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The 700 Club - August 15, 2018

A young rebel heads for the streets only to stare down a lengthy sentence behind bars. Witness his story of redemption. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The following program

is sponsored by CBN.

- [Announcer] Coming up.

- [Rusty] Just take it too far.

- [Announcer] A rebel without a cause.

- Got off it on the talent here.

- [Announcer] A young manheads for the streets.

- [Rusty] When I was homeless,they were homeless with me.

- [Announcer] Only to stare down

a lengthy sentence behind bars.

- [Rusty] The judge knew my reputation.

He knew my criminal history.

- [Announcer] His story of redemption.

- [Rusty] There's nothing that can keep

God's love away from us.

- [Announcer] On today's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Well, welcome to thisedition of The 700 Club.

You know, there was agrand jury in Pennsylvania

that issued an indictment

against the Catholic churchthat's simply shocking.

Just in Pennsylvania,

they said there was at least 1,000

instances of abuse of

children by priests.

Just think of that.

The priests are in a position of authority

and this was all coveredup by the Catholic bishops.

This is a stain on a great church,

and they've got to clean thatthing up as fast as they can.


Can you believe that, 1,000 cases?

- You can't.

When I heard that news, you just--

- Molesting boys,

and one case of rape of a girl,

little girl.

I mean, these littlechildren are entrusted

to the care of these

people when they are theirteachers and caregivers

and of course priests.

I just can't believe it.

I really, I think that, Idon't know if the Pope's doing,

I think he's doing somethingbut he's not doing enough.

These scandals are taking place all over.

I think it's really timefor the Catholic church

to reexamine the question of celibacy.

You know why celibacy wasput into place, don't you?

- In the Catholic church?

- Yeah.

- Not really.

- To get the money.

It was for money.

- You're kidding.

- About $1,300, yeah, theproperty was owned by priests,

and they'd get married andthe wife would get the money.

So they said, "We can't have that happen.

"We want these priest not to have wives,

"and therefore, we get the money."

- I thought it was allabout devotion to God.

- Oh, devotion to God nothing.

It was having to do with money.

I mean, you know, it's a shame, isn't it,

that money is the root of, what is it?

The love of money is the root of all evil.

That's what it says.

Okay, well let's get into the

main stories.

Questions and ethics of possible security

to our nation's surround the White House

and who's secretly tappedWhite House conversations

including one in the Situation Room.

That Omarosa.

She was on The Apprentice.

I thought she was terriblyarrogant on The Apprentice.

I don't know why in the world

the President put her onhis staff, but he did.

Now she's got, she said shewas taping conversations.

That is a terrible breach of ethics.

It should never have been allowed.

And of course, Trump'slegal team is saying,

"We need to shut her down."

- Yeah.

Omarosa Manigault Newmancontinues to release

more tapes during her book promotion tour,

and she's also claiming she's been

contacted by SpecialCounsel Robert Mueller.

CBN's White Housecorrespondent Ben Kennedy

has details from the North Lawn.

- President Trump took to Twitter

calling out Omarosa Manigault Newman

who continues to release tapes

aimed at damaging her former boss.

Those tapes now raising security

and even ethical concerns right here

behind me at the White House.

President Trump hit hard,calling his former aide a dog.

This in response to her new tell-all book

about her time in the White House

which contains accusationsagainst the President.

She claims she heard a tape of Trump

using a racial slur onthe set of The Apprentice.

Trump fired back thatproducer Mark Burnett

personally called him andsaid there is no such tape.

- I think like most peoplethat worked with her,

very disappointed that she would go

to such a self serving and somebody

who blatantly cares more aboutherself than our country,

to make us some of theseoutrageous claims and accusations.

- Omarosa is under fire for recording

White House conversations,

including one in the Situation Room

where cellphones and recordingdevices are not allowed.

The act has been denounced as a serious

breach of ethics and security.

The moral compass right here in DC

is really wavering lately.

What is this state when it comes

to ethics in American politics?

- We have a concern inthis country about the

moral compass of individuals

involved in leadership

or involved in different professions,

and even if something is legal,

it doesn't mean that it is morally

appropriate to do in a situation.

So I think it's an importantdiscussion to have.

- [Ben] Turns out,

it's not a crime in DC to tape someone

without their knowledge,

but Regent law professor Natt Gantt

points out it then becomesan issue about ethics.

- Even thought it may be legal

to record a conversation, generally,

there may be specific ethical implications

given her particularrole in the White House.

- [Ben] Omarosa now claims

that Special CounselRobert Mueller's office

has even reached out about the tapes.

- [Interviewer] AnythingMueller would like to see,

Mr. Robert Mueller?

- If his office calls again.anything they want, I'll share.

