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700 Club Interactive - August 10, 2018

Captain Ron Johnson shares how his faith in God sustained him and brought healing to the community after the Ferguson riots following Michael Brown’s death. Read Transcript

- [Andrew] Extreme shoulderpain was ruining her life.

- I'd just be like popping Advil

all the time, nothing helped.

- [Andrew] She finally asked for prayer.

- He just affirmed to myheart that this wasn't

something that was going to be long term.

- [Andrew] Plus, he worked security

during the Ferguson riots.

Captain Ron Johnsonshares where healing began

during that time of unrest.

You'll see it all on today's700 Club Interactive.

(light music)

- Hi and welcome to the show,thanks for joining us today.

While some are callingit a sign of the times,

a real estate companyin southern California

forced Evangelists Greg Laurie

to remove billboardsadvertising a crusade.

Pictures of Lorie holding a bible

reportedly created such a backlash,

the company decided to take the action.

The company said the religious imagery

provoked multiple complaints including

what it called a serious threat.

- [Terry] So Harvest of Evangelismsubmitted a new version,

but the company just decided to take

them down completely after the complaints.

A Harvest spokesman says they don't blame

the company, they blame the culture.

- [John] It's sad that our culture is

we're at this degree of intolerance.

There's such intolerance,the message of Christianity

that we aren't aloud tostate that or to publicly

advertise this eventthat's going to encourage.

- Well the Harvest Crusade will take place

August 17 through the 19 atAngel Stadium in Anaheim.

I find this shocking andtroubling, very, very troubling.

- That is usually such a great event.

There's so much fruit out of that event,

and it's not surprising theenemy would come after it.

I was thinking of John15 I believe when Jesus

said remember when the world hates you,

they hated Me first.

- In America, a man on abillboard holding up a bible

is so offensive that youknow the company said

as I'm reading this whatthey called a serious threat.

I'd love to know howmany complaints they got

and what that threat was.

- Greg Laurie's group, they have been

extremely professionaland gentleman about this.

I'm sure the Holy Spiritwill do some mighty

things during that event.

- California believers, get your friends

and head to the stadium.

- While this type ofcensorship is also spreading

across the digital world where Christians

and conservative messagesare being targeted.

I'll take it here, one weapon even carries

the sinister sounding termcalled shadow banning.

As CBN News Caitlin Burke discovered

one of the latest victims is a church.

- Pastor James McDonald admits

he wasn't a big fan ofDonald Trump the candidate.

Mainly skeptical of policypromises and concerned

over his moral history.

But now, McDonald says he's been impressed

with President Trump.

Recently on Facebook,the Harvest Church pastor

asked his viewers to pray forand support President Trump

as he considered his secondSupreme Court nominee.

That's when something suspicious happened.

McDonald's podcast Walk in the Word,

a favorite on Itunes,vanished from the charts.

The podcast which had never dipped below

the top 40 wasn't even making the top 200.

- The only thing wecould really conclude was

it was within 24 hours of us hosting about

praying for Donald Trump inthe Supreme Court election.

- [Caitlin] Walk in theWords suspects it's become

part of a growing number of prominent

conservative and Christiangroups shadow banned

by tech giants like Facebook,Twitter, and now Apple.

That means the user andtheir content have been

blocked by an online communitywithout their knowledge.

- Not surprising, I meanlook at what Facebook

stock is, they've takena nose dive this week.

Twitter losing significantly as well.

People are tired of thisleft wing initiative,

effort to silence conservatives.

And I think that's whyyou see more and more

people coming to moreand more Evangelicals

in particular coming toCBN and other outlets

that they can trust to know they're

gonna tell them the truth.

- [Caitlin] Twitter hasbeen accused of limiting

the visibility of prominentrepublicans in search results.

The company respondedwith a blog post saying it

does not shadow ban,however Twitter did seem

to admit that it makes certainusers posts harder to find.

Walk in the Word says itcan't come up with any

other explanation for thesudden drop from iTunes charts.

- We haven't gotten anything more

than really a form letter response.

