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Praying For Your Needs: August 13, 2018

Pat and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing. Read Transcript

- Hey, here's one.

This is Kevin, who lives inClarksburg, West Virginia.

He suffered with nose issues.

He had surgery a yearago, broke his nose again.

His symptoms returned.

Just a few days beforescheduling another surgery,

Kevin was watching The 700 Club,

and Terry, you prayed this word.

You had a word of knowledge,

traumatic damage of somekind to someone's nose.

And you said, "God ishealing that condition."

And guess what?

Kevin received a healing.

Later, his doctor confirmedeverything was normal.

Didn't need any surgery.

Praise God. What do ya have?- Here's another one.

Pat, this is Jennifer.

This came in by email.

She said, "for many years,

"I've struggled with amysterious medical issue

with my esophagus."

"I frequently get chokedon all types of food

"and have developed afear of solid foods."

"I've always felt a tightness

"and constriction in my throat."

"Then one day on The700 Club, during prayer,

"Pat mentioned someone whofelt like they always had

"a hand around their neck, like choking."

"I opened my eyes in shock andthrew my hand up in the air

"and said, 'I think that's me!'"

"Immediately, I could feela difference in my throat."

"I could feel my throatopen and I could swallow

"with such ease."

"I recently turned over my life to Christ,

"and became a member of The 700 Club,

"and I'm so amazed at theblessings that have already begun

"in my life and lookforward to serving the Lord

"and pleasing him."


- Folk, it's time to pray.

I know this is the time of this program

that many of you look forward to.

And we want to pray for your need.

Whatever they are, listen,

we serve a God who created everything

He brought the world intobeing and all he's got

to do is speak the word andmy servant will be healed.

That's what the man saidto Jesus and it's true.

Just speak the word.

Now, Terry and I aregonna join hands together,

and wherever you are, ifyou pray with us right now,

there's nothing impossible.

Nothing is impossible with God.

Father, I join with mydear sister in Christ,

and we pray together, andwe confess that with God,

all things are possible.

Nothing is impossible.

And Lord, right now, somebodyelse has a brain tumor,

and a breathing situation, and right now,

God is reaching down into that tumor

and that tumor is dissolvingin the name of Jesus.

Mercy, it's yours.


- There's someone else,

you have a tumor at theback of your throat.

It's like underneath your tongue

and you've had it for quite awhile,

but you've had it diagnosed now.

You're waiting for test results.

You are so frightened ofwhat's about to happen.

God's got your back in this.

You're gonna be healed, in Jesus' name,

and for his glory, justreceive that today.

- There's a lump in your throat.

It's almost like you havea dislocated vertebrae,

and the thing has causedconstriction in your throat.

Just reach up there and touchit in the name of Jesus,

and you've been healed in God.


- There's someone else,you're in a financial bind.

You need $50,000, likea minimum of $50,000.

It's so overwhelming to you.

God is going to bringthat to you and more.

Just rejoice as you watch it come in,

but remember who gave it to you.

- There's somebody, there'sa cloud of glory over you.

You're seeing this cloud ofglory and it's the symbol

that God has got wonderful things

for you to do in your life.

And it's a cloud of glory, just,

you're caught up into something that's

so absolutely marvelous andyou're beholding it right now.

All you have to do ispraise God, receive it,

and recognize that this is a sign that God

has something wonderful for you.


- There's one more thing.

Somebody's been in a kind of an accident,

where your body's been jarredand you can hardly move.

Right now, that is all beingset in order in Jesus' name,

and all of your mobility andyour ability to turn and twist

and bend is coming back, in Jesus' name.

- And wherever you are,in the name of Jesus,

receive it.

Answer God is going to bless you.

As you call upon him,there's nothing impossible.

Receive and answer in his name, Amen.

And Amen.

Thank you for being with us.

Now listen, give us a call.

We love to hear from you

and all you do is justpick up the telephone,

call and say,

I was praying about this andthe Lord did this for me.

Or if you need prayer, somebody's here.

We love you and want to pray for you.


It's easy to remember.

Toll free, it won't cost youa dime, nothing financial.


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