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The 700 Club - August 8, 2018

Four-time Grammy-nominated singer Matthew West is inside our studios. Plus, meet a group sending prayers to the president that are actually being read inside the Oval Office. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Host] Coming up.

- [Woman] God is movingin the White House.

- [Host] They're sendingprayers to the President.

- I was so overwhelmed with the amount

of faith in DC.

- [Host] And they're beingread inside the oval office.

- And he goes, "Mike, he's not joking."

- [Host] Plus, the four-timeGrammy nominated singer.

♪ Cause I hear you calling ♪

- [Host] Matthew West goesall in inside our studios

on today's 700 Club.

♪ Going all in ♪

(upbeat music)

- Welcome ladies and gentlemen.

Well, sanctions are on Iran.

Secondary sanctions are coming down on

countries that do business with them.

The Russians are standingwith their buddies

and saying we're gonna uphold them.

But now we learned thatIran is adding a new weapon

to his arsenal.

That's cyber espionage.

CBN News has learned thatinvestigations have uncovered

Iranian hackers that aretargeting our nation's power grid.

- Yeah, one cyber security analyst told us

early detection made thedifference in stopping this effort

to cripple major infrastructure.

National securitycorrespondent, Erik Rosales,

has this exclusive report.

- Sources say this newIranian hacking group

call themselves Raspite.

Their target, the power grid system

right here in the United States.

Cyber security experts tellme that they're thankful

that they found thesehackers at a learning stage

and not yet able tocreate widespread chaos.

- The group we'relooking at here, Raspite,

ya know, I'm probably guessingwe're talking ya know,

18 to 24 months beforethey're in a position

to do something actually damaging.

But that's good becauseit gives us a lot of time

but it's bad because yaknow, we may or may not be

going as fast as weshould to prevent that.

- [Erik] Cyber security firm,Dragos, says Raspite has

been active for maybe a year or two.

Researchers first uncovered hacks aimed at

government and othertargets in the Middle East.

Now they're moving to install custom built

malware into U.S. power grids.

Recently, experts fromSymantic published a

detailed report on the activityof the cyber espionage team.

According to Symantic, theextend of the group's campaigns

could be wider butresearchers uncovered a list

written in Farsi of 809targets whose systems

were scanned by the attackers.

The targets, not just here in the U.S.

but in the United Arab Emirates,

Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

- Our digital lives,themselves, are on the line.

Our cyber adversariesare working day and night

to advance a mortalthreat to our networks,

our systems and ournational critical functions.

- [Erik] Just last week,top U.S intelligence chiefs

warned of Russia and other countries

targeting our U.S.infrastructure and democracy.

So how do we flip the equation?

Experts say it's not onlygetting the privately owned

businesses working sideby side with government,

but we must reach out toally countries as well.

- You think Israel, you think South Korea,

Japan, countries that haveto be part of that solutions

that all of whom live invery tough neighborhoods.

- Experts say this isin our best interest.

Ukraine is the practicefield for Russian hackers

and what happens therewill eventually come

to the United States.

Experts say it's going totake a collaborative effort

in order to fight these hackers,

which will only get worse in the future.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

- Ladies and gentlemen, we'vebeen talking on this program

over and over again, I'll say it again.

If somebody could get into our power grid

and shut down our nation's power,

you see, these networks are tied together

all across the country in various regions

and so, when they go down,they can affect millions

of people, but I'm talkingabout our food spoiling,

our banks and IT/ ABM, themachines we get our money,

the stock markets, noneof those things will work

if the power grid goes downand we're talking about

transportation, we'retalking about vehicles,

we're talking aboutmillions of people dying

and this is a crisis thatis a major proportion

and it's something that needsto be addressed with the

maximum resources ofthe federal government.

It's too big for any individualcompany to take care of.

It's got to be a federalmove and there's something

we spend money on all these things.

We get a new airplaneand we spend millions

and millions of dollarson that new airplane.

Well, good for us.

But how about the power grid?

It needs to be hardened andevery single one of these

nodes that connects back andforth throughout this country

needs to be fixed.

Now I've filled the reportthat Regent University,

which I happen to be the Chancellor of,

has got a major program on cyber security.

It's training people.

We've had people from Homeland Security,

people from the Defense Department,

people from FBI and thepeople from Navy Intelligence,

we've just finished a training session

with a group from naval cyber security

and their intelligence branchand they've booked another

12 sessions on our cyberrange which is so important

but we've got to teach people what to do.

Now, on tomorrow's program,CBN News exclusive interview

with Energy SecretaryRick Perry, to say what

they are doing with the energy department

to protect the power grid.

So, this will affect your life.

You say, "How does it affect me?"

Well it'll affect you if yourrefrigerator doesn't work.

If the food you've gotspoils, if you can't go

to the grocery store and theydon't have any food to sell,

if the trucks that haulproduce back and forth

aren't running, if there'sno gasoline in the pumps,

if you can't get money out of an ATM,

all this kinda stuff,it'll affect you very much

and we've got to do something about it.

So, we sound the alarm.

I feel like Paul Reveresaying the British are coming.

The danger is real!

Alright, let's go to EfremGraham for more of our

top stories, here's Efrem.

