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Widow of Slain Israeli Athlete Decries Britain's Jeremy Corbyn

Widow of Slain Israeli Athlete Decries Britain's Jeremy Corbyn Read Transcript

- As antisemitism continuesto rear its head in Europe,

the widow of an Israeli athlete

who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists

wants the head of Britain'sLabour Party to apologize

because he laid a wreath at the grave

of her husband's killers.

Our John Waage has thestory now from Jerusalem.

- It was an attack that stunned the world.

Palestinian terroristsstormed the living quarters

of the Israeli team atthe 1972 Munich Olympics.

In the end, a group callingitself Black September

had murdered 11 Israeliathletes and coaches,

including Anke Spitzer's husband Andre.

Fast forward to a 2014 photo

of British Labour Party leaderJeremy Corbyn in Tunisia.

He's standing at thegraves of those terrorists

with a wreath in his hands.

- Imagine when the Israeli politician

would go and put flowers on the graves

of those murderers thatkilled people in London

or in England in a terror attack.

How would the British people accept that?

They would not accept that.

- [John] Labeled by many fora long time as an anti-Semite,

Corbyn admitted he was at the gravesite.

- I was there when the wreaths were laid.

That's pretty obvious.

There were many others therewho were witness to that.

I witnessed many otherpeople laying many wreaths.

- [Female interviewer]Did you lay the wreath?

- (sighing) I laid one wreath,along with many other people

in memory, as I've said,of all those who died.

- [John] The photo drewwidespread criticism

in both the UK and Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu blasted Corbyn.

"The laying of a wreath by Jeremy Corbyn

"on the graves of theterrorist who perpetrated

"the Munich massacre, and his comparison

"of Israel to the Nazis,deserves unequivocal condemnation

"from everyone, left, right,and everything in between."

Corbyn fired back in atweet, "Netanyahu's claims

"about my actions and words are false.

"What deserves unequivocal condemnation

"is the killing of over 160Palestinian protesters in Gaza

"by Israeli forces since March,

"including dozens of children."

The 1972 Munich Olympicswere the first time the games

were held in Germanysince they were hosted

by Adolf Hitler in 1936.

- Israel, which was foundedin '48 as among many things,

as an attempt for the Jews tobe able to defend themselves,

was once again powerless

while Jews were being killed in Germany.

The historic resonance of that is clear.

- [John] Spitzer saidthe apology she wants

isn't just for her.

- He said, I wanted tohonor the victims of terror.

Where were you?

Did you ever come to thegraves of my husband,

or to other terror victims here?

We never saw you, Mr. Corbyn.

- [John] John Waage, CBN News, Jerusalem.


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