslipping in to dementia.

- [Daughter] I remember feelinglike I was losing my mom.

- [Narrator] The doctorssaid there was no hope.

- The best thing you can dois pray she dies quickly.

- [Narrator] Now, watch hermake an incredible recovery.

- [Husband] Powerful things happen.

- [Narrator] On today's 700 Club.

- [Man] This is a miracle.

(upbeat music)

- Well welcome to the 700 Club.

Fires are exploding in California,

they talk like hurricane force.

And it's the biggest I think wildfire

in the history of the state.

Still burning strong andpeople are suffering.

Here in this area, (mumbles)our wonderful Virginia Beach

is gonna be a heat index of about 103.

- Yeah.

- Today.- We've had a very wet,

hot summer.- Very wet, hot summer.

But anyhow, across the nation has been

terrible heat but all the way in Europe

the Europeans are not used to this

and almost close to the Arctic,

places like in Norway and Sweden,

are having a record heat, so

I'm not a fan of global warming,

but whatever it is,

something's really hitting this planet.

And not only that, butthere's some earthquakes

and Tsnumani type things going on.

A big one in Indonesia,

but anyhow we'll talk moreabout it on the program.

Right now, US sanctionshit Iran's economy today.

Adding pressure to a regime under attack

from the inside.

Iranians are rising up,furious over a terrible economy

and the tyranny of a group of men,

religious leaders called the Ayatollahs.

- Well the action followsPresident Trump's decision

to leave the Iranian nuclear agreement.

After signing the executive order,

the President sent another warning.

Tweeting today that, quote,

anyone doing businesswith Iran will not be

doing business with the United States.

Gary Lane has the details.

- The US sanctionstarget Iran's technology,

automobile, currency, andprecious metal industries.

The punitive measures areexpected to further damage

the country's economy.

And exert more pressure on the regime.

In Iran, Trump's strategy is already

having an effect.

A worsening economy has ledto anti-government protests.

A growing number of Iraniansare demanding an end

to the regime.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

praised President Trump's decision.

Calling it an important momentfor Israel and the world.

- [Translator] I call onthe countries of Europe

who talk about stoppingIran to join this move.

The time has come to stop talking.

The time has come to do.

And that is exactly whatthe United States is doing.

And that's what Europe should do.

- [Gary] But the EuropeanUnion is unlikely

to join in.

It's taking actions to shieldbusinesses from penalties

imposed for violating US sanctions.

They insure lucrative oil,banking, and investment deals

with the Islamic Republic can move forward

when a tougher set of sanctionstakes effect in November.

President Rouhani denounced the sanctions,

calling them psychological warfare.

But he opened the door to direct talks

with preconditions.

A US apology and payback.

- [Translator] If the USgovernment is ready today

to negotiate about paying compensation

to the Iranian nation,from 1953 until now,

over its meddling in thelife of Iranian people,

we are ready for talks,

to see how they are going to compensate

and pay us back.

- [Gary] President Obama already returned

at least 150 billion dollarsfrom a canceled arms deal.

Middle East analyst, Robert Spencer.

- It was the Shah's regimethat had made the arms deal

that was canceled.

And so it did not by right belong to

the Islamic Republic.

- [Gary] And even if the US stands alone

against Iran, Spencersays, Trump's approach

may be enough to make a huge difference.

- He has reversed thepolicies of appeasement

that Obama pursued soindefatigably for eight years.

And this could bring aboutthe downfall of the regime,

which would be good for the Iranians

and good for the world.

- [Gary] Gary Lane, CBN News.

- Well just think about it folks,

those people have beenyakking away for years.

They call us the great Satan,

they call Israel the little Satan,

they say over and overagain that their policy is

the utter destruction of Israel.

They say that they want to bring war

against the United States.

They are fermentingrevolution all over the world

in places that you can imagine.

And throughout the Middle East,

particularly their proxiesHezbollah and others

are warring against democraticallyelected governments.

And it's time they get reigned in.

And Obama I mean gavethem 150 billion dollars

and what are they gonnado with that money?

They're gonna use it to have

the quds force and others in action.

And the President is doingthe absolute right thing.

And the thing that's important is,

these companies that aregonna have secondary sanctions

if they deal with Iran,they've got a choice,

do you wanna do business with Iran

or do you wanna do businesswith the United States?

And most of 'em realizethat the United States

market is far, far bigger than Iran.

But what's happening is,

inflation is running rampant in Iran.

And it's time, I rememberthe former Israeli Ambassador

to Iran was a friend andhe came on this program

he said, the most importantthing is that these

students and these laborleaders get together,

get encouraged, and theywill overthrow the regime,

they will do it.

And we need to have something in place

to come in and take over.

And it's time for a regime change in Iran.

It is time for us to pushthat, not just be nice.

But to recognize we've got,that thing has got to go.

It's been an outrageous blot on.

Iran is a beautiful countryand wonderful people,

the Iranian people loveAmerica, they love freedom.

