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The 700 Club - August 10, 2018

A teacher who had been a mentor becomes a mother in a story of finding family in the classroom. Plus, she wasn’t behind the wheel, but she still let a drunk take the keys. Read Transcript

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- [Narrator] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Reporter] Coming up, ateacher who had been a mentor.

- [Bennie] This kid is leaving.

- [Reporter] and later, a mother.

- [Anthony] Yeah, you can adopt me.

- [Reporter] A story of finding family

in the classroom.

- [Bennie] I needed himprobably as much or more

than he needed me.

- [Reporter] Then shewasn't behind the wheel

but she still let a drunk take the keys.

- [Heather] The investigator looks at me

and he says, do you have any idea

what happened here tonight?

- [Reporter] Her story ofrecovery on today's 700 Club.

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- Hi everybody, happy Fridayand welcome to the 700 Club.

In the news, Hamas saysa truce is in effect

after it launched aseries of explosive rocket

and airstrikes against Israel Thursday.

Israel says the quietfrom Hamas will be met

with quiet from Israel

but as John Waage reportsthat doesn't do much to calm

the nerves of the Israeliswho live along the border

with Gaza.

(rockets taking off)

- The current lull beganafter Hamas grad rocket

landed in Beersheba,Israels third largest city,

Israel responded by blowingup a five story building

it says was a Hamas headquarters.

For more than 10 years,Israelis living near

the Gaza Strip have had to put up

with deadly rocket attacks,flaming kites and balloons,

terror tunnels and much more

and this is ground zero,the city of Sderot.

- The children is very frightened,

they're scared and they're crying.

- [John] During a 24 hourperiod, Hamas pounded Israeli

communities near Gazawith nearly 200 rockets,

now it's quiet.

Assi Annakovish is a farmer,he says even his cows

give less milk because of the rockets.

- This destruction isnot good for the cows.

- [John] Despite thecurrent halt in fighting,

Israel's securitycabinet directed the Army

to act with force againstterrorist perpetrators.

- The IDF is committed todefend the state of Israel,

it's civilians and its sovereignty

and we are ready and preparedfor different scenarios

to come.

- [John] But YadidiyaHarush, who lives in a border

community, says thegovernment needs to deal

more harshly with Hamas.

- They're goal is tocontinue this conflict

as long as they can,

we have to understand Hamaswith a long term agreement,

Hamas is no longer relevant

and they're entireexistence is based on hatred

and killing and death.

We make our lives Holy whilethey make they're death.

- [John] John Waage, CBN News, Sderot,

near the Israeli, Gaza border.

- Well, Hamas may be sayingthat a truce is in effect

but you remember, before those bombs fell,

before that intrusion happened,

there were discussions for peace.

So don't take their wordabout much of anything

but pray for Israel, pray for Jerusalem,

pray for the leadership there.

Ya know, it's almost likeGod has set us as believers

as the guard on the wall for them,

so let's make sure thatwe do that faithfully.

Well here at home, thegovernor of Virginia

has issued a state ofemergency as thousands

mark the one yearanniversary of deadly protest

in Charlottesville.

Wendy Griffith has thatstory from the CBN newsroom.


- That's right Terri, thisyear, instead of marching

the Unite the Right movementplans to demonstrate

in the nations capital.

CBNs Amber Strong showsus how police and churches

in DC plan to keep the peace.


- [Amber] One year after violencebetween white nationalist

and counter protestorsrocked the college town

of Charlottesville, Virginia,

(crashing and screaming)

DC police are tightening their defenses,

preparing for round two.

- I can assure you that theplanning and coordination

amongst MPD and our localand federal partners

has been seamless.

- The organizer of thatCharlottesville Unite the Right

rally has requested permission to gather

here, at Lafayette Park rightacross from the White House

this weekend and counter protestors

like the Democratic Socialist of DC,

well, they plan to hit the streets too.

DC Police Chief, Peter Newsham, says,

well his department has aduty to preserve the right

to free speech, it mustalso protect citizens.

- The law allows forfirst amendment assemblies

of any kind, the lawdoes not allow for injury

to persons or destruction of property.

- [Amber] This week DCMetro assured to CBN News

they will work to keepthe rallyers separate,

a major factor leading to theviolence in Charlottesville.

They also tell us, quote, "OurSpecial Operations Division

is equipped to handledemonstrations of any stature."

And in Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam,

declaring a state ofemergency in preparation

for any demonstrations,

particularly in Charlottesville.

Meanwhile, standing on the side of peace,

dozens of pastors who planto gather in both places.

- We're gonna worshipJesus and then intercede

for the peace of Charlottesville

but also for the peace of the Nation.

