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'The Purpose God Has Over My Life is Unstoppable': Singer Koryn Hawthorne's New Album Reaches No. 1 on Gospel Charts

'The Purpose God Has Over My Life is Unstoppable': Singer Koryn Hawthorne's New Album Reaches No. 1 on Gospel Charts Read Transcript

(sultry music)

♪ Make it rain ♪

♪ And let the clouds fillwith thunderous applause ♪

♪ Thunderous applause ♪

♪ And let the lightning be the veins ♪

♪ Thunder ♪

♪ Fill the skies withall that they can draw ♪

♪ When it's time to make a change ♪

- I, of course, saw you on The Voice

as many people did,

but we are now enjoyinga new project from you,


Why Unstoppable?

- Why Unstoppable?

Well I have a song on thealbum called Unstoppable.

So of course we recorded that first

and then they came and asked me

what I felt a good name would be

and I don't know,

I just felt like it wouldbe the perfect name.

I kinda feel like throughoutthe course of my life,

you know, like I said before,

God has always orchestrated my steps.

And it just kinda seemslike no matter what

has happened, no matter,people, their opinions

that they try to throw at me,

directions that they try to point me in,

my purpose still remains the same.

And it's almost like that's Unstoppable.

It's not really about me,

not to put the emphasis on me,

like I'm unstoppable,

but the purpose that God hasover my life is Unstoppable.

And nobody can stop that.

So with this album I kindajust want to encourage

other people in that.

Because everybody has a purpose.

And I feel like in thistime it's necessary

to find out what your purposeis and be unstoppable in it.

So that's what I'm just trying to do.

- You're doing it.

You're doing it.

- Bring awareness!

- I love it.

I love it.

You work with some prettybig names on this project,

tell me about some of your producers.

- For sure, so GrammyAward winning producer

Bernie Herms, love him.

Grammy Award winningproducer Warren Campbell,

I work with Fine, I workwith Aaron Lindsey who is

a Grammy Award winning writer.

The list goes on.

McKee Barrity, GrammyAward winning writer.

And I just, I'm superthankful to be able to work

with people of their caliberthis early in the game.

- Yeah the very first.

- Like this is my firstalbum, so you know.

God is good.- All the time.

- Won't he do it, yes he will.

So yeah, I'm excited.

- I love that.

You also made an appearanceon Greenleaf, I saw.

Tell me about that, how'dthat all come about for you?

- So this such a crazy process.

The head of my label, Phil Thornton,

shout out to him, he called me.

He was like, "Corrine, they want you to

be a part of the soundtrack,

they want you to be on an episode."

I didn't have anything out yet.

So I was just literallyjust got signed to my label,

I'm just like, "Okay,well thank you Lord!"

You know.

Thank you Jesus, I was superexcited for the opportunity.

Went over there to Atlanta,

they sent me Won't He DoIt for the soundtrack,

and I just was like, "Thisis such a great song."

Went in the studio, all Iremember was my mindframe

in the studio like, you know what,

every single time I record a song,

I want it to feel like it'smine whether I wrote it or not,

I don't want it to comeacross as a cover song.

And the song related so much to my life

that I just rememberbeing in the studio like,

"God, thank you for what you're doing,"

and the spirit of gratefulness,

and I kinda just wanted it totransfer over into the song,

into the track.

So being on set was incredible.

The cast was just very welcoming,

and I just kinda liketo see different worlds,

like I'm a singer so you knowI'm very involved in my world,

but I thought it was cool toexperience an actor's world.

So that was really cool,

but that's how Won't He Do It came about,

so that's incredible.

Incredible experience.

- If you could look in themirror at the younger you,

what advice would you sayto that little Corrine

about what's to come?

- Stay focused, and trust God.

I mean I feel like I did that,

but you know I reallywould kinda instill it.

Like trust God, through everything.

I feel like that's themost important advice

that you can give anybody.

Because we doubt,

and sometimes we get in our heads

and that causes us tomake the wrong decisions,

because we want to go our own way.

So, trust God girl, he got you.


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