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Christian World News - August 17, 2018

Christian World News - August 17, 2018 Read Transcript

- [George] This week onChristian World News,

we'll take you to one of themost unreached places on earth.

It's known as the land of the blue sky

and it's where a camp ischanging lives one young person

at a time.

- [Wendy] Plus, meet the manwho went from documenting

the Holocaust to telling the world

about the horrors of ISIS.

See how this priest is helping the victims

of a modern day genocide.

- And Chicago, it's one ofthe most dangerous cities

in America, meet theChristians who are ushering

in a big move of God andhealing hearts in Jesus' name.

(dramatic music)

Hello everyone, welcome to

this edition of ChristianWorld News, I'm George Thomas.

- And I'm Wendy Griffith.

Well, today we're taking you to Mongolia.

It's one of the mostremote regions of the world

and very few people therehave heard about Jesus Christ.

- That is correct, not too long ago,

a Russian Christianteam went to the region

to spread the good news of the gospel.

I had the privilege of escorting the team

on it's missionary journey.

(serene folk music)

Mongolia is known as theland of the blue sky.

That's because people here enjoy more

than 250 sunny days a year.

Landlocked between China and Russia,

it's one of the world's leastdensely populated countries,

with just over three million people.

More than half live inthe bustling capital city

of Ulaanbatar.

The rest of Mongolia, whichis roughly three times

the size of France looks like this,

vast, treeless grasslands where

most people live a nomadic lifestyle,

raising sheep, goats,cattle, camels and horses.

And as I discovered thereare hardly any paved roads.

First time driving here in Mongolia.

I grew up in Africa, Iloved driving a stick shift,

so I'm very, very comfortableon these kinds of roads.

So this is fantasticand there's no traffic.

I recently joined 46 Christiansfrom neighboring Russia

heading to remote Western Mongolia

where few have heard themessage of Christ's love.

Pavel Barsokov led the mission.

- [Interpreter] The heartof my Lord, Jesus Christ

is for the lost and hurting.

I want to have the same heart.

- [George] For nine yearsBarsokov has made dozens of trips

to Mongolia, bringing alongyoung Russian Christians

trained and equipped to serve

as possible missionaries and evangelists.

17 year old Alena told CBN News,

she got the call tomissions at a young age.

This is her third visit to Mongolia.

- [Interpreter] I read abook about a missionary

in a foreign country andsince then I have had

this burning desire to shareGod's love with people.

- [George] This is NatashaGorodnuk's first trip.

She wants to serve in Nepal.

- [Interpreter] Everytime I think about it,

my heart breaks because Iknow the calling on my life

and I know what I'm supposed to do.

- [George] For several weeks,Natasha, Alena and four dozen

other Russians partneredwith Mongolian Christians

to hold evangelisticcamps for young people.

- [Interpreter] Westarted working together

with our Russian brothersand sisters several years ago

to reach my people with God's love.

What we are doing is vitalfor changing hearts and minds.

- [George] In between playing games

and enjoying other outdoor activities,

camp organizers like NatashaGreshenko introduced Mongolians

to Christianity.

This is her 10th visit.

- [Interpreter] These kidsare the future of Mongolia.

They're future pastors,future church planters

and possibly futureleaders of this country.

(speaking in foreign language)

God willing they will carrythe gospel in their hearts

and part donation for Christ.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [George] To betterappreciate the significance

of these camps you haveto understand the history

of Christianity here in Mongolia.

Shortly after the fall of communism

there were only 10 believersin the entire country.

Today some 26 years later,some 60,000 believers

are spread across this vast nation.

- [Interpreter] We arein a remote western part

of Mongolia and it is still oneof the most unreached places

in the world.

- [George] Michael Cherenovwith Mission Eurasia

cosponsors the camps.

His group focuses onraising the next generation

of Christian leaders in countriesof the former Soviet Union

and surrounding nations.

- [Interpreter] Sometimes we think

that people around theworld know about Jesus

but there are places like this

that haven't been touched by the gospel.

- And so camps like thisone serve as an ideal ground

for sharing the gospel,

whoa, with young people.

Lives like that of 22 yearold Buyanaa Davaasambuu.

She accepted Christ while attending camp

here as a little girl.

She graduated from Bible college in May

and is now preparing togo on the mission field.

- [Interpreter] This camp was foundational

to knowing God's loveand preparing my heart

to be a missionary.

I try to come back everyyear to share my experiences

of how I encountered Christ.

- [George] For others like16 year old Mashbat Baasan

a Buddhist, this wasthe first time learning

about Christianity.

- [Interpreter] I learnedin the Bible study today

that God created theheavens and the earth,

the animals and creatures of the sea.

I never knew of these stories before.

- [George] This is alsoKhulium Myagmardorj

first camp experience.

