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News on The 700 Club: August 8, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Aug 8.: Ohio Special Election 'Too Close to Call'; US Firefighters Battle Terror Arson Blazes from Gaza alongside Israel; Pastors Lay Denominations Aside and Unite, and more. Read Transcript

- Welcome ladies and gentlemen.

And while sanctions are on Iran,

secondary sanctions arecoming down on countries

that do business with them.

The Russians are standingwith their buddies

and saying we're gonna uphold them

but now we learn that Iranis adding a new weapon

to it's arsenal, that's cyber espionage.

CBN News has learned that investigations

have uncovered a Iranian hackers

that are targeting ournation's power grid.

- Yeah, one cyber security analyst told us

early detection made thedifference in stopping this effort

to cripple major infrastructure.

National SecurityCorrespondent Erik Rosales

has this exclusive report.

- Sources say this newIranian hacking group

call themselves RASPITE, theirtarget, the power grid system

right here in the United States.

Cyber security experts tellme that they're thankful

that they found thesehackers at a learning stage

and not yet able tocreate widespread chaos.

- The group we're looking at here RASPITE,

you know, I'm probably guessingwe're talking, you know,

18 to 24 months beforethey're in a position

to do something actually damaging.

But that's good becauseit gives us a lot of time

but it's bad because, you know,

we may or may not begoing as fast as we should

to prevent that.

- [Erik] Cyber securityfirm Dragos says RASPITE

has been active for maybe a year or two.

Researchers first uncoveredhacks aimed at government

and other targets in the Middle East,

now they're moving toinstall custom built malware

into U.S. power grids.

Recently, experts from Semanticpublished a detailed report

on the activity of thecyber espionage team.

According to Symantec, theextent of the group's campaigns

could be wider but researchersuncovered a list written

in Farsi of 809 targetswho systems were scanned

by the attackers.

The targets, not just here in the U.S.

but the United Arab Emirates,Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt

and Afghanistan.

- Our digital livesthemselves are on the line.

Our cyber adversariesare working day and night

to advance a mortalthreat to our networks,

our systems and ournational critical functions.

- [Erik] Just last week,top U.S. intelligence chiefs

warned of Russia andother countries targeting

our U.S. infrastructure and democracy.

So how do we flip the equation?

Experts say it's not only getting

the privately owned businessesworking side by side

with government but we must reach out

to allied countries as well.

- You think Israel, youthink South Korea, Japan,

countries that have tobe part of that solutions

that all of them live invery tough neighborhoods.

- Experts say this isin our best interest.

Ukraine is the practicefield for Russian hackers

and what happens therewill eventually come

to the United States.

Experts say it's gonnatake a collaborative effort

in order to fight these hackerswhich will only get worse

in the future.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

- Ladies and gentlemen we've been talking

on this program over and over again,

I'll say it again, if somebody can get

into our power grid and shutdown our nation's power.

You see these networks are tied together

all across the country in various regions

and so that when they go down

they can affect millions of people.

But I'm talking about our food spoiling,

our banks and IT, ATM, themachines we get our money,

the stock markets, noneof those things will work

if the power grid goes down.

And we're talking about transportation,

we're talking about vehicles,

we're talking aboutmillions of people dying.

And this is a crisis thatis of major proportion

and it's something thatneeds to be addressed

with the maximum resourcesof the federal government.

It's too big for any individualcompany to take care of.

It's got to be a federal move.

And there's something, we spendmoney on all these things.

I mean, we get a new airplaneand we spend millions

and millions of dollars on anew airplane well good for us.

But how about the powergrid, it needs to be hardened

and every single one of thesenodes that connects back

and forth throughout thiscountry needs to be fixed.

Now I'm thrilled to reportthat Regent University

which I happened to be the chancellor,

has got a major program on cyber security.

It's training people, we've had people

from Homeland Security, peoplefrom the Defense Department,

people from FBI and thepeople from Navy intelligence.

We just finished a trainingsession with a group

from naval cyber securityin their intelligence branch

and they booked another 12sessions on our cyber range

which is so important.

But we've got to teach people what to do.

