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News on The 700 Club: August 15, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Aug 15.: Discovery Camp in Texas Changing Teens' Lives for 30 Years; A bombshell grand jury report identifies more than a thousand victims of 300 "predator priests" who sexually abused children in six Pennsylvania ... Read Transcript

- Well welcome to thisedition of the 700 Club.

You know there was agrand jury in Pennsylvania

that issued an indictmentagainst the Catholic Church

that's simply shocking.

Just in Pennsylvania theysaid there was at least

1,000 instances of abuseof children by priests.

Just think of that, thepriests are in a position

of authority and this was all covered up

by the Catholic Bishops.

This is a stain on a greatchurch and they've got

to clean that thing upas fast as they can,

a thousand, can you believethat, a thousand cases.

- You can't and I heardthat news you just...

- Of molesting boys and onecase of a rape of a girl,

little girl, I mean it'sjust, these little children

are entrusted to the care of these people

when they're teachers andcaregivers and of course priests,

but I mean, I just can'tbelieve it and I really,

I think that the, I don'tknow if the Pope is doing,

I think he's doing somethingbut he's not doing enough.

But these scandals aretaking place all over.

I think it's really timefor the Catholic Church

to reexamine the question of celibacy.

You know why celibacy wasput into place don't you?

- In the Catholic Church--- Yeah.

- Not really--- To get the money,

it was for money.

- You're kidding.

- About 1,300, yeah, theproperty was owned by priests

and they get married and thewife would get the money.

And so they said, wecan't have that happen,

we want these priests not to have wives

and therefore we get the money,

I mean--- I thought it

was all about devotion

to God--- Devotion to God nothing

it was having to do with money.

I mean, you know, it's a shame isn't it

that money is at the root of (chuckling)

what is it, the love of moneyis the root of all evil.

Well, that's what it says.

Okay well let's get into the main stories.

Questions and ethics,possible security violations

surround the White Houseand who secretly taped

White House conversations

including one in the Situation Room.

That's Omarosa, she was on The Apprentice.

I thought she was terriblyarrogant on The Apprentice,

I don't know why inthe world the President

put her on his staff, but he did.

Now she's got, she says shewas taping conversations.

That is a terrible breach of ethics,

it should never have been allowed

and of course Trump's legal team is saying

we need to shut her down.

- Yeah, Omarosa Manigault-Newman continues

to release more tapes duringher book promotion tour

and she's also claimingshe's been contacted

by Special Council, Robert Mueller.

CBN's White HouseCorrespondent, Ben Kennedy,

has details from the North Lawn.

- President Trump tookto Twitter calling out

Omarosa Manigault-Newman whocontinues to release tapes

aimed at damaging her former boss.

Those tapes now raising security

and even ethical concernsright here behind me

at the White House.

President Trump hit hard calling

his former aide a dog.

This in response to her new tell-all book

about her time in theWhite House which contains

accusations against the President.

She claims she heard a tape of Trump

using a racial slur onthe set of The Apprentice.

Trump fired back thatproducer Mark Burnett

personally called him andsaid there is no such tape.

- I think like most peoplethat worked with her

are very disappointed that she would go

to such a self-servingand somebody who blatantly

cares more about herself then our country

to make up some of theseoutrageous claims and accusations.

- [Ben] Omarosa isunder fire for recording

White House conversations including one

in the Situation Room where cell phones

and recording devices are not allowed.

The act has been denouncedas a serious breach

of ethics and security.

The moral compass right here in D.C.

is really wavering lately.

What is the state when it comes to ethics

in American politics?

- We have a concern inthis country about the,

the moral compass of individuals involved

in leadership and are involvedin different professions

and even if somethingis legal it doesn't mean

that it is morally appropriateto do in a situation.

So I think it's an importantdiscussion to have.

- [Ben] Turns out it's not acrime in D.C. to tape someone

without their knowledge,but Regent law professor,

Natt Gantt points out it then becomes

an issue about ethics.

- Even though it may be legal to record

a conversation generally there may be

specific ethical implications

given her particularrole in the White House.

- [Ben] Omarosa now claimsthat Special Council,

Robert Mueller's office,has even reached out

about the tapes.

- [Reporter] AnythingMueller would like to see?

