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2000 year old Golden Earring found at City of David Givati Excavation

2000 year old Golden Earring found at City of David Givati Excavation Read Transcript

- We are in the Cityof David National Park

in the area that used tobe the Givati Car Park.

Where the Israel Antiquities Authority

and Tel Aviv University are conducting

in joint excavations.

I'm holding in my hand

a golden earring that was found here

and this golden earring,

we know from other earrings,

it dates to the third,

or maybe beginning ofthe second century BC.

The moment you pick it up from the earth,

it's clean and you see that

it's really high quality craftsmanship,

you see how unique this object is.

It's coming from the Greek world,

from the Macedonian and Greek world

of the third, second century of BCE.

And this is the first earring like that

that was found actually in Jerusalem

within Hellenistic time architecture.

For us, the moment yousee something like that,

you being to ask yourself,

who was the person wearing the earring?

They are here a few meters from

the active temple at that time.

One thing for sure is that

this man or woman were wealthy.

Somebody having an access

to earrings like that of

the coming from Greek,

has to be from the more affluent sector

of society at that time.

At the end of the process when we'll begin

to process more other finds,

this earring won't stand alone.

We'll have pottery to examine,

whether the pottery is coming

from Jerusalem or also

from other parts of the world.

We'll have knowledge about the people

from the actual building,

the architecture,

and then we'll havealso the dietary habits.

And we'll see whether these are,

these people are really rich,

or poor and maybe we'll be able

to say even more about their identity.

(light music)

- [Voiceover] The City of David,

where it all began.


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