- Pat, Russia is standingup for Iran in the face of

U.S. sanctions.

The Foreign Ministry saysit will fight to preserve

the nuclear deal with Iran

and its economic agreements.

Russia belongs to the groupof nations that signed on

to President Obama's plan back in 2015.

Meanwhile, Iranian PresidentRouhani says he is ready

to meet with President Trump right now

with no pre-conditions.

Twin fires in northernCalifornia continue to consume

large parts of the state.

The fire known as the Mendocino has become

a record-setting fire for the state,

burning more than 450 square miles.

That's nearly the size ofthe city of Los Angeles,

and the flames have pickedup even more Tuesday,

destroying at least 75 homes.

No deaths or serious injuries,though, have been reported.

For months, Israelifirefighters on the Gaza border

have battled fires causedby some 1200 terror attacks.

Now, American volunteers are fighting

the flames alongside them.

Our John Waage has that story.

- Palestinian terroristsare using balloons

and kites combined with the summer wind

to carry their fire from Gaza to Israel.

We found this piece ofkite in a scorched field.

Behind me in the tree aremore pieces of the kite

and behind the tree is the Gaza strip.

- [John] That's when theEmergency Volunteers Project,

a U.S. Organization dedicatedto assisting Israel,

stepped in to help.

- Our firefighters haveassisted putting out

literally dozens of firesover the past week here in

southern Israel.

- [John] Sponsored bythe Jewish federations of

North America, spokespersonEitan Charnoff says,

when the volunteers arrive,they're ready to go.

- Our American volunteersare trained in advance

about how to work here, not just in terms

of what equipment is different,

what tactics are different,what threats are different,

but they're also taught the culture.

- In February of 2017, Icame on a trip to be trained.

That way, when we get here in deployment,

they don't have to take time to train me.

I get off the airplane and I go to work.

- [John] Corey Rea andAston Bright are both

American firefighters.

- Firefighting, there's auniversal language to it.

You pull a hose and youspray the water on the fire.

You pull an ax and you cut something.

Firefighters, we like to breakthings, so it's universal.

- [John] But some things are different,

like fighting fire while under fire.

- This is actually anarmor plated, bulletproof

fire engine, it's the firsttime I'd ever been on a

fire engine quite like this.

But that's necessarybecause we are so close

to the Gaza border.

- [John] Rea and Bright, bothChristians, say their faith

played a part in their decision.

- I can't build houses, I'm not a doctor,

but I can put out fires.

So, that's how I serve.

As a believer, the biblesays to be a friend

of Israel and the Jews are chosen people.

I sort of felt led to servein some way and that's

all I know how to do.

- [John] Shmulik Friedman, an Israeli

fire service commander,said working with Americans

is about more than fighting fires.

- We have to protect the state of Israel

and the Jewish people.

And the United States ishere in this fight with them

and we're glad to be here.

- [John] John Waage, CBN Newsnear the Gaza/Israeli border.

- So good to see Americanslending a hand to Israel.


- Ya know, it takes meback a few years ago

and I'm talking about the 1940s

when I worked through the forest service

of the United States during the summer

and we were fighting firesin the Pacific Northwest

where they have tremendous stands of trees

and forest fires, if they get out of hand,

can be very deadly.

We were having balloonssent over from Japan.

Incendiary balloons thatwere falling in those forests

and causing fire.

So what's happening inGaza is nothing new.

We've fought it before.

But we had a deal with those things

and the way we weretaught, you had to set up

a fire line becausefires, interesting enough,

go a short distance.

You see the ones where treesare jumping across each other

and that kinda thing,but what normally happens

is the undergrowth is what catches fire.

So, we would build a fire line.

We'd have so-called Pulaski'stools and we'd actually

trench a ditch around and theditches would stop the fires.

Now of course, if you canget a bulldozer up there,

you'd dig a bigger ditchbut where I was working,

it was so hilly that you couldn't get any

equipment up there but human beings.

That's the way we did it.

We dug fire lines and they worked.

So anyhow.

- Is there anythingyou have not done, Pat?

- Very few, dear.

Very few.

I've lived a long time andI've had many things happen.

- A true Renaissance man right here,

ladies and gentlemen.

Learn something new every day.

- Well, Efrem, what's next?

- Renaissance man indeed.

Pat, Ohio's special congressional election

may not be decided for days.

Republican Troy Baldersonholds a razor slim lead

over democrat Danny O'Connor.

Even if the democrat loses,

both sides are claimingvictories of sorts.

And that's because Republicanshave held the district

for decades and PresidentDonald Trump won by

double digits.

Meanwhile, far left wingdemocrats fell short

in several mid-west primaries Tuesday.

As CBN News reported,a left wing insurgency

fueled by socialists candidates

has created a rift insidethe democratic party.

This weekend marks theone year anniversary

of the violence between white nationalists

and counter protests that rockedCharlottesville, Virginia.

While racial divisionsstill divide America,

some believe the churchoffers the best hope

to bring us together.

Amber Strong introduces us to a group of

pastors in Atlanta whoplan to shout that message

from the mountaintop.

- We ordain it before thefoundation of the earth.

- [Amber] If you take alook around this room,

it may seem like yourtypical prayer meeting.

