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CBN NewsWatch: August 17, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: August 17, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Announcer] This is CBN Newswatch.

- Thank you so much forjoining us, I'm Efrem Graham.

The U.S. Government couldsoon step up the pressure

on Turkey to release Americanpastor Andrew Brunson.

President Trump is personallyaddressing the issue

from the White House.

Jennifer Wishon brings us the story.

She's in Washington.

- [Jennifer] With cameras rolling

and the world watching a Cabinetmeeting at the White House,

President Trump raised the case

of American evangelicalpastor Andrew Brunson,

who is still being detained in Turkey

on charges related to terrorism.

Accusations Brunson andthe U.S. say are false.

- They have not provento be a good friend.

They have a great Christian pastor there.

He's a very innocent man.

- [Jennifer] Turkey's economy is already

in a downward spiral.

And the President's Treasury Secretary

announced more financialpressure is on the way

if Turkey doesn't release Brunson.

- As you know, we were very clear

with our counterparts there,

both Secretary Pompeo and myself,

on the release of the pastor.

We've put sanctions on severalof their Cabinet members.

Working with you, we havemore that we're planning to do

if they don't release him quickly.

- [Jennifer] Last month atBrunson's third court hearing

in nearly two years,

U.S. Officials thoughtthey had a deal to free him

after the U.S. helpedTurkey by pressuring Israel

to release a Turkishcitizen imprisoned there.

But instead, Brunson wasplaced under house arrest,

where some fear his life is in danger.

- Certainly the President hasa great deal of frustration

on the fact that PastorBrunson has not been released,

as well as the factthat other U.S. citizens

and employees of diplomatic facilities

have not been released.

And we're gonna continue to call on Turkey

to do the right thing andrelease those individuals.

- [Jennifer] Kristina Arriaga, Vice Chair

of the U.S. Commission onInternational Religious Freedom

says every American canhelp pressure Turkey

by avoiding buying Turkish goods.

- I have great faithin the American people.

And I'm hoping that at a minimum

they can make anyone whohas a Nutella sandwich

or anyone who has towelsthat come from Turkey,

that unwillingly they're participating

in lifting the economy of Turkey

which is something thatwe should not be doing

when they're holdingAmericans like Pastor Brunson.

- [Jennifer] If he's not released,

Pastor Brunson's next hearingis scheduled for October 12th.

He faces 35 years in prison.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Here now is a look at someof the other major headlines

we're following for you today,inside the CBN Newsroom.

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin has died

at the age of 76.

The singer died Thursday morning

from advanced pancreatic cancer.

Franklin stood as a culturalicon around the globe

and was known for her classics

such as Think, Say a Little Prayer,

and her signature song Respect.

The largest wildfire in California history

is still growing.

The Los Angeles Times reportingthe Mendocino Complex fire

is burning more than 364,000 acres.

Fire fighters say theflames are being fueled

by high winds and low humidity.

The fire continues to threatenfour nearby communities.

Google says it has changed

how it's location history settings work.

The changes come after reports revealed

the app continues tostore user location data

even when turned off.

Now when users go to turnoff their location history,

a page pops up letting them know

some data location may still be saved.

Experts say the new wording

is a step in the right direction.

Now for more on these stories and others

throughout the day, besure to visit

As we told you earlier this week,

the FBI is warning banks to be on guard

against cyber attacks at ATMs.

The agency says a globalscam is in the works

to steal millions of dollarsfrom customer bank accounts.

As CBN's National Securitycorrespondent reports,

the best time to strikeis over a holiday weekend

like Labor Day, when noone knows what's happening.

Here's Erik Rosales.

- Federal agents tell CBN news

these crooks armed withnothing more than a computer

linked up to a fake bank card

are walking up to theseATMs, putting it inside,

and then infecting the units with malware.

After putting in a passcode,

they're able to wipe out fraud controls,

such as cash limits,allowing them to walk away

with all the money that's inside the ATM.

The FBI alerted International banks

that criminals are plotting a coordinated

global cyber attack on cashmachines in the next few days.

Cyber hack experts saythe attack is imminent.

- So they have all of these card numbers,

and potentially pinnumbers that go with that.

So what they do is theycloned a bunch of these,

and they wait for a week,

and guess what's coming up, Labor Day.