- [Amber] Bishop Harry Jackson,who helped lead a prayer

march after last yearsdeadly events says a lot

has happened since then.

Charlottesville churches areworking to close the doors

of division.

- Jesus said, in the lastdays that nation will rise

up against nation, ethnicgroup against ethnic group

that's going to continue to happen,

racial hatred will happenand will be played out

everywhere except wherethe church has risen

strong as salt and light.

- Here in Washington,members of the United

Methodist Church willhost a Sunday service

on the National Mall.

Reverend Dr. Stacey Cole told CBN News

the event will be, "Theexercise of MLK's observation

that the church is called tobe the conscience of a nation.

In that spirit, we callpeople to come together

and speak the truth in love."

Now the organizer of thatevent tells us they expect

more than 3000 peoplefrom across denominations

an event they are called United To Love.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks Amber.

Well church leaders inCalifornia are worried

state law makers will soon pass a bill

that could restrict their ministry.

The bill outlaws sexualorientation change efforts

and could strip therapist and churches

of their ability to help thosewith same sex attraction,

it could also forbid thesale of books on that topic.

Greg Burt, a spokesman forthe California Family Council

says, now is the time forbelievers in California

to contact their law makers.

- We've got some indicationsthat they're starting

to get worried becausethe churches are starting

to speak up

and legislatures need churchesnot to come out against them,

there are plenty of Christiansstill in this state,

if they all speak up at once

that makes legislatures very nervous.

- LGBT supporters of the billoppose Christian counseling

to change sexual orientation,

they say it's led to pain and suffering.

The California legislativesession ends August 31st.

Well the final frontiermay soon become the next

military battle ground.

The Trump administration iscalled for a US Space Force

by the year 2020.

Vice President MikePence says it's necessary

to protect US dominance in space,

as America facing growingthreats from China and Russia.

The first step would be tocreate a US Space Command

by the end of the year, itwould have dedicated resources

and be led by a Four Star General,

a new Secretary of Space.

The Pentagon will set upan office to buy satellites

and develop new technology such as lasers

and other weapons.

- The space environmenthas fundamentally changed

in the last generation,what was once peaceful

and uncontested is nowcrowded and adversarial.

Today, other nations areseeking to disrupt our space

based systems and challengeAmerican supremacy in space

as never before.

- Congress would have toapprove the new Space Force.

Well day after day, we seeChristianity under attack

here in the UnitedStates and in some cases

it's become very ugly and personal.

No one knows that more thanVice President Mike Pence,

he became a target thisweek in a scathing opinion

piece in the New York Times

but now supporters arespeaking out in his defense.

CBNs Jenna Browder hasthat story from Washington.

- In just months afterThe Views, Joy Behar,

apologized for her demeaning remarks about

the Vice Presidents faith,an even more vicious attack

by columnist Frank Bruni.

The headline, Mike Pence, Holy Terror,

in it Bruni calls Penceself-infatuated, a bigot

and a liar.

His argument, President Trump may be bad

but Vice President Pencewould be even worse

because of his deeply held andpracticed religious beliefs.

What is your response to thiscolumn in the New York Times?

- It just shows youthe never ending attack

on Christianity, Christiansand really people of faith

by the liberals and their name sake leader

in the New York Times.

- [Jenna] Marc Lotter,the Vice Presidents former

press secretary, has knownPence for more than 25 years.

- They're attacking a man, a good man

and the Vice Presidentof the United States

for primarily being a Christianand someone who believes.

- The piece claims Penceis determined to, quote,

"Mold the entire nation inthe shape of his own faith,

a regressive, repressiveversion of Christianity."

Are Pence's viewsregressive and repressive?

- No, absolutely not.

He's worried about thesuccess of our entire country

and everyone in it.

- [Jenna] Franklin Grahamand other faith leaders

quickly jumped to the defense.

On Facebook, Graham wrote, quote,

"I am disappointed that the New York Times

would stoop so low, I'venever seen such hatred

poured out against such a good man.

Secretary of Energy, RickPerry, also took a stand

and said he's experiencedthe same kind of criticism.

- Mike lives his lifethrough his lens of faith

and again, I go back to whatpart of the 10 Commandments,

which one of those do you not like

and we argue in this country about

a lot of different things.

- So help me God.

- [Jenna] Lotter saysPence meant those words

and Americans should wanta leader who practices

what he preaches.

- That's the kind of leaderwe should aspire to want

and as long as we're focusedon everyone's success,

on everyone's well being andthose words that are given

to us in the Constitution, theDeclaration of Independence,

that's where our focusshould be for elected leaders

and that's what we have inVice President Mike Pence.

