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News on The 700 Club: August 10, 2018

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- Hi everybody, happy Friday,and welcome to The 700 Club.

In the news, Hamas saysa truce is in effect

after it launched aseries of explosive rocket

and air strikes against Israel Thursday.

Israel says the quietfrom Hamas will be met

with quiet from Israel.

But as John Waage reportsthat doesn't do much

to calm the nerves of the Israelis

who live along the border with Gaza.

(rockets firing)

- The current lull beganafter a Hamas Grad rocket

landed in Beersheba,Israel's third largest city.

Israel responded by blowingup a five story building

it says was a Hamas headquarters.

For more than 10 years, Israelisliving near the Gaza strip

have had to put up withdeadly rocket attacks,

flaming kites and balloons,terror tunnels and much more.

And this is ground zero,the city of Sderot.

- The children was very frightened.

They're scared and they're crying.

- [John] During a 24 hour period,

Hamas pounded Israelicommunities near Gaza

with nearly 200 rockets.

Now it's quiet.

Assi Annacovich is a farmer.

He says even his cows give less milk

because of the rockets.

- This insurgent is not good for the cows.

- [John] Despite thecurrent halt in fighting,

Israel's securitycabinet directed the Army

to act with force againstterrorist perpetrators.

- The IDF is committed todefend the state of Israel,

its civilians and itssovereignty, and we are ready

and prepared for differentscenarios to come.

- [John] But, Yedidiya Harush,

who lives in a border community,

says the government needs todeal more harshly with Hamas.

- Their goal is to continue this conflict

as long as they can.

We have to understand Hamas,with a long-term agreement,

Hamas is no longer relevant.

And their entire existenceis based on hatred

and killing and death.

We make our lives holy,while they make their death.

- [John] John Wagge, CBN News, Sderot,

near the Israeli-Gaza border.

- Well Hamas may be sayingthat a truce is in effect,

but you remember before those bombs fell,

before that intrusion happened,

there were discussions for peace.

So, don't take their wordabout much of anything.

But, pray for Israel.

Pray for Jerusalem.

Pray for the leadership there.

You know, it's almost likeGod has set us as believers

as a guard on the wall for them.

So, let's make sure thatwe do that faithfully.

Well, here at home,

the Governor of Virginia hasissued a state of emergency

as thousands mark the one year anniversary

of deadly protests in Charlottesville.

Wendy Griffith has thatstory from the CBN newsroom.


- That's right Terry.

This year, instead of marching,

the Unite the Right movementplans to demonstrate

in the nation's capital.

CBN's Amber Strong shows ushow police and churches in D.C.

plan to keep the peace.

(crowd shouting)

One year after violencebetween white nationalists

and counter-protestersrocked the college town

of Charlottesville, Virginia,


D.C. police are tightening their defenses,

preparing for round two.

- I can assure you that theplanning and coordination

amongst MPD and our localand federal partners

has been seamless.

- The organizer of that Charlottesville

Unite the Right rally has requested

permission to gatherhere at Lafayette Park,

right across from theWhite House, this weekend.

And counter-protesters, likethe Democratic Socialist

of D.C., well, they planto hit the streets too.

D.C. police chief Peter Newshamsays while his department

has a duty to preservethe right to free speech,

it must also protect citizens.

- The law allows for FirstAmendment assemblies of any kind.

The law does not allowfor injury to persons

or destruction of property.

- [Amber] This week D.C.Metro assured to CBN News

they will work to keepthe ralliers separate.

A major factor leading to theviolence in Charlottesville.

They also tell us, quote "Ourspecial operations division

"is equipped to handledemonstrations of any stature."

And in Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam

declaring a state of emergency

in preparation for any demonstrations,

particularly in Charlottesville.

Meanwhile, standing on the side of peace,

dozens of pastors who planto gather in both places.

- We're gonna worshipJesus and then intercede

for the peace of Charlottesville.

But, also for the peace of the nation.

- [Amber] Bishop Harry Jackson,

who helped lead a prayer march

after last year's deadly events,

says a lot has happened since then.

And Charlottesville churches are working

to close the doors of division.

- Jesus said, in the last days,

that nation will rise up against nation,

ethnic group against ethnic group.

That's going to continue to happen.

Racial hatred will happen,and will be played out

everywhere except where the church

has risen strong as salt and light.

- Here in Washington, membersof the United Methodist Church

will host a Sunday serviceon the National Mall.

Reverend Doctor Stacy Coletold CBN News the event will be

"The exercise of MLK's observation

"that the church is called tobe the conscience of a nation.

"In that spirit, we callpeople to come together

"and speak the truth in love."

Now the organizer of thatevent tells us they expect

more than 3,000 peoplefrom across denominations.

An event they are calling United To Love.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks Amber.

Well, church leaders inCalifornia are worried

state law makers will soon pass a bill

that could restrict their ministry.

