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700 Club Interactive - August 17, 2018

Lisa Leake is a wife, mother, foodie, blogger and author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller, 100 Days of Real Food. She shares how her family' went 100 days without eating a single ounce of processed food. Read Transcript

- You can be a drag queen superhero.

- [Andrew] You won'tbelieve what's happening

in our public schools and libraries.

- Whatever happened topuppet shows and craft day?

- [Andrew] The doors arebeing opened for drag queens.

- Just to give them somethingextra to look forward too.

The makeup, the glitter andthey all were happy about it

and excited.

- [Andrew] Hear from bothsides of the controversy.

- We have become soopen-minded that are brains

are falling out.

- Plus, New York Timesbestseller, Lisa Leake

shares how her family went 100 days

without eating a singleounce of processed food.

All on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Hi and welcome to the show.

It's a new trend in libraries and schools

across the country, it'scalled Drag Queen Story Hour.

Features men dressed as womenreading books to children.

- Well, while some parentsare outraged at this practice,

library officials at arecent event in Virginia

told CBN's Charlene Aaronit fits their city's vision

of inclusion and diversity.

Take a look.

- This public library herein Virginia Beach, Virginia

recently hosted an eventcalled Drag Queen Story Hour

and we witnessed parentstaking their children

as young as two inside to take part.

Drag Queen Story Hour isadvertised as an event

that captures the imaginationand play of childhood

and gives kids glamorous,positive and diverse role models.

It is all part of a national initiative

with more than 20 chaptersacross the country.

Last summer the Boston PublicLibrary allowed drag queens

dressed as Catholicnuns, called the Sisters

of Perpetual Indulgence to read to kids.

Princeton professor RobertP. George told CBN News,

it's dangerous to use thestate to promote ideas

that defy normal ideas about gender.

- Well, it's a message about power.

The group in question,the so-called Sisters

of Perpetual Indulgenceis sending a message

that they have the power toenter into the public domain,

publicly funded institutionI believe, not a private one

and to essentially hold a catechism class

for this new religionthat they've created,

a religion of Hedonism,of self-indulgence,

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,

a religion of licentiousness.

- [Charlene] At another,a man dressed in drag

encouraged a young childto become a drag queen.

- I'd like to be a superhero.

- Yeah, you can be adrag queen super hero.

- [Charlene] Elizabeth Johnston,

also known as The Activist Mommy

calls the issue surroundinggender confusion,

gender insanity.

- Moms and daughters transitioning

to the opposite sex together.

We've got guys goinginto girl's locker rooms

and bathrooms and dragqueens are reading stories

to children in public libraries,

thereby normalizing this behavior

of men dressing up inhigh heels, a wig, a bra

and copious amounts of makeup.

Whatever happened to puppet shows

and craft day at the library?

- [Charlene] One Virginiaparent disagrees.

- I think that we should saythat everybody's different

and we should accept peoplefor their differences.

And that that we should treat them

as we would treat anybody elsewith just different tastes.

Some people like pizza, somepeople don't like pizza.

Some people dress up like women,

some people dress up like men.

More than 20 parents broughtkids ages two to eight

to a Virginia Beach story hour.

Where Gillette Black who was openly gay

dressed as a mermaid and read three books

as part of an under the sea theme.

Black wants to be a positive role model

and says reading in drag makesit more fun for the kids.

- Just to give them somethingextra to look forward too,

the makeup, the glitter, it'sgonna keep them more in tune

and more willing tolisten and pay attention.

They were all accepting,they all were happy about it

and excited and givingme hugs and everything.

- [Charlene] Library officialssay the program highlights

a need in it's community.

- The library has a strategic plan

and one of our big parts of our plan

is inclusion and diversity.

So we offer about 8,000 programs

for children and adults a year

and we just wanted to make sure

we cover a wide variety of interests

and speak to all members of our community.

So, this program fell intothat strategic action item.

- [Charlene] But outraged residents argue

the program will harm kids.

- I think it's reallyunfortunate that our city

isn't going to, they're here to protect

and keep us safe and I'mnot sure they're doing that

for all the population,especially the children.

Here they're gonna getexposed to something

that they're really notsure about and be confused.

- [Charlene] And it doesn't stop there.

