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'America Is Under Cyberattack': What Lawmakers Are Now Proposing to Combat Threat Facing the US

'America Is Under Cyberattack': What Lawmakers Are Now Proposing to Combat Threat Facing the US Read Transcript

- [Erik] Threats to ourcritical infrastructure

like power and water treatment plants

are real and Senators say

the public has no clue how bad it is.

- America is under cyber attack.

We're beginning to actbut not quick enough

and not forcefully enough.

- Now occasionally the hackers are

foreign government individuals

but sometimes thosegovernments are also hiring

freelance hackers toalso do their bidding.

- [Erik] Senators from both sides

say more communication must take place,

not just to inform the public

but between privately-ownedcompanies and the government.

With nearly 90%

of all U.S. criticalinfrastructure privately owned,

Senator Lindsey Graham offered up the idea

of rewarding companies that work together

with Homeland Securityand other federal agencies

on cyber security.

- You're talking about--- How about immunity

from lawsuits?

- If you'll do--- Yeah, it might--

what's best in your industry,

we will protect you from being sued.

- [Witness] Yes, sir, Ithink that's a great idea.

- How about some carrots on the table

because I don't thinkDHS can regulate this.

- Democratic Senator fromRhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse

brought up a controversialidea, hacking back,

which allows the victim of a cyber attack

to go on the offensiveand hack the adversary.

- I think Senator Graham's focus

on sanctions against the oligarchs

is exactly the right way to solve this.

If you want to deter Vladimir Putin,

whack him right in the oligarchs.

- [Erik] Security experts say

we need to get ideas from our allies.

- Israel is attacked by Iranand Hezbollah every week

in efforts to use cyber tools

to disrupt their critical infrastructure.

So far they've been able to beat them off,

but if I was worriedabout a non-state actor,

I would worry about Hezbollah first.

- [Erik] Security experts have warned

that retaliation in cyber space

present a serious riskand escalate quickly,

especially with hackersbacked by foreign governments.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.


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