- [Interviewer] Would you be

a good witness in this investigation?

- The case now heads to the court.

The Trump campaign says Omarosa violated

a nondisclosure agreement that she signed

with the Trump campaign,

and they now plan to takelegal action against her.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- Shocking.

She's trying to make money on it.

That is a

gross breach of ethics.

For somebody to do that,

and her chance of beinghired by somebody else,

I think, stands at zero.

So she better get a lot of money now

'cause she ain't gon'get any in the future.

A person would have to be out of his mind

to hire her at any other position at all.

- Well, she didn't justhurt the President.

She hurt the whole country

because she took a recording device

into the Situation Room.

That's a violation of national security.

She really should be prosecuted.

- Well, I think it's a case, but I mean,

she is an arrogant person.

On that show, she was arrogant,

and I don't know why theyhired her, but anyhow,

that's for General Kelly to figure out.

Well, in other news, anew poll agrees with us,

shows the American people are ready

for the Mueller probe to end.

Efrem Graham has more.

- Pat, 60% of voters say Robert Mueller

should conclude the Russia investigation

before the midterm elections,

and it's not just Republicanswho feel that way.

A new CNN poll shows 57% of Democrats,

72% of Republicans, and69% of Independents,

all believe the investigation

should end before the November vote.

Voters in four state wentto the polls yesterday,

and some made history,

proving President Trump'spolitical power in the Midwest.

In Minnesota, former Republican governor

and longtime Trump critic Tim Pawlenty

lost his bid for another shotat the governor's mansion,

beaten by Trump supporter Jeff Johnson.

In Wisconsin, State SenatorLeah Vukmir, a Trump supporter,

was nominated to face off

against first-term DemocratUS Senator Tammy Baldwin.

In Vermont, Democratsnominated a transgendered woman

to serve as their candidatefor governor this fall.

Christine Hallquist says

she is proud to be the face of Democrats.

A scathing grand juryreport released Tuesday

accuses hundreds of Catholic priests

with sexually abusing

more than 1,000 children in Pennsylvania.

The abuse happened over decades,

and officials believe the real number

of abused children might be much higher.

Charlene Aaron is on this story.

- The bombshell report identifies

more than 1,000 victimsof 300 predator priests

who sexually abused children in six

Pennsylvania diocese dating back to 1940.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro

released the report Tuesday

in an emotional news conferencesurrounded by victims,

some sharing their traumaticstories in a video.

- When you have the priest

touching you every day,

you know, that's a hard memory to,

to have.

- He would always have his hands on me.

- They targeted me

because I was fatherless.

- The time of telling these victims

to keep their truth to themselves

has ended.

- [Charlene] The report accuses dozens

of church leaders of coveringup the abuse for decades,

beginning in the mid 1950s.

- Priests were rapinglittle boys and girls,

and the men of God who were responsible

for them not only did nothing,

they hid it all for decades.

- [Charlene] In response to the report,

Bishop David Zubik ofthe Pittsburgh Diocese

is apologizing to victims.

That diocese is one of thesix named in the report.

- I promise to meet with any victim

to apologize to them in person

and in the name of the Church.

- [Charlene] Outside ofPennsylvania, Washington, D.C.,

Cardinal TheodoreMcCarrick recently resigned

after accusations of sexual abuse.

He's the highest ranking church official

to fall but maintains his innocence.

Meanwhile, criminalcharges will be brought

against a few priests in Pennsylvania,

but officials say many of the cases

are beyond the statute of limitations.

The grand jury recommends changes

in some state laws to bringjustice for the victims.

- The grand jury recommendsthat the penalties

for a continuing failure toreport child abuse be clarified.

"We can't pass laws telling the Church

"how to administer internal operations,

"but we can demand thatit inform authorities

"about rapists and molesters",wrote the grand jury.

- [Charlene] Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- Another setback for Americanpastor Andrew Brunson,

detained in Turkey.

A Turkish court rejectedan appeal for his release.

The pastor is at thecenter of an escalating

spat between the United States and Turkey.

In retaliation for UStariffs and sanctions,

Turkey is hiking tariffson American cars to 120%,

and increasing duties on alcohol to 140%.

Turkey's president iscalling on his people

to boycott other US products as he faces

a financial crisis and drifts farther away

from his NATO allies and closer to Russia.

Israel opened the main crossing point

for goods into Gaza Wednesday.

The crossing has been closed for a month

because of Hamas attacks on Israel.

It's relatively quietat the Gaza border now

after last week's barrageof rocket fire into Israel.

Egypt and the UN have pushed hard

for a long-term ceasefirebetween Israel and Hamas,

but Israeli Deputy to thePrime Minister Michael Oren

tells CBN News he is skeptical.

