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Grocery Budget Boot Camp: Eat Healthy for Less

Grocery Budget Boot Camp: Eat Healthy for Less Read Transcript

- Just because some unhealthy foods like

processed macaroni and cheese are cheap

and some healthy foodslike wild caught salmon

are expensive, don't think for a minute

you have to spend a lot to eat healthy.

Tiffany Terczak is living proof.

She feeds her Atlanta familyof four super healthy food

for get this, only $330 a month.

- We eat real food, so foodthat comes from the ground,

animals that eat plants from the ground.

We hardly eat anything processed,

and by processed, I'm referring to boxes,

just add water type ofthings, we don't eat that.

- [Lorie] Tiffany's onlineGrocery Budget Bootcamp

is so popular there's a waiting list.

Probably because she saves her students

an average of $2,400 a year.

- I believe God has given me the gift of

teaching people how toeat real food on a budget.

Everything involved in thatarena comes easy to me,

and I know it's hard for other people.

- [Lorie] Tiffany took me toher local grocery and shared

her top tips, likestocking up on sale items.

- What really caught my eye is this,

and these are drumsticksfor $1.79 per pound,

marked down from $2.49, andthese are free range, organic

as well, and there areseveral packages up here.

There is at least four,five, six packages of them.

So when someone is concerned about

eating healthier food,trying to buy organics,

but they always say thatorganic costs so much,

if you just keep youreyes open, you can find

really great deals on organicfood at the grocery store.

- So you would buy all of those packages

and put them in the freezer?

- I would because the salecycle for grocery stores

is six to eight weeks, andnow I don't have to buy it

at full price in, say, two weeks from now.

We're good to go for several weeks.

- [Lorie] When you hitthe produce department,

comparison shop.

You'll be surprised, someorganics, like carrots,

are usually pretty cheap.

- So it's a 30 cents difference between

conventional and organic,which is really great

if you're trying to buybetter quality food,

but trying to keep it within the budget.

- [Lorie] Don't pay more forchopped or washed produce.

Save big money by doing it yourself.

Seasonal produce is usuallyless expensive and abundant,

and check out the bargain bin.

- Some of the stores willinclude organic produce

in this marked down section,and it doesn't change

the price, it's still $0.99 for that bag,

which could really saveyou a lot of money.

- [Lorie] Frozen produce canbe just as healthy as fresh

and often a lot cheaper.

And buying the rightstuff in bulk also saves.

For example, these big containersof probiotic rich yogurt

are a lot less per ounce thansingle serving containers.

Hunt for low priced canned foods,

like these fiber filledorganic beans, 10 for $10.

- What you may notrealize is that you don't

have to buy 10 to get thedeal of a dollar per can.

- [Lorie] Wild cannedfish is way cheaper than

fresh or frozen, and it's just as healthy.

Here's a good tip- only buyfood at the grocery store.

- Aluminum foil will costyou more at the grocery store

than it would if you were to buy it at

a different store thatwasn't a food focused store.

- Like Walmart?

- Like Walmart, Costco, Target.

- [Lorie] Watch out for thespecialty cheese section,

the blue cheese here is twice the price

of what's in the dairy section.

Steer clear of bottled and canned drinks,

like juices and sodas.

Stick with good old tap water instead.

Also avoid packaged snackfoods, like cereal bars.

It's much healthier andcheaper to make them

from scratch, from organic whole oats.

- If you are intentional withwhat you cook from scratch,

and you cook the things that will have

the biggest impact on your budgets,

then you can actually make cooking

from scratch work in your favor.

- Bone broth and kimchiare two of the best things

for your gut, you canbuy them at the store

but they're also really cheapand easy to make at home.

First, buy meat containing bones,

it's cheaper than boneless.

After eating the meat, insteadof throwing the bones away,

save and toss them ina Crock-Pot with water

and two tablespoons ofapple cider vinegar.

Let sit for an hour, then addonion, carrot, and celery.

Cook on low for 24 hours or longer.

Remove the large piecesof bone and vegetables,

then strain and enjoy.

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