[Interpreter] Many Mongoliansdon't believe in Jesus

and before I came to the camp

I also thought I didn't needto know anything about him.

But now my heart is changedand I've learned so much more

about Christianity.

- [George] In all some1,000 young Mongolians

heard the gospel, many ofthem for the first time.

- [Interpreter] I know thereis all this controversy

about Trump and alleged Russian collusion.

But I encourage Christiansin both of our countries

not to focus on this.

Millions of people around theworld are going through hell

because they don't know Jesus Christ.

I'm not interested in politics,

I'm interested abouttelling people about Jesus.

Lives are in the balanceand we are commanded to go

and tell others about Christ's love.

This is what we aredoing here in Mongolia.

- That is such a great story and George

how cool is it to see Russian

missionaries ministering- Missionaries, yeah.

to these Mongolians?

- Absolutely, the midst of (mumbles)

as the pastor said in the midst of all

this talk about collusion

and certain politics.- Politics.

- Here are Russians who are,they're just sold out for Jesus

and their focus is going tothese remote parts of Mongolia

to share the gospel, awesome.

- Alright, love it, thank you so much.

Well, up next, an in-depth look

at the terrorists factories run by ISIS,

where entire villages are murdered.

Here how one organizationis rescuing captives

and changing lives, after this.

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- Hello I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million but it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to joinwith me and become family

to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- A Turkish court has rejected

an appeal for the release of

American evangelicalpastor Andrew Brunson.

The 50 year old Brunson is being tried

on charges related toespionage and terrorism

which both he and the U.S.government vehemently deny.

President Trump slap sanctionson two Turkish officials

over the dispute and doubledsteel and aluminum tariffs.

Turkey retaliated today withtariffs on some U.S. goods.

- For several years,actually for three years

to be specific, ISIS ruledlarge parts of Iraq and Syria.

In that time the radicalIslamic group targeted religious

and ethnic minorities for genocide.

Now a French Catholic priest is working

to hold them accountable for their crimes.

As CBN's Erik Rosales showsus, Father Patrick Desbois

is uniquely qualified for the job.

That's because he spent 10years documenting Nazi crimes

during the Holocaust.

(singing in foreign language)

- [Erik] This ISIS propagandavideo shows Yazidis men

being paraded around in a rocky village,

caged in the back of a truck.

(sings in foreign language)

Terrorists then linethem up in front of a pit

and shoot the men one by one.

- ISIS, we know they are enemies

but we know much less about them.

- Father Patrick Desboisis documenting crimes

ISIS had committed againstthe Yazidis people,

an ancient religious minority in Iraq.

His group Yahad In-Unum, which translates

to together in one hasinterviewed nearly 300 Yazidis

recounting stories of rapes, executions

and other vicious crimes.

- [Erik] Father Desbois says ISIS is

an effective killing machine operating

almost scientificallymuch like Hitler did,

methodically killing Jewsduring the Holocaust.

He writes about hisfindings in his new book

The Terrorist Factory,ISIS, The Yazidi Genocide

And Exporting Terror.

- (mumbles) was a Germanwhen they arrived there.

- [Erik] For 15 years,Father Desbois studied

the mass murder of 1.5 million Jews

by Hitler's mobile death squad.

(shots firing)

He and his team interviewednearly six thousand witnesses,

reconstructed thousands of massacres

and identified nearly 2500previous unknown execution sites.

That work has resulted in two books,

documenting what Father Desbois has dubbed

the Holocaust By Bullets.

He says the Nazis and ISIS share tactics

such as public executionsand enlisting local help

in their murders.

- [Erik] Father Desboissays in both instances,

the victims often end up thatsame night in mass graves,

many times buried alive.

It's the same system, the same methodology

and the same evil.

(singing in foreign language)

But what makes ISIS more dangerous

is boys from ages sevento 11 are sent to camps

to be turned into terrorists.

He said their days arefilled with Islamic prayers,

terrorist training and learning the Koran.

Each night they're exposedto videos of beheadings

and crucifixions.

- Father Desbois' organization

is now helping the kids find their souls

with the Yuhad Center in Kurdistan Iraq.

Volunteers teach the kidsabout Jesus, his love

and forgiveness whilethe women learn skills

such as sewing to support themselves.

Father Desbois says it'simportant to not just prove

that murderous acts took place

but to prove such killingsare not an unstoppable,

global force and withGod change is possible.

Erik Rosales, CBN News.

- A series of powerful earthquakes

have left hundreds of Indonesians dead

and thousands injuredon the Island of Lombok.

Within hours, CBN's OperationBlessing Indonesia team

was in the earthquake zonebringing help to the victims.

Gary Lane has the story.