Now on tomorrow's programCBN News exclusive interview

with Energy Secretary, Rick Perry

to say what they are doingwith the Energy Department

to protect the power grid.

So this will affect your life,

you say it hasn't affectme, well, it will affect you

if your refrigerator doesn't work.

If the food you've got spoiled,

if you can't go to the grocery store

and they don't have any food to sell.

If the trucks that haulproduce back and forth

aren't running, if there'sno gasoline in the pumps.

If you can't get money out of an ATM,

all this kind of stuff,

it'll affect you very much

and we've got to do something about it.

So, we sound the alarm.

I feel like Paul Reveresaying the British are coming.

The danger is real.

Alright, let's go to Efrem Graham

for more of our top stories, here's Efrem.

- Pat, Russia is standing up for Iran

in the face of U.S. sanctions.

The foreign ministry says it will fight

to preserve the nuclear deal with Iran

and it's economic agreements.

Russia belongs to the group of nations

that signed on to PresidentObama's plan back in 2015.

Meanwhile, Iranian'sPresident Rouhani says

he is ready to meet withPresident Trump right now

with no pre-conditions.

Twin fires in Northern California continue

to consume large parts of the state.

The fire known as the Mendocino

has become a recordsetting fire for the state,

burning more than 450 square miles,

that's nearly the size ofthe city of Los Angeles.

And the flames have pickedup even more Tuesday

destroying at least 75 homes.

No deaths or serious injuriesthough, have been reported.

For months, Israelifirefighters on the Gaza border

have battled fires causedby some 1200 terror attacks.

Now American volunteersare fighting the flames

alongside them.

Our John Waage has that story.

- Palestinian terroristsare using balloons and kites

combined with a summerwind to carry their fire

from Gaza to Israel.

We found this piece ofkite in a scorched field.

Behind me in the tree aremore pieces of the kite

and behind the tree is the Gaza Strip.

That's when the EmergencyVolunteers Project,

a U.S. organizationdedicated to assisting Israel

stepped in to help.

- Our firefighters have assisted

putting out literally dozensof fires over the past week

here in southern Israel.

- [John] Sponsored bythe Jewish Federations

of North America spokespersonEitan Charnoff says

when the volunteers arrive

their ready to go.

- Our American volunteersare trained in advance

about how to work here, not just in terms

of what equipment is different,

what tactics are different,what threats are different

but they're also taught the culture.

- In February of 2017, Icame on a trip to be trained.

That way when we get here in a deployment

they don't have to take time to train me.

I get off the airplane and I go to work.

- [John] Corey Rea and Aston Bright

are both American firefighters.

- Firefighting has auniversal language to it.

You pull the hose and youspray the water on the fire.

You pull an ax and you cut something,

firefighters we like to breakthings so it's universal.

- [John] But some things are different,

like fighting fire while under fire.

- This is actually an armored plated,

bullet proof fire engine.

It's the first time I'd ever been

on a fire engine quite likethis but that's necessary

because we are so closeto the Gaza border.

- [John] Rea and Bright both Christians

say their faith played apart in their decision.

- I can't build houses, I'm not a doctor

but I can put out firesand so that's how I serve.

As a believer the Bible saysto be a friend of Israel

and the Jews are the chosen people

and so I felt led to serve in some way

and that's all I know how to do.

- [John] Shmulik Friedman, anIsraeli Fire Service commander

said working with Americans

is about more than fighting fires.

- We have to protect the State of Israel

and the Jewish peopleand the United States

is here in this fight withthem and we're glad to be here.

- [John] John Waage, CBN News,near the Gaza/Israeli border.

- So good to see Americanslending a hand to Israel, Pat.

- You know, that takesme back a few years ago

and I'm talking about the 1940's,

when I worked in the forestservice in the United States

during a summer and we were fighting fires

in the Pacific Northwest

where they have tremendous stands of trees

and forest fires if they getout of hand can be very deadly.

And we were having balloonssent over from Japan,

incendiary balloons thatwere falling in those forests

and causing fires.

So, what's happeningin Gaza's nothing new.

We've fought it before but wehad to deal with those things

and the way we were taughtyou had to set up a fire line

because fire's, interestingenough, go a short distance.