We want to believe thebest but at this point,

we can't seem to cometo any other conclusion

than something is eithertechnically going wrong.

Like there's a censorshipgoing on here because

the correlation with thatpost and all the metrics

that we have that show thatwe should still be ranking

in the top 20 to 50.

- [Caitlin] The ministries legal council,

the National center for Life and Liberty

sent a formal letter to Apple inquiring

about the disappearance andrequesting an explanation.

CBN News has also reachedout to the tech giant

and so far no response to either request.

Caitlin Burke, CBN News.

- The unfortunate thing here Terry,

is just because someone sayslets pray for the President,

does not mean their closeminded to any other political

view that could be out there.

Some people really just want the President

to obtain wisdom from God.

- Well, speaking ofintolerance, I mean hello.

Don't be silent.

Well here's a positive--- Very positive.

- Story out of Conway, Arkansas where

a new coffee shop opened.

It's a drive through coffeestand called Think Coffee.

They're offering more thanjust your daily cup of joe.

Think stands for therapy in a cup,

which in my personal opinion,every cup of coffee is.

And each purchase comes with a promise.

According to their GoFundMe page, charity

is at the core of ThinkCoffee, and 10% of sales

will help support special needschildren and their families.

The owners were inspired bytheir 10 year old son Jacob

who was diagnosed withcerebral palsy, ADHD,

and is on the autism spectrum.

What a creative way to make a difference.

- It's a shame you're not out there

because you are a coffee drinker.

- Yeah, I'd be driving,you'd know me by first name.

- I just like the taste,I'll take decaf if need be.

You like the caffeine.

- I like the caffeinedoesn't always like me,

but yes, there's something about,

I don't know what it is indecaf I like the taste too,

but I just feel likesomethings been taken from me.

- I'll make you some of mine.

- Thank you, okay it's a deal.

Well the next timeyou're in a public place,

just look around andyou're sure to see people

looking down at their cell phones.

A new study from the British group Rofcom,

found that on average, people check their

smart phones once every 12 minutes.

In fact, there's a name for the practice

of snupping someone you'rewith to look at your phone

instead, it's called fubbing.

- Fubbing, well now,even phone companies that

got us addicted so to speak,are introducing new ways

to help us disconnect.

Their rolling out apps tohelp users track their usage.

And social media giantsFacebook and Instagram

introduced new featuresto allow users to set

limits on time, somerestaurants and establishments

are recognizing theproblem, they're banning

cell phones all together.

In fact, Terry, if you arein the Fat Bor Pub in the UK,

which I'm sure you'llfrequent the next time.

- Frequent often, yes.

- They have mobile freeMonday, and you'll get 25%

off your dinner bill if you drop

your phone in the plastic, yes.

- Wow that's interesting.

- Every 12 minutes, that'spretty pathetic isn't it?

- I don't want to feel likeI'm not grown up enough

that I now have to haveFacebook sending me a loud

alarm that says no moretime on your phone.

I'd like to think I'm bigenough to do that myself.

- But we alarmed by the, when we're

tracked by the amount of time we're on.

- Oh mercy, frightening, frightening.

- Well coming up, thereal life Captain America,

this unlikely hero tellshow he found the courage

and the faith to do the unthinkable.

To walk the streets of mobinfested Ferguson, Missouri

without his bullet proof vest.

Captain Ron Johnson joinsus live when we come back.

(light music)

Well four years ago onAugust 9, Ferguson, Missouri

became a city rife with riotsthat lasted for 13 days.

Out of the chaos rose ahero who bridged the divide

between black and blue, byliterally walking across it.

Captain Ron Johnson, a31 year veteran of the

Missouri Highway Patrol becamean unlikely hero in 2014.

Five days after the fatalshooting of Michael Brown.

As riots ignited throughoutthe city of Ferguson,

Captain Ron was appointedby the governor with

a seemingly impossibletask of restoring peace

between an angry communityand the local police.

In his Memoir, 13 Daysin Ferguson, Captain Ron

recalls the turbulent daysand nights he encountered

while helping to stabilizethe city of Ferguson.

And how his faith sustainedhim through it all.

