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The 700 Club - August 17, 2018

A preacher is shot six times right outside of his church. Hear what got him back behind the pulpit. Plus, see how Christians are making a difference in one 97% Muslim community in Michigan. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Announcer] Today, a Michigan

neighborhood that's 97% Muslim.

- What better place inthe whole wide world

to find people that don't know Jesus?

- [Announcer] And a pastorwith a vision to preach there.

- Lights my fire, man.

- [Announcer] How the churchis making a difference

in the Muslim center of America.

- When they say yes toJesus, it's an amazing thing.

- [Announcer] Plus...

- [Woman] Pow, pow, pow, pow,

real loud, there was a lot of shots.

- [Announcer] A man is shot six times

right outside his church.

Hear what got this preacherback in the pulpit.

- It was a miracle, an absolute miracle.

- [Announcer] On today's 700 Club.

(stately upbeat music)

- Hello, and welcome to the 700 Club.

Well, once again, a court in Turkey

has rejected an appeal for the release

of American Pastor Andrew Brunson.

That decision comes asthe Trump Administration

is warning it could step up the pressure

on Turkey for Brunson's release.

Jennifer Wishon brings usthe story from Washington.

- With cameras rollingand the world watching

a cabinet meeting at the White House,

President Trump raised the case

of American Evangelicalpastor, Andrew Brunson,

who is still being detained in Turkey

on charges related to terrorism.

Accusations both Brunsonand the U.S. say are false.

- They have not provento be a good friend.

They have a great Christian pastor there.

He's a very innocent man.

- [Jennifer] Turkey's economy is already

in a downward spiral and thepresident's Treasury Secretary

announced more financialpressure is on the way

if Turkey doesn't release Brunson.

- As you know we were very clear

with our counterparts there,

both Secretary Pompeo and myself

on the release of the pastor.

We've put sanctions on several

of their cabinet members,working with you,

we have more that we're planning to do

if they don't release him quickly.

- [Jennifer] Last month atBrunson's third court hearing

in nearly two years, U.S. officials

thought they had a deal to free him.

After the U.S. helped Turkey by pressuring

Israel to release a Turkishcitizen in prison there,

but instead, Brunson wasplaced under house arrest

where some fear his life is in danger.

- Certainly the President hasa great deal of frustration

on the fact that PastorBrunson has not been released,

as well as the factthat other U.S. citizens

and employees of diplomatic facilities

have not been released,and we're gonna continue

to call on Turkey to do the right thing

and release those individuals.

- [Jennifer] Kristina Arriaga, Vice Chair

of the U.S. Commission onNational Religious Freedom

says every American canhelp pressure Turkey

by avoiding buying Turkish goods.

- I have great faithin the American people

and I'm hoping that ata minimum they can make

anyone who has a Nutella sandwich

or anyone who has

towels that come from Turkey,

that unwillingly they're participating

in lifting the economy of Turkey,

which is something thatwe should not be doing

when they're holdingAmericans like Pastor Brunson.

- If he's not released, Pastor Brunson's

next hearing is scheduled for October 12.

He faces 35 years in prison.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Well not using Turkish goods, I'm sure

can have impact, butmaybe the greatest impact

we can all have is to continueto pray for Pastor Brunson.

You know, he's in a verydifficult situation,

sort of caught between andbetwixt in this whole scenario

and we need to ask God todo something significant,

something of eternal significancein the life of this man

and in our relationship with Turkey.

Well in other news,democrats in the Senate

say they want more informationon President Trump's

Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh,

John Jessup has that story

from our CBN News Bureau in Washington.


- Thanks Terry.

Senate democrats say they're getting ready

to sue the NationalArchives so they can access

more Supreme Court nominee,Kavanaugh's, records,

including some fromhis time as White House

Staff Secretary forPresident George W. Bush.

Democrats have already sued, used rather,

a Freedom of Information Act to request

to get some of Kavanaugh's records,

trying to find information they can use

to block his confirmation.

Republicans say the Senatehas already received

about 250,000 rather pages of documents

from his time in the Bush Administration.

Kavanaugh's confirmationhearing begins September fourth.

Well last month we brought you the story

of French Jews who leftFrance bound for Israel

because of growing anti-Semitism.

This week, more immigrantsarrived in Tel Aviv,

this time from the U.S. and Canada.

They had different reasons for coming,

but as John Waage explains,

many believe they'refulfilling Bible prophesy.

- More than 200 newimmigrants have arrived

on this flight from New York

and nearly a quarter ofthem are lone soldiers,

young people who camewithout their families,

and will soon join the Israeli Military.

- [John Waage] Ya'akovCahn from Monza, New York,

is just out of high school.

He'll be stationed inthe South, near Gaza.

I'm not scared. There'sno reason to be scared.

It's our land, we don'thave a choice, you know?

You gotta do what you have to do.

And what does his familyin New York think?