- I can tell you with 100% certainty

that if a ceasefire is achieved,

Hamas will violate it 'causethat's the nature of Hamas.

Hamas is a Jihadist terrorist organization

that's sworn to kill us.

So it's in its DNA tobreak that ceasefire.

- Relief and cleanupcrews are hard at work

after a series of powerful earthquakes

killed hundreds of Indonesians

in the island of Lombok last week.

Within hours, CBN's OperationBlessing Indonesia team

was in the earthquake zonebringing help to the people.

Our Gary Lane brings us the story.

- The initial quake measured6.9 on the Richter scale,

and within several days,

the people om Lombok were struck

with two more devastating tremors.

In addition to the dead and injured,

tens of thousands ofpeople were left homeless.

The island of Lombok is near Bali,

a popular vacation spot.

It's in the eastern region of the country,

along the rim of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

CBN's Regional Director forSoutheast Asia Mark McClendon

is leading the OperationBlessing relief effort.

He said people are frightenedthe earth may shake again.

- The collective trauma ofthree earthquakes in a row

has caused tens of thousands of people

to choose to sleep outdoors.

Nobody wants to sleep inside.

Even the largest hospital on the island,

now is on the brink of collapse,

and all of the patients are inthe parking lot under tents.

It's into this situationthat Operation Blessing

doctors and nurses have come

to bring medical help and relief.

- [Gary] This man named Bohri

came to an Operation Blessingbase camp looking for help.

An OB medical team responded immediately

and were shocked tofind hundreds of people

in the village of Trawangan

in desperate need of medical attention.

A third earthquake destroyed

almost every house in the village,

leaving many peopletraumatized and wounded.

The entire village isnow sleeping outside.

But the Operation Blessing team

didn't just bring doctorsto bandage the wounds

and medicines to takeaway pain and sickness,

they also brought hope and trauma relief.

- [Translator] I felt so sorry

because no medical helphad come for my village.

So I finally went to find help.

I am so happy and deeply thankful

for the team that cameto our village today.

- [Gary] McClendon saysmore help is on the way.

- More medical teams, blankets, food,

water, tarps,

everything that we can do

and share to help ease the suffering

of these people on the island of Lombok.

- [Gary] Gary Lane, CBN News.

- So hard to believe,

three consecutive earthquakes, but Pat,

good to see Operation Blessing at work

in the heart of it all.

- When that tsunami hit Banda Aceh,

we were the first ones there.

We had a boat that camein with at least supplies.

It was an all Muslim area,

but we were a Christian organization

to take care of those people,

and we were there on the scene.

Right now, the devastation is terrible.

387,000 live in tents.

Death toll is now 439.

67,000 houses have collapsed.

553 school buildings have collapsed.

It was a terrible, terrible tragedy,

and Operation Blessing,

right now has shipped in about half

a ton of medicines and emergency supplies.

It arrived in the capital city

and is has arrived in the following day.

OB is sending more medical

teams, blankets, food, water,

and plastic tarps to ease the suffering,

and to help every way they can.

If you want to help Operation Blessing,

it's the international relief

diaster fund,

it's 800-700-7000 or see

Operation Blessing's thediaster relief fund, CBN Center.

It's easy to remember, but in your name,

we're there helping those who suffer,

and you know, this earth we live on seems

to be in a state of shock right now.

- [Wendy] It's convulsing.

- It's convulsing against us.

Of course, that's in the Ring of Fire.

You know, Indonesia'sin the middle of a real

seismic bone.

You can see that Ring of Fire.

It goes from Indonesia to NewZealand all the way around.

When that thing starts to move,

it's like those Pacific plates

are moving up againstthe land plates all over.

These earthquakes,

they don't have to shift very far

to bring about great devastation.

- Well, we've got some good news.

Coming up, go carts, waterslides, and horseback riding,

all part of a unique summer camp,

but here's the best part.

- The Miracle Service, man,

those are really good services,

the best thing that's ever happened to me.

- [Wendy] Discover why up to 20,000 kids

flock to Discovery Camp every summer

when we come back.

(uplifting music)

- We've been showing you some bad news.

How about some good news?

Even in the heart of Texas you'll find

a unique camp covering 1,000 acres

where over the last 30 years,

more than half a million children

have discovered thepower of personal faith.

John Jessup introduces us to the family

behind this camp where young people

have been taking their first steps

in a lifetime journeyof following the Lord.

- Welcome to DiscoveryCamp in Columbus, Texas.

Now on the surface,

this might look like yourtypical fun summer camp,

but ask anyone here and they'll tell you

there's much, much more.

Right, guys?

- [Kids] Yeah!

- [John] With go carts, waterslides, and horseback riding,

it might surprise you to hear these

kids' favorite camp feature.

