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Here's the Breakdown on Trump's Long-Time 'Fixer,' the Crimes, and What It May Mean for Trump

Here's the Breakdown on Trump's Long-Time 'Fixer,' the Crimes, and What It May Mean for Trump Read Transcript

- Former Trump attorneyMichael Cohen pleaded guilty

to eight counts of violatingcampaign finance rules

by paying hush money to two women

who claimed affairs with Trump.

- Mr. Cohen pled guilty twocampaign finance charges,

both for the purpose ofinfluencing the 2016 election.

- [Announcer] Elevendays before the election,

Cohen paid off porn star Stormy Daniels

who claimed she had aone-night stand with Trump.

The President initially saidhe knew nothing about it.

- [Interviewer] Did you know

about the $130,000payment to Stormy Daniels.

- [Donald] No.

- [Announcer] Cohen saidin federal court Tuesday

that he made the payments in coordination

and at the direction of acandidate for federal office.

It's not clear if Trump broke the law,

and legal experts say it wouldbe hard to prove in court.

But Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis told MSNBC

- [Lanny] It was a crimefor President Trump

to direct Michael Cohen to the crime

of a campaign finance donation

that exceeded the legal limitations.

- [Announcer] But Politico points out

the documents outlining Cohen's plea deal

don't appear to provideany examples or evidence

that Trump directed Cohen to do anything.

And the President's lawyer,Rudy Giuliani, said,

"There was no allegation

"of any wrongdoing against the President."

But legal experts saythere could be problems

for the President if he is heard on tape

directing Cohen to pay thewomen with campaign funds.

Cohen's guilty plea couldadd to Democratic calls

to impeach the President.

Legal analysts say a sittingpresident cannot be indicted,

but he can be impeached,

which is a political,not a criminal, response.

- [Alan] Violation of election laws

are regarded as kind of jaywalking

in the realm of things about elections.

There are so many of them.

Every administrationviolates the election laws.

Every candidate violates the election laws

when they run for president.

- [Announcer] Meanwhile,Cohen's guilty plea came

at almost the same time

that former Trump campaignchairman Paul Manafort

was convinced of eight financialcrimes in a trial arising

from Special Counsel RobertMueller's investigation,

even though it has nothingto do with Russian collusion.

But for now, the focus isclearly on Cohen's case,

and the implicationsit may or may not have

for President Trump.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

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