- They're very proud of me.

I hope that they follow in my steps,

you know, and do what I do.

- Mazel tov, I don't knowwhether you know it or not,

but you just entered Jewish history.

- [John Waage] MichaelOren, Deputy Prime Minister

to Benjamin Netanyahu was an immigrant

from the U.S. himself almost 40 years ago.

He says most Americanscome for different reasons

than the French immigrantswho came last month

from a place whereanti-Semitism is rampant.

- This is a very different el diop.

The people who came from North America

are coming because, they'renot fleeing anti-Semitism,

they're not here becauseof economic strife, right?

They've made a decisionto move from probably

a better economy to oureconomy to certainly

maybe a more secure environmentthan our environment,

to serve in an army.

In the United States they don'thave to serve in the army,

here they do have to serve in the army.

It's a very profound weighty decision

when you think about it.

- [John Waage] Zelda Wildman from Ohio

came holding a card from her father.

It was issued by theBritish Mandate Government

in Palestine denying himthe right to come to Israel

before it became a modern nation.

- I feel like I'm fulfilling his dream.

He lost, we lost all ourfamily in the Holocaust

and he came to Ohio becausethat's where he was sent.

He always wanted to go to Palestine.

- [John Waage] JeffDahan brought his family

from Connecticut.

His wife, Dorit, took careof the kids for months

while Jeff took up a new job in Israel.

- It was difficult to be separated,

it was difficult for thekids, but we made it.

Their son, Tal, summedit up for the family.

- It's just been really hard and stressful

from when we had to get everything set up,

but now once we're here, it's a lot easier

and it's very worth itbecause this has been a dream

for us and we are living the dream.

- [John Waage] We asked Ya'akov Cahn

if he is fulfilling the word

spoken by the Bible prophets.

- I think it's pretty obvious that we are

because we're returning.

- John Waage, CBN News, BenGurion Airport, Tel Aviv.

- Thanks, John.

Well here at home, thefilm Running for Grace

hits theaters today.

It shines a spotlighton the issue of adoption

by highlighting the story of an orphan

who uses his blazingspeed to deliver medicine

to poor coffee pickers inthe mountains of Hawaii,

then falls in love with thedaughter of a plantation owner.

F.M. Graham has this sneak peak.

- Opple-tane, three mark.

- I'm just gonna have youcome to this place here.

He's gonna be really yelling at you.

And action car.

- [Efrem] That'sfilmmaker David Cunningham

at work on the film Running for Grace.

It's set in Hawaii in the 1920s.

During that time there waslaws about racial integrity

where it was actuallyillegal to adopt children

of mixed ethnicities.

Joe, is half Caucasian, half Japanese

and rejected by both communities.

A new doctor comes totown, played by Matt Dillon

takes the boy under his wing.

- What's with that kid?

- He just showed up out of nowhere.

- Where's your parents?

All right kid come on,you can live with me.

I'm the new doctor for the plantation.

If any of you are sick or get hurt,

you just see Joe and he'll come get me.

When I read the scriptthey said right away

this is why this is really good

because this is veryspecific and very authentic

and very real.

You know, the coffeefields, the plantation,

the prejudices in society at that time.

You know, Joe, you seem pretty smitten

with the big man's pretty daughter.

I need your help, I'vegot another one like this.

(hopeful music)

- Miss Grace has hurt her ankle.

- Miss Grace?

- Let's just show him thatyou're a qualified assistant.

- [Efrem] Cunninghamisn't just a filmmaker,

he comes from generations of missionaries

on both sides of his family.

- This particular film is allabout the power of adoption.

Adoption is the gospel,and the gospel is adoption.

- [Efrem] Jim Caviezel alsostars in this powerful story.

- I think it's a filmthat will really resonate

with the people, it hasgreat redemption to it.

- I have been trying to adopt this kid.

I believe this young man hasthe makings for this position.

- Perhaps you'd like tobe on a winning team?

- The distinguished doctor has taken

an interest in you my dear.

- A miracle.

- Selling your onlydaughter off is a miracle?

- I wouldn't give up if I were you.

You're meant to be with Grace.

Efrem Graham, CBN News.

- Well as we mentioned, Running for Grace

hits theaters today and as Efrem mentioned

the film's director, David Cunningham,

is the son of missionaries.

whose parents founded the organization

Youth with a Mission, known as YOM.


- And making a difference in the lives

of young people all over the world.

You know, adoption is apicture of the gospel.

It's because God hasadopted us into His family,

just taken us wholly up as His own,

given us His name, givenus all the promises

and all of His power that comes with that

and a promise to spend eternity with Him.

It's what He does foreach and every one of us.

It's why when we adopt, it's such

a powerful symbol of who our God is.

Well coming up, a pastorwho placed his church

in the heart of a neighborhoodthat's 97% Muslim.