And these mullahs whocome in and seize power

and put in a theocratic dictatorship,

it's time for it to go.

Now, in other news.

Republicans in Ohio face a testthat could have implications

for the elections.

Wendy Griffith has more on that.

- Thanks Pat, a tight racein an Ohio special election

could signal trouble forRepublicans in the midterms.

That's according to one poll.

The Republican candidatein a long held conservative

district has a one point leadover the Democrat contender.

Republican Governor John Cassick says,

the race shouldn't evenbe close but it is.

Democratic challenger Danny O'Conner

is critical of bothRepublicans and Democrats.

His opponent TroyBalderson recently hosted

President Trump at a town rally.

Political analysts saythe outcome could be

a referendum on thePresident's popularity.

Meanwhile Democrats arefacing a battle within

their own party, a battlethat could make a difference

in the midterms, after somesurprising primary results

progressives wanna takethe party to the far left,

moderates who want to appeal to the middle

say, not so fast.

CBN's Jenna Browder hasthe story from Washington.

- [Crowd] Trump, traitor, treason.

- [Jenna] Treason.

- The penalty that weare all paying right now

for the President's treasonis we are losing our allies.

- [Jenna] Impeachment.

- We believe that PresidentTrump has violated

the Constitution and we'veintroduced five articles

of impeachment.

- [Jenna] And getting rid of ICE,

the US Immigration andCustoms Enforcement.

- You think you shouldget rid of the agency?

- I believe that it hasbecome a deportation force.

- [Jenna] All ideas pushedby left leaning members

of the Democratic party.

But are they too extreme?

More moderate Democrats sayyes and want to reign them in.

- Impeaching a Presidentis not a message that will

resonate beyond the base of the party.

We need to have a message that resonates

beyond the base, to themiddle, to independents

and others who will make the difference

in this election cycle.

- [Jenna] And recent pollingseems to back up this approach.

According to andHarris-X American Barometer

64% of Democrat voterssay they would not vote

for a socialist candidate.

Moderate Democrat Matt Bennett agrees.

He and his team, a third way, just hosted

Opportunity 2020, bringingtogether middle of the road

Democrats to voice their concerns.

They disagree with Senator Bernie Sanders'

view on the economy.

- Guaranteeing a federal jobto everyone in the workforce

is not a good idea.

That might've been a good idea in 1932,

when we had 28% unemployment

in the height of the Great Depression,

but it's not a particularly good idea now

when we have 3.8% unemployment.

- [Jenna] And when itcomes to abolishing ICE.

- Reuniting families wethink should be the focus

for the Democratic attack on

the Trump administration and immigration.

- [Jenna] The one thingnearly all Democrats agree on

is their dislike of President Trump.

- Without a doubt, there has never been

a unifier like Trump.

- [Jenna] Bennet's messageheading into November

is to win and wait.

- We can have these debates about

exactly which directionthe party oughta move

after November when we startto kinda round the bend

towards 2020 and we choose a nominee.

And ultimately, we're gonnahave a leader for our party

that nominee, who'sgonna make those choices.

But for now, our messageis, focus on winning.

And set aside the thingsthat're tremendously divisive.

- That's important becausepolls show GOP voters

agree on one thing.

Their support for President Trump.

And if that translates intoa big Republican turnout

this fall, it could spelltrouble for the Democrats.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Pat, do you agree with that?

- Well I certainly do,

I think the Democrats are courting suicide

if they proceed.

Y'know we have Nicaragua as an example

of what happens whena socialist government

takes over and destroysa company, a country.

They are destroying,Nicaragua is absolutely

being destroyed by thisgroup of socialists.

And Bernie Sanders wantsa guaranteed income

for everybody, it's absurd.

You can't do that.

Guaranteed healthcare for everybody.

We can't afford that,you'd bankrupt the country.

And that bankruptcy meansthat there'll be poverty

all over this land ifit's put into effect.

Socialism does not work.

Free enterprise is the growth engine

and it must be maintained.

And these people you're talking about

you gonna have openborders and let everybody

who wants to come into this country.

And then have healthcare and health,

have guaranteed incomes,

that's what they want.

Abolish ICE.

The people don't want that.

They don't want thiscountry to be flooded by

people from every country on earth.

Especially the radicalMuslims who want to come in

and destroy our nation.

And that's what they're advocating.

And it's not a winning election theme.

And the idea of impeaching the President,

it's absurd I had a leadingexpert yesterday on this program

talking about why youcan't impeach a President.

It's just too hard.

And it's a failed thing,they tried to impeach Clinton

and they couldn't getit through the Senate.

So you bring articles ofimpeachment in the House

and maybe they vote 'em.

But the Senate has got togo two thirds to ratify

impeachment and it just won't happen.

It's not gonna happen, sowhy would they yak about

either we gotta impeach the President?

It's absurd.

That's not a political program to run

to the American people on.

The people like Trump, he's got a,

at least right now gota 50% approval rating,

so that's half thepeople think he's great.

So, why would any partydoesn't have a death wish

keep going with that's what they want?