Netflix plans to day view agay-themed super hero show

featuring cross dresserscalled Super Drags.

The Activist Mommy describestoday's culture movements

as an embarrassing momentin our nation's history.

- We have become so open-minded

that our brains are falling out.

Truth and reality andscience really mean nothing

to the left.

People are fighting theirtrue biological identity

and Hollywood and the mediaare trying to pressure us

to celebrate this.

- Two more Drag Queen StoryHour events are planned

for this Virginia Beach libraryin August and September.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- Wow.

- We heard The Activist Mommysay how we may be being forced

to celebrate this.

Of course, you don't have to celebrate it,

if you're concerned youdon't have to attend.

You can also let the librariesand schools know how you feel

and of course, it's a realeye opener for parents.

I have three childrenall under the age of 12,

12, 11 and six and it's been amazing to me

how early in their life I'vehad to have discussions about

sexual matters and lifestyles

and things I didn't anticipate so quickly.

Even news stories like this,I mean, my son will say to me,

hey dad, you know, I knowabout that story in the news.

- Yeah, really?

- And I have to beprepared to talk about it.

So, parents, grandparents,

be ready to talk about these issues

with those children you love

because if they don'tget perspective from you,

a godly perspective, that's what you want

to teach them about it,

they're gonna get a difference perspective

from someone else.

- Well, also can I justsay there is a difference

between respecting peoplewho are different than we are

and promoting an agenda thatis unusual to say the least.

- Yeah, the agenda isstarting young obviously.

- Well, summer is slowly coming to an end

and kids across the country

are getting ready to head back to school.

And you know what that means?

Time to get the school supplies.

- It's too late if youhaven't done it already.

- Oh my mercy, I know.- We went like,

alright, I didn't go, I think my wife went

about three weeks ago, it wasalready all gone practically,

yeah.- It's good of you

to confess that (mumbles)- Well, yeah, thank you.

It's good for the soul.

Well, the Holderness familyknows all about the stress

that comes with that andmade a back to school parody

to a Black Eyed Peassong that's gone viral,

here's the video.

- Here's my school supply list, good luck.

- What's a folder with brads?

- I don't know ask Brad.

- Get them out of the house, worth it.

♪ Your school is started in here ♪

♪ And the parents start running, running ♪

♪ And running, running andrunning running, running ♪

♪ And running, runningand running, running ♪

♪ And running, runningand running, running and ♪

♪ School is started, school isstarted, school is started ♪

♪ Yeah, school is started in here ♪

♪ Yeah, school is started in here ♪

♪ Yeah, school is started in here ♪

♪ Yeah, school is startedin here, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Running, running and running, running ♪

♪ And running, runningand running, running ♪

♪ Golf pencils, bold flare pens, ♪

♪ Not four by six, not three by three ♪

- I don't remember as a kidneeding so many supplies,

did it, was it that things are (mumbles).

- Well, no, I don't think we did

but then here's the badpart on top of all of that.

You then go home and mustlabel it all. (laughs)

Which is such joy.- Right.

Yeah, a lot of workbefore school even starts.

- Yes.

- And speaking to back toschool, college students

will also be starting classesand there's a perfect way

then can start the semester off right.

It's called faith basedsubscription boxes.

- [Terry] These mail order boxes

are made especially for Christians

to live, learn and flourish intheir faith while in college.

The boxes are hope andlove filled care packages

with items like books,mugs, scripture cards,

journals, clothing, music and lots more

to encourage your students.

There are numerous companiesall with their own niche

such as Faithbox, Courage Crate

which focuses on building courage

and Hopebox which focuses on hope,

that's just to name a few.

- That's a nice gift idea,

everybody likes to get mail, yeah.

- Everybody likes to get surprised, yeah.

- Of course.- That's kinda special,

I like that.

I remember we used to send hope packages

that you could evenget through the school.

You know, these little,you buy a basket with M&M's

and soda and whatever else.

- I had a sweet grandma

who used to send mehome-made cookies at college.

Isn't that nice?- Really, wow.

- Very sweet.- Yeah, that's

that background of yours Italian.

- I miss grandma.

- Yes, I'm sure. (laughs)

Well, we've shown you a fewof the police lip sync videos

that have been going viral

but we have never seenone quite like this.

- Police officers fromPickens County, Georgia.

