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Your Questions, Honest Answers: - August 20, 2018


- Time for your email questions,

and Pat this first one comesfrom a viewer who says,

"Is the Christian who struggles with

"sexual immorality less of a child of God?

"Is he still consideredlost or is he just weak?

"This sin seems unforgivable because

"of the guilt it brings to the heart."


- Well, the Bible says all sins

and blasphemies will be forgiven.

You know, we make a bigdeal out of sex sins,

the truth is when we die,

we're like angels,

and we don't have any more sex.

I mean, it's no longer a factor.

So, what is important arethings like blasphemy,

and slander, and partyspirit, and all these things.

They will go on, they ofcourse, they're spiritual.

The fleshy things will die,so are you more of a sinner?

You're a human,

and God may gave you certain appetites.

He's given us appetites for food,

for drink, for procreation.

It's part of the makeupof being a human being.

Now if yours is out ofcontrol, let me focus on this.

Stop reading porn, stop watching porn,

stop looking at all thisstuff that's out there

and believe me it is so pervasive,

but you need to get your mind off of it.

Will the Lord forgiveyou, are you second class?

No, you're not.

You know, as Martin Luther said,

"There's no sin to have the

"birds fly over your head,

"it's when you let them make a nest

"in your hair that's the problem."


- Okay, this is Helen who says,

"I am in my late 80's anda great-grandmother of five

"ranging from 2 years to 8 years.

"What good is it to be a great-grandparent

"if no one can relateto you or values you?

"I find my family hates to hear me

"say anything about anything.

"They think I know nothing.

"How can I enjoy old agewhen I feel so outnumbered

"and like everyone is against me?

"Why can't young people have more

"understanding for the elderly?"

- I want you to maybefind some other group.

There are people who really honor age.

There's some of thesenurseries, for example,

they love to have old people tell stories

and love the little babies and so forth.

You can do it.

I have 13 great-grandchildren.

I have a picture my son, Gordon, gave me,

and it has me, it has my son, his son,

and his son's son.

They're all in the one picture.

It's so nice, I've gotit in my living room.

I can look at it,

and all these generations are marvelous.

They all enjoy each other.

All I can say is get someplace

where they appreciate you.

There are organizations that just really

covet the attention of olderpeople with little babies,

younger people you can tell them stories.

Young kids have a sense of stability

when they can sense several generations.

I'm not just out by myself,

but I am the child of this one,

and then he's the child of that one,

and he's the child of this.

To relate to grandparentsis a big deal for kids.

So, don't diminish your importance,

because it's very, veryimportant, alright?

- Absolutely.

This is a viewer who says,

"Paul states in firstCorinthians 6:9 through 11 that

"...fornicators, noridolaters, nor adulterers,

"nor effeminate, nor abusersof themselves with mankind,

"nor thieves, nor covetous,nor drunkards, nor revilers,

"nor extortioners, shallinherit the Kingdom of God."

"But then he says after that,

"Such were some of you,

"but ye are washed, ye aresanctified, ye are justified."

"So, I really wanna know since I have

"personally committed some of these sins,

"and hold responsibility for them,

"how should I feel?

"Does not inherit the Kingdom of God

"mean not be able toenter into the Kingdom?"

- That's not what Paul was saying.

Paul was talking to the Corinthians.

They used to have therewas one place they had a

couple thousand prostitutesthat came together,

and these men...

Sexual immorality inCorinth was just rife.

Paul said, "You used to do these things,

"but now you're washed,

"you're sanctified, you're justified.

"What God wants to do is tohave you confess the sin,

"and let his spirit cleanse you."

That's what he was saying,

and then, of course,then you're part of the

Kingdom of God.

The people who keep on doing that

don't have any part of the Kingdom of God.

You keep on being a fornicator,

keep on having covetousness, etc., etc.,

then you don't have a part in the Kingdom.

When you give it up, and you're washed,

you're sanctified that'swhat you want to be.

That's what he means, alright?

- Edith wants to know, "What is a spirit?"

- A spirit...

We are flesh, and flesh and blood.

A spirit is a being

that has immortal life.

It's not visible but existsin the world beyond us.

(laughing) I don't knowif I can give anymore

definition of what a spirit...

- It has thought, right?

- A spirit is a...

has a sense of who they are,

who I am, that I ought to do this.

It's a completely moral being,

but that's when we're in heaven,

there's a destruction of the soul

and the body in hell gone,

but the spirit lives on

forever and ever and ever, alright?

- This is Cindy who says,

"I'm 61 years old, andever since I was young,

"when I hear God's Word or am praying

"or praising the Lord for all He has done,

"tears will start to flow.

"Please help me understand why."

- Why, is that you're in love with him,

and your spirit istouched by God's spirit.

The tears come from thefact that you love God,

and you're thrilled to be in His presence.

That's a reaction to it.

I mean, it's a good thing,

it's not a bad thing, alright? (laughing)

- Margaret says, "I want to be born again

"and be fully committedto the Word of God.

"What do I need to do?"

- What you need to do is, you know...

The word is metanoia heaven

and understand change your way of doing.

Where you going?

Are you full of selfishness,and self-esteem,

and greed, and all that?

Or, you want to live for the Lord?

You sort of take a stop and say alright,

like the young propheget kid,

he said he came to himself.

He said, "I'm in a pigsty,

"and I think of my father's house."

You've got to stop what you're doing,

then you turn toward the Lord,

and say, "Forgive meFather, I have sinned,"

and let him cleanse you andgive you a new life, alright?

- Mesha says, "I've onlybeen married for one year,

"and my husband walked out.

"He was not being faithful.

"After he left, I was lonely and

"hooked back up with an ex-boyfriend.

"Every day, I feel so guilty.

"I didn't have the faith inGod to restore my marriage.

"Every day, I ask God for forgiveness.

"Will I be forgiven?"

- Of course you will, butyou say you hooked up.

You're not married to this other guy.

If he's really that important.

I think your husband has left,

and so in the Bible terms,

you're not bound any longer

because the guy walkedout, so you're free.

You need to have a legal separation

from your husband, first of all,

and then if this new guyis really what God wants,

and he's God's man, thenyou need to get married.

But, you can't say I hooked up,

so you're having a sexualrelation with this boyfriend

while you're still married.

That idn't the way to go. (chuckling)

That just isn't, I'm sorry.

- End one before you begin another.

- Yeah, end it properly,

and then being the other properly,

but not quote "hook up."

There's to much hooking up going on

in life especially among college students.


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