The bill outlaws sexualorientation change efforts,

and could strip therapistsand churches of their ability

to help those with same-sex attraction.

It could also forbid thesale of books on that topic.

Greg Burt, a spokesman forthe California Family Counsel

says now is the time forbelievers in California

to contact their lawmakers.

- We got some indicationthat they're starting

to get worried because the churches

are starting to speak up.

And legislators need churchesnot to come out against them.

There are plenty of Christiansstill in this state.

And if they all speak up at once,

that makes legislators very nervous.

- LGBT supporters of the billoppose Christian counseling

to change sexual orientation.

They say it's led to pain and suffering.

The California legislativesession ends August 31st.

Well the final frontier may soon become

the next military battleground.

The Trump Administration iscalling for a US space force

by the year 2020.

Vice President Mike Pence says

it's necessary to protectU.S. dominance in space,

as America faces growingthreats from China and Russia.

The first step would be tocreate a U.S. space command

by the end of the year.

It would have dedicated resources

and be led by a four star general.

A new Secretary of Space.

The Pentagon will set up an office

to buy satellites anddevelop new technology

such as lasers and other weapons.

- The space environmenthas fundamentally changed

in the last generation.

What was once peaceful, and uncontested,

is now crowded, and adversarial.

Today, other nationsare seeking to disrupt

our space base systems andchallenge American supremacy

in space, as never before.

- Congress would have toapprove the new space force.

Well day after day, we seeChristianity under attack

here in the United States.

And in some cases, it'sbecome very ugly and personal.

No one knows that more thanVice President, Mike Pence.

He became a target this weekin a scathing opinion piece

in the New York Times.

But now, supporters arespeaking out in his defense.

CBN's Jenna Browder hasthat story from Washington.

- Just months after The View's Joy Behar

apologized for her demeaning remarks

about the Vice President's faith,

an even more vicious attackby columnist Frank Bruni.

The headline, Mike Pence, Holy Terror.

In it, Bruni calls Pence self-infatuated,

a bigot, and a liar.

His argument, President Trump may be bad,

but Vice President Pencewould be even worse

because of his deeply held andpracticed religious beliefs.

What is your response to thiscolumn in the New York Times?

- It just shows you thenever-ending attack on Christianity,

Christians, and really peopleof faith, by the Liberals,

and their namesake leaderin the New York Times.

- [Jenna] Mark Lotter, theVice President's former

Press Secretary has knownPence for more than 25 years.

- They're attacking a man, a good man,

and the Vice Presidentof the United States

for primarily being a Christianand someone who believes.

- The piece claims Penceis determined to quote,

"Mold the entire nation inthe shape of his own faith,

"a regressive, repressiveversion of Christianity."

Are Pence's viewsregressive and repressive?

- No, absolutely not.

He's worried about thesuccess of our entire country

and everyone in it.

- [Jenna] Franklin Grahamand other faith leaders

quickly jumped to the defense.

On Facebook, Graham wrote,quote, "I am disappointed

"that the New York Timeswould stoop so low.

"I've never seen such hatred poured out

"against such a good man."

Secretary of Energy, RickPerry, also took a stand.

And says he's experiencedthe same kind of criticism.

- Mike lives his lifethrough his lens of faith.

And again, I go back to, you know,

what part of the 10 Commandments,

which one of those you don't like?

And we argue in this country

about a lot of different things.

- So help me, God.

- [Jenna] But Lotter saysPence meant those words.

And Americans should want a leader

who practices what he preaches.

- That's the kind of leaderwe should aspire to want.

And as long as we're focusedon everyone's success,

on everyone's well-being,

and those words that are givento us in the Constitution,

the Declaration of Independence.

That's where our focus shouldbe for elected leaders,

and that's what we have inVice President Mike Pence.

- [Jenna] In Washington,Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thanks Jenna.

Well Terry, the Biblesays we'll be persecuted

for our faith, so Iguess this shouldn't come

as too big of a surprise.

- It doesn't come as a surprise, Wendy,

but boy, I'm sure therest of you agree with me.

You just kind of shake your heads saying

how did we get here?

Yesterday, if you saw,we ran a story about

Pastor Greg Laurie out inCalifornia who's holding a forum,

I guess, like a Billy Graham gathering

in a stadium out there.

And a billboard was taken down

advertising where that was andwhen it was going to happen.

No spiritual message on it,

just because he was holding a Bible

and that was offensive to someone.

This is the United States of America,

you kind of feel you wentaway somewhere and came back

and suddenly everything had changed.

You know, there's such a lack of civility

in our culture today and howwe communicate with each other.

But to see this kind of ranting go on,

in print, about a manstrictly because of his faith

is so un-American and really troubling.

We all need to be inprayer and as Wendy said,

at the same time, not surprised

that what has beenprophesied is coming to pass.

But let's be faithfulin the hour we live in.


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