- [Gary] The initial quake measured 6.9

on the Richter scaleand within several days

the people of Lombok were struck

with two more devastating tremors.

In addition to the dead and injured,

at least 20,000 people are homeless.

The island of Lombok is nearBali, a popular vacation spot.

It's in the eastern part of the country

along the rim of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

CBN's Regional Director forSoutheast Asia, Mark McClendon

is leading the OperationBlessing relief effort.

He says people are frightenedthe earth may shake again.

- The collective trauma ofthree earthquakes in a row

has cost tens of thousands of people

to choose the sleep outdoors,nobody wants to sleep inside.

Even the largest hospital on the island

now is on the brink of collapse

and all of the patients are inthe parking lot under tents.

And it's into this situation

that Operation Blessing doctors and nurses

have come to bringmedical help and relief.

- [Gary] This man named Bohri came

to an Operation Blessingbase camp looking for help.

An OB medical team responded immediately

and were shocked to findhundreds of people in the village

of Karang Anyer in desperateneed of medical attention.

A third earthquakedestroyed almost every house

in the village, leaving manypeople traumatized and wounded.

The entire village isnow sleeping outside.

But the Operation Blessing team

didn't just bring doctorsto bandage the wounds

and medicines to takeaway pain and sickness,

they also brought hope and trauma relief.

- [Interpreter] I felt so sorry because

no medical help had come for my village.

So I finally went to find help.

I am so happy and deeplythankful for the team

that came to our village today.

- [Gary] McClendon saysmore help is on the way.

- More medical teams,blankets, food, water, tarps,

everything that we can do and share

to help ease the suffering of these people

on the island of Lombok.

- [Gary] Gary Lane, CBN News.

(dramatic music)

- [George] Coming up,the battle to take back

the streets of Chicago.

We'll head into the heart of the city

to see how Christians aremaking the city safer.

That story when we return.

(upbeat music)

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- 911, what's your emergency?

- [Woman] We have avehicle that is upside down

and on fire, these people are trapped

and we need to the jaws of life.

- [Woman] My feet were on fire,

the car was filling up with smoke.

- [Man] There was fire comingin through my left door.

The steering wheel was stuckin my chest, I couldn't move.

- [Woman] The seatbelt, Ikept trying to release it

but it wouldn't release.

And I just screamed God,send your angels now.

I saw a set of just white hands,

it was just a burst of white light.

- And welcome back toChristian World News.

There's a hidden war in America

and it seems Chicago is ground zero.

In the first weekend of August alone,

this year 75 people were shotdown in the city streets.

- Pretty amazing stuff,that more than 300 people

have been killed this year.

City leaders have no solutionsfor this senseless violence

so now it's up to the Church

to win back these dangerous neighborhoods.

Charlene Aaron has the story.

(sirens alarming)

- [Reporter] Just after midnight Sunday

on Chicago's west side,two men shot at a crowd

during a block party.

- [Charlene] Rising temperaturescontribute to hot tempers.

- [Reporter] Police sayfrom 10 Saturday morning

to 10 Sunday morning,at least 34 were shot

including five killed.

- [Charlene] And the windy city

has become anything but relaxing.

- These shootings are not random,

they are fueled by gang conflicts.

- The Mayor and otherscalling for healing.

I am here in the heart of Chicago

on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive,

also known as murder drive.

Believers here are joining together

to win people to JesusChrist one block at a time.

40 days of outreach called Jesus Summer

began on a rainy day, veryappropriate given the tears shed

in this city due to deadly gun violence.

- Let the spirit of violencebe bound in this city

and let the spirit of peaceby loosed in this city.

We declare peace on Austin Street,

we declare peace in this city,in the name of Jesus Christ,

the son of the living God.

- [Charlene] Prayers turned into action

as believers across denominational lines

hit the streets in ministry opportunities,

such as feeding thehomeless, street evangelism,

a tent revival and events for kids.

- This is one of theroughest neighborhoods

there are in Chicago.

- [Charlene] Pastor DimasSalaberrios is from New York

but helped to spearhead thecity's Jesus Summer Project.

- We're empowering thechurches with millions

of dollars worth of merchandise

to make sure that we can try to hit

every home in Chicago with the gospel.

So that's the mission and there'smultiple events happening.

- [Charlene] A former drugdealer, Salaberrios is fasting

until there are no shootings in Chicago

for at least a week.

His prayers center onthose behind the violence.

- Life over him and it's inJesus' name I pray, amen.

- Amen.

- I used to be kingpin drug dealer man,

I sold drugs almost all my life.

- [Charlene] He recently shared the gospel

with local gang members.

- When you reach the shootersand the shootings stops,

that brings peace.

- [Charlene] While ministry here is hard,

Salaberrios has seen breakthroughs

such as the result of prayingwith angry protestors,

following the death of a blackman at the hands of police.