Monday, September 3rd.

So they've got Saturday,they've got Sunday,

they've got Monday.

- [Erik] Three days of theft allowing them

to steal millions of dollars.

It was just last year $2.4 million

was stolen from accountsat the Virginia based

National Bank of Blacksburg,

in two separate ATM cashouts.

The FBI is urging banksto review their security,

such as implementing strongerpassword requirements

and updating software.

Most bank accounts are insured

but customers still need toknow the maximum protection.

Security experts sayit's important to monitor

accounts regularly by going online.

Or at least checking monthly statements.

The sooner you report suspicious behavior,

the more likely you areto get at least some

of your money back.

- If you go online and have it online,

you can check more regularly.

But at least in my experience,

looking at a monthly Ican still contest them.

- [Erik] The FBI also advises consumers

to examine any ATMcarefully before using it.

And look for card readers or even cameras.

Because these crookshave to physically hack

the ATM and wait for allthe money to be dispensed,

that takes a lot of time.

Agents are advising the public,

if you see that happeningto immediately call police.

Erik Rosales, CBN News.

- So exactly where shouldprison reform begin?

While, lawmakers onCapital Hill work toward

changing the systems,

others say tackling incarceration

should actually begininside the court room.

Our Amber Strong has thatstory from Washington.

- [Amber] To friends andfamily Matthew Charles

appeared to be a model citizen.

- Matthew is a kind, considerate person.

Very good heart.

- [Amber] He spent 21 yearsin prison on a drug charge.

He was released for two years,

and on an apparent path to redemption,

until a technical errorput him back behind bars.

His case and others like it

are grabbing headlines andthe attention of everyone

from celebrities to the President.

Earlier this year, a bipartisan effort

to pass prison reformsailed through the house.

Now Criminal Justice reform advocates

are in a race against time toget support from the Senate.

Dubbed the First Step Act,

it aims to fund prisonredemption programs,

and allow certain prisoners the chance

to serve out their time in halfway houses.

But when it comes to the Senate,

there's another hurdle.

Groups on both sides of the aisle

want to see an effortto reform sentencing.

- And you have judges around this country

who are saying I don'tthink you deserve that.

I don't want to send you away for life.

You don't need to die in prison

for society to be safe.

But I have no choice becauseCongress passed this law.

So we have to get rid of these policies

and let judges have discretionwhen they sentence people.

- [Amber] Research shows the U.S. locks up

a larger share of it's populationthan any other country,

due in part to mandatoryminimum sentences.

Fresh off a meeting with President Trump,

Senator Tim Scott says he's hopeful

the Senate can find a wayto meet in the middle.

- The question is is there a way for us

to add on top of theprison reform legislation

criminal justice reform that would give

release valves on non-violentperhaps first-time offenders

as opposed to having to dealwith a mandatory minimum.

Having a way to reduce the sentence.

That is a far more treacherous ground

for us to wade through.

- [Amber] In the past, the Administration

has not been open to sentencing reform.

But advocates tell CBN Newsthey see flickers of hope

from the President.

In the meantime, faith-based organizations

like Prison Fellowshipwill stand in the gap.

Reaching out to prisonersbefore they're released.

- As Christians, we suit up.

We show up and we do whatChrist would have us do.

And we go into the prisons

and as we heal the prisons in America,

I think we heal thecommunities in America.

- [Amber] Charles's girlfriend, Naomi,

believes faith makes thedifference in his journey,

then and now.

- Not once have I seen animosity or anger

throughout this whole situation.

He has a very strong spirit.

God is with him, no doubt.

- [Amber] Amber Strong,CBN News, Washington.

- [Efrem] Coming up,how the church is trying

to win back dangerousneighborhoods of Chicago

with the gospel, prayer,

and ministry outreaches to those in need.

An undeclared war is going on in America,

and Chicago is ground zero.

In the first weekend of August alone,

75 people were shot downon the city streets.

More than 300 people havebeen killed this year.

City leaders have no solutionfor the senseless violence.

So the church is now trying to win back

these dangerous neighborhoods.

Charlene Aaron brings usthe story now from Chicago.

- [Reporter] Just after midnight Sunday

on Chicago's West side,two men shot at a crowd

during a block party.