- Flourishing supernaturalgifts of the spirit.

- [Amber] But there's somethingdifferent about this group.

Pastor Billy Humphreyand preachers like him

have thrown denomination aside.

- We're saying the same things

and I just look at it like that's

the spirit of the Lord.

- [Amber] Partnered together for one race,

a movement for racial healing.

- We believe this, thatGod wants to change

the testimony in the city of Atlanta

where racism and deadreligion has kind of informed

and influenced the city.

- [Amber] They're off to a good start.

125 pastors across raciallines have already said,

"Count me in."

Bishop Garland Hunt is one of them.

He believes now is the timefor the church to lead.

- It's not really just politicalchange or policy changes.

There has to be a heartchange and the only way

they can really fix theheart is Jesus Christ.

- Oh, there he is.

- [Amber] So they meet every week,

praying and fasting.

Hunt says changes are already in motion.

- We've had meetingswhere mostly white pastors

will come together.

So they begin to look around and they have

pretty much white groups, that's it.

Well how can we make aeffort to bring blacks in?

Sometimes you have to make more

than just what's comfortable.

You have to make yourselfa little uncomfortable.

- [Amber] Humphrey and Huntare hoping that discomfort

sparks friendships.

- [Man] OK guys, well here we go.

We're heading up to the mountains folks.

- In fact, they want tospare 100,000 cross-cultural

relationships over the next few months,

all leading up to theultimate day of prayer.

The men of one race saythey plan to make the trek

all the way to the top ofAtlanta's Stone Mountain,

but 100 years ago, adifferent group of men

made a similar trip and fora very different purpose.

- From 1915 to 1960, the Ku Klux Klan

would go to Stone Mountainand on top of the mountain,

they would burn crossesand do their rituals.

So, what we feel like we wannado is change that testimony.

- [Amber] Humphrey andHunt agree it's time for a

new narrative for StoneMountain, Georgia and beyond.

- If the church doesn'ttake its rightful place

and step into that place ofauthority and set the narrative

and deal with theseissues, someone else will.

- There's really a lot of voices out here.

The press steals a voice.

A lot of the activists have given voices.

But the church has to be apreeminent voice right now

in the culture.

- [Amber] They say it's timefor the church to be heard.

One voice, one people, united together.

Amber Strong, CBN News, inStone Mountain, Georgia.

- The church answeringthe call to rise up, Pat.

- Wonderful and I congratulate them.

Wendy, what's next?

- Alright, well up next,prayer cards are flooding

Pennsylvania Avenue and it'sall thanks to the efforts

of a congressman's wife.

- God was doing somethingbigger than I ever imagined.

- [Wendy] In fact, thoseprayers are winding up

inside the oval officeon the President's desk!

CBN News has the story when we come back.

(upbeat music)

- A prayer movement started byone Congressman and his wife

is gaining national momentum.

Michael and Tracy Bostasked constituents to send

prayers to the president.

Today, they're delivering100 prayer cards a month

to the White House and asAbigail Robertson reports,

the president is actually reading them.

- When Tracy Bost first set up a P.O. Box

for people in her district to send prayers

to the president, she washesitant to go back and check it

fearing no one would send anything.

But to her great surprise,hundreds of prayers poured in.

- That was really a blessing to me.

And then, I knew that Godwas doing something bigger

than I ever imagined.

- School in Philadelphia.

- [Abigail] Tracy firstcame up with the idea

when she and her husband Mike attended the

2017 GOP Retreat in Philadelphia.

- We are the people!

- There was so much protestgoing on and so much anger

and just pure ugliness.

- [Abigail] Tracy wanted todo something to encourage

the new Commander in Chief.

- I just kept praying.

God, what can I do? What can I do?

The prayer card came to mymind, that we could just

simply have people in my life,friends and family members

just to send a littleprayer of encouragement

to the president.

Mr. President and Vice President,

praying for God's blessings.

- [Abigail] They set a goal of 100 prayers

and asked people to send themon three by five note cards.

- [Tracy] Lubbock, Texas.

- [Abigail] Six weeks later.

- [Tracy] Narco, California.

- [Abigail] They had received almost 300.

Her husband asked the White House liaison

to deliver them to President Trump.

- I handed em to him and I said,

"Look, we don't want any,just give em to them, OK?"

- [Abigail] A couple monthslater, Bost joined a few other

congressmen in the OvalOffice for a bill signing.

- The President looks at me and goes,

"Bost, Bost."

He said, "Prayer cards."

- I went, "Yeah, Mr. President, we sent,

"my wife did that and circulated prayer

"and prayer cards."

And he said, "We use those."

I said, "Good! I'm soglad, that's wonderful."

- [Abigail] The President then asked

for the bag of cards off his shelf

so they could take a picture.

- He said, "Understand, we use these."

I turned and whenever I turned,

I ran honest to goodness chest to chest

with the Vice President and he goes,

"Mike, he's not joking.

"We use these.

"There'll be times we say OK,

"and we reach out and we grab em."

It is amazing that people arewilling to put these together.

- [Abigail] Tracy was elated to learn

he actually read the card.

- I cried and I stillget emotional about it.