Captain Ron Johnson is with us now.

A privilege to have you here.

- It's an honor to be here.

- Thanks for being with us.

So when you hear, you heardof Michael Browns death

and the fact that he hadbeen laying in the streets

over four hours, did youknow right then and there

this was gonna be a very,very volatile situation?

- Yes, I felt that a lot ofpeople were gonna be upset.

Because I began to imaginewhat if that was my son

and how would I feel.

- So even knowing that, looking back,

do you think you wereprepared emotionally,

mentally, for what was to come?

- No.- No?

So one thing that I thoughtwas very profound in your book,

and your book's incredible,the fact that we

saw things on the news butwe really get to see what

was in your heart during all this.

How you at one point prayed,"Lord please help all of us

"endure the storm that is coming."

And God chose you to be a part of

that answer, talk about that.

- I think when I firstchose and I asked why.

When I tell people after a few hours,

I never questioned God why,because it didn't matter

to me why, I was just humbledand honored that I was chosen.

- How about the factthough that when you found

out you were chosen toliterally bring peace

to this community andbridge the gap between

protestors and law enforcement,

you didn't have any noticethis was coming right?

It was just announced?

- Yes, I was shocked, I was at a meeting

not knowing what wasgoing to be announced.

And that's not what I thoughtwas going to be announced.

And then when it was said Iwas shocked and taken back.

- So after multiple daysof unrest, violence,

chaos in the community,as one of your first major

decisions, it was a departure maybe,

from what law enforcementwas planning to do.

And what was that decision?

- My decision was to walk down the street

and see the faces and hear the voices.

And then that way I wouldknow what my challenge

was and what I needed to do.

And not have someonetell me what other people

were feeling, I wanted them to tell me.

- Why did you make the decision,

a specific decisionnot to be in riot gear?

I mean, that was a big part of it, right?

You were in your blue uniform,

why did that make adifference to the community?

- Because I wanted the community to know

that I was a part of the community.

And that I didn't needprotection from them.

And so when I began towalk down that street,

people began to come by, embrace me.

And a group of women prayed for me,

and when those women prayed for me

a peace came over me and a calm.

And the crowd calmed down and those women

were praying for me in that circle.

Stop yelling, stop throwing items,

and so I knew that would be my shield.

- Now leadership is hardenough, how about the fact

that both sides so to speak,law enforcement and protestors

thought you were betraying.

How would they each viewyou, why would they each

think you're betraying them?

- Well because I wore thebadge and so the police men

wanted me to be on that side.

Because the color of my skinand many of the protestors

were of color and so theywanted me to be on that side.

And a lot of the otherprotestors that were out there

for other reasons andother things that they

saw were indifferent inour community and country,

and wanted me to be on that side.

But I decided I needed towalk the middle of the road,

and whatever criticism came with that,

I needed to take, becausethat was my responsibility.

To bring peace.

- You bring that overall criticism also

people were thanking youfor what you were doing.

But in particular, therewas one instance I believe,

mutliple days into thiswhere the law enforcement

was in their riot gear,ready to head to a particular

area that was reallyunder a chaotic scene.

You held them back andyou're literally hearing

law enforcement behind you, disappointed

in your decision, how as aleader did you cope with that?

Having so many maybe disappointed

in the decisions you're making?

- Well initially I wasgoing to let those officers

go and address that situation.

But then I knew the reasonI was going to let them

go was because I wanted to win them over.

I wanted them to believethat I was on their team.

- Want their approval?- Yes.

But then I decided thatwas being a selfish leader.

Because it wasn't about me,it was about their safety

and the safety of those protestors.

And so I decided that if I was going

to be a true leader, that I needed

to stand and take whatevercame with that decision.

- Did your faith in God evolve

during this time looking back?

- Yes it did.

It became much stronger.

I always talk about thatmoment, a lot of moments

I felt all alone, and Iremember that first time

getting on my knees andsaying God I'm alone in this

I have no one, and itwas like you have no one?

You've got me.

And you just have to have faith in me.

- Your wife supported you.

Your family supported you.

Yet, how do you mean youstill felt alone at times?

