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The 700 Club - August 16, 2018

A busy mom of two, Lisa Leake shows us how to feed her family “real” food that’s also wallet-friendly. Plus, CBN News examines how Christians in Chicago are trying to change the city’s violent fate. Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Announcer] Today, CBNNews is on the streets

in the murder capital of America.

Now see how Christians in Chicago

are trying to change the city's fate.

- We watched God's peaceliterally come over them.

- [Announcer] Plus, a busymom of two who found out how

to feed her family real foodthat's also wallet-friendly.

Lisa Leake opens a page of hercookbook on today's 700 Club.

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- Welcome to The 700 Club.

Folks, this is not Nazi Germany.

We are not in some kind of a police state.

But when a man who used to be an official

of a major government agency is now

working as a commentator fora left-wing news organization,

he shouldn't have accessto all of the classified

information of the United States.

And for anybody to criticizethe president for that,

'cause he's now takenJohn Brennan out of his--

- Privileged, really--

- Privileged position, toget confidential information.

He works for MSNBC.

I think our reporters oughta have access

to all the confidentialinformation of the CIA.

Of course they should, why not?

I mean, if you give it toMSNBC, I can't even think--

- Everybody should get it.

- Everybody oughta get it.

I mean, for heaven's sakes.

Well, anyhow, he's firing back now

at the White House after the president

revoked his security clearance.

The president cited Brennan's involvement

in the Russian investigationas a big part of his decision.

- Well, other former officials

might lose their clearance, as well.

Washington is wondering who might be next.

Jenna Browder has the storyfrom our nation's capital.

- President Trump warned he would do it,

and now he has revoked thesecurity clearance of one of his

fiercest critics, formerCIA Director John Brennan.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

turned a statement from thepresident citing Brennan's

erratic behavior as thereason for the move.

- Mr. Brennan's lying and recent conduct

characterized by increasinglyfrenzied commentary

is wholly inconsistent with access

to the nation's most closely-held secrets.

- [Jenna] Brennan and MSNBC contributor

reacted on the network.

- [John] I've seen thistype of behavior and actions

on the part of foreigntyrants and despots.

I never, ever thought that I would

see it here in the United States.

- [Jenna] He also took to Twitter,

accusing Trump of suppressingfreedom of speech,

adding that he will not relent.

The White House listedothers who could also

lose their clearance, including several

who were involved in theRussia investigation.

- James Clapper, JamesComey, Michael Hayden,

Sally Yates, Susan Rice, Andrew McCabe,

Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr.

- [Jenna] In an interviewwith The Wall Street Journal,

President Trump linked his decision

to the Russia investigation.

"I call it the rigged witchhunt," he said, adding,

"I don't trust many ofthose people on the list.

"I think that they're very duplicitous.

"I think they're not good people."

Senator Mark Warner calledthe action Nixonian,

saying, "It smacks of an enemy's list."

- And these people were being singled out.

Smacks of Nixonian-typepractices of trying

to silence anyone who's willingto criticize this president.

- [Jenna] Brennan is one ofTrump's harshest critics.

After the Russia summit, he called

Trump's behaviortreasonous, and accused him

of being in Vladimir Putin's pocket.

Trump's attorney says Brennan, who was

CIA Director under President Obama,

quarterbacked the Russia investigation.

- Try running it as Brennan.

And he should be in front of a grand jury.

- Is Brennan.

Former CIA Director.

- Brennan took anaffidavit, a dossier that--

- [Sean] He gave it to Harry Reid.

- Unless he is the biggestidiot intelligence agent

that ever existed, althoughhe never really did

much intelligence work, it's false.

You can look it at and laugh at it.

And he peddled it to Harry Reid.

- Immediately.- That led to the

request for the investigation.

- In that same interviewwith The Wall Street Journal,

President Trump accused some of the people

on that list of lying to Congress.

He also called the HillaryClinton email probe

a sham and said that taking this

action was something he had to do.

In Washington, Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- You know, I don't see anything Nixonian

or anything else about denying access

to confidential government information

to somebody who's an ex-official.

I mean, he's out of the loop.

He shouldn't be getting these reports.

Like I said, you can't do that.

And that list, it's not some enemy's list.

They're not trying torestrict their speech.

They can talk all the want to,

but they just can't useconfidential information

when they're not holding those positions.

I think, I mean, any reasonableperson would think that.

I mean, all right, you'reno longer in the job,

therefore you're no longerreceiving all the information.

If you're president of acompany and you now resign,

you're not gonna get all the inside

information about the company's business.

It's just common sense.

All right, something else is common sense.

We have the most powerful

cybersecurity operation in the world.

The NSA is unbelievably competent

in terms of gathering information.

We are being attacked by the Koreans,

by the Russians, by the Chinese,

and by various other independent people.

There's no reason in the world that

we shouldn't fire back with the same power

that we have, 'cause we can overwhelm 'em.

And they need to understand, they come

against us, we'll go against them.

So, the president is now going

on the offensive against cyber attacks.

And John Brennan has,excuse me, John Jessup

(laughs) has more on that story.

Here's John.

- Thanks, Pat.

President Trump is scrappingan Obama-era directive

some say hinders America'sability to conduct cyber warfare.