You see Robert Mueller--- If he, if he,

if his office calls again--- Would you be a good witness

in this investigation--- Anything they want

I'll share.

- The case now heads to the court.

The Trump campaign says Omarosa violated

a nondisclosure agreement that she signed

with the Trump campaign and they now plan

to take legal action against her.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- Shocking, she's tryingto make money on it.

That is a gross breach ofethics for somebody to do that

and her chance of beinghired by somebody else

I think stands at zero so shebetter get a lot of money now

'cause she ain't gonnaget any in the future.

A person would have to beout of his mind to hire her

in any other position at all.

- Well she didn't just hurt the President

she hurt the wholecountry because she took

a recording device into the Situation Room

and that's a violationof national security.

She really should be prosecuted.

- Well I think it's a case, but I mean,

she is an arrogant person,on that show she was arrogant

and I don't, I don'tknow why they hired here,

but anyhow, that's, that's,that's for General Kelly

to figure out.

Well in other news anew poll agrees with us

shows the American people are ready

for the Mueller probe to end.

Efrem Graham has more.

- Pat 60% of voters sayRobert Mueller should conclude

the Russia investigationbefore the midterm elections

and it's not just Republicanswho feel that way.

A new CNN poll shows 57% of Democrats,

72% of Republicans,and 69% of Independents

all believe the investigation should end

before the November vote.

Voters in four states wentto the polls yesterday

and some made historyproving President Trump's

political power in the Midwest.

In Minnesota former Republican Governor

and longtime Trump critic, Tim Pawlenty

lost his bid for another shotat the governor's mansion

beaten by Trump supporter, Jeff Johnson.

In Wisconsin State Senator Leah Vukmir,

a Trump supporter wasnominated to face off

against first-term Democrat,U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin.

In Vermont Democrats nominateda transgendered woman

to serve as their candidatefor governor this fall.

Christine Hallquist says she is proud

to be the face of Democrats.

A scathing grand juryreport released Tuesday

accuses hundreds of Catholic priests

with sexually abusing more than

a thousand children in Pennsylvania.

The abuse happened overdecades and officials believe

the real number of abusedchildren might be much higher.

Charlene Aaron is on this story.

- The bombshell reportidentifies more than

a thousand victims of 300 predator priests

who sexually abused childrenin six Pennsylvania dioceses

dating back to 1940.

State Attorney General, JoshShapiro, released the report

Tuesday in an emotional news conference

surrounded by victims, some sharing

their traumatic stories in a video.

- When you have the priesttouching you every day,

you know, that's a hardmemory to, to have.

- He would always have his hands on me.

- They targeted mebecause I was fatherless.

- The time of telling these victims

to keep their truth tothemselves has ended.

- [Charlene] The report accusesdozens of church leaders

of covering up the abuse for decades

beginning in the mid 1950's.

- Priests were rapinglittle boys and girls

and the men of God whowere responsible for them

not only did nothing, theyhid it all for decades.

- [Charlene] In response to the report

Bishop David Zubik ofthe Pittsburgh diocese

is apologizing to victims.

That diocese is one of thesix named in the report.

- I promise to meet withany victim to apologize

to them in person and inthe name of the church.

- [Charlene] Outside of Pennsylvania,

Washington D.C. Cardinal,Theodore McCarrick,

recently resigned afteraccusations of sexual abuse.

He's the highest rankingchurch official to fall

but maintains his innocence.

Meanwhile criminal charges will be brought

against a few priests in Pennsylvania

but officials say many of the cases

are beyond the statue of limitations.

The grand jury recommendschanges in some state laws

to bring justice for the victims.

- The grand jury recommendsthat the penalties

for a continuing failure toreport child abuse be clarified.

We can't pass laws telling the church

how to administer internal operations

but we can demand thatit inform authorities

about rapists and molesters,wrote the grand jury.

- [Charlene] Charlene Aaron, CBN News.


- Another setback for Americanpastor, Andrew Brunson,

detained in Turkey.

A Turkish court rejectedan appeal for his release.

The pastor is at the centerof an escalating spat

between the United States and Turkey.

In retaliation for U.S.tariffs and sanctions

Turkey is hiking tariffs on American cars

to 120% and increasingduties on alcohol to 140%.