- Well, my wife, everynight when I came home

no matter what time it was she was there.

And I don't want to worry her.

And so I'd come home andnot have this conversation.

I'd come home and just get in bed

and lay on my pillowand weep away from her .

And so I felt aloneand when you're walking

that middle of the roadand people coming at you.

My father and brother hadpassed away and so I didn't

have that, and so I feltlike this was just me

but it wasn't just me.

There were my faith andthere were a lot of people

there supporting me whetherthey voiced it or not.

- Reading your book Iwas thinking of Jesus and

the sermon on the mountwhen he said blessed are

the peacemakers, hedidn't just say blessed

are the peace keepers.

And you were a peace maker.

Do you think we have,has anything improved

in the four years sinceFerguson relationally

you think between black and white?

- Yes I think we'rehaving some conversations

and I would say this inch by inch.

We have to have a lot ofawkward conversations.

And we have to share ourexperiences and make sure

we find value in each other.

But a gentleman came and spoke with me

and I talk about it in the book.

And he says Captain, I'm hearing

a lot about black and white.

He says but it's truly about humanity.

- And one thing, oneoverriding theme in your book

I think is there shouldn't be,

if we can help it, sides to the issue.

And that's one thing you really tried

to bring to the situationwas can we try and be one?

- Yes.

And come to that middle of the road.

And walk that tough path together.

- It's a great book, Iencourage you to get it.

It is called 13 Days in Ferguson.

It is available wherever books are sold,

and it's tremendous.

Thank you so much for being here.

- Thank you very much,once again, it's an honor.

- Well up next, a caregiverhelping a paralyzed

patient winds up inexcruciating pain herself.

Watch how she supernaturally healed,

that's coming up after the break.

(light music)

- Michelle Ebbie is aprofessional caretaker.

After she was injured on the job,

Michelle asked her pastor to pray for her.

That's when she receiveda promise that helped

her believe for a miracle.

- Started out like achey and I would try

and go home and rest and lay on my back.

And it just all of a suddenturned into this sharp pain.

- [Reporter] It had takenjust a couple of days

for the ache in Michelle Ebbie's shoulder

to turn into excruciating pain.

A professional caregiver,she says it happened

while moving a patient who was paralyzed.

- He was heavier thanI was used to moving,

so I would be moving him around and I tore

something in my shoulder or something,

I don't even rememberhearing a pop or anything.

- [Reporter] Twice she had to miss work

as even the simplesttasks became unbearable.

- Washing my hair wasa challenge honestly.

Anything that was moving myarm any further than here.

So dishes, putting dishesaway, I had to get my roommate

to get everything fromthe top shelf for me.

I'd just be popping Advil all the time,

nothing helped, that didn't even help.

I had to put a coldcompress on it every hour.

- [Reporter] By Sunday the pain had spread

to her neck and other shoulder.

And she asked her pastors to pray for her.

As they did, she feltGod gave her a promise.

He just affirmed to my heart that

this wasn't something thatwas going to be long term.

- [Reporter] As it sohappened, the churches

week long summer camp started on Monday.

As a youth leader, Michellewas determined to go,

despite the pain.

- It was a brutal firstday and it was just

really, really painful.

- [Reporter] Even raising her hands

during the worship servicethat night was excruciating.

- So I would be worshipingeither like this, or like this.

Because I couldn't raisethis shoulder at all.

I was like Okay God Iknow you're gonna heal me.

Please heal me please heal me.

And then just like nope can't do it.

- [Reporter] Then the next day,

Michelle was on her wayto the morning service.

When the pastors wifeJan caught up with her.

- And I just walked right up to her

and said Michelle you'renot gonna believe this,

but this is what's happened.

- [Reporter] Jan saidearlier that morning,

she was watching the700 Club on her laptop

while getting ready to leave.

- And there was a word of knowledge

for someone who had severepain in their shoulder.

- Now this one, you've got severe problems

in your right shoulder,it's a deep injury.

It's like your shoulderis locked up and God's

healing it and he's restoring it.