They, you know, you see the ones

where trees are jumping across each other

and that kind of thingbut what normally happens

is the undergrowth is what catches fire.

And so we would build a fire line,

we'd have so called Pulaski's tools

and we'd actually trench a ditch around

and the ditches would stop the fires.

Now, of course, if you canget a bulldozer up there

you dig a bigger ditch.

But where I was working it was so hilly

that you couldn't getany equipment up there

with human beings andthat's the way we did it,

we dug fire lines.

And they worked so, anyhow.

- Is there anythingyou have not done, Pat?

- (laughs) Very few dear, very few.

I've lived a long time andI've had many things happening.

- A true Renaissance man righthere ladies and gentlemen.

- (laughs) Yes, alright.

- Learn something new everyday.

- Well, Efrem what's next?

- Renaissance man indeed,

Pat Ohio special congressional election

may not be decided for days.

Republican Troy Baldersonholds a razor slim lead

over democrat Danny O'Connor.

Even if the democrat loses,

both sides are claimingvictories of sorts.

And that's because republicanshave held the district

for decades and President DonaldTrump won by double digits.

Meanwhile, far left leaningdemocrats fell short

in several Midwest primaries Tuesday.

As CBN News reported aleft wing insurgency fueled

by a socialist candidateshas created a rift inside

the democratic party.

This weekend marks the one yearanniversary of the violence

between white nationalistsand counter protests

that rocked Charlottesville Virginia.

While racial divisionsstill divide America,

some believe the Churchoffers the best hope

to bring us together.

Amber Strong introducesus to a group of pastors

in Atlanta who plan to shout that message

from the mountaintop.

- [Preacher] Will be ordained

before the foundation of the earth.

- [Amber] If you takea look around this room

it may seem like yourtypical prayer meeting.

- Flourishing supernaturalgifts of the spirit.

- [Amber] But there's somethingdifferent about this group.

Pastor Billy Humphreyand preachers like him

have thrown denomination aside.

- We're saying the same things

and I just look at it, Igot the spirit of the Lord.

- [Amber] Partnered together for one race,

a movement for racial healing.

- We believe this that Godwants to change the testimony

in the city of Atlanta whereracism and dead religion

has kind of informedand influenced the city.

- [Amber] They're off to a good start.

125 pastors across racial lines

have already said count me in.

Bishop Garland Hunt is one of them.

He believes now is the timefor the Church to lead.

- It's not really just politicalchange and policy changes.

It has to be a heart change

and the only one thatcan really fix the heart

is Jesus Christ.

- [Amber] So they meet everyweek, praying and fasting.

Hunt says changes are already in motion.

- We've had meetingswhere mostly white pastors

have come together.

So we begin to look around

and they had pretty much white groups.

They said well how can we makean effort to bring blacks in?

Sometimes you have to makemore than what's comfortable,

you have to make yourselfa little uncomfortable.

- [Amber] Humphrey and Hunt are hoping

that discomforts sparks friendships.

- [Man] Okay guys well here we go,

we're heading up to the mountain folks.

- In fact, they want to spur 100,000

cross cultural relationshipsover the next few months,

all leading up to theultimate day of prayer.

The men of one race saythey plan to make the trek

all the way to the top ofAtlanta's Stone Mountain.

But 100 years ago, adifferent group of men

made a similar trek and fora very different purpose.

- From 1915 to 1960, theKu Klux Klan would go

to Stone Mountain andon top of the mountain

they would burn crossesand do their rituals.

And so what we feel likewe wanna do is change

that testimony.

- [Amber] Humphrey andHunt agree it's time

for a new narrative for StoneMountain Georgia and beyond.

- If the Church doesn'ttake it's rightful place

and step into that place ofauthority and set the narrative

and deal with theseissues, someone else will.

- There's really a lot of voices out here.

The press gives a voice,a lot of the activists

have given voices but the Church

has to be a preeminent voiceright now in the culture.

- [Amber] They say it's timefor the Church to be heard

one voice, one people, united together.

Amber Strong, CBN News,in Stone Mountain Georgia.


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