- [Jenna] In Washington,Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thanks Jenna.

Well Terry, the bible says we'llbe persecuted for our faith

so I guess this shouldn'tcome as too big of a surprise.

- It doesn't come as asurprise Wendy but boy,

I'm sure the rest of you agree with me,

you just kinda shake your head saying,

how did we get here.

Yesterday, if you saw,we ran a story about

Pastor Greg Lowry out in California

who's holding just a forum,

I guess like Billy Graham gathering

in a stadium out there

and a billboard was taken down,advertising where that was

and when it was going to happen,

no spiritual message on it,

just because he was holding a bible

and that was offensive to someone.

This is the United States of America,

you kinda feel likeyou went away somewhere

and came back and suddenlyeverything had changed.

Ya know, there's such a lackof civility in our culture

today and how wecommunicate with each other

but to see this kind of ranting go on

in print about a manstrictly because of his faith

is so un-American and really troubling.

We all need to be inprayer and as Wendy said,

at the same time notsurprised that what has been

prophesied is coming to pass

but let's be faithfulin the hour we live in.

Well coming up, theycalled the woman who ran

this bakery crazy

and then they tried her secret recipe.

- I had to take all thesteps and put it together,

so I got in there and Isaid okay, here we go,

here we go mom, let's do this

and first time, they came out great.

- See what makes these kolaches so special

when we come back.

(orchestral music)

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series, if you wantmore great health tips,

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On Mondays show, healthreporter, Lorrie Johnson,

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So more wonderfulinformation about how to have

a healthy gut, how to use food to do that

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are part of that.

So join us Monday.

Tara McGraw is planting seeds for Christ

on a street corner in Dallas, Texas.

She's not a sidewalk evangelistor part of a ministry

to the homeless, she'sa Czech bakery owner.

Commuters headed towardsthe Dallas North Tollway

each morning are her customersand her mission field.

Caitlin Burke brings us her story.

♪ Oh, Zamykal kolaches, itcame from my grand mom ♪

♪ And if you come to Dallas ♪

♪ You gotta get you some ♪

- [Caitlin] It's nearlyimpossible to drive past

this shop unaware.

♪ Oh, Zamykal kolaches, onetaste and you'll agree ♪

♪ It's the best kolache causethe lord gave it to me ♪

- Tara McGraw openedZamykal Kolache Bakery

here less than a year ago.

Although Texans have enjoyedthe Czech dessert for decades.

A kolache is a type ofpastry that holds fruit,

chocolate or even cream cheese,

fruit is my personal favorite

and the Zamykal recipe has been perfected.

Making the same treats herancestors first brought

to Texas wasn't McGraws career plan

but it was the dream of her mom,

who's also responsible for the song.


- Hours she would do that, hours.

I don't know where she got the energy.

- When I first opened, thecars would pass and no one

looked from side to side,they were mainly interested

in am I gonna catch thesignal light or not.

So I just got out there with my towel

and just basically started waving at them

and then in my waving I just got bored

and started making up a tune

and it got rhythmic and theZamykal kolache song was born.

- My mother had more energythan anyone I have ever met

in my life, she had avery big personality,

she was bubbly, she was thelady that when she walked

in the room that's when the party started

and she did everything,she could do anything

and when she decided shewas gonna do the kolaches

she was gonna do itbig, so she got into it

and she had fun.

- [Caitlin] That was in Calvert, Texas,

a small town betweenCollege Station and Waco.

Locals lovingly knew heras the crazy kolache lady.

- Oh, that's beautiful.

- [Caitlin] But then she got sick

and in 2015, Jody Powers,lost her battle with leukemia,

the store closed.

- I ended up with abakery full of equipment

and I didn't know what to do with it,

so I thought well, we can bake kolaches.

- [Caitlin] At first,Tara considered the move

a gift to her late mother,

then she realized the bakerywas really a gift for her.

- She sang her song,

it's the best kolache causethe lord gave it to me, hey

and I thought, okay, God gave this to her

and God gave this to me.

So I'm gonna go and takeit, I'm gonna sing the song

and it's just a way thatwe sorta spread the word

a little bit.

- [Caitlin] But she foundout that getting things

up and running wouldn't be easy.

Tara faced a pretty steep learning curve.

- When my mom was aliveI would not learn to make

the kolaches because she was sick

and I wanted her to make the kolaches,

I wanted her to live and to make them

but my aunt came and shehelped get the place going

but then it was time forher to go back to Houston

where she's from and Istill didn't really know

how to do it all that well.

I knew the steps and I'ddone 'em one at a time

but I had to take all thesteps and put 'em together.