Just begin to do whatyou couldn't do before

and realize God has healedyou, He's set you free.

- I thought that is for Michelle,

I am gonna claim that for Michelle.

- I just looked at her and I was like wow.

That one's for me, justpray for me right now.

- [Reporter] After Jan prayed,

Michelle went into the worship service.

- Worship starts and I was like, okay,

well, let's test this.

And all the way up, they just flay,

I was able to lift them both.

And I was like oh mygosh, the pain was gone,

and I just cracked up laughingin the middle of a song.

- [Reporter] After worship ended,

Michelle couldn't wait to tell Jan.

Jan even took some videosshe posted on Facebook.

- Hands on her shoulder, weprayed, and look at this.

- Woohoo.

- That is the shoulder, oh my gosh.

Only believe, Jesus said only believe.

Well she just went happy crazy.

She just was so excited andjust lifted up her hands

and just began to worship the lord.

And so we knew that she was touched.

- [Reporter] Today, Michelle's shoulder

has not given her any problems.

And has strengthened her faith in God.

- Totally changed my lifehaving that moment happen.

God wants to heal us, hewants to see us thriving

because he loves us.

And because we love him, we can believe

for others to be healed as well.

- I think of the worshipsong that we all sing,

You're a good good father,yes you are, yes you are.

And I'm loved by you,you know God loves you

so much, one of the thingsI love in this story

is that God kept showingMichelle that it was

his intention to make her whole.

The pastor speaks to her, the word comes

from a TV program to her pastors wife

who then encounters heron the way in to church.

God wants us to believe that He is going

to touch our lives and He says that when

we come to him believing without doubt

then He will move.

So today I don't know what your need is,

but I know that there are many of you who

are watching, maybe yourneed isn't physical,

maybe its financial,maybe it has something

to do with a relationship in your life.

Maybe you need to beset free from some kind

of addiction, God knows your name.

He is a good, good father.

He desires to set you free so that

you can live life abundantly.

Jesus said that's why he came,

that we might have life and life abundant.

So we want to take some time today

to pray for you andwhatever your need might be,

let's just go to the Lord together.

Let's believe together, Gordon always says

when were you healed,2000 years ago when Jesus

paid the price for you on the cross.

So the work is done, thequestion then is will

we receive it, will webelieve and trust and receive

with open arms what God has done.

So we're gonna join hands here,

we join hearts with you outthere so lets pray together

that God will meet you rightat your points of need.

Well Father, you areour good, good father.

And we are loved by you, and your love

is so rich, so pure, so on our behalf.

And so today we justlay out our needs before

you and we ask you God to speak now into

the lives of those whoare hurting and wounded

and waiting and God wejust receive all that

you put into us today by thepower of your holy spirit.

- Thank you for the reminderLord God of psalm 103.

The lord forgives our sinand heals our diseases.

Holy spirit just wantsus all to know that Jesus

loves us so desperately there is nothing

we have done to sever that relationship.

- And you know there are some right now,

and I believe this ismore than one person,

you've been diagnosed withserious, serious illness.

And you feel like youcan't be healed because

you can't be forgiven,listen, you've been forgiven

already, just as your healingtook place 2000 years ago,

so did your forgiveness.

Jesus knew then what youwere going to go through

in your life, you are forgiven today.

Receive it, now forgive yourself.

And open your hands upand receive the healing

that you've asked for fromyour good, good father.

- And I just feel sostrongly there are so many

in relationships that arestrained and full of conflict.

The holy spirit isspeaking that I need you to

be obedient to me and seekrestoration and to forgive

as I forgave you.

- Forgiveness sets the captivefree, receive that today.

I know that there's someone, have a lot of mental

confusion and a lot of concernabout what that might be.

God's restoring your mental acuity to you.

And you'll not have itany more in Jesus name.

Thank you lord, amen.

Well we have a wonderfulscripture to leave you with today.

"You will show me the pathof life, in your presence,

there is fullness of joy."

That's from psalm 16 verse 11.

Take that promise ofthe lord with you today,

and receive God's blessingas you walk in his ways.

We'll see you again tomorrow, bless you.

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