- What better place inthe whole wide world

you know to find peoplethat don't know Jesus,

that need Him and needwhat Jesus has to offer.

- Watch the transformation happening

in Dearborn, Michigan,home to one of the largest

Muslim populations in the United States.

(light music)

(hopeful music)

The city in Dearborn, Michigan,recently made headlines

after one of its residentswas captured in Syria

and accused of workingfor ISIS for three years.

Dearborn has a large Muslim population,

but this recent news doesn'treflect the good things

that are happening there.

Mark Martin talked to one Christian pastor

who strategically placed his church

in a neighborhood that's 97% Muslim.

- Dearborn is known for being home

of the Ford Motor Company.

It's also home to oneof the largest Muslim

populations in the country.

Drive around town and it's like

you're transported to the Middle East.

Nearly half of Dearborn'spopulation is Muslim.

Out of the 90,000 residents,

approximately 40,000 practice Islam.

80% are Shia Muslims, mainlyfrom Lebanon and Iraq,

20% are Sunnis, mainly from Yemen.

- That makes this areathe largest concentration

of Arab Shia Muslims in the United States,

and that mosque behind usis actually a Shia mosque.

It's definitely the largest Shia mosque

in the United States.

- [Mark] It's known as theIslamic Center of America.

John Koski views himself as

a Christian missionary to Muslims here.

He's also the AssociatePastor at Springwells Church,

an Assembly of God congregation led

by Pastor Trey Hancockand his wife, Becky.

The church sits less that 10 minutes away

from the Islamic Center of America

in the heart of a neighborhoodthat's 97% Muslim.

- Jesus said I want you here,

so we're here.

I mean what better placein the whole wide world

to find people that don'tknow Jesus, that need Him,

and need what Jesus has to offer.

Right here, we're not making it hard

for them to come to the Lord.

- [Mark] The church began meeting

in the Hancock's home in2000, more than a decade

after the pastor and his familyfirst arrived in Dearborn

to minister to Muslims.

Hancock says, he heard the call of God

while in Dearborn receivingcultural training.

- And just walking and just praying.

Got down to about righthere at this very spot

and the Lord spoke to me andsaid if you're gonna learn

about these people you'vegot to live with them.

I thought, whoa, that didn't come from me.

I knew who that was.

It was really clear,it was really distinct,

and it was a promptingfrom the Holy Spirit.

And I said okay Lord.

- [Mark] That step of faithhas led to a thriving ministry.

In addition to Sundayservices, church outreach

includes drama presentations,a wrestling club,

and English as a second language classes,

which include learning Bible verses

in Arabic and English.

- I think it's very effective because

we're really building relationships.

We're ministering to their felt needs

and one of the biggest needs

is to learn English as a second language.

- [Mark] Koski and otherslike Paul Schindelbeck

also take their ministry door to door.

- You said this speaksof the truth of Jesus?

- Yeah, it speaks about who Jesus was.

- Who Jesus was?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Diane Berry serves through aChristian Taekwondo ministry.

The former Muslim says Springwellsis making a difference.

- It's God. It's all God, it has to be.

And the supernatural protection is well

you know, when you think about it,

and we're welcome there by the most

because it's a serving church.

- [Mark] Hancock is overjoyedwhen Muslims accept Jesus.

- It lights my fire, man.

When they say yes to Jesus,it's an amazing thing.

It's an amazing thing, especiallyafter they get baptized

because that's when they'resaying to the world,

"I belong to Jesus."

- Although rewarding,ministering in Dearborn

takes a lot of work.

Koski says it takes 30gospel presentations

for the average Muslim to accept Christ.

And that's not the only tough part.

In ministering in thisarea, spiritual warfare

is definitely involved, for example,

Hancock says in the last decade,

more than a dozen churchesin the Dearborn area

have been sold to Muslimsand turned into mosques.

Churches like this one.

You can see its now theAmerican Muslim Center

and the cross has beenremoved from the steeple.

On this other former church

an Islamic House ofWisdom sign has actually

been placed over the cross on the steeple.

Still, Hancock knowsthe Muslims who purchase

the churches are not the enemy.

- I'm not fighting, quote, them

because I want them to come to Jesus.

- [Mark] The pastorlooks forward to the day

he learns many Muslims have responded

to the gospel messagethrough his ministry.

- I hope when I'm standingin front of the Lord

that there's thousands standing behind me,

that I had no idea that were listening.

- [Mark] He believes thereare more former Muslims

in Dearborn who believein Jesus that can say so

because they're afraid of each other,

and to the secretbeliever, he has a message.

- Find somebody who knows Jesus.

Let them know what you're dealing with,

that you've said yes to the Lord.

Even if you have questions,ask them to pray for you

and allow Jesus to minister to you.

- [Mark] Mark Martin, CBNNews, Dearborn, Michigan.

