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Major Test of Trump's Clout: Ohio Special Election 'Too Close to Call'

Major Test of Trump's Clout: Ohio Special Election 'Too Close to Call' Read Transcript

- [Dale] Republicansare hoping it's a win,

but Ohio's special congressional election

may not be decided for 10 days.

More than 8,000 potential votes must still

be tallied in a race thatended with Republican

Troy Balderson with a razor-slim lead

of only 1,800 votes overDemocrat Danny O'Connor.

- Over the next three months,

I'm gonna do everything I canto keep America great again.

- [Dale] President Trumptweeted his congratulations

to Balderson, but electionboards won't begin to count

provisional votes and absenteeballots until August 18th,

but if it's still close,it triggers a recount,

and even if the Democrat loses,

both sides are claiming victory.

That's because in the lastelection in this district,

the Republican won by over 30 points,

and President Trump won by double digits.

The state's Republicangovernor, John Kasich,

said it shouldn't have been this close.

- It's really kind ofshocking because this

should be just a slam-dunk, and it's not.

- [Dale] This was considered a key test

of Trump's support because the President

campaigned for theRepublican, but Democrats

were thought to haveturned out more voters,

and it's an encouraging sign for Democrats

who need to win 24 seats in November

to flip the House, but Jonathan Swan,

national political reporter for Axios,

told CBN News Faith Nation,

it will be harder forDemocrats than they think.

- The House is very much in play.

I think you'd be foolish tomake a confident prediction

one way or the other.

I think it's very likely that Republicans

actually hang on to the House.

- [Dale] Meanwhile, formerMichigan state lawmaker

Rashida Tlaib won the Democraticnomination to run unopposed

for a House seat, setting her up to become

the first Muslim womanelected to Congress.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.


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