Critics say the old policy handicaps

cyber operations because it required

too many agencies toweigh in on new attacks.

One official said the changeis an offensive step forward

that will help military operations

and counter election interferenceby foreign adversaries.

The Internal Revenue Serviceagreed to pay $3.5 million

to hundreds of Tea Party groups

targeted for their political beliefs.

The IRS also apologized,saying it was wrong

to examine those tax returns more closely.

Most of the targetedgroups were conservative.

The IRS claims to have made changes

to prevent illegal politicaltargeting in the future.

Well, a New Mexico judge is under fire

for granting bail tosuspected Muslim extremists

accused of training childrento carry out attacks.

Authorities arrested threemen and two women in a raid

on their makeshift compoundin the desert last week.

They also rescued 11 childrenliving in filthy conditions

and lacking basic food and water.

Authorities say the suspects were training

with the children, ortraining the children, rather,

with assault weapons to carry out

attacks on, quote, "corrupt institutions."

- These institutions included

teachers, military, law enforcement.

- Police say the suspectsare Muslim extremists.

But the judge saidprosecutors did not prove

they are a threat to the community.

Well, as antisemitismis spreading in Europe,

controversy surrounding the head

of Britain's Labour Partyand his views is growing.

The widow of an Israeli athlete

murdered by Palestinian terrorists

says Jeremy Corbyn shouldn'thave laid a wreath at the grave

of her husband's killers,and that he should apologize.

CBN Senior Editor JohnWaage has that story.

- It was an attack that stunned the world.

Palestinian terroristsstormed the living quarters

of the Israeli team atthe 1972 Munich Olympics.

In the end, a group callingitself Black September

had murdered 11 Israeliathletes and coaches,

including Ankie Spitzer's husband, Andre.

Fast-forward to a 2014 photo of British

Labour Party leaderJeremy Corbyn in Tunisia.

He's standing at the graves of those

terrorists with a wreath in his hands.

- Imagine when a Israelipolitician would go

and put flowers on the gravesof those murderers that killed

people in London or inEngland in a terror attack.

How would the British people accept that?

They would not accept that.

- [John W] Labeled by many fora long time as an antisemite,

Corbyn admitted he was at the grave site.

- I was there when the wreaths were laid.

That's pretty obvious.

There were many others therewho were witness to that.

I witnessed many otherpeople laying many wreaths.

- [Interviewer] Did you lay the wreath?

- (sighs) I laid one wreath,along with many other people,

in memory, as I've said,of all those who died.

- [John W] The photo drew widespread

criticism in both the UK and Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu blasted Corbyn:

The laying of a wreath by Jeremy Corbyn

on the graves of the terrorists

who perpetrated the Munich massacre,

and his comparison of Israel to the Nazis,

deserves unequivocalcondemnation from everyone,

left, right, and everything in between.

Corbyn fired back in a tweet:

Netanyahu's claims about myactions and words are false.

What deserves unequivocal condemnation

is the killing of over 160Palestinian protestors in Gaza

by Israeli forces since March,including dozens of children.

The 1972 Munich Olympicswere the first time

the games were held in Germany

since they were hostedby Adolf Hitler in 1936.

- Israel, which was founded in '48,

among many things, asan attempt for the Jews

to be able to defend themselves,was once again perilous

while Jews were being killed in Germany.

The historic resonance of that is clear.

- [John W] Spitzer said the apology

she wants isn't just for her.

- He said, "I wanted tohonor the victims of terror."

Where were you?

Did you ever come to thegraves of my husband,

or to other terror victims here?

We never saw you, Mr. Corbyn.

- [John W] John Waage,CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Thanks, John.

Pat, back to you.

- It's my understanding thatthe Israeli secret service

has gone after some of the perpetrators

and taking their lives away from them

in retaliation for that terrible massacre.

I don't know the extent ofit, but I think it's happened.

But the idea of paying homage to those

perpetrators is just outrageous.

And Jeremy Corbyn should know better.

But he's covering it up in suchhigh-tone British language.

It sounds like, "Oh, of course,

"everybody who was doing that.

"It was just a little gesture."

Well, yeah, sure.

He should know better, andI think he does know better.

And he's probably a noted antisemite,

and I think our friends inEngland oughta get rid of him.

I mean, the time is going to come.

They can't allow people like that

to be running their government.


- Pat, a rare medieval bible is back

in England's iconic Canterbury Cathedral

after being missing for 500 years.

The bible was found and purchased

at a manuscript auction in London.

The Antiques Trade Gazette reports

the bible was handwritten and illustrated

by a 13th-century monk and went missing

during the Protestant Reformation.

Well, a new exhibit honoring Billy Graham

provides a rare lookinto his personal side.

I recently visited Washington'sMuseum of the Bible

for a closer look at therelationship between the man

known as America's pastorand the Gospel he proclaimed.

Through giant picturesand quotes, the presence

of Billy Graham looms largehere, much like in his life.

Now, months after hisdeath, this exhibit brings

a more intimate image into focus.

Books, bibles, and other belongings

display the pilgrim preacher's journey

from a young boy to aman who reached millions,

including this exhibit'sdesigner, Anthony Schmidt.

- This one is from his revivalcampaign in New York City.

- [John J] He rememberswatching Graham on TV

with his parents, and evenattended Graham's last crusade.