They're using their video toaddress a very serious issue

that's domestic violence, here's a clip.

♪ You shout it out ♪

♪ But I can't hear a word you say ♪

♪ I'm talking loud, not saying much ♪

♪ I'm criticized but allyour bullets ricochet ♪

♪ I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose ♪

♪ Fire away fire away ♪

♪ You shoot me down but I won't fall ♪

♪ I am titanium ♪

♪ I am titanium ♪

♪ I am titanium ♪

♪ Stone hard machine guns ♪

♪ I am titanium ♪

♪ You shoot me down but I won't fall ♪

♪ I am titanium ♪

♪ You shoot me down but I won't fall ♪

- Well, officers say over65 thousands incidences

have happened in Georgia this year

and are challenging their community

to put an end to domestic violence.

So if you or someone you know needs help

call the NationalDomestic Violence hotline.

That number is 1-800-799-SAFE,1-800-799-SAFE.

Well, interesting wayto use an opportunity

for visibility to be really

for people to- Something very different a

do something, yes.about that one.

What a message.- Well, kudos to them.

Well, coming up a real food challenge.

Hear how one author andblogger managed to feed

her entire family for 100days with no processed food

and stay on budget.

New York Times bestseller,Lisa Leake joins us next

to share her secrets right after this.

(upbeat music)

Lisa Leake took on a challengeto eliminate processed foods

from her family's diet.

When naysayers said itwould break the bank,

she set out to prove them wrong.

Take a look at this.

- [Narrator] Lisa Leakeis a popular blogger, wife

and busy mom of two.

Eight years ago, Lisagot a huge wake up call

when she learned the truthabout processed foods.

She made simple changes andstarted using real foods

without over spending.

In her cookbook, 100 Daysof Real Food On a Budget,

Lisa shares cost saving tips and recipes

for making tasty dishes withlocal, whole ingredients.

- Well, joining me now

is the author of 100 Daysof Real Food On a Budget.

It's such a great cookbook.

Lisa Leake it's great tohave you with us today.

- Thank you so much for having me.

- And tell me what was itthat set you on a journey

to try to not eat processed foods?

- Well, back in 2010, Iactually had a huge wake-up call

where I realized a lot ofwhat I thought was healthy

and what I was feeding my family

was actually highly processed.

So I just felt compelled tocompletely overhaul our diet.

- Yeah, did you, in the beginning

were you concerned about the,did you think you could do it

and keep the price down or?

- Oh I lost sleep at night wondering how

I was gonna do this.

I mean, I really had torelearn how to food shop

and cook for our family.

So, doing it on a budget,kind of came after,

you know, I figured out.

- [Terry] So first the unprocessed foods.

- [Lisa] Yes.

- [Terry] Then how do I do this and

- [Lisa] Exactly.

have a reasonable budget?- Exactly.

- [Terry] So what are sometips that you can give us

for staying on budget.

- Well planning ahead is so important.

I mean, not only doesit help you save money

but it's gonna help you cutout processed food as well.

And I also think it's important

to utilize those budget ingredients

and being creative with them.

So bananas, beans, watermelons,

there's a lot of really budget-friendly

real food ingredients out there.

- Yeah, I love the fact thatyou've done the homework

for us in that becauseI don't really have time

to explore those things andso if they're kind of iffy

in my own mind, I justdon't ever get to them.

But when someone likeyou comes along and says

I did this and it's tasty.

- Yes.

- I'm willing to go there.

You talk also in the bookabout the nice to haves

versus the good to haves.

- Yes.

- What are some goodto have things on hand?

- Yes, so well, I reallythink it's important

to reduce the nice to haves.

So, you know, meat forexample is a big ticket item

and you don't have to havethat every day of the week

for every meal and if you canreduce how often you have it

that will help save money.

I also think sweet treats fallsinto that category and so.

- [Terry] Sadly. (laughs)

- I know, I know.

And so do flavored beverages.

So those are three areaswhere it's really easy

to reduce the costs.

- Because flavored beveragesare really a big deal

right now and- Yes.

it's really kind of flavored water.

- I know and I actually have some recipes

in this book to make yourown flavored beverages

for little to nothing.

So you can save and not buyall those canned things.

