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Studio 5: Won’t He Do It

The voice behind the anthem Won’t He Do It, Koryn Hawthorne, joins us for an interview. We get a behind-the-scenes look at the film Christopher Robin. And we meet the Christian singer who helped give birth to the band The New Respects. Read Transcript

- [Efrem] Seconds away on Studio five--

- ♪ Won't He do it ♪

♪ He said he would ♪

- [Efrem] The voice behindwhat's quickly becoming

a gospel anthem, and then.

- Christopher Robin.

- [Efrem] Our favorite teddy bear

comes to life on the big screen

and sits down for an interview.

How much fun did youhave making this movie?


♪ There ain't nothing wrongwith working over time ♪

- [Efrem] Learn thegospel great who helped

to give birth to this band.

All in Studio five starting now.

(upbeat music)

Welcome to Studio five,it is time to fire up

this weeks countdown and begin our look

at what's making headlines in the world

of uplifting entertainment.

At number five.

- Luda!

- [Efrem] Ludacris extendsamazing kindness to a stranger

short on cash at the grocery check out.

- He turned to me and hesaid, "I said I got this."

And I looked at him, and he said all

of this don't put anything back.

- [Reporter] Thera Hera Meostruggling in many ways since

her husband John died of brain cancer.

Left with nothing buther beloved rescue dogs

and a broken heart, andthen her water heater broke,

and then a client, she'sa freelance writer,

was late paying her.

- [Efrem] She had no idea who Ludacris was

until after he left the store

and the cashier broke the news.

- You know that's a famous rapper,

you know that's Ludacris?

And I went what?

And I screamed, everybodycan do something.

Kindness is one of themost powerful currencies

in the world and that the more

you spend it the richer you get.

(upbeat music)

- That's what champions are made of.

- At number four.

- Kay?

- [Efrem] The big screen goes to the big

dogs in the new film Dog Days.

- Must be in Brandy's spot,isn't that right girl?

Wow so many kids out here.

- All my friends arehaving kids right now.

- My whole family asks me allthe time what the hold up is.

- Yeah what is the hold up?

What's wrong with you?

- What's wrong with me?

What's wrong with you?

- [Efrem] This ensemblecomedy follows the lives

of multiple dog owners and their beloved

fluffy pals around sunny Los Angeles.

- Has a bit where he talks about,

he and his wife get adog and she goes Bill,

it seems like you lovethis dog more than me

and he goes well you'renever wagging your tail

when I come home (laughs), likethis dog is happy to see me

you just sittin' onthe couch waiting on me

to come in there and I thinkthat's kinda what it is

it's like it's that momentlike, the excitement

of like reconnecting everyday and every time you see.

- [Efrem] Dog Days is inAmerican theaters Friday.

- You think I'm ridiculous?

Throwing a party for my dog?

- No, I went to a doggiewedding last weekend

and it was like surprisingly emotional.

- That jump starts this weeks countdown

and brings us to the voice behind

what's quickly become a Christian anthem.

♪ Make it rain ♪

♪ And let the clouds fillwith thunderous applause ♪

♪ And let the lightening be the veins ♪

♪ That fill the skies ♪

♪ With all that they can drop ♪

♪ When it's time to make a change ♪

- I, of course, saw you on The Voice

as many people did but we are now

enjoying a new projectfrom you Unstoppable.

Why unstoppable?

- Why unstoppable well I have a song

on the album calledunstoppable so of course

we recorded that first and then they came

and asked me what I felta good name would be

and I don't know I justfelt like it would be

the perfect name, I kinda feel like

throughout the courseof my life, you know,

like I said before Godhas always orchestrated

my steps and it just kinda seems like

no matter what hashappened, no matter people,

their opinions thatthey try to throw at me,

directions that they try to point me in.

My purpose still remains the same

and it's almost like that's unstoppable.

It's not really about me,not to put the emphasis on me

like I'm unstoppablebut the purpose that God

has over my life is unstoppableand nobody can stop that.

So with this album Ikinda just wanna encourage

other people in that because everybody has

a purpose and I feel like in this time

it's necessary to findout what your purpose is

and be unstoppable in itso that's what I'm just

trying to do, you know?- You're doing it,

you're doing it.- Break away!

- I love it, I love it.

You worked with some prettybig names on this project,

tell me about some of your producers.

- For sure so Grammy award winning

producer Bernie Herms, love him.

Grammy award winningproducer Warren Campbell.

I worked with Vaughn Iworked with Aaron Lindsey

who's a Grammy award winning writer.

The list goes on buthe already Grammy award

winning writer and Ijust, I'm super thankful

to be able to work with people

of their caliber atthis early in the game.

Like this is my first album.- Yeah, very first.

- So you know, God is good,

won't he do it, yes he will.- All the time.

- So yeah I'm excited.- I love that.