What's the part thatstands out most for you?

- The Miracle Service.

Man, those are really good.

- [John] Emotional, passionate praise

fills this hall in nightlyservices that can last for hours.

Kids from seven to 17 pray together,

encourage each other,

and seek God's anointing on their lives.

This is the heartbeat of Discovery Camp,

a well-oiled, 30-yearministry with 1,000 acres

and around 200 workers and volunteers

who cook, clean, and prepare 12,000 beds

for more than 1,000 kidsthey feed three times a day,

all monitored and trackedin this control room.

- We have seen up to 20,000kids in a summertime.

We've had kids in groups come all the way

from Hawaii to all the way from Japan.

- [John] To date,

they've taken in more thanhalf a million children.

Most leave with apassion to follow Christ.

Many feel called into ministry.

Daniel Martinez first visitedwhen he was 13 years old.

Now, four years later,

he's an intern working in the kitchen.

- God has called me to this,

and I feel like nomatter what I'm gonna do,

washing dishes, cleaning restrooms,

cleaning dorms, helping campers,

it's like I'm doing it for him.

- [John] Operating behind the scenes,

he can see what truly preparesthese campers for success.

- As an intern, we pray forthe campers every single night.

It's an amazing thing thatthey set up just for us.

The people here set the atmosphere.

- When students discoverJesus and discover

Jesus' plan for their life at a young age,

it really does carry them

through their life and that's my story.

- [John] And Peter's not alone.

He shares his story withhis brother and sister,

now also ministry co-pastors.

- My life got drasticallychanged as a child.

So it gave me proof thatJesus can touch a child.

- [John] The family affair

started with their parents' dream.

- The mandate from the Lord

really was to build a headquarters

of faith for the youth of the world.

- [John] Rachel and herhusband brought the property,

set up camp and worked

with local churches to train their youth.

- We had planned for2,000 the first summer.

Well, instead of 2,000, we had 5,000,

and they just came from all over.

- [John] And they're still coming.

Esther, who's familymoved here from Congo,

enrolled in the camp's Bible Institute,

and is now a camp leader.

She says her life changedas a kid at Discovery Camp.

- I remember, honestly, I was like,

"It's like a club, but a Christian club."

I was like, "What is going on?"

From then on, I followed Jesus.

That's actually when I said yes to Jesus,

and he no longer was my mom's Jesus

but he was my Jesus.

- [John] Crystal and Angelboth attended as teens

and returned this year as youthpastors with their church.

- Just last night, theywere saying something like,

"If you have the best youthpastor, make some noise."

And I remember doing that as a camper.

That's not really like necessarily

like having to clap for that person,

but them clapping for us, I'm like--

- It's rewarding.

- It's rewarding.

- [John] Despite today'songoing pressures,

camp leaders see hope for the future

because of these young campers.

- We believe that if wedon't show this generation

the true power of God, who will?

'Cause they need to understand

that when their cellphone breaks or when

their best friend changesto the next best friend

and the next best friendand the next best friend,

that the one thing that will never change

is the word of God and hisfaithfulness and his strength.

- [John] Connor has this advice

for anyone interested in Discovery Camp.

- It's a really great place and

they're really gonnalike it with all the fun

and just because there's water slides,

doesn't meant that youhave to just lay down

on your bunk and skip service

'cause service is the best thing

that's ever happened to me.

- These kids show thatthere's a generation

of young children who are choosing

to go against the grain

and put their faith in Jesus Christ,

something kids at Discovery Camp

have been doing for the past 30 years

and motivation for the Birchfields

to continue with youth ministry

for another 30 years and beyond.

John Jessup, CBN News,reporting on Columbus, Texas.

- How about that?

Congratulations to theDiscovery Youth Camp, wonderful.

- I think we need to find out

if John Jessup did the water slide though

because I have a feeling hehad as much fun as the kids.

- He had a lot of fun, whatever it was.

- Well up next,

do you have a prodigal in your family

or does someone you know?

Stay tuned to our next story

about a young man whoturned his back on God

after his best friendwas accidentally killed.

- If God was good, how couldhe allow this to happen?

I remember kind of me saying,"Okay, right back at you, God.

"I'll throw in the towel."

- [Wendy] See how a 90-year-old stranger

helps this prodigal find his way home.

(upbeat music)

- When Rusty Boruff was 11,

his best friend died accidentally.

Rusty was furious,

but he turned that rage on God,

and years of rebellion followed.

He became a homelessdrug addict and a felon,

but through it all,

Rusty's mother never stopped praying

for her prodigal son tocome back to the Lord.

- I like people looking my way.

I like people laughing whenI would do something dumb.

I felt like I had to do the next thing

and the next thing and the next thing.

I just took it too far.

