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Oren to New US Israeli Immigrants: 'You Just Stepped into Jewish History'

Oren to New US Israeli Immigrants: 'You Just Stepped into Jewish History' Read Transcript

- More than 200 newimmigrants have arrived

on this flight from New York,

and nearly a quarter ofthem are lone soldiers.

Young people who camewithout their families

and will soon join the Israeli military.

Ya'akov Cahn from Muncie, New York,

is just out of high school.

He'll be stationed inthe south, near Gaza.

- I'm not scared. There'sno reason to be scared.

It's our land we don'thave a choice you know?

You got to do what you have to do.

- [John Waage] And what doeshis family in New York think?

- They're very proud of me.

I hope that they follow in my steps,

(upbeat music playing)

and do what I do.

- Mazel Tov.

I don't know if you know it or not,

but you entered Jewish history.

- [John Waage] Michael Oren,

Deputy Prime Ministerto Benjamin Netanyahu,

was an immigrant from the U.S.himself almost 40 years ago.

He says most Americanscome for different reasons

than the French immigrantswho came last month,

from a place whereanti-Semitism is rampant.

- This is a very different Aliyah.

The people who came from North America

are not coming because, theyare not fleeing anti-Semitism.

They are not here becauseof economic strife.

They've made a decision to move

from probably a bettereconomy than our economy

to certainly maybe amore secure environment

than our environment to serve in an army.

In the United States they don'thave to serve in the army.

Here, they do have to serve in the army

it's a very profound weighty decision

when you think about it.

- You made it!

(crowd cheering)

- [John Wagee] Zelda Wildman from Ohio

came holding a card from her father.

It was issued by the Britishmandate government in Palestine

denying him the right to come to Israel

before it became a modern nation.

- I feel like I'm fulfilling his dream

We've lost, he's lost,we've lost all our family

in the Holocaust and he came to Ohio

because that's where he was sent.

He always wanted to go to Palestine.

- [John Wagee] Jeff Dahan brought his

family from Connecticut.

His wife Dorit took careof the kids for months

while Jeff took up a new job in Israel.

- It was difficult to be separated

it was difficult for thekids but we made it it.

- [John Wagee] Their son Talsummed it up for the family.

- It's just been likereally hard and stressful

for when we had to likeget everything set up

but now once we are here it's a lot easier

and it's very worth it'cause this has been

the dream for us and weare living the dream.

- [John] We asked Ya'akovCahn if he is fulfilling

the word spoken by the Bible prophets.

- I think it's pretty obvious that we are

'cause we're returning.

- [John] John Waage CBN NewsBen Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv.

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