I'm thankful that every day, he gets to

put his hand in that bagand I know the right card

for that day is the onehe puts in his hand.

- [Abigail] And so wereAndrew Deming's students

who wrote cards.

Even those who told her theydidn't like the president.

- We encouraged themthat ya know, just say

positive things.

If you had a specificprayer for him or a specific

scripture or somethingthat you would like to say

that's positive, but we werestrongly encouraging them

to keep it positive and they all did.

There were none that were rudeor anything on that matter.

- [Abigail] CassandraOrtiz, who now helps collect

the prayer cards, tells CBN News

she was worried about President Trump

because she didn't knowwhere he stood spiritually.

This experience has eased her concerns.

- To know the word of God is being spoken,

it's being taught, it'sbeing reflected on,

it's being meditated on in the White House

is just a huge encouragement to ya know,

know that God is working.

God is moving in the White House.

- [Abigail] She believesthere is power in believers

joining together to sendprayers to our leaders.

- So many people, ya know,we don't wanna be the silent

Christians, we don'twanna be the ones that

see the issue, complain about the issue

and then don't do anything about it.

- [Abigail] CongressmanBost says prayers and faith

are an integral part of his job.

- I don't know how anyone does this job

or any other job withouta faith that is strong

and without the prayer andsupport of other people.

- [Abigail] And he thinks many Christians

would be surprised tolearn how much prayer

happens daily in the capital.

- There's never a day, never a morning,

never sometime during the dayof any day that we're there

that there's not at leastone or two bible studies

or prayer groups with me.

- I was so overwhelmed withthe amount of faith in DC.

- The Bosts still deliverabout 100 prayer card

each month to the White House,

and now collect them fromall over the country.

Tracy encourages peoplenot just to write prayers

for the president, butalso the Vice President,

the First Lady, or anyother leader God is putting

on your heart, like amayor, a state senator,

or a city councilman.

Reporting from Washington,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- What a wonderful thing.

God's gonna honor that.

Believe me, he will honor it.

- The word does not return void, Pat.

- By the way Wendy,there's a birthday today

I think we oughta honor.

Mickey Mouse, 90 years old.

- Really?

Awe, everybody loves Mickey.

- Yeah, well that's what saved Disney.

Walt Disney was goingunder and that little mouse

saved him and now, Disneyis buying the assets

of 20th Century FOX thatthey're putting up for sale.

The studio and some of their movies

and they're also getting Ithink Star TV over in England

and also the Star in India.

- Nice, he looks good for 90.

- He's doing very well.(laughing)

He was there a couple years ahead of me.

Anyhow, best wishes to Mickey.

Alright Wendy, what's next?

- Yeah, next he's one ofthe most popular names

in Christian music,

but don't call him aprofessional Christian.

Matthew West explains when we come back.

Matthew West is the fourtime Grammy nominated

singer behind such number one hits as

The Motions, Hello My NameIs, and You Are Everything.

For 15 years, he's been oneof the most popular names

in Christian music and now,he says, he's going all in.

Matthew West joins us now.

Matthew, welcome back to The 700 Club.

It's great to see you again.- It's great to see you.

- Thanks for having me today.

- Well, the last time you were here,

you were celebrating an album of songs

that was inspired byother people's stories.

- That's right.

- Now, this is aboutyou and your own stories

and perhaps struggles.

Ya know, we want all the scoop.

And going All In, tell us about it.

- Yeah absolutely, it'sbeen an exciting journey.

When I heard what you justread about for 15 years,

I was like, I still verymuch feel like a new artist

with so much to say tothe world, so I guess

that's a good thing.- That's good, yeah.

- It was sort of ironic.

I began last year havinga creative writing retreat

which really was moreof a spiritual retreat.

For those who follow mymusic, they know that I

spend several weeks ata cabin and that's where

a lot of my songs are written.

I start by having aquiet time every morning

and I felt like the Lord kinda was putting

these two words on my heart, All In.

I felt like OK, this is sort of ironic.

I sorta had a conversation with God,

like ya know, isn't thiswhat I've already been doing

with my life?

I've gone all in.

I'm singing my song foryou everywhere I go.

I felt like God just beganshowing me during that time

in the cabin that he's not done with me

and that there's still some deeper depths

that he wants to take meand my personal relationship

with him and there's so muchmore that he wants to do

with the platform that he's given me.

So, it's sort of ironicand yet really exciting

that after 15 years, nowI'm saying I'm going all in,

I'm going all in for Jesus.

- Ya know, it's funny becausewhen God is doing something,

sometimes he's doing it across the board

with the body of Christ.

So many people I'veinterviewed this year, 2018,

have a similar theme.

Either in their songs- Love that.

- or their new books orsomething that they're--

So God is calling us deeper.

That's very exciting.

- [Matthew] Yeah, I love to hear that.

- Now, you've been a preacher's kid.

You are a preacher's kid.- Yes.

- And you say that oneof the dangers of being

a preacher's kid and beinga singer of Christian songs

is you get too professional.

Did that happen to you?

- Yeah, you know, I wrote about it.

I think the last time wetalked, we were talking about

a book that I released called

Hello My Name Is, which is all about just

discovering our identity,where it needs to be discovered

and that is in what God says about us.

