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CBN NewsWatch: August 9, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: August 9, 2018 Read Transcript

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- [Narrator] This is CBN Newswatch.

- And thank you so much forjoining us, I'm Efrem Graham.

Thousands of Israelis spentthe night in shelters Wednesday

after Hamas fired more than 150 rockets

into southern Israel.

Israel struck back hitting

more than 100 Hamas positions in Gaza.

As John Waage now reports from Jerusalem,

the fighting comes afterboth sides had talked about

a long term cease-fire.


(gun fires)

- In the street of Sderot panic once again

as the sirens signalincoming rockets from Gaza.

Hamas says the barrage is retaliation

for Israel's earlierkilling of two Hamas snipers

who were said to be in training

and not firing at Israeli troops.

The terror group's responseset stressed out Israelis

heading for shelters.

And Israel's militarypounded Hamas targets

in the Gaza strip withstrike after strike.

This wave of bombardmentcomes after days of debate

here in Jerusalem aboutwhether Israel should agree

to a five year Egyptianbrokered cease-fire with Hamas.

Now with roads andbeaches and summer camps

closing in southern Israel

and weary residents sick of sirens,

the talk has turned to military strategy.

At least one Knessetmember, a retired colonel

is calling for the headsof the Hamas leadership

and U.S. Middle East negotiatorJason Greenblatt tweeted

another night of terror andfamilies huddling in fear

as Israel defends itself.

This is the Hamas regime's choice,

Hamas is subjecting it's people

to the terrifying conditions of war again.

Meanwhile, U.N. leaderswarn that Gaza residents

face impending disasterwith severe fuel shortages

already plaguing the city

but with more than 100,000Israelis under fire,

the fuel problem may notbe Gaza's greatest worry

in the days ahead.

John Waage, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Here now's a look at someof the other major headlines

we're following for you todayinside the CBN Newsroom.

Nearly 8,000 uncounted votes were found

in a suburb of Columbusas the high stakes race

for a House seat in Ohio continues.

Republican Troy Baldersondeclared himself the winner

of the special election but his lead

over democrat Danny O'Connoris still too close to call.

If the final vote tally iswithin a half of percentage point

there will be an automatic recount.

Republican Congressman Chris Collins says

he is not dropping out ofhis race for reelection

despite facing federalcharges of insider trading.

Prosecutors say Collins was told

by the head of the pharmaceutical company

that an important test for aprescription drug had failed.

They say he called andtold his son Cameron

who then allegedly shared that information

with his future father-in-law,Stephen Zarski and others.

Everyone involved in nearly$800,000 in combined losses

all pleaded not guilty in federal court.

The lead pastor and everysingle member of the overseeing

elder board at WillowCreek Church has resigned.

This after months long fall out

at the Chicago area megachurch began in April

after founder Bill Hybel resigned

when women within the church accused him

of repeated sexualmisconduct and harassment.

This week, both lead pastorsSteve Carter and Heather Larson

resigned saying said thechurch needed new leadership.

The rest of the board then announced

they're stepping down aswell by the end of the year.

For more on these stories andothers through out the day,

you can visit

The Trump administrationis imposing new sanctions

on Russia because it believesRussia used a nerve agent

to poison two people in Britain.

The State Department says itdetermined a chemical weapon

was used illegally inthe case of a former spy

and his daughter.

Both were poisoned earlier this year

with a military grade nerve agent.

The Kremlin has deniedit was behind the attack

and is denouncing the sanctions.

The sanctions are expectedto begin later this month.

They will include denyingexport license to Russia

to stop it from buying itemstied to national security.

Turning back now to domestic politics

democratic Senator Claire McCaskill

and Republican StateAttorney General Josh Holley

officially won theirparty's senate primaries

this week in Missouri.

So now the race for one of the most

closely watched swingseats in the Senate is on.

As republicans hope to take the seat away

from the democrats this fall.

Abigail Robertson brings usthe story now from Washington.

- The Missouri Senate race is one

of the toughest to win in 2018

and voters are focused on a major issue

that could spell troublefor democratic incumbent,

Senator Claire McCaskill.


Confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

- I think if she votesagainst the Trump nominee,

I think it will be enough

that if the republicans getorganized and get back together

they can defeat her.

President Trump won Missouri

by almost 20 points in 2016.

Congresswoman Ann Wagnersays many in her states

supported Trump because of thePresident's potential impact

on the court system.

- It's huge, you know,there are a lot of voters

that I talk to especially, in my district

during the last election,some of them voted

for Donald Trump, specifically,

because of the court notjust the Supreme Court

but what he would be able to do

to impact the federal bench also.

- [Abigail] McCaskill hasn'tpublicly announced her stance

on Kavanaugh and plans tomeet with him in August.

While she voted against JusticeNeil Gorsuch's confirmation,

she tells CBN News, she'svoted in favor of 68%

of the President's picks and tries to work

with her republicancolleagues in Washington.

- That's what people really want,

they want us to quit yelling at each other

and they wanna start working together.

And I gotta a lot of proofpoints that that's exactly

the kind of Senator I've been

and I'm hopeful that that will be enough.

- [Abigail] Her republican opponent,

Missouri Attorney General Josh Holley,

a former clerk for ChiefJustice John Roberts

says he thinks the mostimportant vote a senator casts

is for a Supreme Court justice.

- Senator McCatskill needsto be leading her party

on this issue.

She should be out therechallenging democrats

to support Kavanaugh and she should pledge

to support him right now.

- [Abigail] One priority facing Holley

is trying to repair and unitea state republican party

that's struggled since the May resignation

of Governor Eric Reitens over reports

of affairs and misconduct.

Holley and McCaskillwill face off in a series

of debates before the November election

and both parties sees thisas a critical Senate seat

to win in 2018.

Reporting from St. Louis,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- From cars to cellphones,so many of the things

that we use today areconnected by the internet

and that poses a grave threat

to the United States' national security.

A cyber attack on the country's power grid

could shut off electricity to millions

and leave the governmentscrambling in the dark.

Our Jenna Browder set downwith Secretary of Energy,

Rick Perry to talk aboutthe growing concern.

Here's the story now from Washington.

- There's perhaps no more serious threat

to the United States thana crippling cyber attack

on the country's power grid.

Just ask Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.

It's what he says he and his department

are largely focused on.

How vulnerable is theUnited States power grid

from a major cyber attack?

- It's of great concernbecause we're not where we were

10 years ago, this is acompletely different world

we live in from the standpointof how it's interconnected.

- [Jenna] Perry says onefactor is old infrastructure

and it's not actually all bad.

- So in one way that kind of protects it

because you got someold technology in there,

you know, some analog equipment.

On the other hand, youknow, all the digital,

the new types of technologythat's there is vulnerable to

a cyber attack.

- [Jenna] Another factor.

- The Russians havesome thuggish behavior.

There's not any doubt about that.

- [Jenna] Russia andother countries like Iran

and North Korea and China,looking to infiltrate

everything from our powerplants to elections.

In the case of Russia.

- So I think we'refinding the right balance

between if you cannot bea citizen of the world

and act in an appropriate way,

there's gonna be some real punishments

but if you do then, youknow, we can find some ways

to work together, to tradetogether, to help each other.

- When it comes to North Korea

how much of a role isthe Department of Energy

playing in talks with Kim JungUn and in denuclearization?

- I think the President is spot on.

I think he's verycourageous to step forward

and carry on these conversationsand carry on this dialogue.

- [Jenna] And if the administrationcan achieve that goal,

Perry says the Department ofEnergy will play a key role

because of it's technical expertise.

- If the President and Secretary Pompeo

and others are successfulin getting North Korea

to agree to denuclearize,the Department of Energy

will play a substantial rolein the verification side of it

of the deconstructingof any of the weapons

and then the decommissioningand disposal of as well.

- [Jenna] If there's asilver lining to the threat

our power grid faces,Secretary Perry says it's this.

We're vulnerable, but every place

in the world is vulnerable.

