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The 700 Club - August 23, 2018

One woman overcomes the odds when she’s faced with two life threatening conditions and doctors can’t treat them both. Plus, on the line fighting California’s record-breaking wildfires where heroes are battling the blazes for days on end. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up.

- [Fireman] Backyard's on fire!

- [Narrator] On the line fighting

California's record-breaking wildfires.

- Minutes mean everything in a firefight.

- [Narrator] Where heroesare battling the blazes

for days on end.

- They're 72, 96 hours on the line.

- [Narrator] And many worrythat the worst is yet to come.

- Much more aggressivethan it has in the past.

- [Narrator] Then, she had twolife-threatening conditions

and doctors couldn't treat them both.

- If we remove the blood clots,you'll die of the aneurism.

If we we repair the aneurism,you'll die of the blood clots.

- [Narrator] Watch as thiswoman overcomes the odds,

on today's 700 Club.

(upbeat theme music)

- Welcome to the 700 Club.

Doesn't this drama thatgoes on in the news

make you a little sick?

People are doing everything they can

to hurt the President.

There's a whole cadre of folks

that were Hillary Clinton supporters,

and they think that PresidentTrump is illegitimate.

Now they're going after hisnominee for the Supreme Court,

and they're saying wellKavanaugh is illegitimate.

Guess what they're saying.

They're saying well he will be sitting

as a juror in the trial

of the President, who isgoing to be impeached,

and therefore, Kavanaughcannot be appointed

to the Supreme Court.

I mean this is, talking about a stretch.

But his point was shown

in a very cogent articletoday in the paper.

The jury is 100 Senators,

not a Supreme Court Justice.

The Chief Judge of the Supreme Court

is a presiding officer,

not another justice.

And for Chuck Schumerto play a card like this

is just ridiculous.

But I think some of the people

that are supposed to meetwith Kavanaugh have canceled,

but I think that Mitch McConnell

has got to jam that thing through.

And they did away

with that ultimate weapon they had,

the nuclear option they used to call it.

And the Democrats didit, Harry Reid did it,

so he set it up so 51Senators can confirm,

and this man is highly, highly qualified.

And meanwhile, he had some crucial meeting

on this week,

and Senate Republicans saythe hearings are on track.

Abigail Robertson brings us this latest

in the Kavanaugh showdown.

- By the end of this week,Judge Brett Kavanaugh

will have met with morethan half of the senate,

including Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

As many Democrats still refuse to meet

with the Supreme Court nominee,

now they want his hearings postponed,

citing the connectionbetween President Trump,

and the legal troubles of PaulManafort and Michael Cohen.

After Tuesday's courtroom outcomes,

Hawaii Senator MazieHirono canceled her meeting

with Judge Kavanaugh, whileSchumer called for the hearing

to be postponed altogether.

- At the very least, the very least,

it is seemly, it is unseemly

for the President of the United States

to be picking a Supreme Court Justice

who could soon be, effectively, a juror

in a case involving the President himself.

- [Abigail] An aide of SenateJudiciary Committee Chairman

Chuck Grassley's office told CBN News

that this is just delay tacticof opponents of Kavanaugh.

Carrie Severino from theJudicial Crisis Network agrees.

- Right now, four of the sitting Justices,

plus Justice Kennedy, wereappointed by Presidents

who at the time, were under investigation

for one thing or another, so the idea

that that's somethingnovel is really, not fair.

- [Abigail] Also this week, Kavanaugh met

with Republican Senator Susan Collins,

a key swing vote who called their meeting

productive and informative.

The pro-choice Collins appeared pleased

an where Kavanaugh told herhe stands on Roe vs. Wade.

- He said that he agreed withwhat Justice Roberts said

at his nomination hearing,

in which he said that it was settled law.

- [Abigail] Justices SamuelAlito and Neil Gorsuch

used similar languagewhen pressed on the issue

during their hearings.

Still, pro-life advocateshope the confirmation

of Judge Kavanaugh wouldone day lead to a change.

- We pray that one day theSupreme Court will recognize

the dignity of the unborn.