Turkey's president iscalling on his people

to boycott other U.S. products

as he faces a financialcrisis and drifts farther away

from his NATO allies and closer to Russia.

Israel opened the maincrossing point for goods

into Gaza Wednesday.

The crossing had been closed for a month

because of Hamas attacks on Israel.

It's relatively quietat the Gaza border now

after last week's barrageof rocket fire into Israel.

Egypt and the U.N. havepushed hard for a longterm

cease-fire between Israel and Hamas

but Israeli Deputy to the Prime Minister,

Michael Oren, told CBNNews he is skeptical.

- I can tell with 100% certainty

that if a cease-fire isachieved Hamas will violate it

'cause that's the nature of Hamas.

Hamas is a Jihadist terrorist organization

that's sworn to kill usand so it's in it's DNA

to break that cease-fire.

- Relief and cleanupcrews are hard at work

after a series of powerful earthquakes

killed hundreds of Indonesians

in the Island of Lombok last week.

Within hours CBN's OperationBlessing Indonesia Team

was in the earthquake zonebringing help to the people.

Our Gary Lane brings us the story.

- The initial quake measured6.9 on the Richter scale

and within several daysthe people of Lombok

were struck with twomore devastating tremors.

In addition to the dead and injured

tens of thousands ofpeople were left homeless.

The island of Lombok is near Bali,

a popular vacation spot.

It's in the eastern region of the country

along the rim of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

CBN's Regional Directorfor Southeast Asia,

Mark McClendon, is leading

the Operation Blessing relief effort.

He says people are frightenedthe earth may shake again.

- The collective trauma ofthree earthquakes in a row

has caused tens of thousands of people

to choose to sleep outdoors.

Nobody wants to sleep inside.

Even the largest hospital on the island

now is on the brink of collapseand all of the patients

are in the parking lot under tents

and it's into this situationthat Operation Blessing

doctors and nurses have come to bring

medical help and relief.

- [Gary] This man, named Bohri, came to

an Operation Blessing basecamp looking for help.

An OB medical team responded immediately

and were shocked tofind hundreds of people

in the Village of(mumbles) in desperate need

of medical attention.

A third earthquakedestroyed almost every house

in the village leaving many people

traumatized and wounded.

The entire village isnow sleeping outside.

But the Operation Blessing Team

didn't just bring doctorsto bandage the wounds

and medicines to takeaway pain and sickness

we also brought hope and trauma relief.

(speaking in foreign language)

- I felt so sorry because no medical help

had come for my village.

So I finally went to find help.

I am so happy and deeply thankful

for the team that cameto our village today.

- [Gary] McClendon saysmore help is on the way.

- More medical teams,blankets, food, water,

tarps, everything that we can do and share

to help ease the suffering of these people

on the island of Lombok.

- [Gary] Gary Lane, CBN News.

- So hard to believe, threeconsecutive earthquakes

but Pat good to seeOperation Blessing at work

in the heart

of it all--- Well you know

when that tsunami hit (mumbles)

we were the first ones there.

We had a boat that camein with relief supplies

and it was all Muslim area but we were

a Christian organization totake care of those people

and we were there on the scene.

Right now the devastation is terrible.

387,000 live in tents,death toll is now 439,

67,000 houses have collapsed,

553 school buildings have collapsed,

it was a terrible, terrible tragedy

and Operation Blessing right now

has shipped in abouthalf a ton of medicines

and emergency supplies thatarrived in the capital city

and is being, arrived the following day.

OB is sending more medicalteams, blankets, food,

water and plastic tarpsto ease the suffering

and to help everyway they can.

If you wanna help Operation Blessing

it's the InternationalRelief Disaster Fund,

it's 800-700-7000 or see

Operation Blessings DisasterRelief Fund CBN Center,

it's easy to remember but in your name

we're there helping thosewho suffer and, you know,

this earth we live onseems to be in a state

of shock right now--- It's convulsing.

- It's convulsing against us and of course

that's in the Ring of Fire, you know,

Indonesia is in the middleof a real seismic (mumbles).

You can see that Ring of Fire how it goes

from Indonesia to NewZealand, all the way around

and when that things starts to move

it like those Pacific plates are moving up

against the land plates all over

and these earthquakes, theydon't have to shift very far,

to bring about great devastation.


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