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'Our AG Is Scared Stiff, Missing in Action': Trump Steps up Pressure on Sessions to Quash Russia Probe

'Our AG Is Scared Stiff, Missing in Action': Trump Steps up Pressure on Sessions to Quash Russia Probe Read Transcript

- Pat, pressure is growingfor special counsel

Robert Mueller to wrap his investigation

into Russian collusion by September 1st.

Our Amber Strong takes a look

at the President's legal strategy,

and his team's call for aquick end to the Russia probe.

- Over the weekend, thepresident taking aim once again

at Attorney General, Jeff Sessions

over the ongoing Russia investigation.

"I have never seen anythingso rigged in my life.

Our A.G. is scared stiffand missing in action,"

the President tweeted from his golf club

in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Presidential Advisor, KellyAnnConway, says the President

is frustrated with what he seesas a lopsided investigation.

- The gravamen of his tweets,John, are that he wants

to make sure we are investigating

all sides of the quote,so-called Russian collusion.

- [Amber] Senator LindseyGraham also backing

the president, and callingfor an investigation

into the investigation.

- When it came to the Trumpcampaign, it was corrupt,

it was biased, and I think unethical.

Mr. Ohr should not hadany role in investigating

the Trump campaign,because his wife worked

at Fusion GPS.

- [Amber] Graham is citingthe conflict of interest

for Bruce Ohr, a high-rankingJustice Department official

who had connections to theresearch firm, Fusion GPS,

that helped compile thedossier that helped lead

to the Russia investigation.

Meanwhile, Trump's legalteam is putting pressure

on the special counsel towrap up his investigation

before the midterms.

- There is a Justice Department practice,

and he's bound by it,

that to the best you can, you shouldn't be

carrying these things onright before an election.

- [Amber] Trump's attorneyRudy Giuliani also says

the President did notinstruct former FBI Director,

James Comey, to take it easy

on National SecurityAdvisor, Michael Flynn.

An apparent about-facefrom his earlier remarks.

Something Giuliani denies.

- So you're saying thatPresident Trump and James Comey

never discussed Michael Flynn.

- That is what he will testify to,

if he's asked that question.

- Now, that 2017 Comeyconversation is an important factor

into the special counsel's investigation

as to whether or not thePresident obstructed justice.

Regardless, Rudy Giuliani says

President Trump won'tbe taking any questions,

when it comes to firedFBI Director, James Comey.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.


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