- Despite the legal drama

surrounding the President'sformer associates,

Senate Republicans remain confident

Judge Kavanaugh would be confirmed

before the mid-term elections.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,

Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- I think we can be absolutely certain

that Kavanaugh's gonna be confirmed,

but if you wanna get involved,

by all means, call or write your senator,

because they're the ones that have it.

All you've gotta do is pick up the phone,

call the Senate Office Building.

(laughing) They call it theS-O-B, Senate Office Building.

And tell your Senator

how you stand on this,including Democrats.

But there were two Republican Senators

who were in doubt,

one is Lisa Murkowski from Alaska,

the other is Susan Collins from Maine,

and Senator Collinsapparently is satisfied

with Judge Kavanaugh,

and I think Lisa Murkowskiwill be the same way.

You know, Roe versus Wade, in a sense,

is settled law, but nevertheless,

there's so many variations now.

The interpretation ofRoe was very draconian,

and now it's beingchallenged on many fronts,

and this is a totally different thing.

This judge should not bedetermined on abortion.

It's not an abortion decision,

it's a decision having to do with the role

of the Judiciary in our life,

and whether the judges shouldabide by written Constitution

or whether they oughtta be free

to interpret the Constitution

according to sociological trends.

And that's been the big problem,

and Kavanaugh is a strict constructionist,

and he's the one that wouldmake a tremendous judge.

So again, call that number.

Call the number for the Senate

and let the Senatorsknow your point of view.

I think it's very, very important

that you, unfortunately wedon't have that number up.

We've got all that nonsense.- I think if they

go to They don't have to do that.

Put the number on thescreen, for Heaven's sakes.

I mean, it's just theSenate Office Building.

It's the United States Capitol.

Call the Capitol and ask for the office.

There you go.


It's easy to remember.

And that's the number to call,


And ask for your Senator.

You've got two of 'em forthe state you live in.

I hope you know their names,

but if you don't, you can look that up.

But it's very important.

I think that, you know,

two things are happening:

number one, Mueller hasgone far, far afield

of his initial mandate.

He was mandated to study

Russian involvement in our election,

in the Presidential Electionthat has just passed.

That was his mandate.

He was not mandated to study

the IRS rulings havingto do with a businessman,

but he did, and of course

they've gotten Manafort.

It wasn't Mueller that did it,

but it was a Federal Prosecutor.

They found him guilty,

and I doubt veryseriously if the President

has the political capitalright now to pardon him.

Some might say they oughtta pardon him.

I don't think that'd be,would not be a wise move

for the President, certainly not now.

But nevertheless, Muellershould not be messing

with these things.

They are not part of his mandate.

And he begins to go after Manafort,

and then he's gonna go after Roger Stone,

and then he's gonna goafter somebody else,

and then he's gonna talkabout the D.C. Madam,

and he's got all these people.

This is not part of the deal.

He was not put in office

for that job.

And I think it's veryimportant to rule him in,

but who's gonna rule him in?

Well the guy who appointed him.

That's questionable, and yet nevertheless,

we'll see what's gonna happen.

The other thing that shocked us recently

was a lovely co-ed from northern Iowa,

who was murdered.

Now let's take a look at that.

She was, well,

that inquiry is getting stronger support

from the White House.

John Jessup has more.

- That's right, Pat.

The suspect in the Mollie Tibbetts murder

appeared in court Wednesday,

facing a first degree murder charge.

24-year-old Cristhian Riverais accused of kidnapping

and killing Tibbetts,

then hiding her body in a corn field.

Authorities say Rivera is inthe United States illegally,

and that he used a false ID to get work.

The owner of the farmwhere Rivera was employed

says they screened himthrough an older system

instead of HomelandSecurity's newer E-Verify.

President Trump and otherRepublican lawmakers say

the case highlights the needfor stricter immigration laws.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

offered prayers andcondolences to Tibbetts' family

and friends during the WhiteHouse press briefing Wednesday.

- The Bible tells usin Psalms that the Lord

heals the broken-heartedand binds up their wounds.