- Rising temperaturescontribute to hot tempers.

- [Man] Police say from10 Saturday morning

to 10 Sunday morning,at least 34 were shot,

including 5 killed.

- [Charlene] And the Windy City has become

anything but relaxing.

- These shootings are not random.

They are fueled by gang conflicts.

- [Charlene] The Mayor andothers calling for healing.

I am here in the heart of Chicago

on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.

Also known as Murder Drive.

Believers here are joining together

to win people to JesusChrist one block at a time.

40 days of outreach called Jesus Summer

began on a rainy day.

Very appropriate given thetears shed in this city

due to deadly gun violence.

- Let the spirit of violencebe bound in this city.

And let the spirit of peacebe loosed in this city.

We declare peace on Hostis.

We declare peace in this city.

In the name of Jesus Christ,

the son of the living God.

- [Charlene] Prayers turned into action

as believers across denominational lines

hit the streets in ministry opportunities,

such as feeding the homeless,

street Evangelism, a tent revival,

and events for kids.

- This is one of theroughest neighborhoods

there are in Chicago.

- [Charlene] Pastor DimasSalaberrios is from New York

but helped to spearhead thecity's Jesus Summer project.

- We're empowering the churches

with millions of dollarsworth of merchandise

to make sure that we can try to hit

every home in Chicago with the gospel.

So that's the mission.

And there's multiple events happening.

- [Charlene] A former drug dealer,

Salabarrios is fastinguntil there are no shootings

in Chicago for at least a week.

His prayers center onthose behind the violence

- Life over him.

And it's in Jesus's name I pray.


I used to be a King Pin drug dealer, man.

I sold drugs almost all my life.

- [Charlene] He recently shared the gospel

with local gang members.

- When you reach the shooters

and the shooting stops,

that brings peace.

- [Charlene] While ministry here is hard,

Salabarrios has seen breakthroughs.

Such as the result ofpraying with angry protestors

following the death of a blackman at the hands of police.

- We just started to pray for people.

We started to target people

that we saw that were really upset,

or were angry.

We said can we pray for you?

We watched God's peaceliterally come over them.

- [Charlene] Chicago native Donovan Price

connected with Pastor Salabarrios

when he arrived in the city.

As a victim's advocate,he sees the violence

and it's impact up close.

- About 20 minutes aftershots fired, I arrive.

When the family arrives,I support the family,

help them through thisthree or four hour process

at the scene.

Sometimes you can't always say a prayer

or spout a scripture.

Sometimes it's about loving and comforting

and having that feel, thatpresence around somebody

that they know that the HolySpirit is taking care of them,

they know that God is there.

- [Charlene] Our camerasfollowed Salabarrios

and several ministry partnersas they shared the gospel.

- A lot of people watch the show

and I know it was strange to see me here.

I'm a little out of place, ya know,

I wonder what I'm doing walking around.

But yeah, we just told 'em we're here

cause we love 'em.

Just wanted to hug on 'em

and try to show Jesus through our lives.

- [Charlene] Many responded.

- A young lady waswalking across the street

in front of the apartmentsbehind us known as projects,

you know, that's what we refer to 'em as.

We stopped her and sheadmitted she needed prayer.

And as we continued to talk,

she admitted, I asked do youknow Jesus as your savior?

She said no.

And I was like, can today be your day?

You don't have to be perfect.

And she was just so broken,and she just said yes.

And so we ministered toher and prayed for her.

And then her son also accepted Christ.

- [Charlene] Although theshootings keep happening

and Jesus Summer ends August 26th,

Salabarrios will keeppushing for a lasting change.

- We're committed to goas long as we possibly can

to draw attention to this,

to get more Christians to come out,

walk these streets.

Cause it's only about 1500 shooters.

And if we can concentrate on that group,

we could change the city of Chicago.

- [Charlene] CharleneAaron, CBN News, Chicago.

- [Efrem] Still ahead, an inside look

at a new movie about adoption.

A story that relates the gospel message

and it comes from the sonof some famous missionaries.

We've got the story right after this.

(dramatic music)

The film Running ForGrace hits theaters today

shining a spotlight on theimportance of adoption.

At the center of the story, is an orphan

who uses his blazingspeed to deliver medicine

to poor coffee pickers inthe mountains of Hawaii.