- I love the heart of thispastor and his church,

they are making adifference and I think of

the scripture that says how will they know

if no one goes, if no one tells them.

Pray for them.

You know, our prayers canundergird what they're doing

even though we're not livingin Dearborn, Michigan.

Well up next, a true rags to riches story

as a thrice divorced immigrant

goes from a street peddlerto a multi-millionaire.

See how she found true wealth after this.

(light music)

We have had an amazingresponse to our series

on how to Build a Better Gut.

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Jean-He Kang arrived in the United States

with grand plans offulfilling the American dream.

A few years later, she achieved success,

but certainly not in the way she planned.

And shortly after, Jean, she became

a millionaire entrepreneur.

She realized that moneycould never buy happiness.

- [Narrator] Self- mademillionaire Jean-He Kang

had finally done it, she wasliving the American dream.

- I made enough money todo everything I wanted.

I travel, I could buyanything that I wanted,

but ultimately, therewas something missing.

Growing up in a smallSouth Korean village,

Jean-He longed to bemore than a rice farmer,

like her parents.

Her father, a gambler and alcoholic

abused his wife and their five children.

- My father was never aroundwhen we were growing up.

It was all on my mom.

And whenever he came home at night,

he would start beating us.

I was thinking we're the trouble for him.

- [Narrator] Feeling asthough she were a burden

to her parents, shetried to prove her worth

by being a good worker.

- Ever since I canremember, I helped my mom,

to lessen her sadness because my dad

was never around to help her.

And I thought that wouldhave been good enough for her

to consider me as a good daughter.

- [Narrator] Often, Jean-He prayed to God

for a better life.

- I used to pray to Himto feel sorry for me

and give me some more food,will help me run away one day.

That kept me going because I knew

that I didn't belong there for some reason

and I was getting out.

- [Narrator] In school she studied hard

believing education was her ticket

to a better future in America.

But when she was 16, herparents heard a false rumor,

that she'd kissed a boy.

Her father slapped herand called her a whore,

her mother offered no defense.

- I didn't deserve it.

I was looking at my mom to help me here

and she was with my dad'sside, didn't bail me out,

didn't believe me.

And I felt betrayed.

It's hurts me. I couldn't let it go.

- [Narrator] To get back atthem she started rebelling.

A few months later she gotpregnant and had an abortion.

She was then expelled from school

and became a social outcast.

- I could never go back to school.

I was nobody and I wasa shame to my parents.

They don't want to see me.

No one wants to see me.

And I said even God isnot here to help me.

I was totally hopeless.

- [Narrator] So she ran away

to the South Korean city of Osan.

She became a prostitute withplans of finding a husband

from a nearby U.S. military base.

Within a year she was engagedand on her way to America.

- I see myself as finishingcollege and be somebody,

have a good job or live in a good life.

When he asked me to marryhim, of course I said yes,

but I saw the ticket to America, my hope

to go back to high school and be somebody.

- [Narrator] She eventually earned her GED

and an Associate's degree,but it wasn't the path

to happiness she'd hoped for.

Over the next 10 years, shewould divorce three times,

survive an abusive husband,and have three sons.

At 30 years old, she was a single mom

with $2,200 to her name.

- I was still nowhere closeto where I wanted to be,

but I always thought that Ican just get from point A to B,

I can get out of this poorstatus, I could do something.

- [Narrator] It was thenshe got the idea to start

a business selling costumejewelry and accessories.

- And that was theticket to build my life.

And I was a street peddler basically.

I would literally pullin next to grocery store

and a grocery cart andselling, I sell sell sell.

- [Narrator] Just as she'ddone as a young girl,

she asked God for help.

She even went to church on occasion.

Meanwhile, her businessgrew, and within 10 years,

she had gone from being astreet peddler to a millionaire.

It even helped herreconcile with her parents.

- As soon as I became wealthy,I took care of my parents.

I bought them a house, I wouldgive them plenty of money.

That was my way of forgiving my parents.

- [Narrator] Then tragedy shook her world.

Her 17-year-old son waskilled in a car accident.

- When I lost my son I got angry at God.

Like all the things I'vedone to be a dear mother

and struggle, and it took my son away.

Why me? Why mine?

And one day at church during sermon,

I walked out and I knewthat I was never going back.

- [Narrator] Over the next 18 years,

she focused on her othersons and making money,

but still happiness eluded her.

- I should've been happywith all the things

I was able to do, butI had something in me

that I was missing, and I was searching.

What is it?

- [Narrator] She would soon find out.

She became friends witha woman, a Christian,

who had one thing she didn't, joy.

Eventually Jean-He agreedto go to church with her.

The sermon was about the prodigal son.

- And there's a big screenand it says I'm coming home.

And the theme was run away.

And I said, oh,

I'm a runaway.

This story represented meand I wanted to go home,

I wanted to go home, and where is a home?