The Tibbetts family is hurting

and they're on thehearts of all Americans,

and we are grieving with them.

- The judge ordered Rivera to be held

on a $5 million cash bond.

Energy Secretary Rick Perrysees energy independence

as a reachable goal for the United States.

Under the Trump Administration,there's also push

to export more of ourenergy to other countries,

specifically natural gas and coal,

as the White House rolled back regulations

on that industry, this week.

CBN's Jenna Browder has that story.

(crowd cheering and applauding loudly)

- President Trump in WestVirginia coal country,

after his administrationmoved to ease regulations

on the state's main industry.

- The Affordable Clean Energy rule

would give states the broad power

to control the carbon emissions

coming from their coal-fired power plants.

- We lost tens and tens ofthousands of coal mining jobs

in this country, due tothese extreme regulations

under Barack Obama.

- [Jenna] Economist StephenMoore sees it as a good move,

and praises the new direction on energy.

- Well this is the bestuntold secret out there,

that over the last year, the United States

reduced its carbon andgreenhouse gas emissions

more than any other country.

Now people are gonna beshocked to hear that,

because wait a minute,

Donald Trump pulled us outof that Paris Climate Accord.

- [Jenna] He points hisfinger at other countries

seen as major polluters.

- There's not gonna beany progress whatsoever,

in terms of reducing greenhouse gases,

if China, and India, andother developing countries

are not on board.

- [Jenna] Bob Deans withthe Natural Resources

Defense Council disagrees.

- These countries are lateinto the development game,

but over the next decadeor so, you're going to see

their numbers start to come down

as these investmentsin clean energy economy

really take effect.

- [Jenna] While Deansbelieves this week's action

is a big step backward,

the administration seesit, and efforts to create

more clean energy, as major progress.

- 15 years ago, the United States

was dependent upon a lot ofcountries for its energy.

Today, because of innovation,because of technology,

we're the number-one oil and gas producing

country in the world.

American LNG is nowgoing into 30 countries

on five continents.

The economics of that is powerful.

- [Jenna] Energy Secretary Rick Perry

is referring to liquefied natural gas,

a cleaner form of energy that's plentiful

in the United States.

- The idea that we can go into Europe

and deliver United Statesliquefied natural gas

as an alternative source of power

to countries in the EU,

instead of having to rely upon Russia,

is an incredibly powerful tool.

- [Jenna] Moore says the one hangup

is having the pipelinesand ports to export

all of this American energy.

If the administration canbuild up the infrastructure,

he says get ready for a Saudi America.

- Let's make North America

the energy source for theworld, not the Middle East.

- [Jenna] In Washington,Jenna Browder, CBN News.

- Thanks, Jenna.

Pat, it looks like we'rewitnessing an amazing

reversal of fortunes here.

- Well it's amazing.

You see, the Obama people

had a rule that we were not allowed

to export our natural gas,

because the idea was thatif we began to export,

it would raise the price.

But we have a great surplus,

so who is sending natural gas to Europe?

Gazprom, a Russian corporation

that's under control of Vladimir Putin.

And of course, Trump made a big thing

of talking about Angela Merkel

being in the pocket of Gazprom,

and that this was a pipeline

that was gonna tie Germany into Russia.

So now with LNG, what do they do?

They pressurize natural gas

and it gets to be very, very compact,

and of course it's extremely explosive,

but nevertheless, we have acompany called Cheniere Energy,

down the Gulf, and we've got others,

but there're also companies in Europe

that are taking natural gas,

and they're moving it around,

the depots, they're moving it around,

and they compress the natural gas

and then they can putthese compression units

out, and tie 'em into pipelines

and then feed the natural gas out.

We have a huge surplus of natural gas.

It's a clean-burning fuel.

But I tell you, in terms of pollution,

I have been in Beijing

on a Sunday morning,

I spoke at a church and therewas a big crowd of people,

and the air was so polluted

you could hardly stand it.

Beijing is just loaded with pollution.

The Chinese have a hideous problem,

and yet we are the ones who are now

the clean-burning country.