- Very early on, he embracedtechnology and media.

And that's what set him apart.

- [John J] For more than 60 years,

Graham used radio, television, film,

and mass crusades to teachfrom the Holy Scriptures.

- We really wanted to explore how Graham

understood and interpreted the Bible,

and then how that shaped his ministry.

- [John J] From now through January,

the exhibit contains never-before-seen

items from the Billy Graham Library.

You can see everything from class notes

taken in Bible school, to personal message

written to his mom anddad, and even a pair

of war-issue military bootshe wore in Korea in 1952.

The exhibit also highlights his

impact on culture and politics.

- He was the prayer warrior in the family.

- [John J] Earlier this year, Graham's son

and ministry successortold CBN News, despite his

father's prominence, healways understand his calling.

- My father never wantedto be a celebrity.

And maybe that's why God used him.

- And at this temporary exhibit,

you'll see artifacts andimages that reinforce

just how important the Bible was

from the beginning ofBilly Graham's ministry

right up to the end with the sermon

that was preached at his funeral.

And Pat, I have to say,that entire exhibit

was really moving and revealing

about Billy Graham and his history.

- Well, I'm so glad they included it.

Billy is an outstanding person.

He was a dear friend of mine,

a dear friend of CBN's,and a wonderful man of God.

And he was so humble.

That was the thing about him.

He always gave glory to the Lord.

He didn't take glory for himself.

And he had that Scripture: I am the Lord,

that is my name, and I will notshare my glory with another.

I mean, that stood out in his life.

But I miss people like that.

There's certain figures who've been

in our history that were just like meteors

who go across the sky, andtheir presence is still felt.

And Billy's one of them.

Terry?- I find that

exhibit so wonderful.

I've heard that the whole

Museum of the Bible is just amazing.

- It's unbelievable.

The family that, the Green family,

have got the Hobby Lobby asthe source of their income,

their wealth, and they've used millions

and millions of dollars to helpschools, to help ministries.

And this Museum of theBible is extraordinary.

So, our congratulationsto the Green family

for this marvelous thingand for this including

Billy Graham in that Museum of the Bible.

All right?

- Well, coming up, the battle

to take back the streets of Chicago.

We'll head into the heart of the city

to see how Christians aremaking the city safer.

- We're empowering the churches.

Millions of dollars were for merchandise

to make sure that we could try to hit

every home in Chicago with the Gospel.

- [Terry] See how theJesus Summer in Chicago

is transforming communities.

That's next.

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(dramatic orchestral music)

- An undeclared war isgoing on in America.

And the great city of Chicagohas become ground zero.

In the first weekend ofAugust alone, an incredible

75 people were shot downin Chicago's city streets.

More than 300 people have been killed

this year in that city,and the leaders of the city

have no solutions to stopthis senseless violence.

So, as Charlene Aaron reports,

the Church is now trying to win back

the dangerous Chicago neighborhoods.

(sirens wail)

- [Reporter Just after midnight Sunday

on Chicago's West Side, two men shot

at a crowd during a block party.

- [Charlene] Rising temperaturescontribute to hot tempers.

- [Reporter] Police sayfrom 10:00 Saturday morning

to 10:00 Sunday morning, at least

34 were shot, including five killed.

- [Charlene] And the Windy City

has become anything but relaxing.

- These shootings are not random.

They are fueled by gang conflicts.

- The mayor and otherscalling for healing.

I am here in the heart of Chicago

on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive,also known as Murder Drive.

Believers here are joining together

to win people to JesusChrist, one block at a time.

40 days of outreach called Jesus Summer

began on a rainy day,very appropriate given

the tears shed in this citydue to deadly gun violence.

- Let the spirit of violencebe bound in this city.

And let the spirit of peacebe loosed in this city.

- Hallelujah!- We declare peace

on Halsted Street.

We declare peace in this city.

In the name of Jesus Christ,the son of the living God.

- [Charlene] Prayers turned into action

as believers across denominational lines

hit the streets in ministry opportunities,

such as feeding thehomeless, street evangelism,

a tent revival, and events for kids.

- This is one of the roughest

neighborhoods there are in Chicago.

- [Charlene] Pastor Dimas Salaberrios

is from New York, but helped to spearhead

the city's Jesus Summer project.

- We're empowering the churches.

Millions of dollars were for merchandise

to make sure that we could try to hit

every home in Chicago with the Gospel.

So that's the mission.

And there's multiple events happening.

- [Charlene] A former drug dealer,

Salaberrios is fastinguntil there are no shootings

in Chicago for at least a week.

His prayers center onthose behind the violence.

- Life over him.

And it's in Jesus' name I pray.


- [Group] Amen.

- I used to be a kingpin drug dealer, man.

I sold drugs almost all my life.

- [Charlene] He recently shared

the Gospel with local gang members.

- When you reach the shooters and

the shooting stops, that brings peace.

- [Charlene] While ministry here is hard,

Salaberrios has seen breakthroughs,

such as the result ofpraying with angry protestors

following the death of a blackman at the hands of police.

- We started to pray for people.

We started to target people that we saw

that were really upset or were angry.

We said, "Could we pray for you?"

We watched God's peaceliterally come over them.