And if the pied piperBernie Sanders will let

if he wants to lead them off the cliff,

that's their business.


- Thanks, Pat.

A sign of the times insouthern California.

A real estate company hasforced Evangelist Greg Laurie

to remove billboardsadvertising his crusade.

Pictures of Laurieholding a Bible reportedly

created the backlash.

The company decided to take action.

The company says the religious imagery

of the Bible provokedmultiple complaints including

what it called a serious threat.

So Harvest Evangelismsubmitted a new version,

but the company decided totake them down completely

after the complaints.

Harvest spokesman says, theydon't blame the company,

they blame the culture.

- [John] It's sad that our culture is

we're at this degree of intolerance.

There's such intolerance against

the message of Christianitythat we aren't allowed to

state that, or to publiclyadvertise this event

that is going to occur.

- Billboards or not theHarvest crusade will take place

August 17th through the19th at Angel Stadium

in Anaheim, California.

Well this type ofcensorship is also spreading

across the digital world, where Christians

and conservative messagesare being targeted.

One weapon even carriesthe sinister sounding term

called, shadow banning.

As Caitlin Burke reports,one of the latest victims

is a church.

- [Caitlin] Pastor James McDonald admits,

he wasn't a big fan ofDonald Trump the candidate.

Mainly skeptical of policy promises,

and concerned over his moral history.

But now McDonald says he's been impressed

with President Trump.

Recently on Facebook theHarvest Church Pastor

asked his viewers to pray forand support President Trump.

As he considered his secondsupreme court nominee.

That's when something suspicious happened.

McDonald's podcast Walk In The Word,

a favorite on iTunes,vanished from the charts.

The podcast which had neverdipped below the top 40

wasn't even making the top 200.

- The only thing wecould really conclude was

it was within 24 hours of us posting

about praying for Donald Trump

and the new supreme court election.

- [Caitlin] Walk In TheWord suspects it's become

part of a growing numberof prominent conservative

and Christian groups shadowbanned by tech giants

like Facebook, Twitter, and now Apple.

That means the user and theircontent have been blocked

by an online community,without their knowledge.

- Not surprising I meanlook at what Facebook stock

is, I mean they've takena nose dive this week.

Twitter losing significantly as well.

People are tired of thisleft wing initiative effort

to silence conservatives.

And I think that's why yousee more and more people

coming to more and moreEvangelicals in particular,

coming to CBN and otheroutlets that they can trust

who know they're gonna tell 'em the truth.

- [Caitlin] Twitter hasbeen accused of limiting

the visibility of prominentRepublicans in search results.

The company responded with a blog post,

saying, it does not shadow ban.

However, Twitter did seem toadmit that it makes certain

users posts harder to find.

Walk In The Word says, itcan't come up with any other

explanation for the suddendrop from iTunes charts.

- We haven't gotten anythingmore than really a form

letter response.

We want to believe thebest, but at this point

we can't seem to cometo any other conclusion

than something is eithertechnically going wrong

or there's censorship going on here,

because of the correlation with that post.

And all of the metrics thatwe have that show that we

should still be rankingin the top 20 to 50.

- [Caitlin] The ministry's legal counsel,

the National Center for Life and Liberty,

sent a formal letter to Apple

inquiring about the disappearance

and requesting an explanation.

CBN News has also reachedout to the tech giant

and so far, no response to either request.

Caitlin Burke, CBN News.

- Thanks, Caitlin.

Pat, this is really seriously concerning.

- Well those big tech companiesare so enormously powerful.

Amazon is unbelievable,it's like this giant

that has just gobbling up everything.

I just heard about the possibility of

the procurement by the federal government.

They want to put some of it through Apple.

And I think, you gonna put the procurement

of the entire governmentin the hands of this giant.

And with the fact that Bezosowns the Washington Post

and they're the enemy, they'reabsolute enemies of Trump.

You just wonder and youknow Apple is so big

it's the first company that'sgone over a trillion dollars

in market value.

And there are several big companies

and they are really huge

that are dominatingthe markets these days.

And to see them beingswayed by this shadow

of I don't know exactly what it is that

going silently to shut upthe voices of conservatives

we can't have that going on.

I read something today about China.

They've banned Winnie the Pooh.

- Wow, he is threatening.- Because they said

the bear looks like President G.

(laughing) Seriously.

They're banning Winnie the Pooh.

Well, you never cantell what's gonna happen

but if these companies hear a phrase

and all of a sudden they limit the space

this is an outrageous invasion of privacy.

And now you say the firstamendment (mumbles) the government

it does, but nevertheless,

these companies are sobig they almost take on

the role of governmentbecause they are so huge.

And if they continue thatthey've got to be reigned in

and I hate to even considersomething like that.

They oughta police themselves, we hope so.


- Well coming up, we're gonnatake you to a summer camp

that's 200 years old.

- [Woman] We don't have apool, we don't have internet,

they can't play their games.

- [Terry] What keeps camperscoming back to Hollow Rock,

find out after this.