And China was outside that Paris Accord.

So China needs to do something,

and they recognize the problem

'cause it's a serious healthproblem for the Chinese.

Now ladies and gentlemen,we on this program

have been watching, for some years now,

something called the Ring of Fire.

There's a Pacific plate

that runs again intothe North American plate

and all the other plates, you see.

They call it the Ring of Fire.

It starts way down in NewZealand, in that area,

and it goes all the way through Indonesia

and then up, all around, to the oceans,

up and then all the waydown to South America.

Now that's the Ring of Fire.

Just this week, thatring began to be active,

and it is a very, very serious thing

that will have a major impact.

So John has more on that story.

- That's right, Pat.

This week's powerfulearthquake in Venezuela

is forcing people out ofbuildings and their homes.

It's the third in a seriesof quakes in the area

known as what Pat was justreferencing, the Ring of Fire,

and it has some experts worried.

The 7.3 magnitude quake wasthe largest to hit the country

in more than a hundred years,

but fortunately caused nodeaths or major damage.

More than 70 earthquakes havestruck in the Ring of Fire

over the past three days.

A strong 6.7 tremor struckthe south Pacific island

of Vanuatu, Tuesday,and a third earthquake

hit the U.S. coast of Oregon Wednesday.

That one was a 6.3 magnitude quake.

Pat?- Alright.

You see that, and I'll show it here again,

it was on the screen.

This is a triangle.

It shows Venezuela,

and it shows Vanuatu out in the Pacific,

and it shows Oregon.

There was a very, very perceptivearticle in the New Yorker,

written a couple years ago,

about what they callthe Cascadia Subduction.

Subsequent to that article,it was very well written,

a pastor has said that he'sgot a revelation from the Lord

that there's gonna bea tremendous flooding

area into Oregon.

Well, if this Subduction takes place

and there is a major earthquakeoff the coast of Oregon,

it will bring an enormous tsunami

not unlike what happened, you know

when we had that terribletsunami that hit the Far East.

So we're looking at a major thing.

But essentially, this triangle

goes from Venezuela, to Oregon,to Vanuatu in the Pacific,

and that's where the majorearthquake problem is.

Of course it bypasses L.A.,but they've been talking

about the big one

due in Los Angeles in some time,

but this one from the Cascadia region

can be even worse.

As I say, people arehaving prophetic word.

I haven't had any such prophetic word

so I'm not claiming it.

The pastor who did so

seemed to be a veryresponsible type of person.

It is really scary to think about.

- Well with 70, more than 70 quakes,

have hit that Ring of Fire in three days.

- Yeah.- Something's wrong.

- Well this one in Venezuela

is the worst in the 20thCentury or the 21st Century.


That is an enormous, that's a real boomer.

Just keep your eyes on it.

I'm not telling anybodyto move from Oregon,

but nevertheless, the experts,

and we're trying to get 'hold of an expert

in this particular science,

an acknowledged expert in the Oregon area

who can tell us more detail

from a scientific standpoint.

Not only is sciencehaving on the one hand,

but we gotta say I've got aprophetic word on the other,

and they coincide.

Well also in the Pacific,

they say when hurricanes

get to a category five, they've got winds

of about 160 miles an hour,and they are devastating,

really devastating, andthe Hawaiian Islands

are now getting ready fora major, major hurricane.

- That's right, Pat.

Turning from earthquakesto tropical storms,

Hawaii is bracing for acategory four hurricane

expected to hit landwithin the next 24 hours.

Satellite imagery showsthe massive storm system

carrying 150-mile-an-hour winds,

making it one of the strongest storms

to ever come this close to the islands.

Hurricane Lane's path turnedtoward Hawaii Wednesday,

prompting warnings for thebig island, Maui, and Oahu,

though it might not make a direct hit.

U.S. Navy is moving itsships and submarines,

and islanders are collecting supplies

and preparing for a possible evacuation.

Well, as that storm turns, some Americans

still feel the impact of Hurricane Harvey

which hit the Texas Gulf Coast a year ago.