(peaceful music)

I grew up in a prettynormal blue collar family,

awesome parents, very loving mom.

- Always smiling.

He had a wonderful sense ofhumor, a lot like his dad.

He could always crack ajoke and make you laugh.

He was just a sweetheart.

- [Reporter] But at 11 years old,

Rusty began to question where he belonged.

- At that age, I was trying to fit in,

just trying to impress kids

and have people likeme and be the cool kid.

I wanted people to love me.

I wanted that acceptance.

I found it in anybodywho would give it to me.

- [Reporter] Everyone in smalltown Illinois took notice,

especially those in church.

- The church I grew up in,

it was a rules-based church.

That yearning to be liked,

that yearning for acceptance,

I didn't find that in church.

I didn't find that in God

because that wasn't the God that I knew.

I didn't know about his grace.

I didn't know about his love.

The God I knew was rules,

and when you didn'tlive up to those rules,

when you didn't liveup to those standards,

God didn't have any room for you.

- [Reporter] And when his best friend

was killed in an ATV accident,

Rusty pointed his finger at God.

- If God was good, how couldhe allow this to happen?

I'd already felt like God

had started throwing the towel in on me.

That was the first time Iremember kind of me saying,

"Okay, right back at you, God.

"I'll throw in the towel."

- [Reporter] He shut outGod and everyone else.

- If I got close to someone else again,

then in the end, I get hurt.

That's what my heart, that's what my mind,

my emotions told me,

was don't get close to anybody.

Life for me was pretty lonely

and I think that's what drove

me wanting everybody to like me

and do whatever I couldto get that attention

and went to extreme measures to do that.

- [Reporter] Rusty lost all faith.

But for Lori and her friendDeb, it was all they had.

- Oh, Lori and I clung to prayer so often.

We had scriptures almostevery day that we prayed.

- We pray, do whatever ittakes to bring him to you.

And his righteousness endures forever.

- [Reporter] At 17, Rustywas sent off for a semester

at military school wherehe straightened up,

but the biggest impact camethrough mandatory chapel.

- I started seeing these people

during worship raisingtheir hands and stuff.

I'd never seen that type of stuff.

I'm like, "This is weird."

But then it got to the sermon point.

He started talking about the prodigal son,

how when the prodigal son comes home,

not only is he just forgivenbut it's a time to celebrate.

That's where I started feeling emotions

like joy and peace thatI had never felt before.

I saw the piece thatI was missing in life.

All I had to do was takeit, to take his grace,

to take his forgiveness, take his love,

but I had a tough time

trusting the person who wasgiving those things to me.

- [Reporter] Less than ayear after coming home,

he relapsed on cocaine.

Lori and Rusty's dad Rickfelt they had no other choice.

- It's so hard to tell your child

that he could not be in his home.

- [Reporter] But Deb reminded her.

- Lori, God loves Rusty more than you.

I thought, "Oh, was that enough?"

Then a few days later, she said,

"Deb, I cling to that everyday because it's true."

- The Lord kept telling methings aren't what they seem.

He designed Rusty.

He created Rusty.

He wired Rusty.

I mean, if I didn't go toGod, what would I have?

He was my hope.

- [Reporter] Out on the streets,

Rusty got what he wanted from people

just like him.

- They accepted me forbeing a drug addict.

They accepted me for being an alcoholic.

When I was homeless, theywere homeless with me.

I hated it.

It was like the pit of my existence.

I had that internal fight inside of me

because I had enough taste of who God was

to know that what I was doing was wrong.

It was my fault.

It was my fault.

I didn't feel like I was worth loving

or deserving of love either.

- [Reporter] At 20, hewas charged with 30 counts

of criminal sexual assault

when his 16-year-oldgirlfriend got pregnant.

Only one thing kept him

from running from a 14-year sentence.

- I realized that I need to do

whatever I need to doto be there for my kid.

I didn't want

my child to go through

the pain

of trying to fit in

like I went through.

I wanted him to always feel like

even if no one elseliked him in the world,

he still had me.

- [Reporter] At his lowest,

Rusty found hope in thejail's only volunteer,

a 90-year-old Christian named Merle.

- Merle would come in every Sunday,

and it wasn't the mostexciting person to talk to

but it's never what Merle said to me

that really made a difference.

It's what he did.

He showed me God cared by being there.

I mean, what else would drive

this 90-year-old guyto come and talk to me?

Out of all the things Ihad done wrong in my life,

here was this guy and he was consistent.

It showed me that God could forgive me.

I didn't have the drugs.

I didn't have the alcohol anymore.

It was just God.

My prayer was very raw, I was saying,

"God, if you're real, ifI can actually trust you,

"then this is the time I need you."