(dramatic music)

- Well welcome back, it'strue, Washington 700 Club

we're so glad you're with us.

We've got some good thingscomin' up by the way.

And right now I'm gonna takeyou to the past of America.

During America's earlydays frontier settlers

were so spread out thatpreachers were called

circuit riders, theyrode from home to home

preaching the gospel.

And Paul Strand shows how that led to

the only Bible camp in America

that's still meeting 200 years later.

- [Paul] Those circuit riders lit a fire

that became America'ssecond great awakening.

Christians camped outby the thousands to hear

these traveling Evangelists.

In 1818, seekers andthe saved began to meet

in an Ohio valley by acreek known as Hollow Rock.

So imagine these summercamp meetings at Hollow Rock

have been going on for 200 solid years,

without a break.

And it was a lot harderto get here in the 1800s.

Back then the road ran rightalong the Hollow Rock run

and you had to ford it seven times

to get to the campground.

Sheron Brookes Woodruff

has been coming here 75 years

and her ancestors long before that.

- My grandmother actuallycame in a horse and buggy.

- [Paul] Same for LynnCampbell's ancestors.

- My grandmothers grandparents came here

and generation after generation.

- [Paul] Traveling EvangelistsLane Loman's father

preached here 15 different years

and Lane is drawn back over and over.

- And what the secret is,

they hand it down to the next generation.

- [Paul] Mel Truex haspresided over the camp

since 1977.

- This will be the eighthor ninth generation

of families that have madethis place what it is.


- [Paul] At three tabernacles,half a dozen services,

bring the faithful togetherto worship and hear the word

each day.

♪ The spirit is glory ♪

And at 1:15 p.m. without fail.

(bell tolling)

The camp bell rings out and everyone stops

what they're doing topray for several minutes.

Many have met Jesus Christ here.

Many have let him heal their broken lives.

Truex remembers the conversion of one man

whose marriage had fallen apart.

- And he said oh my,

he said there's my wife.

That I've separated from.

And she found Jesus, too.

And they met together and in a few months

they remarried.

- [Paul] Prayer circles often break out

to take needs to the lord.

- You can share things and you know that

when people say I'm praying for you,

they are praying for you.

- [Paul] Kids and teens love coming,

even if they're cut off fromtheir usual online life.

- We don't have a pool,we don't have internet,

they can't play their games,

we're so concentratedon seeking god's will.

And that his holy spiritwill just permeate this

place in such a way that we do feel like

we're on holy ground.

- [Paul] Campbell remembers as a kid

she could hardly wait toget back to Hollow Rock.

- I packed a week beforecamp, I was ready to come.

- [Paul] One lifelongcamp goer said he offered

his kids Disney World orHollow Rock one summer.

They all shouted, Hollow Rock!

- I see a hunger, a new hunger.

Especially in young people.

For something that'sgoing to take them beyond.

Just going to church,just being a nice person,

but wanting to be holy andwanna be right with god.

- [Paul] All agree it's the camps 200 year

emphasis on holinessthat is at the heart of

Hollow Rock's success.

- God said be holy, for I am holy.

So we receive freedomfrom the power of sin.

That's what we get

in that beautifulrelationship that's untainted

by any essence of sin in our lives.

- It's just totally died out itself

and things that would distract from

having that relationship with him.

- [Man] We can actuallylive, choose to live above

willful sin and that's freedom.

- When you find thatrelationship you realize,

his ways are best, why would I try to tell

an awesome god how he ought to do it?

Even though sometimes we do.

- Develop a hunger for god,

there's no end to what god can be.

- [Paul] Those at HollowRock do seek to change

the world for Christ.

In the meantime, they're happy to bask

in what's right here.

- There's just something about this place,

you walk on the campus,I mean you just have that

that peace, that calming,god's presence is here.

- [Paul] Evangelist John Brassure so loved

Hollow Rock, he preachedhere again and again.

Across half a century.

When he was near death andcould no longer come here

physically, he sent aletter to the Hollow Rock

congregation writing,tell the trees, the hills,

the rambling little creek,the bubbling springs,

that the old preacherloves them very much.

They are like music in my memory.

So now an American memory that stretches

a solid 200 years.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reporting from

the Hollow Rock camp, in Ohio.

- Little piece ofhistory that you probably

didn't know about,that's wonderful, Terry.

- That is wonderful.

Nice to know you can getalong without technology

for a while, right?

- Very refreshing thing.- Refreshing.

- Very refreshing.- Yes.

Well up next, a husbandhears from his wife's doctor

that she's suffering from severe dementia.

- She'll do nothing but get worse,

another professional said,

the best thing you can dois pray she dies quickly.

- [Terry] Watch what happens when this man

does the opposite and praysfor a miracle instead.

- You know, it's got a funny name,

but we've had an overwhelming response

to our build a better gut series.

