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Top DC Reporter Says It's 'Likely' Republicans Keep Control of the House This Fall 

Top DC Reporter Says It's 'Likely' Republicans Keep Control of the House This Fall  Read Transcript

- Everybody is talkingabout this blue wave.

Based on your reporting, howlikely do you think that is

and what can republicans do,if anything, to blunt that?

- Well, it's as likely as it's not,

so the Cook Political Report,which I respect a lot.

Charlie Cook is a very respected,nonpartisan forecaster.

Their calculations are that if Republicans

have sort of a plus-six advantageheading into the midterms,

that's a pretty dangerousplace for them to be,

and we've been oscillatingback and forth in that range,

so the House is very much in play.

That's just a baseline.

Your Republicans have a great economy,

which is very much to their advantage,

but history would tell you thattheir chances are not great

because you have the presidentwho is of the same party

that controls both theHouse and the Senate.

If you just look at history,

there tends to be a pretty majorloss of seats in the House,

so I think you'd be foolishto make a confident prediction

one way or the other.

I think it's very likely that Republicans

actually hang on to the House.

I don't think it's adone deal by any stretch

because the economy is doing so well,

but Democrats like their chances.


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