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Rick Perry on Cybersecurity Threat to Power Grid

Rick Perry on Cybersecurity Threat to Power Grid Read Transcript

- Well, Pat, from bankingto transportation,

to communications, majorindustries are connected

by the internet.

That technology can pose a grave threat

to our national security.

In an exclusive interviewwith the energy secretary,

he tells CBN's Jenna Browder,

some of the best mindsin America are working

to protect America against cyber attacks.

- There's perhaps no more serious threat

to the United States thana crippling cyber attack

on the country's power grid.

Just ask Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.

It's what he says he and his department

are largely focused on.

- How vulnerable is theUnited States power grid

from a major cyber attack?

- It's of great concern because we're not

where we were 10 years ago.

This is a completelydifferent world we live in

from the standpoint ofhow it's interconnected.

- [Jenna] Perry says onefactor is old infrastructure.

And it's not actually all bad.

- So, in one way,

that kind of protects it

because you got someold technology in there,

some old analog equipment.

On the other hand, all the digital,

the new types of technology that's there,

is vulnerable to a cyber attack.

- [Jenna] Another factor.

- The Russians havesome thug-ish behavior.

There's not any doubt about that.

- [Jenna] Russia, and other countries,

like Iran and North Korea and China,

looking to infiltrate everything

from our power plants to elections.

In the case of Russia.

- So I think we'refinding the right balance

between if you cannot bea citizen of the world

and act in an appropriate way,

there's gonna be some real punishments.

But if you do, then we can find some ways

to work together, to tradetogether, to help each other.

- When it comes to North Korea,

how much of a role isthe Department of Energy

playing in talks with Kim Jong-un,

and in de-nuclearization?

- I think the President is spot-on.

I think he's verycourageous to step forward

and carry on these conversations,

and carry on this dialogue.

- [Jenna] And if the administrationcan achieve that goal,

Perry says the Department ofEnergy will play a key role

because of its technical expertise.

- If the President and Secretary Pompeo,

and others are successfulin getting North Korea

to agree to de-nuclearize,

the Department of Energywill play a substantial role

in the verification side of it,

or the deconstructingof any of the weapons,

and then the decommissioningand the disposal of as well.

- If there's a silver lining

to the threat our power grid faces,

Secretary Perry says it's this.

- We're vulnerable.

But every place in theworld is vulnerable.

The good news is that our national labs,

some of the smartest menand women in the world,

are working on ways to defend,

working on ways to bothdefensively and offensively deal

with these individualswho would attack our grid.

- [Jenna] In Washington,Jenna Browder, CBN News.


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