You can still order acopy of this free booklet,

you just call 1800-700-7000

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Plus you can stream theentire four part series

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And I might add, because we've had so many

questions from people allin other parts of the world

who want us to elucidate what's been said

Laurie's gonna come back with me on Monday

and we'll have maybe a coupledays where we can answer

your questions about this whole matter,

'cause it is so important,I mean think of this,

weight loss, for example,congenital diseases,

Parkinson's, high bloodpressure, you go down the list

mood alteration.

Well they've got all thesepathologies that people have

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I think if we get this allthese little micro biome things

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If you have trillionsof these little things

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so here's the book Build a Better Gut,

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1800-700-7000 and Terry.

- I'm gonna share this with you,

Sheila Lou sent an online comment

about this and said, have aloved one goin' through chemo

right now and we are really fightin' to

keep the gut healthy.

I have been tuned in allthis week to the show.

Great eye-openin' info.

God knew I needed this.

You know if you are someonestruggling with health,

you are glad to receive some information.

- Well the thing that welearned is that all these

antibiotics kill this gutand leave you vulnerable

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And you can rebuild it butit's gonna take some time

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But it'll keep you healthy and ward off

Parkinson's disease for example,

and some of the otherthings that children have,

they have so many autoimmune diseases

and it's all, a lot of it caused by this

malformation of these intestinal flora,

so it's very important.

All right, what do you got?

- Well when Peggy King firstbegan behaving strangely,

her husband was baffled.

As her behavior camemore and more bizarre,

he became alarmed alongwith his daughter and son.

But none of the family wasprepared for a diagnosis

of incurable brain disease.

- [Narrator] Dwayne andPeggy King had a full

and happy life.

Married since 1961, they'vespent most of their time

traveling and sharing the gospel.

As the founders of Deaf Missions.

But in early 2010, Dwaynenoticed that something

seemed off with Peggy.

- The terrible, terriblefaraway look in her eyes.

And the actions were just awful.

- He would tell me thatshe had some extreme

fits of rage, if she didn't get her way.

And that was not like my mom at all.

She's one of the sweetestladies on the planet.

- She just didn't have thesame kind of inhibitions

and boundaries,

we just gradually becamemore and more concerned.

- [Narrator] Eventuallydoctors diagnosed Peggy

with FTD, fronto-temporal dementia.

An MRI revealed herfrontal lobe had shrunk

and there were holes throughout her brain.

- She'll do nothing but get worse,

another professional said,

the best thing you can dois pray she dies quickly.

- That friction between the two of them

during that time wasvery difficult for him.

- She would run away, she'd keep me awake,

I couldn't sleep.

Finally they put her in the memory ward.

Made her at home, best we could.

When we left. (crying)

When we left, and that door locked.

That was awful.

- I remember feelinglike I was losing my mom.

But then as my dad'sconcerns about her grew,

I remember feeling likeI was losing him too.

- [Narrator] With a prognosisfrom the medical community

of no hope of recovery,

Peggy's family reachedout to other relatives

and friends for prayer.

- Prayers for her healing,prayers of comfort

for my dad, prayers of comfort for us,

the number of people praying for her

because of the connections

that my parents have hadthrough their ministry,

through the years, and especiallywith social media today

word gets out.

Why would we not expect a miracle?

- I was praying, lord help me accept this,

and there was a day whenI remember distinctly

god you take this more than I can handle.

That very day is the same day that Peggy

in the memory ward, was giving up to god.

And from that moment on,she started to get better.

♪ When you kneel ♪

♪ To pray ♪

- [Narrator] Since that day,not only did Dwayne notice

a difference in Peggy'scognition, behavior,

and motor skills, so did the doctors.

So much so that byChristmas of that same year

the doctors and staff of the memory unit

agreed that Peggy was wellenough to be discharged

and sent home.

- And she did so well, she started to cook

and she can follow a recipe.

She could play the piano.

That terrible, faraway lookwas gone from her eyes.

Then, her doctor said, I havetreated hundreds of patients

and nobody ever got better.

This is a miracle.

- [Narrator] Though a CATscan shows Peggy still

has an abnormal brain,

her condition has never regressed

and she has never had toreturn to the memory unit.

Her family says they owe it all to god

and the power of prayer.

- And at first I thought,I was scared I'd go back.

But, it's just good andmaybe a little better

all the time.

That's more of a miraclethat god is letting me

function normally with an abnormal brain.

God is good and wonderful.

- I don't understand it all,

but I think it's very evident that through

men and women of faith andmen and women of prayer,

powerful things happen.

- We have had her back.

We have had her the matriarchof our family again.

How could we ever not thank god

that we get to have our mom cooking?

- We have so many friendsand so many prayers

and most of the people werepraying for her to be better.

Be well.

To have her back is a great blessing.

A great, great blessing.

- Boy I just think of that scripture

that says the steadfast love of the lord

never ceases his mercies,never come to an end.

- That's right.

- Boy, new every morning,

this woman has beenrestored, renewed, refreshed.

- They never come back from that, Terry,

never, never, never, never.

And yet she's come back.

It's a miracle.