- [Charlene] Chicago nativeDonovan Price connected

with Pastor Salaberrioswhen he arrived in the city.

As a victim's advocate, he sees

the violence and its impact up-close.

- About 20 minutes aftershots fired, I arrive.

When the family arrives, Isupport the family, help them

through this three- orfour-hour process at the scene.

Sometimes you can't always say

a prayer or spout a Scripture.

Sometimes it's about loving and comforting

and having that feel, thatpresence around somebody,

that they know that the Holy Spirit

is taking care of them,they know that God is there.

- [Charlene] Our camerasfollowed Salaberrios

and several ministry partnersas they shared the Gospel.

- A lot of people watch the show.

And I know it was strange to see me here,

and a little out of place,wondering what I'm doing

walking around, but yeah,we just told 'em we're here

'cause we love 'em, andjust wanted to hug on 'em

and try to show Jesus through our lives.

- [Charlene] Many responded.

- A young lady waswalking across the street

in front of the apartmentsbehind us known as projects.

That's what we refer to 'em as.

And we stopped her, and sheadmitted that she needed prayer,

and as we continued to talk, she admitted.

I asked, "Did you knowJesus as your savior?"

And she said, "No."

And I was like, "Can today be your day?

"You don't have to be perfect."

And she was just so broken,and she just said, "Yes."

And so we ministered toher and prayed for her,

and then her son also accepted Christ.

- [Charlene] Although theshootings keep happening,

and Jesus Summer ends August 26th,

Salaberrios will keeppushing for a lasting change.

- We're committed to goas long as we possibly can

to draw attention to this,to get more Christians

to come out, walk these streets.

'Cause there's only about 1,500 shooters.

And if we can concentrate on that group,

we could change the city of Chicago.

- [Charlene] CharleneAaron, CBN News, Chicago.

- That's wonderful.

The Bible says, blessedare the peace makers.

Blessed are the peace makers.

And for that pastor, God bless him

and those people thatthey can bring a message,

a reconciliation, and thatthat's God's real army.

That's what we're supposed to do.

We're supposed to bring message

of peace in the name of the Lord.

He's the prince of peace.


- Well, up next, the real food challenge.

Hear how one author and bloggermanaged to feed her family

better foods at a betterprice, Lisa Leake explains.

And it's coming up.

(bright orchestral music)

(bright instrumental music)

Well, it seems to bea fact of modern life.

The foods that are bad for youare typically the only ones

that aren't going to break the budget.

But that's not necessarily true,

according to best-sellingauthor Lisa Leake.

Take a look.

- [Reporter] Lisa Leake is a popular

blogger, wife, and busy mom of two.

Eight years ago, Lisagot a huge wake-up call

when she learned the truthabout processed foods.

She made simple changes and started

using real foods without overspending.

In her cookbook 100 Daysof Real Food on a Budget,

Lisa shares cost-saving tips and recipes

for making tasty dishes withlocal, whole ingredients.

- Well, Lisa Leake is back with us.

And we welcome you to The 700 Club.

This is the second cookbookthat we've had you on for,

and it's just as good as the first one.

- Thank you so much.

- You take a little bitdifferent bent in this

in that you're not justlooking at good food

for your family, but goodfood that costs less.

- That is right.

- Considerably less.- That is right.

- You are a family of four.

And is it accurate that you feed

your family of four on $125 a week?

- Well, we actually took 100Days of Real Food pledge,

where we did stick to $125 a week.

We recorded every singlething that we purchased.

And it was really challenging,

but we did not go over budget,

and we did not have to eatany highly-processed foods.

So it was a success.

- You know, one of thethings that struck me

as I read your cook, Ilove to read cookbooks.

I mean, they're like good books to me

if they're well done, and yours are.

- Thank you.- But one of the things

that struck me is that the key

to most of this is planning.

- That is right.

Planning ahead, and alsofinding creative ways

to use affordable ingredients,

such as bananas, beans, watermelon.

There are a lot of really,really economical ingredients.

And if you're creativeand plan, it can be done.

- Well, and then you talk about

some of the items that weshould focus on that are good

to have, and then somethat are just nice to have.

What's the differential there?- That is right.

Well, meat is a big-ticket item.

So that's a perfect example of something

you don't have to have every day.

You could have a few nights a week

where you have a vegetarian dinner.

I also feel like flavoredbeverages are another item

that you could maybe go withoutsometimes, and desserts.

- [Terry] Good old water is--

- Yes, water--- Is good.

- Water doesn't cost much.

And then, of course,desserts and sweet treats,

those are really nice to have,of course, but if you maybe

reduce it to once a week,that can be a cost saving.

- So, did your family go alongwith this readily? (laughs)

Be honest, be honest.

- I had to talk them into it, but I was

the one doing all the planning

and the shopping and adding everything up.

So I was doing most ofthe work for them anyway.

- Control factor.- Yes.

(laughs) Yeah.

- Well, you have broughtsome examples with you today

of what good food that isreasonable to purchase looks like.

Let's go down here and start,if we can, with breakfast.

What do you have here?- Absolutely.

This is a breakfast smoothie bowl.

The base here that makesit green is spinach.

And then I just blend it together

with some frozen fruit,like frozen bananas,

frozen peaches, a little coconut water,

and also a little nut butter.