So I got in there and Isaid okay, here we go,

here we go mom, let's do this

and first time, they came out great.

- [Caitlin] Now that she'sgot the hang of things,

Tara's taking her momsdream and building on it.

- We're getting set up witha whole bunch of different

lines of fudge and we're gonna be doing

fresh baked pies cause wealready do the fruit fillings

for our kolaches.

- [Caitlin] So then,the crazy kolache lady

of Calvert, Texas lives on.

Reminders of her placedall over the bakery,

including her endlessenergy and personality.


Caitlin Burke, CBN News, Dallas, Texas.

- Now that's a positive work environment,

can I just say and as you look at that

doesn't your mouthwater just a little bit,

like for a cup of coffee and a kolache.

Looks like they have a great business

and what a wonderful tradition to carry on

that mom has left a legacy that continues.

Well coming up, a teacherremembers a student

who wasn't just trying to get good grades,

he was trying to find a family.

- Said, well, if you're gonna be my kid,

if he was ever my kid he'd have to be good

and he said, "for how long,"

and I said, "forever, Godwhat are you talking about?"

- Hear an inspirational story

that began in the classroomand ended in an adoption

center, that's next.

(orchestral music)

Dr. Bennie Berry is the teacherwhose students love her,

in fact, a few joke theywanted her to be their mother

but as soon as she foundout one of her students

wasn't kidding.

- Some days I felt upset and angry, lost.

They'd taken me from my safe place

and placed me in a home with strangers,

I mean, I didn't have any help

or anyone to turn toor anything like that.

- [Narrator] Anthony wasplaced in foster care

when he was six yearsold due to his birth moms

drug use while pregnantwith his baby sister.

He knew about Gods lovethrough his grandmother

and tried to stay hopefulin a tough situation.

- I prayed sometimeswhen I was feeling down

or then other days I'd question him,

why am I here, why can'tfind anyone to love me,

why can't I go back home.

- [Narrator] He lived ingroup homes for nine years,

hoping to be adopted, yetafraid of being let down.

- I didn't get my hopesup for anything, basically

cause I didn't wannaget my hopes up too high

and it not happen cause deepdown I wanted it to work,

I wanted to get out the system,

I didn't wanna deal with the bonds

of being a ward of the state anymore,

I just wanted to have a loving family,

a forever home.

- [Narrator] At 15 years oldand after a failed adoption

he began losing hope, he gotin trouble at his high school

and was sent to PathwaysAlternative school

where he met Dr. Bennie Berry,a teacher at the school.

- And he came there and he volunteered

to say the pledge at thebeginning of the day,

he volunteered, he was inthe ROTC at his home campus,

he volunteered to hang the flag.

I was impressed, I felt like,oh this kid is a leader,

this kid is a leader, he'sdifferent from the rest,

he has initiative.

- [Narrator] Bennie wassingle and has no children

of her own, in class,students joked that they loved

Dr. Berry and wished she was their mom,

Anthony jumped in and wasn't joking.

- The discussion went to families

and some of the kids hadsaid, well, I been trying

to get Ms. Berry to take me home

and so Anthony said, oh, youcan take me home for real

and I said, well no, yourparents are doing the best,

respect your parentsthe way you respect me

and you'll be okay

and he's like, no really,I'm in foster care.

And so, a couple of students and myself,

we didn't know and wekinda gasped, like really,

you're in foster care?

- I actually was like,yeah, you can adopt me,

will you, have you thought about adoption.

Then we got deeper into the conversation.

- And I said, well, ifyou're gonna be my kid,

if you was ever my kid,you have to be good

and he said, "for how long,"

and I said, "forever," god,what are you talking about?

So, he said, well you can look me up,

I can be adopted, you can take me home.

- [Narrator] Anthony gaveBennie his information

and the adoption website.

- I had never planned on adopting

because I didn't know, Ididn't know the process

for adopting, only thingI knew about adoption

is what I've seen onlike a Lifetime movie.

I never really believe, I'llsay in the first few days,

that it was something that I could do.

- It came time for me to leave Pathways

and I was like, don't you forget about me

and she didn't forget.

- When it became more real, I had to,

I had to pray about everything,

I asked God to order my steps,

everything that I wanted todo, I was like, okay Lord,

show me that what I'm doingis not just raw emotion,

it is what I really should do.

So I felt like God wasshowing me, yeah, this is what

you need to do, step by step, ordering it,


- [Narrator] To Bennies amazement,there were no road blocks

to the application processand soon they began

a trial adoption period.

Later that year, onNational Adoption Day 2017,

Bennie officially adopted Anthony.