- I have a great encouraging word here,

this is Lauren who sentthis in via e-mail.

It says I listen to the 700 Club every day

and I received two messages of healing

while listening.

The first was Pat who said,

someone who suffers from back pain,

it's like the nerve endings are on fire.

Well this blew me away.

I am a chiropractor,and I have been dealing

with this neurogenic inflammation along

my thoracic spine for a long time

and managing it as best I could.

I have not have thisproblem since listening

to your show.

The second one, I was listening to a story

about a lady who wastrying to get pregnant

and Terry said, you'rethinking I want that to be me.

I'm thrilled to acknowledge that god has

blessed me with a pregnancy.


- Well here's one other.

Deloris who lives in Wichita, Kansas

suffered from ankle painfor over three years.

Her doctor told her thatthere was nothing to be done

for her condition.

Then last month, July the 24th,

she watched this program,prayed with Terry,

and you said, someone with an ankle issue,

joints that have been so stiff and so sore

and immobile, it's like godis lubricating your joints.

As Deloris prayed, shelaid her hand on her ankle

and guess what?

- [Terry] Wow.

- Pain left.

Deloris is healed.

All right folks, we oughta pray.

Terry and I gonna gettogether, we gonna believe god

I want you to pray withus, wherever you are.

Nothing's impossible with god we serve.

Father.- Thank you.

- I pray with my sister in Christ,

and we believe togethernothing is impossible

with you.

There's a neck pain, ohit hurts so bad right now,

your neck, just turn your head it'll pop.

Put your hand on your neck,the lord has just healed you.

Charlie, take it in Jesus name.


- There's someone else, you have,

this is so, I dunno what this is,

a subcutaneous infection.

And it is both painfuland itchy, it spreads.

Across the top of yourskin, the evidence of it,

nothing has seemed to stop it

but today is your day, Jesusis healing you right now.

Just receive that.

- You've got diabetic sores on your leg

and god is healing thediabetes and those sores

are gonna be healed, placeyour hand on your leg

in the name of Jesus.

Receive and answer.

Terry, one more.

- Yes, someone else you'vehad mental confusion

and you've seen this story today.

It's been so encouragingtoo, you have great fear

that you have been losingcognizance about things

and god is just touching.

All that imbalance chemicallyis coming back into place.

And you are going to think clearly

and you'll not have thatoccur again in Jesus name.

- For everybody watching this program

let the anointing ofthe lord come upon you

may you experience hisblessing in your life.

In Jesus name be madewhole, thank you lord, amen.


- Well still ahead, meetthe man who's known as

the social media pastor.

Hear how he leads more than48,000 digital disciples

and that's not even counting his more than

30,000 church members.

Bishop Joseph Walkerjoins us live later on

today's 700 Club.

- And welcome back to the 700 Club.

It's now the largest wildfirein California's history.

Twin fires known as the Mendocino fire

have burned 443 square milesnorth of San Francisco.

New evacuations wereordered over the weekend

as the fires continued to spread.

The blaze is only 30%contained and is threatening

over 11,000 buildings.

More than 14,000 firefighters are battling

major blazes throughout California,

please continue to pray for California.

Well a massive new waveof Christian persecution

is taking place in China.

In the spring China's presidentintroduced a five year plan

to nationalize religions.

By infusing them withChinese characteristics,

such as loyalty to the communist party.

Over the last severalmonths the government

has shut down hundreds ofprivate Christian house churches

and seized bibles.

Some Christians have even lost their jobs

or been evicted from their homes.

And you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website,that's

Pat and Terry will be back with more

of today's 700 Club, right after this.

- Well you've heard aboutthe art of the deal,

now you're going to hearabout the art of execution

from a man who knowsall about it first hand.

- [Narrator] Five yearsago, Bishop Joseph Walker

started using out of the box strategies

like digital media to helphis congregation grow.

Today he's known as thesocial media pastor,

with 33,000 church membersand more than 200,000

people watching him online.

One third of his church's support

comes from these digital disciples.

In his book No Opportunity Wasted,

Bishop Walker shares howhe's taking advantage of

key opportunities.

- Now is the time you've got to embrace

your season.

- [Narrator] And why timing is everything

in what he calls, the season of now.

- Please welcome to the 700 Club

the author of No Opportunity Wasted,

Bishop Joseph Walker, it'swonderful to have you here.

- It's an honor to be here today.

- Boy, I read a lot ofbooks in my position here

and I have to tell youthat I kept thinking

I was here's the nugget andthen I would read another

sentence and say, no, no,no, this is the nugget.

I mean it was so rich with wise,

just wise counsel for everybody,

but you talk about the art of execution.

That's the subtitle of your book.

What do you mean by that?

- Well you know, many people have visions

and often those visionsremain in the theoretical

realm and people don'treally have a strategy

to move them into a practical realm,

so often people aresitting on these incredible

million dollar ideas, orthings that can really change

and shift culture.

And so the book is about understand

there's a specific timethat vision manifests

and there's a strategy that's necessary

in order to move it fromtheory into practice.