The good news is that our national apps,

some of the smartest menand women in the world

are working on ways to defend,

working on ways to bothdefensively and offensively

deal with these individualswho would attack our grid.

- [Jenna] In Washington,Jenna Browder, CBN News.

(dramatic music)

- Coming up, the Church mayhave born in the Middle East

but Christians in thatregion have been suffering

through very difficult times.

We're gonna hear what theyhave to say to the world,

right after this.

(dramatic music)

The Church in the Middle Easthas endured some dark days

in recent years but some believe the lives

of believers today arereflecting the heroes

and heroins of the past

in the place where Christianity was born.

Chris Mitchell brings usthe story from Jerusalem.

- [Chris] Across theMiddle East, Christians

and the Church have sufferedterrible persecution,

yet, there is still optimism here.

- I see the Church isstanding and standing strong.

With all of the difficultiesand with all of the atrocities

and all of the persecution.

- [Chris] Egyptian bornYvette Isaac believes

that's because therecontinuing the testimony

of the early believers.

- I do believe everyday anew page of Biblical fact

is being written.

- [Chris] And Isaac wants theChurch in the West to know,

what's happening here.

- They're our brothers and sisters,

Christian brothers andsisters who are living there

and if it wasn't for them,

first we will not hear aboutChristianity in the West.

Because of the Church in the Middle East,

Christianity spread all over the world.

- [Chris] Yet, she saysthe pressure on Christians

has been enormous.

- That's where it's all started

and the enemy's focus is to destroy it.

The enemy's focus is toempty the Middle East

from Christianity.

So he's putting all of this pressure

and we have seen all kind ofpressure under the people.

- [Chris] Isaac hoststhe television program

to the Middle East and shebelieves Christian media

can play a big role to help Christians.

- The church needs to know the truth.

The Christian media needsto air and to show the world

the stories from there.

If we just depend on the secular media,

we will get what their agendafor the world (mumbles).

But awareness is very important,

that's why we have miniclips of Christian people

that they suffer andthey tell their stories.

One of the stories shetells are the Christians

who suffered under ISIS.

We go to Iraq and to Syriaand we go to those places

and we try to empower the girls

that they came out of captivity.

Christians in Syria and Iraq,

they don't wanna speak too much.

Probably it's the fearbut when we go there,

they open up and theyfeel like they can open up

and tell us their stories.

So we shared their stories

after their permission to the world.

- [Chris] She tells onestory of an Orthodox priest

and an evangelical pastor.

- An orthodox priest told me, you know,

when there was no water

and they're only a fewdrops of water left.

I would rather divide itwith an evangelical pastor

because I know if we both live

we're going to be more powerful together.

If I live and he dies, I'm weaker.

- [Chris] She hopes eachpart of the body of Christ

will do their part.

- What is my hope to do,especially in the Western world,

the Western Church needs to understand

the importance of the existing

of Christians in theMiddle East at this time.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.

(dramatic music)

- Still ahead, how onecongressman and his wife

have been asking theirconstituents to send them prayers

for the President andin turn they're sending

those prayer cards to the White House.

We've got the story right after this.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

A prayer movement startedby one congressman

and his wife is gainingsome national momentum.

We first told you back inMarch about Mike and Tracy Bost

asking constituents to sendprayers to the President.

As Abigail Robertson shows us

they're delivering some100 prayer cards a month

to the White House and thePresident is reading them.

- When Tracy Bost first set up a P.O. box

for people in her district tosend prayers to the President

she was hesitant to go back and check it

fearing no one would send anything.

But to her great surprise,hundreds of prayers poured in.

- That was really a blessing to me

and then I knew that Godwas doing something bigger

than I ever imagined.

- School in Philadelphia.

- [Abigail] Tracy firstcame up with the idea

when she and her husband Mike attended

the 2017 GOP retreat in Philadelphia.

- We are people!

- There was so much protestgoing on and so much anger

and just pure ugliness.

- [Abigail] Tracy wanted todo something to encourage

the new Commander in Chief.