- [Reporter] Months later,the judge reduced the charges,

giving Rusty only 75days in the local jail.

- The judge knew my reputation.

He knew my criminal history.

He knew everything I had done.

So how I didn't go to prison that day

is literally a miracle from God.

That is the only way to explain that.

- It was thank you, Jesus.

Thank you, Jesus.

- Now I had a purpose.

If God wants, I'm gonnalet him use my life.

- [Reporter] Rusty was released

just in time to see the birth of his son.

He's now a husband and father of two.

He's also the founder anddirector of One Eighty,

a non-profit ministry that provides

housing and counseling to those

overcoming addiction and homelessness.

- It's amazing.

That is nothing short of a miracle.

Just trust in God and that's it.

Never, ever, ever, ever give up.

- I know the power of prayer

because I have experienced it.

And I know it was Jesus.

I know he was right there.

- God's love has no barriers.

It doesn't matter my reputation,

all the hearts I had broke,

all the bad things I had done.

(inspirational music)

There is nothing that can keep God's love

away from us.

- Rusty said it right.

There's nothing that cankeep God's love away from us.

You know, there was something,

a poem called The Hound of Heaven.

God's after you.

He's really seeking you.

You might run, but as Joe Lewis once said,

he can run but he can't hide.

You know, you can run from God,but yo can't hide from him.

God want's you.


Because he loves you.

Rusty didn't trust him,

but why do you blame God

because of somethingthat happens, you know?

There's an accident andit's called an "act of God".


good friend dies

and Rusty blames God.

God didn't kill his friend.

God didn't cause the accident.

But we blame God, call it an act of God.

So right now, are you mad with God?

Have you held some grudge against him?

I mean, God Almightywho created the world,

who's love itself,

who lives in love, who is love,

who is the author of love,

are you mad with him?

Did he do something to you?

Not really.

You know, you're only fooling yourself

and the thought,

as Shakespeare once put it,

is with,

not with the stars but with ourselves.

The fault is with you.

If you'll acknowledge that,

then you're on the road to getting better.

God did not cause Rusty'sfriend to get killed.

God did not cause that accident.

God did not cause your business to fail.

God did not cause your marriage to fail.

God did not cause yourmother-in-law to be unkind to you.

That's something else.

And what you need to do is to forgive

and move on with your life.

God has a plan and awonderful plan for you.

All you have to do is surrender to him.

So if you want it,

I just want you to callupon him right now and say,

"Lord, I justify you.

"Whatever has happened to me,

"I take the blame for it and I forgive you

"and I thank you that you've forgiven me."

Don't ever, ever, everquestion the goodness of God

because God is love, andif you want that love,

all you have to do is say,"Lord, come into my life.

"Live your life in me.

"I'll live for you."

Now if you want more,

I want you to call if you need prayer.

I've got a little booklet

called A New Day I'll be glad to give you.

It talks about, howabout getting forgiven,

what does it mean to be born again,

what does it mean tohave an exchange life,

what does it mean to bea new creature in Christ.

It's all in here andI'll give it to you free.

It's a little CD, compactdisc and a booklet.

It's yours if you just call.

It's 1-800-700-7000.


- Thanks, Pat.

Still ahead, YourQuestions, Honest Answers.

A viewer says, "My daughter just told me

"she was sexually abused by a neighbor boy

"at the age of six, and she is now 35.

"How do I forgive and deal with this?"

Pat answers this questionand more of your emails,

coming up on today's 700 Club.

(upbeat music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

The driver arrested onsuspicion of using his car

to carry out a terrorist attack in London

is a British citizen whoimmigrated to England from Sudan.

The 29-year-old drove hisvehicle through pedestrians

and cyclists outside Parliament,

injuring three people.

Police say the man was not known

to officers or counter-terrorism units

and that he was not ona terror watch list.

Colorado officials are still targeting

a baker for refusing to makecakes that violate his beliefs.

In June, the Supreme Court ruled

in Jack Phillips' favor for refusing

to design a cakecelebrating a gay wedding.

Now state officials are claiming again

the law requires he make acake that violates his beliefs.

This time supporting atransgender transition.

The Alliance Defense Fund filed

a federal lawsuit againstthose officials Tuesday.

Remember that you canalways get the latest

from CBN News by going toour website at

Pat and Wendy are back withmuch more up-to-date 700 Club.

It's coming up right after this.

(upbeat music)

- Roberto and his family were homeless

after his father walked out on them.

They stayed with his uncle for a while,

and then he kicked them out.

After that, the family was living

underneath the house on stilts

until they met a teamfrom Operation Blessing.

- [Reporter] Nine-year-old Roberto

has moved around a lot with his siblings,

ever since his father deserted the family.