You also made an appearanceon Greenleaf I saw.

Tell me about that, howthat all came about for you?

- So, this is such a crazy process.

They, the head of my label Phil Thornton,

shout out to him he calledme he was like Koryn,

they want you to be apart of the soundtrack

they want you to be on an episode.

I didn't have anything out yet.

- Wow.- So I was just literally

just got signed to mylabel, I'm just like okay

well thank you Lord, you know?

Thank you Jesus, I was superexcited for the opportunities.

Went over there to Atlanta,they sent me Won't He Do It.

For the soundtrack and I just was like

this is such a greatsong, went in the studio.

All I remember was my mindframe in the studio like,

you know what, everysingle time I record a song

I want it to feel like it'smine whether I wrote it or not.

I don't want it to comeacross as a cover song

and the song related so much to my life

that I just rememberbeing in the studio like,

God, thank you for what you're doing

in a spirit of gratefulness and I kinda

just wanted it to transferover into the song,

into the track so beingon set was incredible.

The cast was just verywelcoming and I kinda,

I just like to see different worlds.

Like I'm a singer so you knowI'm very involved in my world

but I thought it wascool to kinda experience

an actors world so that was really cool

but you know Won't He Do It, that's how

Won't He Do It came aboutso that's incredible.

Incredible experience.

- If you could look in themirror at the younger you,

what advice would yousay to that little Koryn

about what's to come?

- Stay focused and trust God.

I mean I feel like Idid that but you know I,

like I really would kinda instill it

like trust God through everything.

Like I feel like that'sthe most important advice

that you can give anybody cause we doubt

and sometimes we get in our heads

and that causes us tomake the wrong decisions

because we wanna go our own way.

So trust God girl, He got you.


- And you're gonna beblessed with so much more.

Koryn is taking her place in our studio

to perform Won't He DoIt in just a little bit.

- Well people don't likethings that are different.

- So I shouldn't be me?

- [Efrem] ChristopherRobin is all grown up.

What's happened to him?

And he's sitting down in Studio Five next.

Welcome back to Studio fivelet's get back to the countdown

the best headlines anduplifting entertainment.

At number three.

- Did you walk out on Hollywood Boulevard,

there's nothing there.

This is the most exciting thing on

Hollywood Boulevard, I hope you know that.

- [Efrem] In a word rippedfrom Relevant Magazine,

it looks Mosaic Churchjust gained a new Usher.

♪ She caught me by surprise and I ♪

- [Efrem] Pastor Erwin McManus shares this

photo with the pop staron Instagram noting

our tribe has so many amazing people

and Usher is one of thekindest people he's met.

They were brothers from the start

because of Usher's journeyand his tender heart.

- The beautiful thing is that He,

He created you and Heloves you and He knows you.

- [Efrem] McManus is honoringa few of the faceless

and the famous who attend Mosaic.

Like Power Star Omari Hardwick

noting I love our church, Ilove our tribe, I love Mosaic.

- And if you haven't heard it from

anyone you have infinite value.

- [Efrem] At number two.

- And it was there, inFrance, that a close friend

found him dead of suicide this morning.

- [Efrem] Headlines of celebrity suicide.

- Less than 48 hours after losing his wife

a grief stricken Andy Spade opening up

about the pain and despairthat claimed her life.

- [Efrem] Shined an even bigger spotlight

on for King and Country's new music video.

♪ Wide awake while theworld is sound asleep and ♪

♪ Too afraid of what mightshow up while you're dreaming ♪

- [Efrem] Their single God Only Knows

aims to show the importanceof extending kindness

to those struggling withdepression and thoughts of suicide.

♪ God only know what you've been through ♪

♪ God only knows what they say about you ♪

♪ God only knows how its killing you ♪

♪ But there's a kind oflove that God only knows ♪

- And we will get to the one remaining

headline in just a little bit.

A few weeks ago webrought you a Studio Five

first look at Disney'smovie Christopher Robin.

I enjoyed the film and had the chance now

to personally sit down with the cast.

Here's a quick look at someof those conversations.

Our favorite teddy bearmoves from the pages of books

to the big screen.

- [Pooh] A woozy little worker is going

to eat him for breakfast.

- [Efrem] With filmmaker MarcForster in the directors chair

Here we sit in 2018, how do you make

Winnie the Pooh relevant today?

- You know it's almost 100years ago when he was created

and he has, you know the,this so iconic figure

who just is, in my opinion timeless

because he has humor, he has wisdom.

He has playfulness like a kid,

but at the same time he haswarmth and love and I think

even the red sweaters representsthe heart and the love

and I think that, that issomething we need more than ever.

- Pooh?

- Christopher Robin.

- No!

No no no no no.

You can't be here.

This can't be happening.

- So how much fun did youhave making this movie?