So it's really a hearty smoothie bowl.

It's thick enough to eat with a spoon,

and it's topped off withtoasted oats and pumpkin seeds.

- Yum.

Okay, and here.

- Yeah, we have lunch next.

This is an easy chickpea salad.

You mix together the chickpeas

with some fresh vegetables,such as cucumbers,

red bell peppers, red onions.

And then you make alittle homemade dressing

and mix in some fresh basil leaves.

And this holds up reallywell in the lunchbox.

Whether you have to pack yourlunch for work or school,

it is great to have on hand in the fridge.

- Well, and you've got areally large amount to me of--

- Yes, it's very--

- [Terry] Cheese andtomatoes and crackers.

So, very filling.

- Very filling lunch.

You are not gonna go hungry eating this.

- Okay, talk to me about thechicken tandoori, is this?

- This is weeknight tandoori chicken.

And for this, I use boneless,skinless chicken thighs

instead of chicken breast.- Much less expensive.

- That is right.

It's more economical.

I honestly think ittastes better, as well.

And this is so easy to make.

You just have a mixture of spices

that you coat on the chicken,and you cook it in a skillet.

And then you add coconut milk

and tomato sauce to make the sauce.

And I love to serve it over

brown rice with a little spinach.

So, it makes a whole one-dish dinner.

You can top it with yogurt.

And to buy all the ingredients

you see here to make this meal,

it's less than $10 andwill feed six people.

So it is a very, very good deal.

- Wow.

And we're gonna do something here that is,

well, you can, say for adessert or just a snack.

- A snack, yes.- But it's healthy, right?

- Yes.- So, what have you got here?

- So, we're gonna make someoatmeal cookie energy bites.

And if you wanna help me,

we're gonna start with rolled oats.

And then we have raisins.

And I am using peanutbutter, but you could use

a different nut butter if you'd like.

And here is a little bit ofcinnamon to help add some spice.

And then I put in alittle bit of maple syrup.

And like you said, this is a great snack.

It honestly would be greatin the lunchbox, as well.

And you just stir this up--- So it holds up

once you put it all together?

- Yes, you can stay in the fridge for up

to five days, if it would last that long.

Now, if you have my kids in the house--

- [Terry] It doesn't.

- No, it would never last that long.

And so I have a little bowl of water here.

The trick is to kinda get your hands wet

so the mixture doesn't stickto you and become a big mess.

And I'm just gonna form these.

- [Terry] Just kinda makea little ball out of it.

- Yeah, exactly.

And then you can just keep going

until all the ingredients are gone.

- [Terry] And you refrigerate to kind of

solidify it a little bit longer?

- Yeah, you don't wanna leavethese out on the counter.

But these are really easy to make,

especially if you have little ones.

I mean, get them involved inhelping you in the kitchen.

I love to do that, and Ithink that's a great way

to get kids to want to eat better.

- They probably come in allshapes and sizes then, right?

- Yes, exactly.

- So, I know one of theother things that you do

is you raise a lot of your own herbs.

Why do you find that to be--

- Oh, that is such a

cost-saving effort.- Really?

- Yes, think about ifyou buy a little pack

of fresh herbs from the grocery store.

It's gonna be several dollars every time.

And if you're not sure ifyou can grow your own food,

growing herbs is a great way to start.

It's very easy, especiallyin the summer months.

- [Terry] And they're pretty hearty,

most of them, aren't they?

- Yes, some of them will last all year.

Rosemary you don't have to replant.

And then basil, for example,it's just a couple dollars

to buy the plant, and thenyou have it all summer long.

It'd be great, again, in this

dish over here.- When it's fresh,

it does taste different, I have to say.

So, would you say that the biggest mistake

that most people make is in not planning?

- Yes, absolutely.

And planning ahead notonly helps you save money,

but it helps you avoidprocessed food in general.

If you don't know whatyour next meal's gonna be,

what you're making for dinner tonight,

and you have a busyday, that's when you're

gonna end up at the drive-through.

So planning ahead is so important.

- That would be me.

But I wanna show you this.

Because it is so beautifully done.

I loved your first one.- Thank you.

- But this is so wonderful.

If your appetite's been whetted,

make sure you pick upa copy of Lisa's book.

It's called 100 Days ofReal Food on a Budget,

and it's available in stores nationwide.

And she is the real deal.

It's good food.

It's not expensive.

You can feed your familyand make it all healthy.

And by planning, you actually will make

your life a little bit easier, as well.

So, thank you so much.

It's always fun to have you here.

- Thank you.

- Well, stay ahead.

Tables turn on a cocaine pusher

when he becomes addictedto heroin himself.

- Every waking moment, you're thinking,

who to call, how can I getit, where can I get it from?

Because I would do any means to get

money to support my heroin habit.

- [Terry] See how this man ends up broke,

homeless, and living in a park,where he receives a miracle.

(sweeping orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- And welcome back to The 700 Club.

A spiritual awakening is taking place

at a Missouri Army base as a record number

of troops have come to Christ.

Chaplain Jose Rondon administers

at Fort Leonard Wood and says since March,

1,839 soldiers have cometo faith in Jesus Christ.

Chaplain Rondon posts videos on Facebook

of soldiers singing songs ofworship and being baptized.