Margot, his mother,

was forced to live inabandoned houses like this.

It was the only option they had.

- [Translator] Some nights I was not able

to sleep thinking that housewill fall apart at any moment.

- [Reporter] So Margotand her four children

moved in with Roberto'suncle and his family.

- [Translator] We all had to sleep

in the same room on the floor.

- [Reporter] They were only supposed

to stay with Roberto'suncle for a few days.

Three years later,

they still couldn't affordto rent a house of their own.

- [Translator] My uncletold my mom to get out.

So we packed all of ourbelongings and left.

- [Translator] My son saw me crying

and he asked me where we could go.

- [Reporter] Their next place to stay

was under someone else'shouse built on stilts.

There's a reason peoplebuild their houses this way.

Three months out of the year,

the Amazon River rises 10 to 15 feet.

- [Translator] My biggest fear

was that the water might rise suddenly.

We would drown.

- [Translator] When the river rose,

we had to move again.

- [Reporter] Each year,

Operation Blessing builds houses

for homeless familiesin this part of Peru.

The government gaveRoberto's mom a tract of land

and we built them a brand-new house.

- [Translator] I really like my bedroom.

My ceiling's so nice.

We have our own beds to sleep on.

- [Translator] I am excitedbecause I now have my own house

and we won't have to movefrom place to place anymore.

- [Translator] My mom said that this house

is a blessing from God to us.

- [Translator] Thankyou, Operation Blessing.

I have no words to express my gratitude.

- That house is a blessing from God

and it's also a blessing from you.

If you are a CBN partner,

you helped build that house

for Roberto and his precious family.

And if you're not a CBN partner,

I'd like to encourage you togo to your phone right now.

It's just 65 cents a day,

$20 a month is all it takesto become a CBN partner

and to help people all overthe world like that family

and also spread thegospel of Jesus Christ.

There's so much that we cando when we partner together.

Now when you do that,

we want to bless you back

with Pat's latest DVD called Angels.

This is Angels: Their Purpose, Power,

and Presence In Your Life,

incredible stories of real-life people

like you and me who hadencounters with angels.

You will be amazed.

This will build your faithand it's our gift to you.

Somebody has already seen it, Pat.

- [Pat] Yeah.

- Laraine.

- What does she think?- From.

- [Wendy] Coos Bay, Oregon, said,

"I loved the scriptures in the Angels DVD,

"and Scott Ross' street interviews sharing

"peoples' real-life storiesand experiences about angels.

"I appreciate that you made us aware

"that God is actively involved

"in our lives through his angels."

Laraine, thanks you lettingus know that you liked it.

- Amen, I'm so glad.

We've got many other things.

Hope to see that.

- Yeah, we've got your email questions.

Jenny says, "I haverecently had an abortion.

"Do you think that I will be cursed?"

Stay tuned for Pat's answer on this

and much more when we come back.

(upbeat music)

Welcome back to The 700 Club.

It's time for your questions

and some honest answers from Pat.

We'll start with this one from a viewer.

My daughter just told me she was sexually

abused by a neighborboy at the age of six.

She's now 35.

How do I forgive and deal with this?

The guilt and helplessnessis overwhelming.

- May I say, I think you'remaking too big a deal of it?

Little kids don't know what they're doing.

They don't have any sexual identity

and they like to play doctorand they do all this stuff.

Your daughter's six,

her friend is probably six or seven,

so that was 35.

- [Wendy] 30 years ago.

- 30 years ago.

So, I mean, get over it.

I mean, they, I mean,

I can't imagine that has had

some kind of a scar in her life.

She's a little kid andthey do these things.

I think what you do is forgive and forget.

How do you get over it?

Why would you, youknow, harbor this thing?

I mean, little children dowhat little children do.

When they're jut exploring,

they don't know any better.

I'm sorry.

If it's a neighbor's childor whatever, you can't bring,

the statues of limitations has run.

I think it's something else if a priest

or somebody like that ofauthority has molested your kid.

That's a whole 'nother matter.

But a couple little kidstrying to experiment,

that's just what, I mean,

little children are little children,

and you've just got to say,"Okay, I forgive them."

There but by the graceof God, you know what,

go I and get on with life.

- All right.

Here's one from Jenny.

She says, "I haverecently had an abortion.

"Do you think that I will be cursed?

"I just couldn't go on

"with the pregnancy for personal reasons.

"I have asked God formercy and forgiveness.

"Please, help."

- Well, we used to say a long time ago

that abortion was murder,and then all of a sudden,

the Supreme Court saidabortion is, Roe versus Wade,

it's okay the first trimester, et cetera.

Since that decision,

we've had well over 60 million abortions.

We've had a slaughter inthis country that, you know,

exceeds some of the worst

slaughter in the history of mankind.

