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'Another Night of Terror': As Hamas Escalates Rocket Barrages, IDF Responds

'Another Night of Terror': As Hamas Escalates Rocket Barrages, IDF Responds Read Transcript

(kids chattering)

(rocket goes off)

- [Reporter] In the streetsof Sderot, panic once again,

as the sirens signalincoming rockets from Gaza.

Hamas says, the barrage is retaliation

for Israel's earlier killingof two Hamas snipers,

who were said to be intraining and not firing

at Israeli troops.

The terror group's response,

sent stressed-out Israeliheading for shelters.

And, Israeli militarypounded Hamas targets

in the Gaza strip withstrike after strike.

- This wave of bombardment,

comes after days ofdebate, here in Jerusalem,

about whether Israel should agree

to five year Egyptian brokeredcease fire with Hamas.

- [Reporter] Now, with roads and beaches

and summer camps closingin Southern Israel,

and weary residents sick of sirens,

the talk has turned to military strategy.

At least one Knessetmember, a retired Colonel,

is calling for the headsof the Hamas leadership.

And, U.S Middle East negotiator,Jason Greenblatt, tweeted,

Another night of terror andfamilies huddling in fear

as Israel defends itself.

This is the Hamas regime's choice.

Hamas is subjecting peopleto the terrifying conditions

of war again.

Meanwhile, U.N leaders warnedthat Gaza residents face

impending disaster,

with severe fuel shortagesalready plaguing the city.

But, with more than 100,000Israelis under fire,

the fuel problem may notbe Gaza's greatest worry

in the days ahead.

John Wagee; CBS news, Jerusalem.


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