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'Racial Hatred Will Happen - Except Where the Church Has Risen': Pastors, Police Prep for DC 'Unite the Right' Rally

'Racial Hatred Will Happen - Except Where the Church Has Risen': Pastors, Police Prep for DC 'Unite the Right' Rally Read Transcript

- Right, Terry, thisyear instead of marching

the Unite the Right movementplans to demonstrate

in the nation's capital.

CBN's Amber Strong shows us

how police and churches inDC plan to keep the peace.

(crowds shouting)

- [Amber] One year after violence

between white nationalismcounter-protesters

walked the college town ofCharlottesville, Virginia,

(car tires squealing)(thumping)

DC police are tightening their defenses,

preparing for round two.

- I can assure you that theplanning and coordination

amongst MPD and our localand federal partners

has been seemless.

- The organizer of that Charlottesville

Unite the Right rallyhas requested permission

to gather here, at Lafayette Park,

right across from theWhite House, this weekend.

And counter-protesters,

like the Democratic Socialists of DC,

well, they plan to hit the streets, too.

DC Police Chief Peter Newsham says

while his department has a duty

to preserve the right to free speech,

it must also protect citizens.

- The law allows for firstamendment assemblies of any kind.

The law does not allowfor injury to persons

or destruction of property.

- [Amber] This week, DCMetro assured to CBN News

they will work to keepthe ralliers separate,

a major factor leading to theviolence in Charlottesville.

They also tell us, quote, "OurSpecial Operations Division

"is equipped to handledemonstrations of any stature."

And in Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam,

declaring a State of Emergency

in preparation for any demonstrations,

particularly in Charlottesville.

Meanwhile, standing on the side of peace,

dozens of pastors, who planto gather in both places.

- We're gonna worshipJesus and then intercede

for the peace of Charlottesville,

but also for the peace of the nation.

- [Amber] Bishop Harry Jackson,

who helped lead a prayer march

after last year's deadly events,

says a lot has happened since then,

and Charlottesville churches are working

to close the doors of division.

- Jesus said, in the last days,

that nation will rise up against nation,

ethnic group against ethnic group,

that's going to continue to happen.

Racial hatred will happen andwill be played out everywhere

except where the church hasrisen strong as salt and light.

- Here in Washington, membersof the United Methodist Church

will host a Sunday serviceon the National Mall.

Reverend Doctor Stacey Cole told CBN News

the event will be "theexercise of MKL's observation

"that the church is called tobe the conscience of a nation.

"In that spirit, we callpeople to come together

"and speak the truth in love."

Now, the organizer of that event tells us

they expect more than 3,000people from across denominations

an event they are calling United for Love.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.


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