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Lisa Harper “Healed of an Orphan Spirit”

Popular author and speaker Lisa Harper shares a hilarious story about her daughter Missy that happened on an airplane. Lisa uses the story to illustrate that laughter is a gift from a “happy God” that we can unashamedly enjoy. Read Transcript

- A few weeks ago, Missyand I were flying home

from an event in Texas,we were flying back

to Nashville, Tennessee

when I noticed the flight attendant

was kind of trying to get my attention,

I was wearing headphones, so was Missy,

we were both watching iPads

but she was grin and pointing at Missy

and so, I looked down at Missy,

she was in the middle seatand noticed right away

she was absentmindedly rubbing my,

I wanna be careful sincethis is Christian television,

rubbing my upper right fluffy part

and I got really tickledbecause that's just normal

for little girls to be a little enamored

with their mama's fluffy parts

but then I realized asshe's kind of groping me,

she also saying something, Icould see her mouth moving.

So, I pulled my right headphone back

to hear what Missy wassaying and I pulled it back

just in time to hear my baby bellow,

mama, I just love your breast,

I just love your breast andI just burst out laughing.

I realized in that moment thatthe whole back of the plane

was laughing and of course,

that's why the flight attendant was trying

to get my attention.

Y'all, we laugh all the time in our house.

Sometimes it's over reallyembarrassing things like that.

Sometimes we just laugh

because we're worship dancing in the house

and if you could see me dance,

you would laugh too.

Laughter is something that we should see

a whole lot more I believe in the church.

I think we should seeso much more happiness

among followers of Christ

and do you know, it's a biblical emotion?

We've often been taught

that joy is the biblicalemotion and happy is not

but that's not biblically sound.

God actually describes himself as happy.

In First Timothy verse1:11 it's where Paul

is giving young Timothy a charge

and he's saying here's whatyou're called to do, Tim,

and he says, in accordancewith the glorious gospel

of the blessed God, withwhich I have been entrusted

and that sounds kindof plain until you read

between the lines and youknow the original Greek

of that verse.

When Paul says accordingto the glorious good news

of the blessed God, theword there we translate

into blessed in Greek is makarios

and it's just as theologically sound

to call makarios happy,that's the translation,

so basically God is saying,

I'm a good God and I'm a happy God.

He's not a uni-browed librarian, y'all.

God is happy,

what that means in the biblical context

is he is perfectly content

and he experiences deep joy.

I hope that changes yourstory just a little bit today.

The idea, the mental picture of a God

who loves you, a happy God who grins

when he sees you coming.

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