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'That Dog': Trump Targets Omarosa in Twitter Attack on Former Aide

'That Dog': Trump Targets Omarosa in Twitter Attack on Former Aide Read Transcript

- President Trump tookto Twitter calling out

Omarosa Manigault Newman whocontinues to release tapes

aimed at damaging her former boss.

Those tapes now raising securityand even ethical concerns

right here behind me at the White House.

President Trump hit hardcalling his former aide a dog.

This in response to her new tell all book

about her time in the White House

which contains accusationsagainst the President.

She claims she heard a tape of Trump

using a racial slur onthe set of the Apprentice.

Trump fired back thatProducer Mark Burnett

personally called him andsaid there is no such tape.

- I think like most peoplethat worked with her,

very disappointed that she would go to

such a self serving,

and somebody who blatantlycares more about herself

than our country

to make up some of theseoutrageous claims and accusations.

- Omarosa is under fire for recording

White House conversations

including one in the Situation Room

where cell phones and recordingdevices are not allowed.

The act has been denouncedas a serious breach

of ethics and security.

The moral compass right here in DC

is really wavering lately.

What is the state when it comes to ethics

in American politics?

- We have a concern in this country about

the moral compass of individualsinvolved in leadership,

who are involved in different professions.

And even if something is legal,

it doesn't mean that it ismorally appropriate to do

in a situation.

So I think it's an importantdiscussion to have.

- [Ben] Turns out it's not acrime in DC to tape someone

without their knowledge.

But Regent Law ProfessorNatt Gantt points out

it then becomes an issue about ethics.

- Even though it may be legalto record a conversation,

generally their may bespecific ethical implications

given her particularrole in the White House.

- [Ben] Omarosa now claims that

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office

has even reached out about the tapes.

- Anything Mueller would like to see?

- If his office calls againif they want, I'll share.

- The case now heads to the court.

The Trump campaign says Omarosa violated

a non-disclosure agreement that she signed

with the Trump campaign.

And they now plan to takelegal action against her.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, The White House.

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