- I was very nervous, it was, ya know,

all that anxiety and attention,

like this is reallyhappening, today's the day.

We both couldn't sleep the night before,

we spent most of the timetalking to each other,

that was a very good bonding period.

- National Adoption Daywas an emotional day,

my name was put on his birth certificate,

his name was officially changed,

it became real on that day.

Everything we had prayed for,every step that I had asked

God to order, we're nowat the end of the road,

it's over, it is official, we are family,

no body can change it.

(choir singing)

- [Narrator] The traitthat best defines this new

family of two is gratitude

for one another and toGod, who opened the door

and their hearts.

- He's bringing us all the way,

he's carrying us, likehe carried the cross,

he's carrying us on his back.

I'm thankful for her just loving me

and taking a 16 year old,15 going on 16 year old boy

into her home, a troubled boy at that.

I love it, it's somethingthat I never thought

I would have.

I'm happy.

For someone my age to get adopted,

it's very rare.

- I didn't know that Icould love somebody so much,

besides my parents.

I needed him probably as much or more

than he needed me.

I don't tell him a lotbecause I don't want him

to think he has the upper hand.


But I am more than proud of him,

I thank God for theopportunity to help mold

somebody who I know isgonna do wonderful things.

- What a picture of howit's supposed to be,

a picture of how it's not supposed to be

and then a picture ofhow it's supposed to be.

Ya know, children werenot meant to be raised

in systems, they were meantto be raised in families

and that's a God idea and canyou see all of the reasons

why, this was a youngman that was troubled

because he didn't know who he was,

he felt unlovable, he feltlike he was hanging out there

by himself not knowing how to live life

and then along came BennieBerry, God bless her,

and I know that Anthonyhas brought much to Bennies

life as well.

But ya know, the process began really,

when Bennie took Anthony'srequest seriously,

when she began to look into it,

when she began to say,God, could you be in this.

Because God ask us to dounusual things sometimes,

difficult things sometimes,things we wouldn't have

seen ourselves doing buthere's the big message,

Bible says God putsthe lonely in families,

there are children likeAnthony stuck in the system,

been there for years andyears, moved from family

to family to family but never belonging

and they would love to have a family.

If God lays that on your heart,

do your homework andpray and then find out

whether you're supposedto consider the same

decision that Bennie Berry did.

There's a child looking for you,

are you the one who has theheart, the steadfastness,

the time and the callof God upon your life

to be there.

God adopted us and whata wonderful picture

of that great love thathe had to make us his own,

to give us his name and then to love us

and stand with us throughthe journey of life,

what a great story.

Well here's another great story,

ya know, we believe thatfamily is a God idea,

after Lilia's husband diedshe struggled to support

her three children as a single mom,

soon the family had no heat,they had no electricity,

no running water.

That's when Lilia, stillgrieving for her husband,

found out that she mightlose her children as well.

- [Narrator] Lilia and her three children

live in Transnistria near Moldova,

they work hard to keeptheir small home tidy

and their garden well tended,

they're just happy to be together

because not long ago, theywere almost torn apart.

- They wanted to takeus away from our mother.

- [Narrator] It had onlybeen a few months since Lilia

and her children hadfaced another tragic loss.

- When my husband died,

I did not want to leave.

- [Narrator] Lilia struggledto support her family

and her home fell into disrepair,

they had no heat, no electricity

and no running water.

But despite theirdesperate living condition,

Lilia's children remained devoted to her.

- She is my mother, she gave us life,

I love her very, very much.

- I only wanted one thing,that my kids would be near me,

that they could go toschool and live normally.

- [Narrator] Governmentsocial workers heard about

the families livingconditions and came with an

ultimatum, make improvements in one week

or we will take your children.

- I was so afraid that Iwould lose my mother forever.

- [Narrator] That's when CBNsOrphan Promise stepped in,

we heard about Lilia andher children from a local

church partner in our KeepingFamilies Together Program,

we began the needed repairsto Lilia's house immediately.

- They help us to makerepairs, they brought seeds

and all the tools weneeded to plant the garden.

They gave us food as wewait for our garden to grow

and two piglets.

- [Narrator] We also repaired their oven

and fence and connectedtheir house to clean

running water and toensure that their home

will never be lost to foreclosure,

we helped provide the fundsto pay it off completely.

- [Lilia] Oh thank you, it's ours now.

I will get more opportunities for work.

- Thank you very much for everything.

- Orphans Promise is CBNsoutreach to vulnerable

and orphan children around the world.

One of the things we arealways doing is stepping in

to desperate situationslike this so the children

don't become orphaned.

These children would havebeen thrown into a system,

thrown into an orphanageand may have never been able

to be with their mom again.