And it wasn't in Korea,it wasn't my mother,

it wasn't my father, itwas God that I was missing.

I said I want to be God's child.

- [Narrator] She realized happiness

and a sense of self worth didn't come

through riches or achievement,

but through Christ's love and forgiveness.

- The love that he hadfor me that I cannot buy.

It was only that God can give to me.

I was only able to see His goodness

when I opened my heart to Him

and accepted Him to my heart.

Every moment that I was facing,

the darkest woman, the broken spirit,

He was there.

- [Narrator] At age 57, Jean-He

earned her Bachelor's degree,

fulfilling a lifelong dream.

She's grateful andamazed at what Christ did

for that little villagegirl praying for help.

- That God that I pray is the same God,

right now, living in me.

And that's what's sospecial about knowing God.

He never gave up andHe wanted me with Him.

- God never does give up on any of us.

And there's nothing wecan do to separate us

from His love, except to refuse it.

You know if we don'treceive the love of God,

if we don't receive Hispresence in our lives,

then He waits.

She talked about that.

God waited for her, waiteduntil she was ready,

waited through her anger,waited through her guilt,

waited through her loss,and was still there

when she was ready.

God's been waiting for you too.

Maybe today you're someone who feels like

no matter what you do,

no matter what you've accomplished,

no matter how far you've come,

there's just something that's missing.

It's because you and I were created

to have a relationship with our creator.

Nothing can fill that, butHis peace and His presence.

Nothing can take awaythe shame or the guilt

of the past, but His forgiveness.

And it's free, it's extended to you

if you just receive it today.

You know the hardest partof that for some of us

is we can't forgive ourselves.

Today, let Jesus beginthat process in you.

Let Him come into yourheart and your life.

Let Him cover the sin of what you've done

and at the same time, extend a hand

to forgiveness and a new beginning to you.

That's why Jesus came.

He wasn't just a good man,He wasn't just a prophet.

It was God's plan, that He sent His son,

the best that He had to die

for you and I, to cover our sin.

You know, even differentreligions around the world today,

there just is an inherent knowledge

that there needs to be a blood sacrifice.

That's why we sing aboutthe power of the blood

as Christians becausethe blood of Jesus Christ

sets us free from who we were.

The love of Jesus Christ gives us power

a new identity, a place to belong,

hope, a future, all of that.

Listen, it's yours for the asking today.

Will you pray with me?

Don't put this off any longer.

You can have what Jean-He found,

right now, today.

Let's pray together. Bowyour head and pray with me.

Jesus, I need you.

I need forgiveness, I know that.

I need this hole inside of me filled.

I need to know who I am, Ineed to know why I'm here,

I want my life to matter.

I've tried everything I know to do

and I just get deeperand deeper and deeper

into a hole of my own making.

Today, would you do whatyour word says you'll do,

will you reach down,lift me up out of the pit

and set my feet on a rock.

Jesus, forgive me. I am so sorry.

You know all the things I've done,

all the sins I've committed,

the wickedness, the meanness,

the retaliation, Godforgive me, I am so sorry.

Change me. Would you fillme with your Holy Spirit?

Would you change me,and I know that change

needs to come from inside,

would you change the way I think,

the way I see things, theway I respond to people,

the way I feel about things?

I want to be your child today.

I want to receiveeverything you have to give

and in return I give you all that I am

and all that I have.

Teach me your ways and thank you, God,

for the gift of eternal life.

I receive it today, in Jesus' name.

If you've prayed thatprayer with me today,

then what, how do you moveforward, how do you follow Jesus,

how do you live with Himand for Him and in Him?

Well Pat Robertson's puttogether this packet for you,

it's called A New Day, and it's filled

with wonderful informationabout the journey

you've just embarked on.

It's free and so is thephone call to get it.

Just call our toll free number,

it's 1-8-0-0, 7-0-0, 7-0-0-0.

Say I just prayed that prayerwith that woman on T.V.

And I'd like the New Day packet.

We'll get this to you right away.

Still ahead, a single mother of three

is paralyzed by fear.

- I was constantly worriedabout how I was gonna pay bills,

how I was gonna pay rent sometimes,

how I was gonna pay the electric bill.

- [Terry] Watch how sheconquers her fear and her debt,

and even manages to buy a brand new home.

(dramatic music)

- And welcome back to the 700 Club.

The wildfire in Californiais already the largest

in the state's historyand it's still growing.

The Los Angeles Timesreports the Mendocino

Complex Fire is burningmore than 364,000 acres.

Firefighters say theflames are being fueled

by high winds and low humidity.

The fire is still threatening

at least four nearby communities.

Operation Blessing is helpingwomen in the West Bank

in Israel, to provide for their families.

Operation Blessing's teamsheld vocational ceramics

workshops to teach thewomen how to create and sell

their own original ceramic creations.

Operation Blessing alsosupplied a ceramic oven,

raw materials and ahigh-tech clay extruder.