He credits the salvations to the prayers

of those who have been interceding

for a move of God in the military.

And he encourages them,"Please don't stop."

The University of Iowa has decided

to temporarily reinstate 40religious groups on campus.

The student group in avarsity Christian fellowship

sued the university afterit was kicked off campus

for requiring its leaders toprofess faith in Jesus Christ.

Almost 40 other religious groups

were also purged from thecampus for similar reasons,

including the Sikh Awareness Club

and the Latter-day SaintStudent Association.

The university willreinstate all faith groups

until the end of their pending litigation.

Remember, you can always get the latest

from CBN News by going toour website at

Pat and Terry are back withmuch more of today's 700 Club.

It's coming up right after this.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(dramatic instrumental music)

- Well, it's said to those who sell liquor

and sell drugs, "Don'tsample the merchandise."

That's for selling, not using.

Well, Darrick Nakata livedthe high life in Honolulu.

There, Darrick supplied allthe nightclubs with cocaine.

And Darrick made about $35,000a week doing just that.

And then Darrick made the big mistake

of using the very drug he was selling.

And before long, Darrick was broke,

homeless, and living in a park.

- I started growing weed,and I started selling weed.

And I can remember in highschool, I'd make $220 a day

just going to school andselling bags of weed.

- [Reporter] DarrickNakata of Honolulu, Hawaii,

started smoking marijuanain the sixth grade.

By the time he was inhigh school, he had turned

his recreational drug useinto a profitable business.

In his 20s, he realized he could make

even more money distributing cocaine.

(melancholy music)

- The pro surfers thatwas coming from Brazil,

Peru, or all those guys,they was bringing in coke.

And I would supply allthe nightclubs with coke.

I'd drive in twice a nightselling ounces of coke,

maybe eight ounces in one night.

I was making about 35,000a week just selling coke.

- [Reporter] Darrick soon became dependent

on the very drug he was selling.

- That's when I realizedthat I wasn't in control.

When I started using my product

and when I started actually smoking coke,

all the money I had made, I just started

just spending it all on drugs.

The drug was controlling me.

- [Reporter] Eventually, he dropped

his crack addiction for heroin.

- I could see the desperation that I

was going through because of this drug.

Every waking moment, you're thinking,

who to call, how can I getit, where can I get it from?

I felt there was a littledarkness in my soul,

(ominous music)

like I was not the same person I was.

Because I would do any means to get

money to support my heroin habit.

- [Reporter] When he tried to stop using,

Darrick felt powerless.

- I remember telling myself,"It'd be better if I just died.

"It'd be a lot easier if I just died."

'Cause the pain was so great.

You couldn't sleep.

I was throwing up.

My eyes was tearing.

I was just suffering.

And I thought if I died,that would be a lot easier.

- [Reporter] Desperateto be free from heroin,

Darrick tried somethinghe'd never done before.

He prayed to the only onehe believed could help.

- I just cried out to God and I said,

"God, if you could breakmy chain of addiction,

"I'll serve you the rest of my life."

I don't know what that meant.

I didn't have a relationship with God,

but I was pleading with Godthat I was making a deal.

"Hey, if you could take this away, man,

"I would love to serveyou the rest of my life."

(somber music)

- [Reporter] The beginning of the answer

to his prayer came three days later,

when he was arrested while buying heroin.

Darrick spent the next two months in jail.

- It detoxed me.

They gave me a medicationto take a little bit

of the withdrawals, butyou still have the effects.

But it's not as bad.

- [Reporter] When he was released,

Darrick was broke, homeless,and living in a park in Hawaii.

A local pastor who oftenbrought food to the homeless

told Darrick about the love of Jesus.

- I remember one day thatthe pastor didn't bring food.

This is when God became so real to me.

I cried out to God.

I said, "God, if you'rereal, bring us some food."

And lo and behold, 10 minutes after that,

this couple was walkingtowards us with foil pans.

I didn't know what it was.

So, five of us sitting there,and then this young lady

and this guy said, "Hey,we just got married,

"and we had all this extra food.

"And we thought we'dbring it to you guys."

And that's when I thought,"Oh, wow, God, you're real."

I mean, I had no doubt right there.

God, you answered me.

And that's when my relationshipwith Him became real.

- [Reporter] Darrickgave his life to Jesus.

He soon realized that God hadanswered all of his prayers.

(uplifting piano music)

- It was early morning,and you had to take down

your tent because the policesaid, "Hey, you can sleep here,

"but take down your tent in the morning."

And I remember is, it was sun just rising.

I stepped out, the birds are chirping.

Life was just beginning.

The sun was coming up.

And I realized I didn'thave to hustle to get

well anymore because God had made me well.

He'd broken my chains.

And that's when I realized,God kept his promise.

And he delivered me frombondage to my addiction.

And that's when I realized,"Okay, God, I'll serve you."

- [Reporter] He began ministeringto the homeless community

in Hawaii with a pastor and was eventually

asked to join the church staff.

He says he's thankful that the Lord

heard his prayer and changed his life.

- He's a God of restoration.

He's a God of redemption.

He's a God that wants you tohave a relationship with Him.

I never felt so muchsatisfaction in my soul.