My own daughters came outof an orphanage of 350 kids,

that's not a home, that's an institution.

This is a mom who loved her children

and who came upon hard times,

can you imagine howterrifying it would have been

for those kids to have beentake away from their mom.

You allow us because ofyour kindness and generosity

to step right into themidst of that situation,

keep this family together,help them to prosper,

understand that it was the love of God

that brought all of this to them

and we stay in touch withthese people that we serve.

So we wanna say thankyou, this is one family

that represents thousands thatyou are making a difference

in the lives of.

So thank you.

If you'd like to be apart of the work that

Orphans Promise is doing around the world,

we would love to have youjoin us on that endeavor

and you can do it by givingyour gift to Orphans Promise.

You can go to OrphansPromise.orgif you'd like to find

out more about what we're doing

but we'd love to tellyou more about the story

of children in need around the world

and we say thank you in advance.

Ya know, this is the next generation,

we can change lives,we can change families,

we can change communities,

ultimately, we believe thatyou can change nations.

So help us invest inthese lives won't you.

Still ahead, after a night of drinking,

a young woman wakes upwith blood on her hands,

in more ways than one.

- He took their driverslicense and he threw em at me

across the table and hesaid, "you, you've murdered

these two people."

- [Terry] Find out whathappened after the accident

when we come back.

(tense music)

- And welcome back to the 700 club.

Prison reform tookcenter stage during talks

in New Jersey between President Trump

and state leaders Thursday.

Trump supports the First Step Act,

that bill just passed the house,

it aims to give prisoninmates a second chance

and help get them back into the workforce.

Mississippi's governor joinedthe Commander in Chief,

he stressed the importanceof prison ministry.

- When we bring faith backinto the prison system

our prisoners have hope again.

- The First Step Act is nowbeing debated and modified

in the Senate before going to a vote.

Operation Blessing ishelping to brighten smiles

in Honduras.

This remote community has noaccess to modern dental care,

OB teams provided freedental cleaning and checkups

for all the children there.

They also taught kids the bestway to care for their teeth,

as well as lessons on general hygiene.

Everyone went home withan oral hygiene kit

that included toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Good for them.

You can find out moreabout Operation Blessing

by going to their website that's

Terry will be back withmore of today's 700 Club

right after this.

(orchestral music)

- There's a law on the booksin the state of Tennessee

it's called DUI by allowance,

a passenger can be charged for a crime

if they knowingly lettheir friend drive drunk.

It's a crime Heather Heck was guilty of

after she was in a carinvolved in a fatal accident.

- [Narrator] Heather Heck wasraised by a single mother,

when she was 12 yearsold, Heather found out

who her father was, eventhough he was never around

Heather longed to know him.

- Although I had a really loving family,

there was a piece of me that was missing,

I wanted to know who my dad was,

I wanted to have a relationship with him.

I remember being a kidand watching other fathers

interact with their daughtersand it was something

that I always wanted for myself.

- [Narrator] Several yearslater, Heather finally got

a chance to meet her father.

- I was 18 years old,very excited that this man

wanted to attempt to havea relationship with me

and so when I knocked onthe door an aunt answered

the door and looked at me andsaid this isn't a good time

and about that time I sawmy father walk behind her

through the hall, look atme and continue to walk by

and for whatever reasonhe didn't wanna see me

and after that night I stopped trying.

And it began to spiralall of these feelings

that I had bottled up for years

just feeling like I wasn't good enough,

that I wasn't worthy to be loved,

the feeling of being rejected

and for me it was really the turning point

in my own lifestyle.

From that point I didn'twanna feel anything

and I really turned to drugsand alcohol after that point

just to be numb.

- [Narrator] Heather hadgrown up in the church

and learned about Gods love for her

but her drug and alcoholabuse had blinded her

to what she knew to be true.

- So I didn't have to deal with the hurt

or the brokenness or even dealwith all of these emotions

about my father, just feeling inadequate.

I liked the way that drugsand alcohol made me feel

because I didn't have to feel anything.

- [Narrator] Heather gotpregnant and had a son, Jonah,

even though she was a single mom,

her lifestyle still revolvedaround drugs and alcohol.

One night after smokingpot and excessive drinking

Heather was riding ina car with her friend,

the driver also drinking,

crashed into another car killingthose two people instantly.

Heather was charged with DUI by allowance.

- And I remember the investigatorlooks me and he says,

"Do you have any idea whathappened here tonight,"

and I said no and he tookthe couple that passed away,

he took their drivers licenseand he threw 'em at me

across the table and hesaid, "You, you've murdered

these two people,"

and that's really when theweights, the full weight

of the reality of what had happened,

that's when it hit me andI remember looking down

at this couples face that I'll never know

and knowing that becauseof me and my actions

they weren't going hometo see their family.