One of the chapters talks about being

a professional Christian.

A professional Christian issomeone I've described as

someone who's living outa personal faith in Christ

in a public spotlight, kindalike us in this room right now.

There's cameras all aroundand we're talking about

our faith in Christ.

- And there's a danger to be phony.

- Oh yeah.

What I realized over the course of my life

whether it was being inthe front row every Sunday

at my dad's church and then now,

being a contemporaryChristian singer and writer

is that when all eyes are on you,

you can get more caughtup in looking the part

than living the part and thebible warns us about that,

about living a lukewarmlife, about being caught up

in the perception ofperfection, as opposed to really

living and seeking out an authentic,

and really, an authenticallyflawed relationship

with Christ, 'cause that's what we are.

So I think I've come tothis realization that,

ya know, perfection is not the goal

and what this lost andhurting world needs to see

is not somebody who'spretending they've got it

all together, but somebodywho's the first one

willing to say you know what?

I've got some messes in mylife but let me tell you

about the God who doesn't run away

from people with messes,

that runs to the broken things- I need Jesus.

- and says, "I can fix,I can heal, I can mend."

Really that's a lot ofwhat my life has been about

is just how can I be moreauthentic in my life?

How can I be authenticallyinvolved as a cheerleader

for my wife and how can I be a better,

how can I go all in as a husband?

How can I go all in as a dad?

Not just a musician or singer, ya know?

That's really what Iunpacked on the All In record

was just all thesedifferent aspects of my life

where it felt like God was saying,

"Matthew, I have more for you.

"Are you willing to dive into the deep end

"and let me show you what that is?"

- Wow, that's good.

That'll preach.

- That'll preach.

- [Wendy] Or sing.

- There you go, yeah.

- Well in the song All In,you talk about playing it safe

for so long that the passion left.

That lyric is haunting and convicting.

Is that what happened to you?

- Really and speaking tothe authenticity of it,

that's where those lyrics came from

and then the line afterthat says it turns out

safe is just another word for regret.

It's funny, I think peoplecan pat you on the back

your whole life which iswhat's happened to me is like,

"Matthew man, you'redoing such a great job

"the way that you're reachingthe world with your music

"and you're playing concertsand everywhere you go."

It's like I think whatI started to feel like

was when I was donesinging, that I was like OK,

I did my part for God andnow I can just sort of

punch that clock.

I feel like God's just been showing me,

"Matthew, you're on stage one hour today.

"When you're in Virginiaor you're doing one song

"at The 700 Club, but whatabout the rest of your life?

"Are you, do you reallyhave a burning desire

"to see lost people find hope in me?

"Are you seeking out those opportunities

"everywhere you go?"

It's not just like drawing a line around

where and when we'regonna allow God to use us

And really just kinda erasing those lines

or allowing God to andthen, every single day,

seeking out what he has for us.

One of the anthem versesfor me is John Chapter 10,

verse 10 which lays outSatan's three point plan

to destroy our lives, right?

He comes to steal, kill, and destroy,

but Jesus counters thatwith his one point plan.

But I have come that they may have life

and have it to the full.

I think now more than ever, I'm going,

"OK God, I wanna discoverwhat the fullest life is."

And it's not to be found justbeing a successful musician

'cause I've had the numberone song and guess what?

Didn't make me feel any different

than before I had, whenit was a number two song.

- [Wendy] Not even for five minutes?

- Not even, maybe five minutes.

But ultimately, where is truefulfillment gonna be found?

In the center of God's will for my life,

wherever, whatever, however, whenever.

I wanna go all in andat the end of my life,

I wanna stand before him and hear him say,

"Well done," just like the song said.

- Well I know I saidthis to you the last time

you were on The 700 Club, that your songs,

when they come on the radio,they either make you cry

or they make you think or they make you

wanna change your life.

- Good, good, I love that.

- We want to hear the song now, so much,

so we're gonna let you go over to

the music set- Sounds great.

- and sing for us.

In the meantime, don'tforget to get a copy

of Matthew's latest album.

CCM Magazine gave it five stars.

So it's one you don't wanna miss.

It's called All In and it's available

wherever music is sold.

Now, here's Matthew Westwith the title track

of that album, All In.

(light music)

♪ My feet are frozenon this middle ground ♪

♪ The water's warm herebut the fire's gone out ♪

♪ I played it safe for solong the passion left ♪

♪ Turns out safe is justanother word for regret ♪

♪ So, I step to the edgeand I take a deep breath ♪

♪ We're all dying to live butwe're all scared to death ♪

♪ And this is the part wheremy head tells my heart ♪

♪ You should turn back around ♪

♪ But there's no turning back now ♪

♪ I'm going all in ♪

♪ Headfirst into the deep end ♪

♪ I hear You calling ♪

♪ And this time the fear won't win ♪

♪ I'm going, I'm going all in ♪

♪ I'm going, I'm going all in ♪

♪ I'm going ♪

♪ I believe that one day Iwill see Your kingdom come ♪

♪ And I wanna hear You say ♪

♪ "Welcome home my child, well done" ♪

♪ So, I step to the edgeand I take a deep breath ♪

♪ I'm not turning back around ♪

♪ 'Cause there's no turning back now ♪

♪ I'm going all in ♪

♪ Headfirst into the deep end ♪

♪ I hear You calling ♪

♪ And this time the fear won't win ♪

♪ I'm going, I'm going all in ♪

♪ I'm all in ♪

♪ All in ♪

♪ I'm all in ♪

♪ I'm going all in ♪

♪ I'm all in ♪

♪ I'm all in ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ All to You, Jesus, I freely give ♪