- Well I was allowed todo my own stunts and,

sometimes, even onpurpose (stomach grumbles)

Oh, before we keep going

you wouldn't happen tohave any honey, would you?

- I'm fresh out, so sorry.

- You can't just keepsaying hello to people.

People can't see you moving and talking.

- But why?

- Because, because you're different.

And people don't likethings that are different.

- So I shouldn't be me?

- No, no you, no youshould always be yourself.

- Oh this is very confusing.

- Christopher Robin is all grown up.

What's happened to him?- Yeah.

He's not having a very good time

in the beginning of the film.

He's fought through the second World War

and then he's come back hometo his wife and his daughter

who's seven and he's not very connected.

- We're introduced to a wife now

and how is she handling this?

- I think well she's, you know, like many

wives at that time, left behind.

- And the game is called say what you see.

You first Piglet.

- Panic, worry, catastrophe.

- Speed, danger, recklessness. (chuckles)

- Disgrace.

- So Eeyore, what drewyou to this project?

- Well it's not like I'm that busy anyway.


- How much fun did youhave making the movie?

- Uh, hmm...

Define fun.

- Stick with me Piglet, I'll teach ya.

You worry too much!

- We'll never get Christopher now!

- [Christopher] Maybe weshould ask if anyone's

seen a bear or a tiggeror a very small donkey.

- Darling these creatures aren't real.

- Don't worry this is harder to land.

- So Tigger, what drew you to the project?

- Well, it's like therole was written for me.

I mean stripes and all,

which is why I never read the script.

Why mess with perfection? (chuckles)

Just need the leap of faith!

- Listen I will hold off coming on Monday

I think with the right amount of press--


- Tigger, Eeyore!



- My plan worked, Idon't know how I do it.

- Is Pooh our superhero in this?

- He is!- Yeah.

- Yeah with his little,

little red jumper instead of the cape.

- Yeah it's like a littlered jumper, jumper cape.

- Jumper cape, Jump-cape.- yeah.

- Christoper Robin isin theaters right now

and right now it is time

for this weeks Studio five snapshot.

This week, the Studio fivespotlight is on singers

Francesca Battistelli and Travis Greene

as they announce thisyears DOVE award nominees.

Together their our Studio five snapshot.

Still ahead, Won't He Do It.

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ He'll fight your battles for you ♪

♪ They gon' wonder howyou sleep at night ♪

- [Efrem] Koryn is backto perform her hit single.

Welcome back to Studiofive, we have made it

to the final headlinein this weeks countdown.

At number one.

- Hey I'm Steven.

- I'm Alex.- I'm Shannon.

- We're the Kendrick brothers.

- And we've got a new movie.

- It's called Overcomer.

- Overcomer is film numbersix for the Kendrick brothers.

This one's shot here in Columbus, Georgia.

In many ways the city isa character in the film

with a storyline all its own.

- It's day one.

- It's like Christmas morningwe're opening up the presents.

- We got the cast we've prayed for,

the crew we've prayedfor, can't wait to see

what God does here in Columbus, Georgia.

- These are my fans.

- How would you describe the evolution

of the filmmaking for you guys thus far?

- Sure.

With every film thatwe've done, we are growing

a ton as filmmakers, we'vesaid the learning curve

is extremely steep andso even with this film

we're trying to pushourselves on the quality.

(intense music)

- Buckle up it's movie six.

- [Efrem] And Overcomer isin theaters next August.

And that is a great headlineto wrap this weeks countdown.

Settle in right now, our guest is back

with a performance of Won't He Do It.

♪ Her ♪

♪ Whoa oh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Ain't nobody stoppin' my shine ♪

♪ They try to break metry to take me out ♪

♪ But I got Jesus on my side ♪

♪ Felt so bad I thought I'd die ♪

♪ But ain't no powerstronger than the one ♪

♪ That came and laid down his life ♪

♪ And I got mountains to climb ♪

♪ But the enemy can't stop me ♪

♪ 'Cause there's a calling on my life ♪

♪ So when I'm crying don't last too long ♪

♪ 'Cause he gon' stepin and make it alright ♪

♪ Won't He Do It? ♪

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ He'll fight your battles for you ♪

♪ They gon' wonder howyou sleep at night ♪

♪ Won't He Do It ♪

♪ Ah yes, He will ♪

♪ Anybody tell you something different ♪

♪ You know that's a lie ♪

♪ You gon' look back and be so amazed ♪

♪ How it turned out ♪

♪ It's only His grace ♪

♪ Won't He Do It? ♪

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ So I trust Him at all times ♪

♪ I'm about to lose it again ♪

♪ I'm about to let themknow where I'm from ♪

♪ Don't take me there again ♪

♪ I just call on Jesus, my friend ♪

♪ Get me back in line one more time ♪

♪ 'Cause he's always listening ♪

♪ Ain't nobody perfect,everybody's hurting ♪

♪ I need your whisper Lord,save me from my weaknesses ♪

♪ 'Cause you're always on time ♪

♪ Come and get your breakthrough ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm gonna get mine ♪