- [Narrator] The accidentthrew Heather into a deep


- I had the audacity to be angry at God

throughout all of itbecause I was angry at him

because he took them and he left me

and I knew I didn't deserve to live.

- [Narrator] A week later,Heathers mom asked her

to go to church with her,

Heather agreed to go.

- I think that in that moment,I finally heard the Gospel

with my heart and not my head

and I realized that theweight that I was carrying

was this weight of sin butsee Jesus had come to take

that weight so I could be free.

I walked down to the alterand it was a, I was a mess

and a woman at the front,she stepped out and met me

and brought me back withher and helped me walk

the rest of the way.

That day, for the first time in my life,

it was as if, I finallygot it, that God loved me

with this unending, neverfailing, all consuming love.

No matter how hard Itried to run from him,

he pursued me, he never gave up

and really started thinkingabout what kind of love

would go to those kind of lengths

and it dawned on me, thekind of love that would die

on a cross.

- [Narrator] Heatherasked Jesus into her heart

that day, women from the church loved her

and taught her what itmeant to be a Christian.

- I had a woman who was patient with me

and she just began to walk with me

and break things down like repentance

and baptism and little bylittle God was shifting things

and I was changing.

I didn't even realizethat he was doing it,

it wasn't that I had to try or strive,

just the more that we got in the word

the more that he just began to renew me.

- [Narrator] A year after the deadly DUI

the case finally went to trial,

Heather plead guilty to felony charges

and had to serve one year in prison.

- We began a bible studythere in this maximum security

facility everyday and wegrew to almost 30 women

and the entire atmosphere in that place

began to shift,

we saw signs and wonders and miracles

and I saw us one by one,these women began to give

their lives to Jesus.

- [Narrator] Heather alsolearned to forgive her father

who had passed away years before.

- Forgiveness is a hardthing because it wasn't

letting him off the hook

but it was just really kindof taking back the power,

it was a really healing moment

and the truth is unless we forgive them

how can God forgive usand who are we, ya know,

to hold anything against anyone?

- [Narrator] Heather neverknew her earthly father

but her heavenly fatherwas there all along.

- Every little girl wants a hero,

a knight in shining armorthat will rescue her

and it's the beauty of God,

when you begin to understandthe Father heart of God

and really he is thefather to the fatherless

and he heals all things, all wounds

and he fills every bit ofemptiness with his love.

- [Narrator] Today, Heatherworks for a campus ministry

called Every Nation.

She says, the leaders oftomorrow are on the college

campuses of today.

Heather loves to sharethe gospel of Christ

with students wheneverand wherever she can.

- My spiritual journey hasbeen more of just really

the story of restoration,I know that many times

we think about the cross, wejust think about salvation

but the things is the crossdoesn't just bring salvation,

it brings restoration.

Looking back at my lifeand the mess that was there

the one things that sumsup what Jesus has done

is he has restoredeverything that was broken.

- What an incredible story,what an incredible picture

of the unbelievable, unexpected,undeserved, unimaginable

love of God.

And it's for all of us, it's for you.

Ya know, sometimes whensomething happens in your life

and maybe your situation hasbeen something like Heathers

where maybe your maybeyour mom or your dad

weren't there for you,maybe neither of them were

like Anthony in our other story

but ya know, it leaves a hole inside of us

because we are created to be relational

and we're created to know our creator.

Really he is the only onewho can fill that hole

and this is the reason why,

we are all flawed human beings,

we're not meant to meeteach others deepest soul

and heart needs, God's meant to do that,

God wants to do that.

Even when we've messed up,even in something as serious

as Heather faced wherepeople lost their lives

because of choices that she made.

God is able to take thebroken, to take the guilt,

to take the shame involved in something

and give you a brand new beginning,

to take you to a placeof complete restoration.

Restoration means you goback to the way it was

before any of the sin,any of the wrong doing,

any of the poor decisions were made,

you get restored, you become made whole.

This is the way it's said in the Bible,

if any man is in Christ hebecomes a brand new creation,

old things pass away andall things become new,

is that something you need in your life?

Boy, I sure needed it in mine

and here's the great things, it's ongoing.

You know, even after youmake a commitment to Christ

you're still not perfect,you're still not going to make

all the wise choices you should

but forgiveness is ongoingbecause God is eternal

the same yesterday, today and forever

and his love for you is unending.

So when we come to him with humble hearts,

understanding who he is andthat we need and want him,

he is waiting with open arms for us.