The workshops aim to providethem with the skills needed

to take control of their livelihood

and to help provide for their families.

You can always learn moreabout what Operation Blessing

is doing by visiting its website

Terry is back with muchmore of today's 700 Club.

It's coming up right after this.

(dramatic music)

- Surveys show thatthree-fourths of Americans

are living paycheck to paycheck.

Elizabeth Parker used to be among them.

She was a single mom whoworried about paying bills

and she quickly found herself

in thousands of dollars of debt.

- [Narrator] Nine yearsago, Elizabeth Parker

was struggling to get by asa divorced mother of three.

- It was not being ableto provide for them

and not being able to meet their needs.

- [Narrator] The income she received

from child support and her full-time job

wasn't enough to pay for the basics,

so Elizabeth began using credit cards

to buy groceries, clothes,and to pay her bills.

Before long, she was $9,000 in debt.

- I was constantly worriedabout how I was going to

pay bills, how I wasgonna pay rent sometimes,

how I was gonna pay the electric bill.

- [Narrator] To make matters worse,

Elizabeth's employer relocated her,

and doing so her living expenses doubled.

- A lot of my prayers were just,

just help me make it throughto the next whenever.

- [Narrator] Over the next four years,

Elizabeth lived paycheck to paycheck.

Then, at the suggestion of a friend,

she started attending a new church.

It was there she learnedthe importance of tithing.

- That was the firsttime I ever heard him,

ever really heard somebody say to me

that like God owns 100% andHe allows you to keep 90%.

I knew for a fact I was not living

and doing what God's best was.

- [Narrator] That's when she said

she heard God speak to her.

- It wasn't audible, butI just remember hearing

God say you have to trust me.

You just have to trust me.

- [Narrator] The following Sunday

Elizabeth began tithing at church.

- I would like to say thatsuddenly I had this huge windfall

and I made like a gazillion extra dollars,

that did not happen.

I had just enough, I had what I needed.

- [Narrator] During thistime, she also learned

about the importance of having a budget

and how to get out of debt.

- You pay God, you pay yourself,

and then you pay all the other expenses,

and so, I've actually started saving.

Oh, and the other reallygood thing about saving

for Christmas and birthdays is I don't

put it on a credit card, right?

So I pay cash for everything.

That's so great, I love it.

- [Narrator] Elizabethstarted a new retail job

with a 10% salary increase.

And then over the next few months,

she received several bonus checks.

- I knew for sure that I was going to

continue to tithe no matter what.

I just have seen God dosome really amazing things

and just grow my faithin ways that probably

would not have happenedif I had not been faithful

with what he had given me.

- [Narrator] With all of her savings,

she was able to pay off over half

of her credit card debt.

She was also able to put adown payment on her new home.

- When I think abouteverything in this house,

the colors, the floor, the layout,

every single thing is mine,and I got to choose it,

and so I love that.

- [Narrator] Elizabeth encourageseveryone to be faithful

over what God has given them and to tithe.

And then watch God doamazing things for them too.

- Throughout Genesis to Revelation,

God is always alwaysfaithful to His people.

And that when we love Him and we obey Him

and we trust Him, that Hewill show Himself to you.

- You know what she shares is so true.

Tithing isn't about giving God money

or giving anyone elsemoney for that matter,

it's about trusting God.

Trusting that He is who He says he'll be.

And He says when we dogive Him the 10% He asks

out of the 100 that He actually owns,

giving us 90, that Hewill do something amazing,

open the windows of Heaven andpour out blessing upon you.

Boy, in this story you can see

how that happened to her, can't you?

How did she go from pennypinching every single month

not having enough, havingto use credit cards,

and today owning abeautiful home of her own?

Because she trusted God.

You know, God's heart longs for us

to know that He is who He says He is,

that He loves us, andthat we do trust Him.

In addition to that,when we give generously

from our heart, you know we'reable to make a difference

in the lives of other peoples' need.

That's not just a responsibility,

it's a privilege.

So I just want to encourage you to give

and to give generously from your heart

to the things God speaks to you about.

We'd love to invite you tobe part of the 700 Club,

it's 65 cents a day, $20 a month.

We have thousands and thousands of people

doing that and so we are able altogether

as the children of God, to reach out

to people in need around the world

as well as here at home.

You can be part of that.

If you'd like to join the 700 Club

in your own giving,our number's toll free.

It's so simple, we call 800,1-8-0-0, 7-0-0, 7-0-0-0.

Just say I want to join the 700 Club.

When you do we want to send you

as our way of saying thank you for caring

about others, Pat's latestteaching, it's called Angels:

Their Power, Purpose, and Presence.

I think you'll be blessed by it.

Many others who've heardit, watched it, have been.

We want you to have ittoo, so will you call now,

1-8-0-0, 7-0-0, 7-0-0-0.