Vice President Mike Pencevisited the Lone Star State

Wednesday, to offer support

and to check in on continuing efforts,

recovery efforts there.

CBN's White House CorrespondentBen Kennedy has the story.

- Last year's storm brought a week

of death, destruction, and loss.

During that time, many turned

to their faith, includingthe second in charge,

right here behind me, at the White House.

- Even in the midst ofthat storm, you were there.

- [Ben] Vice President Mike Pence

returned to Rockport, Texas,revisiting First Baptist Church

which was hit hard by this storm.

- It's profoundly inspiring

to see the way thischurch and this community

rose to the challenge in thewake of Hurricane Harvey.

- [Ben] Pence also met with FEMA workers,

disaster relief volunteers,and residents of the area.

CBN's Operation Blessingjumped in last year,

long before the flood waters receded.

The team organized morethan 6,000 volunteers

to hand out food, water, supplies,

and even offer prayer.

- Christians all over the world

who descended upon Houstonput feet to their prayers,

and literally outpaced FEMA helping people

restore their lives.

- Jeremiah Johnston's homewas in the disaster zone.

Your backyard turned into a lake,

water was creeping up to the front door.

How did you get yourfamily of five out safe?

- Well, thankfully Ihave four-wheel drive.


But truly, our home had become a moat.

Just to put it in context,I'm a father of five.

Our triplet boys were13 months at the time.

We ran out of our home,in our PJs no less,

jumped in our family vehicle,

put it in four-wheel drive,

but five of the six evacroutes, they were impassable.

They were flooded.

- Turns out, Johnstongot his family out safe.

While his home did get damaged,

others felt a much worse impact.

It's been a year.

When driving around town,do you still see signs

of the destruction of this hurricane.

- You do, and unfortunatelythere are still people

who are not back in their homes.

And so if you are watching this

and you still want to serve,there are still opportunities

for you to serve.

And honestly, pray.

Prayer makes a huge difference.

- Governor Greg Abbott proclaimedSeptember 3rd last year

as a day of prayer inthe wake of the storm.

Vice President Pencesaid a total of 31,000

federal personneldeployed across the state

as part of an all-hands-on-deck effort

by the Federal Government.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- One year later, andthe rebuilding continues.


- Well, it's justamazing what's happening.

I wanna tell you, Operation Blessing

was there on the scene, helping

mobilize hundreds and hundreds,

actually thousands of volunteers.

So that's one of the things.

Whenever there's a disaster ofthat magnitude that strikes,

Operation Blessing is there in your name,

in the Lord's name, butas your representatives.

So again, it's OperationBlessing Disaster Relief,

and believe me, if a big one is coming,

an earthquake or whateveris happening in Hawaii,

we wanna be there to help those people.

And I said earlier, that wasa category five hurricane,

it's been downgraded to a category four,

but it's still a monstrous storm

- Absolutely.- With killer winds.

It's just like the planet

is just showing somewrath against the people.

It's simply amazing what's going on.

And we've got something else,

there're not onlyhurricanes, winds, floods,

but also fire.- That's exactly right.

Coming up, meet some ofthe brave firefighters

battling the blazes ofCalifornia's wildfire

in 24-hour shifts,

and never knowing whenthey'll get to go home.

- We're thinking at least for 14 days,

but we could get extendedanother seven on top of that.

- With the sieges that we've seen,

some have been going up to72, 96 hours on the line,

just because of resources.

- [Terry] See why the worst of this battle

may be yet to come, after this.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(dramatic theme music)

- So far this year, wildfires have burned

1.1 million acres in California.

Thousands of firefighters deploy each day

to try to control the flames,

and as Heather Sells reports,

meteorologists say sadly enough,

the worst may yet to come.

- California is fighting firesacross the state right now,

and there's no end in sight.

Already this year, wildfireshave scorched the state

in both wildlands and neighborhoods.

Given the hot and dry conditions,

this year's fires could easilysurpass last year's record

of 1.3 million acres.

- This is not new, this is the normal.

We don't see it ending anytime soon.