So I don't think the Lord

wants women to go around feeling guilty.

What you do is if you've donesomething you feel is wrong,

the Lord says all manner of sins

and blasphemies will beforgiven the sons of man.

Whatever you have done,

God will forgive if you'lljust come before him and say,

"Lord, I did something wrong."

If you want to call itsomething more serious,

then say, "I murdered a child."

if you want to saythat, all right, say it,

and then say, "God, please forgive me."

And the answer is God will forgive you

and then get on with your life, all right?

- All right, amen.

Jeane says, "I believein tithing and usually

"don't have any questionabout what to give,

"but we recently had alarge loss due to fire.

"We got a very largeinsurance payment on the loss

"that more than covers what we need.

"Should we tithe on theinsurance check amount?"

- This is between you and God.

I mean, God isn't a Philadelphialawyer, an accountant,

trying to figure out your balance

sheets and things like that.

What you have suffered was a loss.

Your insurance was tocompensate for a loss.

So that's not income, thatis a compensation for a loss.

You say you've got some surplus on it.

If I were you, I wouldsuggest you tithe the surplus,

but if you want to dothe whole thing, I mean,

God will honor your giftswhatever they happen to be.

Again, I don't think there's any room

just to how you do it, all right?

- This viewer says, "Hi, Pat.

"I came across Isaiah 4:1during Bible study and it says:

"And in that day,

"seven women shall takehold of one man saying,

"'We will eat our own foodand wear our own apparel.

"'Only let us be called

"'by your name to take away our reproach.'

"I'm not sure if it's afuture prophecy or not.

"Could you explain this verse?"

- I think it deals withthe time that Isaiah

was living and he's speakingof the time, perhaps,

when Israel was goingto be under pressure.

You know, they had so many people

who invaded Israel over the years

and the people were taken into captivity.

They had all kinds of suffering.

If they went to war, anumber of the men got killed,

and so women who didn't have children

and weren't married neededsomebody to look after them.

I don't think I'd make anything

more of it than just what it is.

I don't think I'd say, "Well,this is in the 21st Century."

I mean, it just isn't.

- All right, Meredith says,

"I've been wanting toget a tattoo for a while.

"I know that one of the commands

"you shouldn't tattoo or cut your skin,

"but I watched a video ofa Christian speaker/writer,

"and he said that this commandwas for that day and age.

"Do you agree?"

- No, I don't agree.

I think it's for, I mean,

there's certain things in the Bible

that go all the way through.

There's certain dietaryrestrictions that applied before

and the Lord said all foods are clean.

There's things like that,but in terms of tattooing,

that is a heathen practice.

Those who are heathen

cut themselves usuallybecause of their God.

They were worshiping a false God

and this is part of heathenism.

That wasn't for another day.

Heathenism and evil anddemons are still real today.

So the answer is I thinktattoos are wrong, okay?


- What about all the military guys?

You can't of down to the beach

without seeing like their whole arms.

- Well, they oughta know better.

I mean, I'm sorry, you know.

They oughta know better.

To deface themselves, Imean, God gave you a body.

You're ruining the templeof the living God, okay?

- You know, it's summertime,

so everybody's showing everything--

- [Pat] I know what they do.

- But we were down at the beach

and you see these beautiful girls.

They've got these tattoosall the way up to their neck

and just ruining their skin,

but that's en vouge right now.

- Well, it may be en vouge,but they'll wish they hadn't.

Many people with tattoos have changed

to is there some wayI can get rid of them.

The answer is usually you can't.

- Here's one from Benny.

Hi, Pat.

Recently, someone had a dream

that I had died in my sleep somehow.

Now I'm scared to death.

I almost want to just give up on life.

This person tends to have dreams

that mean something in the spirit.

Do you think this dream meansI'm going to actually die?

And if not, can you give me hope?

- I'll give you hope,

but this guy doesn't knowwhat he's talking about.

I think that thesepeople who are, you know,

God will speak to you in dreams

if that's appropriate for you,

but he's not gonna give a dream

to somebody else if it hasto do with doom and evil.

These people that bringthat, in my opinion,

it's demonically inspiredand you should rebuke it

and declare yourself asa child of God, period.

- Amen, people that have dream like that

need to keep their mouth shut.

- Amen.

Well, today's PowerMinute is from the Psalm.

Blessed is every one who fears the Lord,

who walks in his ways.

Then you eat the labor of your hands,

you shall be happy andit will be well with you.

Tomorrow, real food guru Lisa Leake

shows us how to cut processed foods

from your diet without breaking the bank.

I think you'll find that interesting.

For Wendy and all of us,this is Pat Robertson.

Thank you so much for being with us.

See you tomorrow, bye-bye.


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