It's so rewarding in my soul.

Once you have experienced thehand of God and be touched

by Him, it's just somethingyou can't explain.

It's amazing.

God is amazing.

- You know, the Bible says that

God made man in His own image.

And the image of God madein Him male and female.

And then he said, "Andlet them have dominion

"over the fish of the seaand the fowls of the air

"and whatever walks andcreeps on the earth."

And of course, along withthat, there was dominion

over all the vegetables,the plants, the trees.

He said, "Now, I'm gonnalet you tend the garden,

"but you be fruitful and multiply."


What is addiction?

Where does cocaine come from?

It comes from the leaf of a cocoa plant.

Where does heroin come from?

It comes from a poppy of an opium plant.

Where does marijuana come from?

Well, they call it grass.

It's a kind of weed that people smoke.

What is tobacco?

Well, it's just a plant.

And yet, people are enslaved to plants.

God made you to havedominion over the earth.

And you're made in His image.

And yet you are a slave to a cocoa plant.

You're a slave to a poppy seed.

Can you imagine that?

A man made in God's image has

fallen down to worship a plant.

And what I'm saying to you today,

whatever you do, take back the dominion

that's been taking away from you.

Stand up and rise up asa man or woman of God

and say, "I'm going to be free."

And what Darrick said, he was very clear.

He said, "I am gonna call on the Lord."

And he called on God,and God set him free.

God broke that addiction that was upon him

and took him away from bondage,

'cause God does notwant you to be enslaved.

He molded you to be free.

And if you wanna be free, whatI want you to do right now

is to ask Lord to come and set you free.

Don't be a slave to vegetables.

For heaven's sakes, don't do it.

Bow your head with me right now.

Pray, pray this prayer.

Lord, Jesus Christ, that's right,

I am under bondage, andnow I want to be free.

I know you made me in your image.

And you made me to have dominion.

And so now, Lord, I receive that dominion.

And I throw off the yolk of bondage.

And I declare that in thename of Jesus, I am free.

Come now, Lord, I'm yours.

I'm your servant.

I will no longer be the servantof vegetables and plants.

I'm your servant.

And from now on, I am yours.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for hearing my prayer.

Thank you.

And wherever you are, Iwant you to praise God.

And if you've got someof that stuff around,

whether it's tobacco or alcohol or drugs

or marijuana or cocaine,I want you to get it

and flush it down the toilet or burn it up

or whatever you can do, but get it out.

And from this moment on, you are free.

Now, what do you wanna do next?

Well, I've got a littlething that'll help you.

It's called A New Day.

And I had the joy ofgoing into our audio room

some time ago, and Imade, it's called a CD,

or a compact disc, andit's about 73 minutes

of very concentrated teachingabout what happens next.

What does it mean to be born again?

If you sin, if youfall, what happens next?

Well, God'll pick you up.

It's all in here.

And you need this.

I'll give it to you free.

But if you pray, you don'thave to give us your name

if you don't want to,but I wish you'd call.

Somebody's here that just love you

and need to hear the good news.

So, why don't you justcall right now and say,

"Look, I prayed with Pat, Igave my heart to the Lord."

It's an easy number.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

You can't get any easier.


And we've got it hooked into a

toll-free number, so there's no charge.

If you don't wanna give usyour name, that's fine, too.

But if you give us your name,

we'll send you this little booklet.

And if you want further prayers,

somebody's here to pray with you.

If you want to know the Lordand wanna know more about Him

as a counselor and as someone who

can help you, the lines are available.

If for any reason they'retied up, please be patient.

We'll have a lot of phones out here

in Nashville available for you.

So, call right now, 1-800-700-7000.


- Still ahead, we've gotyour email questions.

Amanda says: I have back pain.

It was suggested to me that I

try dry needling and acupuncture.

Should Christians use these practices?

Get ready for anotherround of your questions.

Honest Answers is coming up.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(bright instrumental music)

In China, a two-year-oldboy had a birth defect.

Normally, it would've ledto a lifetime of suffering.

But today, he has a bigsmile and a bright future,

and it's because of people like you.

(soft instrumental music)

Nothing could keep Ting Ting away

from her baby brother Yu Hao.

The two were the best of friends,

until people started teasingYu Hao about his face.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Translator] Other people I knew

called my brother an ugly monster.

And one night, I dreamt thathe transformed into a wolf

and scared me and all ofthe people in my class.

- [Terry] Yu Hao was born with a cleft lip

and palate and needed surgery.

But it would take hisparents almost nine years

to raise enough money for that.

The Lees live in a remote village

in a tiny 260-square-foot house.

Mr. Lee farms and cuts grass,but only makes $160 a month.

And relatives refused to help.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Translator] He alreadyhad a hard time eating.

I knew if he didn't get surgery,

the problem on his mouthwould just get worse.

I worried that when he was older,

he would not find a wife,and when we were gone,

there would be no one to take care of him.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Translator] He wouldnot be able to speak.

It broke my heart, and I feltlike I was a horrible father

because I could not providea happy life for my son.

- [Translator] I wish that I could

take Yu Hao's problem on myself.

I just wanted him to get well.

- [Terry] But there was notimely solution in sight.

