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New Cyberbully on the Block? Iran Adds New Weapon to Arsenal of Terror

New Cyberbully on the Block? Iran Adds New Weapon to Arsenal of Terror Read Transcript

- Sources say this newIranian hacking group

call themselves, RASPITE.

Their target?

The power grid system righthere in the United States.

Cyber security experts tellme that they're thankful

that they found thesehackers at a learning stage,

and not yet able tocreate widespread chaos.

- The group we'relooking at here, RASPITE,

I'm probably guessingwe're talking, you know,

18 to 24 months beforethey're in a position

to do something actually damaging.

But that's good becauseit gives us a lot of time.

But it's bad because wemay or may not be going

as fast as we should to prevent that.

- [Erik Rosales] CyberSecurity Firm, Dragos, says

RASPITE has been activefor maybe a year or two.

Researchers first uncoveredhacks aimed at government

and other targets in the Middle East.

Now they're moving toinstall custom-built malware

into US power grids.

Recently, experts from Semanticpublished a detailed report

on the activity of thecyber espionage team.

According to Semantic,

the extent of the group'scampaigns could be wider,

but researchers uncovereda list written in Farsi

of 809 targets whose systemswere scanned by the attackers.

The targets, not just here in the US,

but in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar,

Bahrain, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

- Our digital livesthemselves are on the line.

Our cyber adversariesare working day and night

to advance a mortalthreat to our networks,

our systems, and ournational critical functions.

- [Erik Rosales] Just last week,

top U.S. intelligence chiefs warned

of Russia and other countries,

targeting our USinfrastructure and democracy.

So how do we flip the equation?

Experts say it's not only

getting the privately-ownedbusinesses working

side-by-side with government.

But we must reach out toally countries as well.

- You think, Israel.

You think, South Korea, Japan,

countries that have tobe part of that solutions

that all of whom live invery tough neighborhoods.

- Experts say this isin our best interest.

Ukraine is the practicefield for Russian hackers,

and what happens therewill eventually come

to the United States.

Experts say it's going totake a collaborative effort

in order to fight these hackers,

which will only get worse in the future.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.


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