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'Drag Queen Story Hours' Expose Pre-Schoolers to What Some Parents Call 'Gender Insanity'

'Drag Queen Story Hours' Expose Pre-Schoolers to What Some Parents Call 'Gender Insanity' Read Transcript

- This public library herein Virginia Beach, Virginia

recently hosted an eventcalled Drag Queen Story Hour,

and we witnessed parentstaking their children

as young as two inside to take part.

Drag Queen Story Hour isadvertised as an event

that captures the imaginationand play of childhood,

and gives kids glamorous,positive, and diverse role models.

It is all part of a national initiative,

with more than 20 chaptersacross the country.

Last summer, the BostonPublic Library allowed

drag queens dressed as Catholic nuns,

called the Sisters of PerpetualIndulgence, to read to kids.

Princeton professor RobertP. George told CBN News

it's dangerous to use thestate to promote ideas

that defy normal ideas about gender.

- Well, it's a message about power.

The group in question, the so-called

Sisters of PerpetualIndulgence, is sending a message

that they have the power to enter into

the public domain, apublicly-funded institution

I believe, not a privateone, and to essentially

hold a catechism classfor this new religion

that they've created,a religion of hedonism,

of self-indulgence, Sistersof Perpetual Indulgence,

say a religion of licentiousness.

- [Charlene] At another,a man dressed in drag

encouraged a young childto become a drag queen.

- I'd like to be a superhero.

- Yeah, you could be adrag queen superhero.

- [Charlene] ElizabethJohnston, also known as

the Activist Mommy, callsthe issues surrounding

gender confusion gender insanity.

- Moms and daughters transitioning

to the opposite sex together.

We've got guys going into girlslocker rooms and bathrooms,

and drag queens arereading stories to children

in public libraries, therebynormalizing this behavior

of men, dressing up inhigh heels, a wig, a bra,

and copious amounts of makeup.

Whatever happened to puppet shows

and craft day at the library?

- [Charlene] One Virginiaparent disagrees.

- I think that we should saythat everybody's different,

and we should accept peoplefor their differences,

and that we should treatthem as we would treat

anybody else, with just different tastes.

Some people like pizza, somepeople don't like pizza,

some people dress up like women,

some people dress up like men.

- [Charlene] More than20 parents brought kids

ages two to eight to aVirginia Beach Story Hour,

where Gillette Black, who is openly gay,

dressed as a mermaid and read three books

as part of an under-the-sea theme.

Black wants to be a positive role model,

and says reading in drag makesit more fun for the kids.

- Just to give them somethingextra to look forward to,

the makeup, the glitter,it's gonna keep them

more in tune and more willingto listen and pay attention.

They were all accepting,they all were happy about it

and excited, and givingme hugs and everything.

- [Charlene] Libraryofficials say the program

highlights a need in its community.

- The library has a strategicplan, and one of our

big parts of our plan isinclusion and diversity,

so we offer about 8,000programs for children

and adults a year, and wejust wanted to make sure

we cover a wide variety of interests,

and speak to all members of our community,

so this program fell intothat strategic action item.

- [Charlene] But outraged residents argue

the program will harm kids.

- I think it's reallyunfortunate that our city

isn't going to, they're hereto protect, and keep us safe,

and I'm not sure they're doing that

for all the population,especially the children.

Here they're gonna getexposed to something that

they're really not sureabout and be confused.

- [Charlene] And it doesn't stop there.

Netflix plans to debut agay-themed superhero show,

featuring cross-dresserscalled Super Drags.

The Activity Mommydescribes today's culture

movements as an embarrassingmoment in our nation's history.

- We have become so open-minded

that our brains are falling out.

Truth and reality and science

really mean nothing to the left.

People are fighting theirtrue biological identity

and Hollywood and the media are trying to

pressure us to celebrate this.

- Two more Drag Queen StoryHour events are planned

for this Virginia Beach library,in August and September.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.


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