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ He'll fight your battles for you ♪

♪ They gon' wonder howyou sleep at night ♪

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ Ah yes, He will ♪

♪ Anybody tell you something different ♪

♪ You know that's a lie ♪

♪ You gon' look back and be so amazed ♪

♪ How it turned out ♪

♪ It's only His grace ♪

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ So, I trust Him at all times ♪

♪ You see what the enemy hadplanned for my downfall ♪

♪ Turned out to be thegreatest victory of my life ♪

♪ So when it comes at you fast and hard ♪

♪ There's the only one thatcan come and make it right ♪

♪ So, ain't no need forstressing and crying ♪

♪ 'Cause he gon' show up justlike He did the last time ♪

♪ And the last time ♪

♪ And the last time ♪

♪ I know, I know, I know ♪

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ He'll fight your battles for you ♪

♪ They gon' wonder howyou sleep at night ♪

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ Ah yes, He will ♪

♪ If anybody tell yousomething different ♪

♪ You know that's a lie ♪

♪ You gon' look back and be so amazed ♪

♪ How it turned out ♪

♪ It's only His grace ♪

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ So, I trust Him at all times ♪

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ So I trust him at all times ♪

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ I know He will hey ♪

♪ So, I trust Him at all times ♪

♪ I said won't He do it? ♪

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ He said He would ♪

♪ Won't He do it? ♪

♪ I know he will ♪

♪ So I trust Him at all times ♪

- Won't He Do It, Koryn'salbum is available

right now and it's called Unstoppable.

You can grab a copywherever music is sold.

- No I'm a paramedic I'm hereto help you are you hurt?

- [Efrem] Actress andreal life military veteran

Skye Marshall is herewith a life giving word.

Now you are a mom as you said,

a single mom now.- Yes.

- Your children musical?

You seeing any of that in them?

- Yes my daughter actually.

She's 24 and of course for the longest

she always said I'm not gonnasing I'm gonna be an actress.

Now she's the lead singer of a band

called the New Respects.- Wow.

- They're on tour all the time.

They were on the cover ofRolling Stones magazine.

They are Christians in the main stream.

- And welcome back, thatwas Nicole C. Mullen

talking about her daughtersgroup The New Respects

and a previous episode of Studio five.

So I thought I'd sample the New Respects.

Take a listen and see why their single

Before the Sun Goes Down iswhat's playing in my ear.

♪ So let's make it right ♪

♪ Before we let the sun go down ♪

♪ Sun go down, sun go down ♪

♪ Before we let the sun go down ♪

♪ Sun go down, sun go down ♪

♪ Before we let the sun go down ♪

♪ Sun go down, sun go down ♪

♪ Before we let the sun go down ♪

♪ Sun go down, sun go down ♪

♪ Sun go down, sun go down ♪

- And that's just asampling of the New Respects

and Before the Sun Goes Down.

We are almost out of time forthis episode of Studio five

so let's take a look at what we are

working to bring you next week.

♪ I'm going all in ♪

♪ Headfirst into the deep end ♪

- [Efrem] We're going all in

with singer and songwriter Matthew West

- Reset, roll camera.

- [Efrem] And the director of Dog Days

takes us behind the scenes.

- It was a lot of fun but it just takes

a little time to, to shoot dog scenes.

- Every spot that you've sniffed

on this entire walk is the same.

Just pee anywhere!

- And that is ahead next.

As for the final episodeof this show we're going

to give that to actress Skye P. Marshall.

It came when I asked her about the true

and practical meaning of her faith.

- Navigating through life period

faith is the core of my character.

I believe that...

Having faith or havingfear, it's still believing

in something that hasn't happened yet.

So you might as well choose faith.

And with my faith, I also rely on

this inner compass that I have,

that I believe is God given

and if something feels good,I go in that direction.

If it feels bad, I feel that it's not

a part of the next stepsthat I need to take.

So once I send my prayerup, then I sit patiently

waiting but I observeand I say hi to everybody

and I listen to everythingbecause I'm in this posture

of expectancy I expectsomething to happen.

Why I do hear a lot of people that say

you know, I'm just gon' wait on God.

I'm the one that willchallenge someone and say,

you know, well God is waiting on you.

He knows what your heartdesires but you need to act.

When you get that direction,you have to jump on it.

But too many, too many peoplechoose fear over faith.

- And that is a great finalword from Skye Marshall

to wrap this edition of Studio five.

Remember the show continueson Facebook and Instagram.

Get a glimpse of whatgoes on behind the scenes.

Until next time, reach outand touch me at Efrem Graham

on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter and Snapchat

and then you come on backand see where Studio five

takes you next week, bye bye everybody.


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