♪ As long as there's breathin these lungs I will live ♪

♪ With reckless abandon,my heart in Your hands ♪

♪ I surrender it all, I'm going ♪

♪ I'm going all in ♪

♪ I'm going all in, yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I'm going all in ♪

♪ Head first to the deep end ♪

♪ 'Cause I hear you callin', Lord ♪

♪ This time the fear won't win ♪

♪ I'm going, I'm going all in ♪

♪ I'm all in ♪

♪ I'm all in ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm all in ♪

♪ I'm going all in ♪

♪ I'm all in, I'm going all in ♪

♪ I'm all in, yeah ♪

♪ I believe that one day Iwill see Your Kingdom come ♪

♪ And I wanna hear you say ♪

♪ "Welcome home my child, well done." ♪

- [Wendy] Still ahead, 15 and pregnant.

- [Girl] I was just numb to it.

- [Wendy] And then herboyfriend gets gunned down.

- [Girl] Everything was stripped away.

- [Wendy] One single mom findsa warrior to fight for her.

- [Girl] I knew thatthis stuff wasn't real.

- [Wendy] Later on today's show.

(intense music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

The death toll in theIndonesian earthquake

has risen to at least 131 people.

The 7.0 magnitude quakestruck the tourist island

of Lombok and destroyedthousands of buildings.

Rescue and evacuation efforts are underway

as more than 20,000 people are displaced.

Operation Blessing is alsoon the ground in Indonesia

giving away 1,000 foodpacks, blankets, and medicine

to quake victims.

Saudi Arabia is transferringthousands of Saudi students

out of Canada.

It comes after a Canadian official

criticized the country'shuman rights record.

Last week, Canada'sforeign affairs minister

called for the release ofa civil rights activist

jailed in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia in turn expelledthe Canadian ambassador,

recalled its ambassador to Canada

and halted trade dealsbetween the two countries.

Remember, you can alwaysget the latest from CBN News

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Pat and Wendy are backwith more of today's

700 Club, it's coming up right after this.

(intense music)

- In August of 2003,Natasha Grant's boyfriend

was murdered.

Natasha was just 15 years old at the time

and she was carrying that man's baby.

She desperately needed someone to help.

She would up finding a warrior.

Watch this.

- [Narrator] Natasha Grant'salways wanted to belong,

the child of a biracial affairbetween two married people.

Natasha was put up foradoption at seven months old.

- It was difficult beingadopted and trying to

channel all the emotions that I felt.

My biological mother didnot wanna take care of me.

I think I was a reminder of her affair

and she struggled withthat as well as my race.

My white friends wouldtell me I acted too black

and my black friends wouldtell me I acted too white.

So it was really difficulttrying to find my identity.

- [Narrator] Natasha's identityissues and insecurities

made her lash out at those around her.

- I did have a lot ofanger issues and a lot of

emotional problems, I guess you could say,

that I did take out on myadopted mother, I think.

So, she got the bruntof it for the most part.

- [Narrator] Natashastill craved approval.

So she started having sex whenshe was just 12 years old.

- I didn't understand my body.

I didn't understand how to value it

and what it meant and who I was.

I started at a very young ageand I was very promiscuous

from that point forward.

Every guy I would date, Iautomatically had it in my mind

that I had to do these thingsin order to stay with him.

- [Narrator] She drifted fromrelationship to relationship

looking for fulfillment.

- I really felt that Ididn't have any purpose.

I wasn't sure of what goals to even set

if I did have any.

I just kinda felt lost and alone

and I wasn't sure whatI was on this earth for.

- [Narrator] Then she got pregnant at 15

by her 19 year old boyfriend.

- I felt completely numbbeing pregnant at 15.

I was just numb to it andas the pregnancy progressed,

I did feel like being a motherwould become my identity

and I would finally find myself in that.

- [Narrator] But halfwaythrough her pregnancy,

her baby's father was shot and killed.

Natasha was lost again and slipped into

a deep depression.

- Suddenly, everything was stripped away.

My world was turned upsidedown and I realized that

I wasn't in control ofanything because I think

I believed the illusion that everything

was in my control and that no matter what

came at me, everything was gonna be OK.

- [Narrator] Her adoptivemother helped Natasha

through the depression oflosing her baby's father

and the two became close.

After her son was born,Natasha tried to make

motherhood her purpose.

She returned to finish high school

and then started community college.

But she still felt incomplete.

- Even though I felt like Iwas coming into my identity

as a mother, I was still empty inside.

I still felt like I wasmissing something greater,

something bigger and Icouldn't figure it out.

Doing what I was supposed to do but,

I was still like a zombie.

There was no life inside of me.

I didn't have life, I justwent along with what I thought

I was supposed to do and Iwas trying to be the kinda

mother I thought I was supposed to be.