- We just started to pray for people.

We started to target people that we saw

that were really upset or were angry.

We said, could we pray for you.

We watched God's peaceliterally come over them.

- [Charlene] Chicago native, Donovan Price

connected with PastorSalaberrios when he arrived

in the city.

As a victim's advocate,he sees the violence

and it's impact up close.

- About 20 minutes aftershots fired I arrive.

When the family arrivesI support the family,

help them through this three

or four hour process at the scene.

Sometimes you cant' always say a prayer

or spout a scripture.

Sometimes it's about loving and comforting

and having them feel thatpresence around somebody

that they know that the HolySpirit is taking care of them.

They know that God is there.

- [Charlene] Our camerasfollowed Salaberrios

and several ministry partnersas they shared the gospel.

- A lot of people watch the show

and I know it was strange to see me here

and I was a little out of place, you know,

and wonder what I'm doing walking around.

But yeah, we just told themwe're here 'cause we love them

and just wanted to hug on them

and I try to show Jesus through our lives.

- [Charlene] Many responded.

- A young lady waswalking across the street

in front of the apartmentsbehind us known as the projects,

you know that's what we refer to them as

and we stopped her and sheadmitted that she needed prayer

and as we continued totalk she admitted I asked,

do you know Jesus as yoursavior and she says no.

And I was like, can today be your day?

You don't have to be perfect.

And she was just so brokenand she just said yes.

And so we ministered toher and prayed for her

and then her son also accepted Christ.

- [Charlene] Although theshootings keep happening

and Jesus Summer ends August 26th,

Salaberrios will keeppushing for a lasting change.

- We're committed to goas long as we possibly can

to draw attention to this,

to get more Christians tocome out, walk these streets.

'Cause it's only about 1500 shooters

and if we can concentrate on that group,

we can change the city of Chicago.

- [Charlene] CharleneAaron, CBN News, Chicago.

- Thanks Charlene, God bless them,

great to see thathappening there in Chicago

and to see more storiesof the Church in action.

You can log onto our websiteChristian World News,

or find it at

We'll be right back.

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today, 148 million.

But it was three littlegirls that taught me

about the plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof the Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection andthe overwhelming desire

to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew a ministry

from my heart called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now

because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

(dramatic music)

- [Narrator] When yougive, smiles grow bigger.

When you care, homes are happier.

When you comfort, the hurt goes away.

When we all come togetherto love, miracles happen.

- And finally on the broadcast this week,

a new exhibit honoringthe Reverend Billy Graham

provides a rare lookinto his personal life.

- Indeed, John Jessup takesus inside Washington's Museum

of the Bible for a closerlook at the relationship

between America's pastor andthe gospel he proclaimed.

- [John] Through giantpictures and quotes,

the presence of BillyGraham looms large here,

much like in his life.

Now months after his death,

this exhibit brings a moreintimate image into focus.

Books, Bibles and other belongings display

the pilgrim preacher'sjourney from a young boy

to a man who reached millions,

including this exhibit'sdesigner Anthony Schmidt.

- This one is from his revivalcampaign in New York City.

- [John] He rememberswatching Graham on TV

with his parents and evenattended Graham's last crusade.

- Very early on, he embracedtechnology and media

and that's what set him apart.

- [John] For more than 60years, Graham used radio,

television, film and mass crusades

to teach from the Holy Scriptures.

- We really wanted to explore

how Graham understoodand interpreted the Bible

and then how that shaped his ministry.

- [John] From now throughJanuary, the exhibit contains

never before seen items fromthe Billy Graham library.

You can see everythingfrom class notes taken

in Bible school topersonal message written

to his mom and dad

and even a pair of warissue military boots

he wore in Korea in 1952.

The exhibit also highlights his impact

on culture and politics.

- He was the prayer warrior in the family.

- [John] Earlier this year, Graham's son

and ministry successor told CBN News,

despite his father's prominence,

he always understood his calling.

- My father never wanted to be celebrity

and maybe that's why God used him.

- This is Billy Graham'spersonal New Testament Bible.

Now throughout his ministryBilly Graham just wanted

to be known as a preacher ofthe gospel of Jesus Christ

which is on his tombstonein North Carolina.

Throughout this exhibityou'll see artifacts

and images that reinforce justhow important the Bible was

from the beginning ofhis ministry to the end,

to the sermon that waspreached at his funeral.

John Jessup, CBN News, Washington.

- And that last shot wasthe Billy Graham Museum

down in Charlotte.

- And you've been there.

- I have, fantastic.

- What a life.- Indeed.

- Well, folks that is itfor this week's edition

of Christian World News.

- Until next week from all of us here,

goodbye and as always God bless you.

(dramatic music)


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