- [Heather] Still, thestate hopes to gain control

by placing fire camps nearthe biggest outbreaks.

These mini cities house anddeploy firefighters each day.

There's over 4,000 firefighters

fighting the Carr Fire here.

Most are working 24-hour shifts,

and they don't know whenthey'll be going home.

- We're thinking at least for 14 days,

but we could get extendedanother seven on top of that.

- [Heather] As these firefighterssave lives and property,

they try to keep themselvesout of harm's way.

In recent weeks, six have died

fighting California fires.

What motivates you to do this?

'Cause this is hard work.

- Just a duty to serve

and wanting to make a difference.

- We've had a lot of firesdown in southern California,

and I've seen the devastationright in my own backyard,

and we appreciate when people come up

so we're trying to return the favor.

- [Heather] At 6:00AM, these firefighters

line up for breakfast,followed by a briefing

that highlights the weather, strategy,

and the constant reminder to stay safe.

Then they're on their wayfor a minimum of 24 hours.

- With the sieges that we've seen,

some have been going up to72, 96 hours on the line,

just because of resources.

- [Heather] If that seemsexcessive, firefighters say

it's actually very practical.

- The operation has to be 24 hours,

because once you in-brief somebody,

that plan has been made for 24 hours.

Those people have beenbriefed on that plan

that they physically have in their hand,

and they're gonna carry out that plan.

If we were to switch, let's say,

to regular eight-hour shifts,

we would have to gothrough that whole cycle,

and minutes meaneverything in a firefight.

- [Heather] So does the weather.

Just as it appears they'refinally gaining control,

firefighters often see thatprogress quickly disappear.

- Just one simple changein the wind, or something,

they'll jump our containment lines,

and then it's back off to the races

and we could add another week or two.

- [Heather] These firefighters also know

they're likely facing

another record-breaking fire year in 2018.

- It's been definitely muchmore volatile conditions,

with the dryness and stuff,

the lack of rains we hadall through California.

The fire seems like it'sbeen much more aggressive

than it has in the past.

- [Heather] There's noone culprit responsible

for these fires, they'refueled by drought,

heat, dead trees, andconstruction in wildland areas.

Most Californians realizethe extreme threat.

If they don't knowsomeone directly affected,

they've likely breathed in the smoky air

that travels far from the fire locations.

The state will spend close to $2 billion

just to fight fires this year.

- [Firefighter] Hey!

Backyard's on fire!

- [Heather] Plus, whateverit takes to repair

everything from utility linesto burned-out guardrails.

Thousands of homes andbusinesses must be rebuilt,

and many Californians willeither pay higher insurance rates

or be dropped because of the fire risk.

Meanwhile, tough months are still ahead.

Forecasters say the windtraditionally increases

in the first part of autumn,

but if signs like theseare any indication,

Californians have developeda deep appreciation

for those willing to sacrifice it all.

- It really builds them up.

It's almost like a recoveryprocess for first responders

to know that the community's out there

and they support what they're doing.

- [Heather] Reportingin northern California,

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- Brave people.

You know, you need to appreciate

your police, your firefighters.

These public servants,

they really don't get paid a lot of money,

they don't have thetime with their families

that they would like to have,

they're called upon to makeextraordinary sacrifices,

and in many cases, puttheir lives on the line,

and many of them die

serving you and me, and thecommunities where they live.

So pray for them.

Do everything you can to encourage them,

and don't try to cut theirmoney and everything,

they need help.- Absolutely.

Real heroes.- Wonderful people.

- Mm-hmm.

Up next, a young wife and mother

gets drastic news from her doctor.

- He said if we remove the blood clot,

you'll die of the aneurism.

If we repair the aneurism andtreat you for the blood clots,

you'll die of the blood clots.

- Watch what happens

once this woman is sent home to die.

(solemn orchestral music)

(upbeat orchestral music)

Margaret Green was just 34 years old

when her doctor told her to go home

and make arrangements to die.