- [Narrator] During hersecond year of college,

Natasha noticed something different about

one of her professors.

- There was something abouthim that was intriguing me

in just the way he conducted himself.

It was the little thingsand I've never been around

anybody like that.

- [Narrator] One day, atthe end of the semester,

she asked him about it.

- And his reply was, "I'ma warrior of Jesus Christ."

He never mentioned Jesus' name in class,

never said anything likethat but the presence

was so strong that I could still feel it

and I still knew.

- [Narrator] They talked fora while and the professor

invited her to church.

- I'd never been to churchbesides for Christmas and Easter,

not even every Christmas and Easter.

I have always felt drawnto the spiritual world

but I would look to fillthat void in things like

a Oijia board or hangingout with my friends

in the cemetery.

I just had that hungerfor something deeper.

- [Narrator] At church,Natasha felt God's love

and she knew she found whatwas missing from her life.

- There was something, acord that was struck in me

where I knew that this stuffwas real and something in me

just lit up and went crazy.

When I got home from church, I prayed.

I went to my bedroom, closed the door,

and prayed on my knees and said,

"Jesus, please come into my heart,"

and instantly, it waslike a light bulb came on.

That's what it felt like, I'm finally home

and God just because myfather and there was this

beautiful connection that wasso deep, it was indescribable.

I saw myself as havingan identity in him now.

It wasn't just up to me andwho I saw in the mirror.

It was about so much more.

He looked at me and hesaw a beautiful daughter

of his that could changethe world with his help,

ya know, as he worked through me.

I saw myself of great value,ya know, I wasn't just this

little biracial girl thatwas swayed to and from

and adopted and unwanted.

I became this powerful woman

and he just overtookmy heart in everything.

- [Narrator] The first thingshe did was buy a bible.

She would read it constantly.

- I just was completely soaking up

all the truth I could.

I just love that thing andI didn't even understand it

but I knew I was meant to be reading it.

- [Narrator] Today, she is happily married

to a pastor and they are planning a church

outside of Pittsburgh.

She identifies as a child of God,

unconditionally loved and forgiven.

- Looking back on my life,I see him everywhere.

His fingerprints wereeverywhere the whole time

which really helps me wrapmy mind around his love too

and even though I felt alone,even though there's been times

where I had suicidal thoughts,

all those different things, he was there.

Every moment of it, he was there.

To sit here and see the bigpicture of what he's done

since the moment I wasadopted up until now

and the people he's broughtin and outta my life

and everything, it's just I don't know.

You just really wrap yourmind around how good he is

and how much you reallydon't deserve any of it.

- You know, the question many people ask,

this is the fundamental question:

Who am I?

Why am I here and where am I going?

They're the three big questions

these kids ask particularly, Who am I?

Who am I?

Natasha wasn't sure.

Who was she?

Well, she was an unwanted child

from an interracial couple who were having

sex outside of marriage andthey didn't want this kid,

but she was born and whatpurpose did she have?

She'd looked for love and course,

girls think that they can get love by

offering themselves for sex to young men

and instead of that, they'rejust throwing themselves away.

They're not gaininganything but they think

they are sometimes.

But Natasha, the answer was very simple.

Her identity is in God.

You see, all of us, theonly reason we're here

is when we're children of God.

We are created in the image of God.

We're created in the likeness of God.

What is man, the biblesays, that thou aren't

mindful of him, or the sonof man that you visit him.

What is man?

Who are you?

Who are you?

Well, the answer is,you are a child of God.

And if you will identify thatand walk in your privileges,

good things will happen.

If you reject it, thenbad things will happen.

So, God is saying to you right now,

do you want to be the child of the King

or do you wanna be alittle Flotsam and Jetsam

going through life withno purpose and no meaning?

You can have meaning.

You can have meaning in your life.

It's very simple, you do it in Jesus.

So, as I'm here, allyou have to do is say,

"Lord, I'm yours.

"I will give myself to you and I wanna be

"known as your child.

"Take me, Lord, into your home."

I think the image that youhave, the only time that

we have a story of God running

is the story of the prodigal son

who was out in the wildernessin all kinds of debauchery

and then he said,

"I'm gonna rise and goto my father's house."

And a long way away, the father saw him

and he ran to him.

God runs to us and hethrew his arms around him.

He said, "Give him a robe, put it on him,

"get the sandals on his feet.

"And let's have a partybecause he's been lost

"and now he's found."

God is looking for you andhe wants to run after you.

If you want him, allyou have to do is say,

"Lord, come into my life.

"Live your life in meand I'll live for you."

Then begin to serve him andI'm going to give you something

if you want it.

It's called A New Day.

How do you live for God?

How do you know him?

What's he like?

What happens if you sin?

What happens if he'll pick you up

and make you a part of his family?

It's so simple, you can call in,

say I want that book.

I wanna know the Lord.

One of these councilswill be glad to talk to ya

if you have a need, you have a question,

you have a problem.

1-800-700-7000, toll free number.

Call in, somebody's here wholoves you, 1-800-700-7000.


- Thanks Pat.

Still ahead, it's time foranother round of your questions,

honest answers.

Candace says, "I'm a meth addict.