When you join the 700Club, you are literally

helping people all over the world.

People like 12-year-old Vivian.

She lives in Kenya.

Today, she has a good life,

she has hope for a happy future,

and she's surrounded by love.

That's a stark contrastto the life she once lived

and she never takes it for granted.

- [Narrator] Vivian grewup in a Nairobi slum

where her mother was a drug dealer.

- I thought that my mother didn't love me.

She didn't give me enough food.

She brought a lot ofbad people to the house

and I was always afraid.

I felt like God had forgotten me

and I wanted to cry every day.

I was alone in the world.

- [Narrator] Then Vivian was taken in

by Living Faith International, a ministry

supported by CBN's Orphan's Promise.

- Here at this home,Vivian and the other kids

are surrounded by people that love them.

They have three good meals a day

and they're getting a great education.

Most importantly, they'relearning about God.

Did you guys have school today?

- When I first came here Ididn't know anything about God.

Learning about God wasa very nice thing to me.

Now I feel like I have a Father,

who cares for me and loves me.

- [Narrator] Vivian and the others

often watch Superbook at home.

- My favorite story isthe story of Joseph.

When he was sold by his brothers,

God still had a plan for him.

I have forgiven my mother

the way Joseph forgave his brothers.

No matter what someone does to you

if you forgive it will set you free.

- [Narrator] ThroughSuperbook and the consistent

Christian care she gets at the home,

Vivian is learning to rely on God.

- When I was strugglingwith my science test

I stopped and prayed, and asked

the Holy Spirit to help me.

God helped me remember what I learned

and I got 100% on the test.

- [Narrator] Vivian evenfound it in her heart

to pray for her mother.

- I pray that God willbless her and that she

will prosper and one day be saved.

Living in this wonderful home,

encouraged me to love God.

Thank you for giving us this privilege.

We don't take it for granted.

May God bless you for blessing us.

- Last year I had an opportunity

to actually visit Vivianand the other children

who live in her home in Kenya.

It's a lovely place.

These kids are learningabout the love of God,

they've come from abusive backgrounds,

they have been set free by the love

of Jesus Christ and they know that.

They also know that they have you to thank

for what they are living in today.

We want to say thank you.

If you'd like to give tothe work of Orphan's Promise

we are CBN's children'soutreach around the world.

You can do that by designating your gift

to Orphan's Promise today.

We are working in over 60 countries.

You know, the power of belonging

and the life of a child is so important

and here's Vivian who felt like

she was alone and had no one.

Today, she has a family, shehas a safe place to live.

She has a wonderful thriving education,

but more than that, she knows who she is

in Jesus, she has hope and a future,

and we say thank you.

Well up next, a pastor who was gunned down

in his church parking lot.

- The major concern was theamount of blood he was losing,

which was primarily fromthe pelvic injuries.

You can just bleed to deathfrom a pelvic fracture.

- [Terry] Watch how this man fights

for his survival and seethe surprising message

he has for his shooter, after this.

(dramatic music)

Tim Remington had a shattered shoulder,

a collapsed lung, burnsthroughout his body

and a bullet lodged in his skull.

A pastor, Tim waswalking out of his church

when he was shot multiple times.

- (ominous music)

- Pow pow pow pow, real loud,

there was a lot of shots.

- [Commentator] Gunshot wounds

through his arm, hip, and head.

- I literally had bloodjust caked over my face.

- [Commentator] Pastor Tim Remington

was shot in the back ashe walked to his car.

- I was in trouble at that point.

That's where God had to intervene.

- [Narrator] It was a mysterywhy someone would gun down

Pastor Tim Remington inhis church parking lot

in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

But now it was up toparamedics to keep him alive.

Paramedic Eric Paulfound the pastor bleeding

from multiple gunshot woundsand a collapsed right lung.

He inserted a temporary chesttube to help him breathe.

- We fixed the one immediate problem

we could fix in the field.

Started giving him some fluidboluses and at that point,

it's time to go to the hospital.

- [Narrator] Tim was taken

to Kootenai Health Emergency Room.

His wife Cindy arrived and theyhad a brief moment together.

- I said I love you, he said I love you,

and then it was so hardfor him to breathe,

so hard for him to speak.

Three times he said to tell the children

that he loves them.

I said do you know what happened?

And he shook his head, and I said

well you got shot.

- [Commentator] Remingtonwas shot six times.

One of the bullets shattered his shoulder,

another lodged into thesoft tissue of his skull,

just centimeters away from killing him.

- [Narrator] He was alsohit in the arm and pelvis.

Attending surgeon, Dr.Bob Hollmon said amazingly

no vital organs were damaged,

but one injury was life-threatening.

- The major concernwas the amount of blood

he's losing, which is primarilyfrom the pelvic injuries.

You fracture pelvic bones and you can just

bleed to death from a pelvic fracture.