And so I give strategies to help people

kinda get going.

- You know what's so excitingto me about this Bishop

was I often say and I'vebeen incorrect in saying

I guess that, if you aresomebody who is living

walking out your purpose, you're blessed.

I mean to have found that,because so many people

don't like their jobs,

don't like where they're going in life,

and you say in here thateverybody has purpose.

So it's not just a magicthing if you happen to find

the right one, you gotta find yours.

- You do.

And open the book up, talking about that,

you're born to solve a problem.

And god allows us to somewonderful opportunities

to have life, to occupy this space,

to fulfill a purpose, for his glory.

And if each person walks in that purpose,

understands that beforeyou were even born,

like Jeremiah, beforeI was born, I knew you,

if you walk in that purpose,in full manifestation

I believe you could turnthe world upside down.

The reason why there's somany ills in our community

because people do notunderstand their own purpose.

- Why?

I mean why is it so hard to find that?

- We haven't been ableto reconcile opportunity

and purpose.

See we see opportunitiesand we think, wow,

that must be it.

That door.

And we chase opportunityand chase opportunity

but when you walk in purpose,opportunities chase you.

- Yeah, you know youtalk about your own story

in your book as well, whichis so fascinating to me

because becoming a pastorwas not on your docket

of things to do.

- Was not, was not.

- You wanted to be a lawyer.

- I was, I was so passionateabout being an attorney

come from a family of lawyers.

- [Terry] So that was your opportunity.

- It was my opportunity and I was certain

and I often thought that this was what god

wanted me to do.

Until god spoke to me in the quiet space

and said, no son, you'regoing in this direction.

And whenever you have a purpose,

the next thing you do, you prepare for it.

Because you don't prepare for purpose

you won't be positioned to manifest it.

So I talk about that.

And the passion thatgod has us in one area,

the passion we may feel at an opportunity

god'll take it and he'll shift it

and use it for something for his glory.

I might've been a good attorney,

but it would have notbeen for the glory of god.

Today what I do is all for god's glory

and I give him praise for it.

- You know if some of you are searching

for your purpose in life Ireally recommend this book,

but I wanna move fromopportunity and purpose

to how you took advantage of social media

to expand what you weredoing with the purpose

god had called you to.

Talk about that and how itmade such a huge difference.

- A few years ago we justrealized the church itself

was changing and oftenpeople have to realize

it's not about the brickand mortar anymore.

There are a lot offolks who have to engage

(mumbles) internet, right?

God must not be worshiped in temples,

made with man's hands.

Once we realize that ministry takes place

outside the four walls of the church,

we're able to on board and engage people

in a variety of ways,

through social media, andof course our partnership

with Facebook, we've been able to really

create community and makethis large church smaller

and you're able to reallyidentify where people are

engage creative minds andstay innovative and relevant.

- [Terry] So what kind ofresults have you had from that?

- Oh, my goodness.

It's been really over the top.

I mean we've seen so manyfolks who've been able to

actually say, you know what,

I may not feel comfortablegoing to the physical church

for a variety of reasons,

but you're my pastor,you're my virtual pastor,

I listen to you every week,

or people who are havingstories of healing

and transformation andthey come in the little

small communities and they areable to talk to other folks

who have the same storyand same testimony,

they draw strength from those stories.

And those things may nothappen in the larger setting

but they happen in that virtual space.

- So what's a digital disciple?

- A digital disciple, right,that's a very good question.

A digital disciple's a person who really

you have actually engagedthrough social media

through the internet space

and you actually walk themthrough a series of principles

in order to allow them tocome into a relationship

with Christ.

With a digital discipleit's a little different.

You can actually belongbefore you can believe.

And often in churches youhave to believe, then belong.

But for us it's about, werecognize you may be in a

interesting place in your life,

we want you to connect,feel us out, no pressure.

And then you find outthese folks are incredibly


- And wanna be connected with them.

- I wanna be connected,

so we have this thing,

if you actually commit,if you connect you commit,

if you commit you change.

- You know you seizedopportunity when you saw it,

and used it to advancethe purpose that god had

called you to, would youtalk about three keys

to doing that?

Just quickly, we're closing out time here,

but quickly tell me about those keys.

- Well, the book is loaded with keys.

I think what's importantis making certain that

you really identify what your purpose is,

stay in your lane, understand who you are,

what god has called you to do.

Secondly, make sure you havethe right people around you

collaboration is very important,

ministry can not take place in silo.

You have to, it is not supposed to,

you have to make sure thatyou're constantly doing that.

And thirdly you have to be mindful I think

of making certain you don't experience

what I call the burnout.

Because you can't boil the ocean,

you have to make certain you're effective

and I think having theright people around you

voids that, allows you tocontinue to move forward.

- Staying connected to theone who makes it all happen.

- That's it, every day, yeah.

- It's such a good book,

Bishop Walker's book iscalled No Opportunity Wasted.