Then, they heard that CBN was cosponsoring

cleft lip surgeries forpoor children like Yu Hao,

and he wouldn't have to wait until

he was nine for surgery after all.

- [Translator] The news made me

the happiest mother in the world.

- [Translator] My littlebrother's surgery went so well.

Now nobody makes fun of Hao.

He looks lovely.

- [Translator] Hao willbe able to go to school

like a normal child andhave a bright future.

- [Translator] You havegiven my son a happy face

and set a foundation to haveconfidence as he grows older.

You have shown us that inthe midst of difficult times,

there really are peoplewho care and want to help.

- He's precious, isn't he?

And what a beautiful smile.

It would've been a shame not to have had

that smile repaired as it needed to be.

But it's more than just cosmetic.

This little boy wouldn't have spoken well.

He couldn't digest food well.

He would've had troublegetting a job, marrying.

His whole future would've been

impacted by something correctable.

His family just did nothave the ability to do it.

And then 700 Clubmembers, you stepped right

into the middle of thatneed, and you gave this

little boy everything he needed to smile

today and throughout a lifetime.

What did that look likefor you as members?

65 cents a day, $20 a month.

Listen, if you're not a700 Club member already,

you are missing out on a great opportunity

to touch the world with the love of Jesus

in a life-changing, hope-giving way

for a limited amount of investment.

And you can do it right from the

comfort of your own living room.

Go to your phone right now.

Pat talked about the number a minute ago.

It's so easy to remember.


Just call and say, "Iwanna join The 700 Club,"

and we will welcome you tothe family of ministries here.

We're doing all kinds of things

around the world for people in need.

And it'll be a blessing toyou to be a part of that.

You can also email,

if you'd like to join us that way.

Ready for some Honest Answers to some--

- Well, I don't know if I--- Serious questions?

- Let's see, I'll be ashonest as I can, all right.

- [Terry] Well, good, we'll hold

your feet to the fire on that.

Okay, this first one, Pat,comes from Amanda, who says:

I have back pain, and it'sinterfered with my daily life.

It was suggested to methat I try dry needling

and possibly acupuncture,but I've heard that

these methods have spiritual implications.

Should Christians use thesepractices for medical reasons?

What are your thoughts?

- Well, I've seen acupuncture in China,

where people, they wasusing instead of anesthesia.

And it works.

Apparently, there are a lotof junctures in our body,

and if those junctures can be either

enhanced or interferedwith, pain will cease.

And so I see nothing in theworld wrong with acupuncture.

If you wanna make some spiritual

thing out of it, then it's a mistake.

I mean, it's not spiritual.

It's mechanical and physical.

And those needles, theypunch certain areas

and break up the nerve endings that are

putting these synapsestogether to cause pain.

So don't give it any spiritualsignificance whatsoever,

except this is the way God made your body,

and this is an ancient wayof making it feel better.

- This is Rose--- I had an acupuncturist

for a horse, and the horse liked it a lot.

- (laughs) So he knows whereof he speaks.

- Really, I mean, we had a chiropractor

and a acupuncturist and atooth doctor and everything.

- Yeah, I did it once ona show just to try it.

And it's not painful most of the time.

I've had some people

say it is.- They don't feel

those little needles, but it'skinda dirty, but in China,

I mean, they aren't clean, but they do it.

And I've seen it, and it worked.


- 'Kay, this is Rose, who says:

I'm confused, because I don'tknow which church to go to.

I read the Bible and I was raised

as a Catholic, or I read the Bible.

I watch a Baptist minister on TV,

and I'm very happy listening to him.

But I don't go to church every week

because I'm confused aboutwhich church to go to.

Please help.

- Well, Christianity has been

divided into a number of segments.

And I think what you need to find

is some congregation wherethey believe the Bible,

and they love Jesus, and they follow

his teaching, and they love each other.

I mean, that's what you gotta look for.

Are they divided?

Do they hate each other?

Do they have a party spirit?

Or do they love each other?

And, I mean, I think that'swhat you really want.

I mean, and what churchdo you find that in?

Well, there are a whole lot of 'em.

But I'm thrilled at, forexample, in the Catholic Church,

the Catholic CharismaticMovement is very warm and robust.

But they have Anglican and then,

of course, in all the denominations,

and there're nondenominational,Charismatic and so forth.

So that's what you look for.

Do they believe the Bible?

Do they practice the Bible?

Do they love each other?

I mean, that's it, okay.

- This is Ken, Pat, who says:

What language will be speaking in heaven?

- Well, though I speak with the tongues

of men and of angels,(laughs) I think we won't

necessarily have to be speaking.

I think we will coordinatewith the spirit.

We'll respond to spirit,and people will know

what you're thinking withouthaving to even verbalize it.

But I don't know.

How do angels talk?

Paul talked about, "We will speak with the

"tongues of men and of angels."

So, anyhow, I don't know.

I haven't been there.

But I'd like to be, okay?(Terry laughs)

We leave you with Today'sPower Minute from Ephesians.

For He himself is our peace.

(sweeping orchestral music)

Tomorrow, a pastor is gunneddown in his church parking lot.

He fights for survival as a miracle.

That's on Friday's 700 Club.

So for Terry and all ofus, this is Pat Robertson,

thank you so much for being with us.

So, tune into The 700 Club tomorrow.



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