- You know, some of usand I'm one of them,

I just admit grew up with, you know,

you have meat, you havea starch of some kind.

- [Lisa] Yeah.

- You have a vegetable, a salad

if you're really goinggray guns for the evening.

- [Lisa] Yeah.

- Did you have to breakyour own thinking mold

to serve a meal withoutmeat as the (mumbles)?

- Yes, I absolutely asI said I had to relearn

how to food shop and to cook

so I, this book actuallyhas a lot of meat-free meals

that are still hardy enoughwhere you don't feel like

you're missing anything.

I have a spinach lasagnadish, for example,

and just being creative andcoming up with those meals

where you don't feel likesomething is missing took time.

- Now I know that this is a work of love

and you've been doing it for some time

but, you know, a lot of people hearing

what we're talking about today would say,

well, I might do thatbut my family wouldn't.

Did you have to convince your family?

- Well, I think because Iwas the one sort of making

all the decisions and buying all the food

and cooking all of it forthe most part that helped.

But I also think explainingto them the why behind this.

I think, you know,especially, with your spouse

or your older kids,they want to be healthy

and do the right thingand so it's important

to get them on boardand not just, you know,

force them along the way.

- So what are some thingsyou think your family learned

from eating on a budget,eating good food on a budget?

- Well, we learned so much.

I think that I learned thatfood waste is a huge issue.

I mean, all the foodthat you're throwing out

at the end of the week,the fresh vegetables

that you had goodintentions and didn't eat.

- [Terry] Boy, you're talking to me.

- That is like throwingmoney down the drain.

And I also learned howmuch money you can save

by growing your own herbs, for example.

Rather than spending,you know, three dollars

every time you needed afresh herb for a recipe

you could just pick it off your own plant

and I also think again, aswe mentioned planning ahead,

I cannot emphasize thatenough, that is key.

- You know, I think formost women more than men

because for the most part Iknow there are more and more men

who cook today.

- Yes.

- Learn to prepare meals.

But for the most part, it's women.

And I think everybody would like

to be able to help their familybe a little bit healthier.

- Absolutely.

- In what they're doing.

What would you say is the biggest thing

that keeps us from doing that?

Is it really the costor is it the planning?

- Well, I honestly thinkit's making the change.

I think any big change in your life

whether you're moving to a new city,

starting a new job, it canfeel kind of overwhelming

until you really justdive in and I do think

it can eventually become your new normal

once you get over thathump and it is so worth it.

- So kind of dive in,

just let yourself- Get started.

acclimate it.- Yes, don't over think it.

Just get started anddon't get so overwhelmed

that you wanna give up.

Remember that any smallchange is better than none.

- Absolutely, you know, youwon't have to overthink it

'cause Lisa's thought of it all for you.

And it's all in her newbook 100 Days of Real Food

On a Budget.

I don't know about you, Ilike to just read cookbooks

and this one is so awesome.

Everything is done for you.

Beautiful pictures, by the way.

- [Lisa] Thank you.

- It's so nicely done.

If you collect cookbooks like I do,

you're gonna want to addthis to your collection.

But if you'd like yourfamily to eat healthy

and be able to afford it,

it's available in stores nationwide.

Lisa, thank you so much for being with us.

- Thank you for having me.

- You always bring such good wisdom.

I'm gonna apply it. (laughs)

Thank you, Andrew over to you.

- Thank you Terry, well still to come,

an abandoned baby girl.

- [Kenzie] When I was only one month old,

I was left by a trainstation in a paper box.

- But see how she was givena second chance at life

and is now helping others.

That's when we come back.

(dramatic music)

Kenzie Walker was thrown awayshortly after she was born,

left for dead at a Chinese train stop.

Kenzie survived thanks tothe kindness of a stranger

and she has thrived ever since.

- I was born in theHunan Province of China

and when I was only one month old,

I was left by a trainstation in a paper box.

I was alone and nobody waswith me and nobody cared.

And someone found me andtook me to an orphanage.

- Chuck and I were married in '82

and then our son Brad was born in '84.

- And about a year and a half later

we lost the second son at birth.

So, we spent the next 16years contemplating the idea

of adoption.

- We just had this feeling thatour family wasn't complete.

- So in 2000, we adoptedour first daughter, Caitlynn

and she's now 15.