But then he falls inlove with the daughter

of the plantation's owner.

- Just gonna have you come to this place.

He's gonna be really yelling at you.

And action, car!

- [Efrem] That's filmmakerDavid Cunningham at work

on the film Running For Grace.

It's set in Hawaii in the 1920s.

- During that time, there waslaws about racial integrity,

where it was actuallyillegal to adopt children

of mixed ethnicities.

Joe is half Caucasian half Japanese,

and rejected by both communities.

A new doctor comes to town,played by Matt Dillon,

and takes the boy under his wing.

- What's will that kid?

- He just showed up out of nowhere.

- Where's your parents?

Alright kid, come on,you're gonna live with me.

I'm the new doctor for the plantation.

If any of you are sick or get hurt,

you just see Joe, and he'll come get me.

When I read the script,they said right away

this is why this is really good,

because this is veryspecific and very authentic

and very real.

You know, the coffeefields, the plantation,

the prejudices in society at that time.

You know, Joe, you seem pretty smitten

with the big man's pretty daughter.

I need your help.

I've got another one like this.

(dramatic music)

- Miss Grace has hurt her ankle.

- Miss Grace?

- Let's just show 'em thatyou're a qualified assistant.

- [Efrem] Cunninghamisn't just a filmmaker.

He comes from generations of missionaries

on both sides of his family.

- This particular film is allabout the power of adoption.

Adoption is the gospel.

And the gospel is adoption.

- [Efrem] Jim Caviezel alsostars in this powerful story.

- I think it's a filmthat will really resonate

with the people.

Has great redemption to it.

- I have been trying to adopt this kid.

I believe this young man hasthe makings of a physician.

- Perhaps you'd like tobe on a winning team.

- A distinguished doctorhas taken an interest

in you, my dear.

- A miracle.

- Selling your onlydaughter off is a miracle?

- I wouldn't give up if I were you.

You're meant to be with Grace.

- Efrem Graham, CBN News.

As we mentioned, Running For Grace

arrives in theaters today.

By the way, the film'sdirector David Cunningham

is the son of missionaries.

His parents founded theorganization Youth With a Mission,

known by many as YWAM.

Another movie is coming out today

and our friends at PluggedIn Online

have a review of the new film.

It's called Alpha, take a look.

(electronic music)

- My father always told me

survival is never certain.

- The movie Alpha tells the story

of an Ice Age teen named Keda.

He's the son of his tribe's chief

and learning the basics

of hunting and gatheringfood for the winter.

While out on an inaugural hunt however,

Keda is hit by a chargingbison and hurled off a cliff.

Left for dead with no one around to help,

he must find a way to overcome the odds

and make his way back home.

As the teen embarks onhis journey of survival,

limping along with apotentially broken ankle,

he's attacked by a pack of hungry wolves.

Keda ends up injuring one of them,

who is just like him,

abandoned by it's pack and left to die.

Of course, this might be an opportunity.

If this injured teen and his wounded wolf

can learn to rely on each other,

they just might, together,endure the brutal wilderness.

This early boy and hisdog tale is well made.

And it's something of anold school adventure lesson

about loyalty, growingup, and growing strong.

On the other hand,

there's a lot more growling peril here

than you might expect.

The film dabbles in blood,

and literally wallowsin dung at one point.

And there's ancient animalisticspirituality in the mix too.

So I'm giving Alpha a three out of five

for family friendliness.

For the full review, be sureto check out

Plugging you into the movies.

I'm Cheryl Wilhelmy,

for Focus on the Family'sPlugged In movie review.

- Sounds like a busyweekend at the box office.

Stay with us, we'll be right back.

And welcome back to CBN Newswatch.

It's time now for your Friday Faithful

as we wrap the week and begin the weekend.

It is a great day toremember God is faithful.

He promises that in his Word,

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Hold fast to that promise

and know this, it isimpossible for our God to lie.

He is indeed with you untilthe very end of the age.

Well remember that you can find more

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Hope you'll join us againright here next time.

This may conclude thisbroadcast, but remember

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Have a fabulous Fridayand a wonderful weekend.

We'll see you right back here come Monday.

Same time, same place.

Goodbye everybody, and God bless.

(exciting music)


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