- [Narrator] Dr. Hollmonand his team took Tim

into surgery immediatelyto stop the bleeding.

The only promise they made was

that they would do their best,

but as Cindy prayed, she knew

that Tim's life was in God's hands.

- Honest and truly, youfind out there is a peace

that passes all understandingand His name is Jesus,

and that really is what happened.

Everything went very still.

I really wasn't afraid, I didn't feel

like Tim was going to die.

- [Narrator] After eight hours of surgery

Tim woke up in the ICU.

- When I knew that Iwas alive, then I knew

that God was definitely init and there was a reason.

And I didn't know the reason, but I knew

that He was in controlof it at that point.

- [Narrator] In the meantime, the gunman

had been identified as Kyle Odom.

Two days after theshooting, he was arrested

for throwing papers overthe White House fence,

accusing Pastor Remington as the head

of an alien conspiracy, but there would be

no public outcry for justice.

Instead, Tim's church andthe city of Coeur d'Alene

held a prayer vigilfor Tim and the shooter

that sent out a messageof love and forgiveness.

- They all said and communicatedwhat I wanted them to say.

We do not hate Kyle atall, we need to love him

and we need to bring him to Jesus.

- [Narrator] But therewere more battles to fight.

A week later, doctors discovered a bullet

had left a small hole in Tim's colon

and rushed him into surgery.

Dr. Timothy Quinn was thesurgeon on call that day.

- The colon has all kindsof bacteria in there

and so it was leaking andit gave him peritonitis.

I didn't feel like itwas safe to repair it

and leave it alone sothat we had to bring,

exteriorize it as a colostomy so he

could get the infection under control,

so that's a big deal.

- [Narrator] Cindy, their children,

and their church familyknew what needed to be done.

- We asked the Lord to rebuke the enemy

on Tim's behalf and you know, he did.

And he kept doing that.

The Lord kept protecting him,

kept providing what was needed.

- [Narrator] After twoweeks the infection cleared

and doctors reversed the colostomy.

Tim was discharged, butnot long after he got home

he suffered a stroke.

The Remington familycontinued to trust God.

- I didn't have to keepsaying Jesus be with us,

Jesus be with us, he was with us

and that constant faithfulness of the Lord

and the fact that He loves us

all the time no matter what.

Hard days, no matter howbig the challenge is,

and that was a big one,no matter how big it is,

He loves us and He's with us.

- [Narrator] Tim recovered from his stroke

and just three months after the shooting,

was back in the pulpit.

- People just wrote us and they brought in

baskets and baskets ofletters that were coming in

of people that were praying for us,

and people gettingsaved locally right here

and people around the world.

Just getting saved over it

of what God was doing even in my life.

When I said I had noanimosity against the shooter,

that caused a great healingin other peoples' lives,

for some reason the Lordjust allowed that to happen.

- You could call it amiracle, and some people

would use that term and Iwouldn't argue with that.

One of the fortunate things is every time

it seems the guy shothim, it hit a big bone

and that was basically his shield against

injury to internal organs.

- [Narrator] Even ashis assailant, Kyle Odom

serves his time, Tim writes to him often,

offering forgiveness and sharing

the saving power of Jesus Christ.

- God preserved me, He savedme, and it was a miracle.

Absolute miracle.

- Oh friends, it's so good to know the God

that loves you before life happens.

You know because of that Tim and his wife

were able to say in the midst

of very uncertain circumstances,

we knew there was areason, we didn't know why,

we didn't need to.

They could trust God in the most difficult

of circumstances.

I want to ask you to do that today.

We're gonna pray in just a moment,

but to build your faith, here's Allen

from Kirkland, New Mexico,

he called into 700 Club for prayer

after a spot was found on his lung.

A prayer partner prayedwith him for healing.

Later, Allen's doctor confirmed his spot

is completely gone.

Cathy of Lubbock, Texas,called CBN's prayer center.

Her husband, Gary, was diagnosedwith colorectal cancer.

Her husband and theprayer partner and Cathy

agreed that with man this is impossible,

but with God all things are possible.

Then after three MRIs and a CT Scan,

six doctors confirmed Gary is cancer free.

God can do that for you too.

Let's pray right now forthe time we have left.

Jesus, you are our healer,not just the Savior

of our souls, but the healer of our body.

The one who created us, whoknows us inside and out.

God, you know every prayerbeing lifted to you right now.

Would you extend your handof grace, mercy, and healing,

to touch those who are hurting physically,

from the top of their headsto the bottom of their toes,

Jesus set bodies in orderright now according to

your good purposes and the will of Heaven,

in Jesus' name we pray, amen.

If you need further prayer today,

I want you to know ourprayer lines are always open,

toll free, 1-8-0-0, 7-0-0, 7-0-0-0.

And here's today's power minutefor you from Luke five:17.

And the power of the Lordwas present to heal them.

God bless you.


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