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Single Mother Receives Blessing of a Lifetime

After a woman’s husband left her, she had no way to support herself and her children. See how CBN stepped in to change the course of their lives. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Sequinda is a single mom.

Since her husband left two years ago,

life has been very difficultfor her and her kids.

- [Interpreter] We had to moveback to my parent's house.

They're poor too andbarely have enough money

to take care of themselves.

- [Interpreter] After my father left,

no one did anything for us.

Our school fees were due butwe had no money to pay them,

so we were forced to drop out.

- [Narrator] She earned a little bit

of extra money knittingsweaters and other clothes

she sells in the winter.

When I was in India,it was over 110 degrees

and no one was buying sweaters.

To make matters worse,

she told me she had a hard time knitting

because she was slowlygoing blind from cataracts.

- [Interpreter] I couldnot see the thread.

I knew something was wrong with my eyes.

I went to the hospital

and they told me I needed an operation.

I wanted the operationbut I could not afford it.

- [Narrator] A nearbyhospital partners with CBN,

that's where Sequinda went andgot the surgery she needed,

free of charge.

Soon she was back homeand able to see again.

But we knew she stillneeded help earning money.

So we surprised the family witha brand new sewing machine.

- [Interpreter] Thankyou, she can now work

the whole year round.

- [Narrator] With the steady income,

she can help her parentsand provide for her children

who are now able to go to school again.

- [Interpreter] I'mvery thankful to you all

for giving me this machine.

I can see and I canrug, may God bless you.


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