Would you like to do that today?

Let's do it together right now,

come with me I'll show you how to do this,

you just bow your head inhumility and recognizing

your need and you say this.

Jesus, I am a sinner andI am in need of a savior

and though I have known yourname I've used you name,

I've used your name recklessly

but today I'm coming toyou asking you humbly

to be the savior of my soul,

will you forgive my sins,will you change my heart,

will you come into the middle of my life

and change the way I think,the way I see things,

the way I do things,the choices that I make,

I want to know you fully,

I want to be known fully by you

and I wanna live for you Lord.

Thank you for giving me a fresh beginning,

fill me now with your holy spirit

and begin the process of changing my life

so that I am a follower of yours,

thank you for loving meand waiting for me God,

in Jesus name I pray.

If you've prayed that prayeryou've begun an amazing

journey, we wanna help you grow in it,

what do you do now thatyou've made this commitment.

Well, this packet, A NewDay, is filled with sound

information on that, it'sfilled with information

from the word of God andwise council on how to you

become a follower ofJesus, it's yours for free.

The number to get it isfree, it's 1-800-700-7000,

so you call now.

Well Marcia Stamey is an avid swimmer

and she enjoys teaching water aerobics

but when she hurt her kneeMarcia's active lifestyle

came to a halt until oneday when she was watching

the 700 Club.

- Teaching water aerobicsand helping these older

women stay healthy means something to me

and it's a ministry.

- [Narrator] Exercisehas long been a priority

for Marcia Stamey.

- Since I was in my 30s I have swam laps,

like about three times a week,

about a half a mile each time.

- [Narrator] In October2012, Marcia asked her son

to help her move a largeglass dining table.

- I said, Johnathan I cando it, I'm really strong

and so it was just too heavy.

- [Narrator] She did itbut could feel the strain

in her knee.

- I said ya know, I thinkI just did something

I shouldn't have done.

About two days later that'swhen I started feeling

the pain and it would getbetter and it would get worse

and then about six months later,

I think it was in April, it popped.

When I was standing orwalking I had to drag it,

I was in so much pain.

- [Narrator] Marcia'sdoctor said that if the pain

persisted she would need surgery,

so she asked her church to pray

and she found encouragementhearing the prayers

on the 700 Club.

- What Gordon does a lot of times,

he says, now we're getting ready to pray

and he said, I wantyou to put your hand on

that place that is hurtingand so that's what I did.

And he said, there issomebody that has their hand

on their right knee.

- There's someone withproblems in their right knee

and God is just healing that,

he's restoring the cartilage.

What the doctors said can'tbe done is being done now

in Jesus name.

- And I went, what

and the fact that he said almost the exact

words that the doctor said.

The next day my leg was 50% better,

within three days I had no pain.

It hasn't bothered me in two years.

I'm always amazed at the Lord

cause he's so wonderful

and when you stand forsomething like that,

ya know, faith is what places him.

- Listen, God doesn'tjust love and forgive

and provide, he heals

and we wanna pray for youtoday as we have these last

minutes together.

This is Glenda, to encourage your faith,

who wrote in and said, "OnJune 8th of this year, 2018,

at the end of the prayers,just before signing off,

Gordon said that someonewas suffering from a pain

on the right shoulder and neck.

I received that for myselfand put my left hand

on my right shoulder,I accepted my healing

and began praising God.

I'm still pain free, praise the Lord."

And then Mari says, "I sufferedwith sciatic nerve pain

for months. I wasn'table to walk at times,

I would have to crawland I was on crutches.

The doctor told me thatif I felt it in my foot

I'd be in trouble.

Unfortunately it hasalready reached my foot.

Then one day I was watching the 700 Club

when one of the hostsaid that God was healing

a sciatic nerve, I criedout and claimed it.

That was last year and I havebeen pain free ever since."

As we close out our time together today,

let's go to the Lord in prayer,

let's ask for your needs.

Pray with me right now, won't you.

Father, we join our hearts and our minds

and we come to you as your children,

you are a good, good father.

You know the need of everyperson who's praying with me

right now, every person who's hurting,

physically, financially,emotionally, relationally.

Jesus, will you reachout now with your power

with your mercy and your grace,

will you touch people fromthe top of their heads

to the bottom of their toes

with your incredible healing power,

will you pull back thescale from their eyes,

will you help them to see things clearly,

will you help them tostand for their healing,

to walk in your mercy and grace

and the declare victory today

because you won it for us on the cross

2000 years ago.

In Jesus name we pray.

Thanks for being with us today,

we leave you with thesewords from Psalm 46,

"Be still, and know that I am God,

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth."

God bless you.


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