And then three years laterwe just had it in our hearts

that, you know, God had aplan for another daughter

in our lives and we heard aboutall the baby girls in China

who needed forever homes.

God just said that'swhere you've gotta be.

And so we made plans and God matched

us up with Mackenzie Grace Walker.

- [Woman] We fell in love themoment we saw her picture,

we couldn't get there soon enough.

- When we were working through an agency

and we were traveling witha group of 13 other couples

from the states who were allgoing through the same process,

and then literally thesecond day we were in China,

we got our baby girls.

- When we got home from China,I just walked in the door

and we had a chime clock in our kitchen

and she heard it chimeand she walked up to it

and looked at it and mimickedthe sound exactly on pitch.

Wherever we went she wouldhum along with music.

It became obvious that it wasjust a part of who she was.

She would sing and she was playing,

even when friends were over,

she would plan these elaborate programs

and she would give everyone parts

and then kept performing for us.

It was just, it was apartof her everyday world.


- I honestly don't remembera time I never sang.

I started singing everywhere. (laughs)

- Mackenzie has gottenopportunities to sing,

really from the time she'sbeen about five years old.

- With this album and having a manager

and getting to sing likein really big places,

I just kinda flash back and Iremember when I was even five

when I started voice lessons.

I'm like mom, I wanna be a famous singer.

- The first time she walkedout on that big field

and she was, you know 50pounds, this tiny little girl

and my heart is pounding(mumbles) overwhelming

and she walked out and just belted it.

- This will actually be her third year

to do the anthem at a Houston Astros game.

She's singing such an incredible song

in front of, you know, this huge audience

and you know, 40, 50,000 people.

To hear that little voice just boom out

over the loud speakers as a parent,

you just can't help butyour heart just swelled.

- It's really unbelievable and I'm like,

oh, I'm actually here, I'm not in a dream.

This is for real.

- That's a little overwhelmingto a couple of parents.

We're just a normal, youknow, family, that to watch

all those children gather around her

and want her picture madeand just, their smiling faces

and to watch Mackenzie, youknow, interacting with them.

That's just so much fun.

You can't get any better than

that as a parent observing that.

Mackenzie can go out and help children

and help, you know, spread the love

of Jesus throughout the world.

It's not only what she wantsto do and what we want for her,

it's our obligation, it's our calling.

- I work with a ministry

called ICM InternationalCooperating Ministries.

And what I'm getting to do with them

is help building an orphanage.

I was an orphan and now I have a family

and there are kids out there who are still

an orphan and they don't have a family.

I need to help them because God helped me

and through God I can help them.

- This was just God'splan that she started off

in China for a reason.

She was placed with us for a reason.

- One of my favoriteverses is Jeremiah 29:11,

I know the plans I have for you,

plans to give you hope in the future.

And that verse means so much to me,

'cause it's actually happening to me.

God is with you and he has a plan

for every single one of you.

- And it's so much biggerwhen it's God's plan.

- Out of the mouths of babes. (laughs)

- What a young lady and tothink that she was discarded

at a month old and found andwhat God had done in her life

through a couple being obedient

to what God was callingthem to do, to adopt.

- Yeah, you know, they solonged to add to their family

and she so needed a family.

That really was a God connection.

And one of the thingsI love about adoption

is it's such a picture ofwhat God has done for us.

We were so needy, soalone in our own distress

and then God comes alongand invites us to be his,

gives us his name, all ofthe promises that are his

and he's our good, good father so.

- And we have talkedabout on this program,

I've heard you state that if the Church,

if the body of Christwould step up at fostering

or adoption, the world could be changed.

- Yeah, it really could be there.

I think in America alonethere are 400 and some kids

in the foster care system

and out of that 400 and someabout 150,000 are available

for adoption, so it would be wonderful

if all those kids couldfind forever families.

- Yeah, it's a wonderful story.

Well, we wanna leave youtoday with this scripture

from Psalm 82 verse three.

Give justice to the poor and the orphan,

uphold the rights of theoppressed and the destitute.

We wanna remind you ifyou ever need prayer,

we are here for you.

Give us a call 800-700-7000,

we would love to pray for you.

Until tomorrow I'm AndrewKnow, for Terry Meeuwsen

and we will see you then, bye bye.

(upbeat music)

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