- I just kept praying, Godwhat can I do, what can I do?

And the prayer card came to my mind

that we could just simplyhave people in my life,

friends and family membersjust to send a little prayer

of encouragement to the President.

Mr. President and Vice President praying

for God's blessings.

- [Abigail] They set a goal of 100 prayers

and asked people to send themon three by five note cards.

- [Tracy] Lubbock Texas.

- [Abigail] Six weeks later.

- [Tracy] Norco California.

- [Abigail] They had received almost 300.

Her husband asked a White House liaison

to deliver them to President Trump.

- I hand him, I saidlook, we don't want any,

you know, just give them to them, okay?

- [Abigail] A couple monthslater, Bost joined a few other

congressmen in the ovaloffice for a bill signing.

- The President looks atme and goes Bost, Bost,

he said prayer cards.

I went yeah, Mr. Presidentwe sent, my wife did that

and circulated prayer and prayer cards

and he said we use those.

And I said good, I'm soglad, that's wonderful.

- [Abigail] The Presidentthen asks for the bag of cards

of a shelf so they could take a picture.

- He said understand we use these.

And I turned and whenever I turned I ran,

honest to goodness chest tochest with the Vice President

and he goes Mike, he'snot joking, we use these.

They'll be times we say,okay, and we reach out

and we grab them.

It is amazing that people arewilling to put these together.

- [Abigail] Tracy was elated to learn

he actually read the cards.

- I cried and I stillget emotional about it.

I'm thankful that everydayhe gets to put his hand

in that bag and I know theright card for that day

is the one he puts in his hand.

- [Abigail] And so wereAndrea Deming's students

who wrote cards, even those who told her

they didn't like the President.

- We encourage them that, you know,

just to say positive things.

If you had a specific prayer for him

or specific scripture or something

that you would like tosay that's positive.

But we were strongly encouragedthem to keep it positive

and they all did.

There were none that were rudeor anything in that matter.

- [Abigail] Cassandra Ortez

who now held collect the prayer cards

tells CBN News she wasworried about President Trump

because she didn't knowwhere he stood spiritually.

This experience has eased her concerns.

- To know the word of God is being spoken,

it's being taught, it's being reflect on,

it's being meditatedon in the White House,

it's just a hugeencouragement to, you know,

know that God is working and God is moving

in the White House.

- [Abigail] She believes there is power

in believers joiningtogether to send prayers

to our leaders.

- So many people,

yet, we don't want to bethe silent Christians,

we don't want to be theones that, you know,

see the issue, complain about the issue

and then don't do anything about it.

- [Abigail] CongressmanBost says prayers and faith

are an integral part of his job.

- I don't know how anyone does this job

or any other job withouta faith that is strong

and without the prayer andsupport of other people.

- [Abigail] And he thinks many Christians

would be surprised to learnhow much prayer happens daily

in the Capitol.

- There's never a day,never a morning, never a,

sometime during the day ofany day that we're there

that there's not at leastone or two Bible studies

or prayer groups happening.

- I was so overwhelmed withthe amount of faith in D.C.

- The Bosts still deliverabout 100 prayer cards

each month to the White House

and now collect them fromall over the country.

Tracy encourages peoplenot just to write prayers

to the President butalso the Vice President,

the First Lady or anyother leader God is putting

on your heart, like amayor, a state Senator

or a city councilman.

Reporting from Washington,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- And remember the scriptureclearly calls for us to pray

for our leaders.

Stay with us, there's muchmore of CBN Newswatch coming up

right after this.

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It is time now for you Thursday Thankful.

I hope you'll join me inthis prayer of gratitude.

God I may look in the mirrorand think I am not enough

but I rest to know that you are always

more than enough.

That truth is enough to begin your day,

get you through your dayand even end your day.

It is certainly a greatreason to make this

a very thankful Thursday.

That is gonna do it for thisedition of CBN Newswatch.

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Thank you so much for your company.

We'll see you right backhere same time tomorrow.

Goodbye and God blessand be sure to make this

a very thankful Thursday.

We'll see you tomorrow.

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