"I'm so messed up.

"What can I do?"

Pat weighs in on that and much more.

So, don't go away.

(light music)

We've had an overwhelming response

to our Build a Better Gut series

and you can still order acopy of this free booklet

right here, just call thenumber on your screen.

Toll free, 1-800-700-7000

or you can log onto CBN.comand download the free

booklet there, plus youcan stream the entire

four part Build a Better Gut series

and get bonus information all at

and Pat, Annette hasleft an online comment

about the series.

She said, "Thank you so much!

"This has given me hopefor myself and my friends,

"hope for a better qualityof life for all of us."

Annette, thanks for writingin and letting us know.

- By the way, Lorie and Iare gonna be here Monday.

We'll be answering questions.

So many people have questions about this

and we don't wanna leavethose questions unanswered.

So, Lorie will be here to

answer some of those questions.

Alright, what ya got?

- OK, we're gonna start withthis question from Jeff.

He says, "Hi Pat.

"During his lifetime, EdgarCayce claimed that many,

"if not most, of our healthproblems stemmed from the gut.

"Were his so-calledtrance readings satanic

"or was he a charlatan?

"I know he claimed to be a Christian."

- Well you know, he had some insights,

but I'm afraid he was demonic.

The things that he hadwere not of God but he was

the sleeping prophet.

He had all these revelationsand gifts and things.

But I don't think they came from the Lord.

But to think that he hadan insight into certain

medical conditions is notunusual 'cause he did,

he was right on acertain number of things.

But, ya know, it's like Strychnine.

It only takes a few percentagesof it to destroy you

and kill you.

It doesn't mean that therecan't be a whole lot of

benign things in it but,

he started the association,the research and enlightenment

which was very, very stronghere in Virginia Beach

when I arrived.

- And basically a new age.

- Oh, it's new age beyond new age.

He had many, manyfollowers and he would give

readings to people.

They got so way out, I mean,

you cannot believe some of the nonsense

that went on.

So, it was not of God. Alright.

- Alright, Candacesays, "Pat, I need help.

"I am 28 and using meth.

"I hurt so much and I am so messed up.

"11 years of this.

"I've been raped and abused so many times.

"What can I do?"

- Hm.

I think you are a humanbeing that you have power

as a human being andyour spirit is crying out

in that question.

You want help, so yourecognize you've got a problem.

That's the first step isknowing you've got a problem.

Now you're asking for what is the answer.

You have got to take control of your life.

You are under thedomination of this chemical

and it's destroying youand you've had a lot of

bad things happen.

So, what do you do?

You're gonna say, "I'm goingto take charge of my life."

And for 21 days, I willnot take methamphetamine.

I will not take any drugs.

I will not take any stimulants.

I will not do it.

That's 21 days.

Today, I'm not gonna do it.

Next day, today, I'm not gonna do it.

The next day, I'm not gonna do it.

After 21 days, you willhave formed a habit

that says I'm no longer a meth addict

and you're gonna startliving for the Lord.

But in the meantime,give yourself to Jesus

and let the Holy Spiritcome into your life

to transform you, alright?

- Good advice.

OK, Joe says, "I have aquestion about tongues

"and interpretations.

"Often the Holy Spirit givesme a message to bring to

"the congregation but mosttimes it's only in English.

"I usually know what themessage is a few days

"in advance because it develops

"during my Bible reading andGod gives the opportunity

"to deliver it on Sunday.

"Occasionally though itcomes out in tongues first

"and then the interpretation.

"Why does it sometimes begin in English

"and other times in tongues?

"Is this biblical?

"Wouldn't ever want to do anything wrong."

- No, I don't know all thethings going on in your life,

but I think deep inside,you've got a desire

to preach and what'shappening is you wanna preach

and you think it's amessage but it's the message

that you wanna deliver to a congregation.

So maybe you ought to seek an outlet

where you have an opportunityto teach or preach as well,

but sometimes you'vegot a message in tongues

and sometimes, it's in English.

That's OK.

I don't see any difference with that.

- Yeah, I don't thinkhe's doing anything wrong.

OK, Marilyn says, "Ihave questions about the

"Build a Better Gut series.

"I had my large intestine removeddue to ulcerative colitis.

"Will I benefit from following this diet?

"Will probiotics work for me?

"Thanks for everything you do for us."

- I think it'll be in the small intestine,

which is the big thing.

The large intestine, the fact that you had

ulcerative colitis, justfrom a medical standpoint,

the reason that you getthat is because you don't

have enough fiber and feces remain in your

large intestine toolong and you need fiber.

That's what caused it, but if you had

the appropriate gut biome,you wouldn't have had

that ulcerative colitis.

I'm amazed the took yourlarge intestine out.

That seems very radical,but I'm not a doctor.

So I don't know exactly why they did it.

But will this help therest of ya? Absolutely.

Most of the gut biome willbe in the large intestine,

not in the small intestine,which is a small thing

that's meant to take alittle water out of your

excrement, but anyhow.

- Apple a day will do wonders.

- Apple, (laughs) thank you.

Well, we leave ya today's Power Minute.

It's in Psalms.

"You open your hand,and satisfy the desire

"of every living thing."


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