The Art of Execution,it's available wherever

books are sold, I highly recommend it.

You can also hear more from Bishop Walker

in our social exclusiveinterview on Facebook.

If you'd like to watch that,

just go to

Wonderful to have you with us, thank you.

- Thank you for having me,

honored to be here.- Great to meet you.

- Thank you.

- Well still ahead, we've got your e-mail.

Mary says my son recently hada very serious staph infection

and he needed to be onantibiotics for two months.

How can he restore thedamage that has been done

to his gut?

Well Pat'll have an answer to that,

I know that, it's coming up.

(upbeat music)

Well it's time for your e-mail questions,

and Pat this first one comes from Mary,

who says, I've been watchingthe series on gut bacteria.

My son recently had a veryserious staph infection

and he needed to be onantibiotics through a PICC line

three times a day, for two months.

How can he restore thedamage that's been done

to his gut from this much antibiotic?

- Well what you do, Ithink you've gotta find

some of those that are alive,

they're in refrigerators,in health food stores,

maybe at the garden oflife or somebody like that,

but I think you can goto health food store

and ask for the probiotics that're in

the live bacteria, so start taking them

in large quantities.

And then they need feeding

and what that's called is prebiotics,

so you need to eat fiber and stuff like

whole grain oatmeal would be good

like yogurt would be good,

like kimchi would be good.

- Kombucha, and some of talked about that.

- All of that.

Any of those things, but primarily fiber

and the prebiotics youcan buy prebiotics, too

from various companies

and they essentially are fiber,

you need to feed thosebacteria with the prebiotics

and it'll take a while.

But whatever you do, do noteat or drink diet sodas,

or take sweet 'n low, or anyof those other diet things.

Do not do that, Steviais the only sweetener

that I know of's any good.

But don't do the others'cause they'll hurt the guts,

so, and please don'tget any more antibiotics

if you can help it.

- Yeah, well when you've gota serious staph infection

he probably didn't have anoption, but good advice.

- The pre, the pro will getyou where you need to be,

but the pre is necessary to feed the pros.

The gut bacteria needfiber and stuff to survive.

- Okay, this is Brian who says Pat,

last week you spoke aboutour relationship with god

as being a partnership,and we must do our part.

That made sense to me and Iwas inspired by those words.

Yet, how do we know when toleave things to god's plan

and when to do what wefeel compelled to do

by the holy spirit?

Do we just leave hard things to god?

Or do we strive to dowhat we think is best

and meaningful?

How do I reconcile this?

- Well, the bible says, as manyas led by the spirit of god

they are the sons of god.

And I think the biblewill say again, again,

you'll hear a voice in yourear when you turn to the right

or the left saying this is the way.

So you need to listen to the lord

and then follow what his leading is.

But at the same time, knowthat you're trusting him

for everything.

And as Moody said, Iwork, it all depends on me

and I pray like it all depends on god.

So you pray and you believe god,

but at the same time, youdo what you feel is right

and the holy spirit willlead you step by step by step

as you pray and listen to him.

- Kay, this is Jessica, who says,

I have a difficult timeunderstanding what Isaiah 26:3 means

you will keep in perfectpeace all who trust in you,

all whose thoughts are fixed on you.

What is it referring to?

- Well, where are your thoughts?

Are your thoughts on your troubles?

Your thoughts on your marriage?

Your thoughts on your social relations?

Thoughts on your image?

Your thoughts on what peopleare thinking about you?

Are you thinking about god?

They'll keep you in perfect peace

whose mind is stayed on you.

Your thought is, I have one audience,

I have one audience,

I'm walking across the stage

the stage and every man's a player

but the stage that you're on,

you are for one audience

and that audience is god.

And what you're doing isto say I wanna please him

in what I do and think and stay.

And with that, you will havepeace of mind and heart.

- Okay, this is Scott who says,

dear Pat, I have the opportunityto work at a nearby casino

as a card dealer.

It's good pay, with excellent benefits.

I am almost 59 and havebeen a professional driver

most of my life.

But my poor eyesight will not allow me

to do this work anymore.

Would it be immoral or unethical for me to

do this kind of work?

- You like a little joke,

when I was running for president

I won Las Vegas.

And I won Nevada.

And so some of my delegates,one was a pit boss

in the casino. (laughing)

And I welcomed them very much.

I don't know, again, it's whatdo you feel in your heart?

If you feel it's sin then don't do it.

If you are not concernedabout the fact that people

are gambling and you'reessentially dealing the cards,

that's your call.

But I don't think I needto sit here and tell you

don't do it, or do it.

It's up, what is theholy spirit speak to you?

Then follow the leading of your own heart.

God will show you what to do.

Well today's power minute is from Psalms.

Blessed is the man who fears the lord,

who delights greatly in his commandments.

And tomorrow listen to this.

She was the love childof two married people

and she begins having sexwhen she was 12 years old.

What a story!

Of how she gets set free,

you don't want to miss it,so for Terry and all of us,

we'll see you tomorrow.

Bye bye.

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