She had not one, but twolife-threatening conditions,

and she was given onlya 5% chance of survival,

but Margaret had alreadysurvived an abusive past

and she wasn't about to give up now.

- The doctor comes in and he says

she has about a 95% chanceof not even making it.

So you all need to go homeand make arrangements.

- [Reporter] MargaretGreen was 34 years old

when doctors told herand her husband Jermaine

she had two life-threatening conditions.

- I said no, I can't receive that.

And my husband was like

you know, we're gonna trust God.

- I knew that He could heal her,

but the question was:are you gonna heal her?

- [Reporter] ButMargaret's story of healing

isn't just about whetherGod would heal her, but how.

It begins when she was a young girl

growing up in a roughSt. Louis neighborhood

with an abusive alcoholic father.

She was four when her mother,

who was afraid for her life,

grabbed two of Margaret'syounger siblings and fled.

Margaret and an oldersister were left behind

with their dad, to suffer his abuse.

- He would slap me in the face

or he would kick me in the face.

He never missed a day

where he wouldn't call me names

or blame me for my mother leaving him.

- [Reporter] Her nightmaredidn't end there.

For the next three years,she would be molested

by a friend of her father's.

At eight years old, she attempted suicide.

- I took a whole bottleof pills that were there,

and I said life wasjust better without me.

- [Reporter] Afterwards,Margaret was sent to live

with her mom, who startedtaking her to church.

At 12, she made thedecision to follow Christ,

but there was somethingshe couldn't understand.

- I began to ask Him who He was,

and if He was real, and if He was there,

why did He allow all ofthis to happen to me.

When God didn't answer me, I felt like

He did not hear me.

- [Reporter] As a teen, Margaret rebelled,

becoming promiscuous, drinking alcohol

and using and selling drugs.

- That's what happens when you're damaged.

- [Reporter] By 21, she hadfour children and was stealing,

selling drugs, and strippingto provide for them.

She spent six years in andout of homeless shelters

and abusive relationships.

- I would always pray,

even though I felt likeGod wasn't listening.

It was almost like checking to see,

maybe one day He'll hear meand come and save me from this.

- [Reporter] Then one night,Margaret went to a party

with two men she had just met.

While there, she was violently raped.

They plotted how to kill her,

and that's when Margaret began to call

on the name of Jesus,which only angered the men.

- And he said don't callHim, He can't hear you.

So he began to punch mein the back of my head.

It didn't matter how much he punched me,

I continued to call on Jesus' name.

- [Reporter] Theyeventually let Margaret go,

leaving her on the streets to die.

The next morning, sheturned her life over to God,

and began to seek after Him.

- Then I decided tostop going to the club,

stop selling drugs,everything, I mean everything.

- [Reporter] Over the next seven years,

Margaret began her new life in Christ.

A few years later, at a church event,

Margaret met Jermaine.

They married, and they blendedtheir families together.

- The Lord really, reallyput His hand on our marriage.

You know?

He was right for me andI was right for him,

and our family was perfect.

- [Reporter] Then, two years later,

Margaret went to her doctorwith severe abdominal pains.

Tests revealed she had

a dissecting abdominal aortic aneurism.

Three weeks later,

they discovered multiple bloodclots in both of her lungs

and one next to her heart.

They could treat one orthe other, but not both.

- He said if we remove the blood clots,

you'll die of the aneurism.

If we repair the aneurism andtreat you for the blood clots,

you'll die of the blood clots.

- [Reporter] Surgery was risky so instead,

Margaret was prescribed blood thinners

to avoid more clotting,

but even then she had onlya 5% chance of survival.

- He told me that basically at any time,

she could go.

So I needed to cherish all the moments

that I have with her.

And the news was very scary.

We prayed, I encouraged her.

I said hey, it's okay, dry your eyes.

God's gonna bring you through this.

- [Reporter] Three weekslater, Margaret went

for a follow-up visit.

They discovered the bloodclots had dissolved.

- And they said we'd never seen a case

where blood clots havedissolved that fast.

They said there's somethingto you, we don't know,

but there's a plan, God has a plan.

- [Reporter] But the aneurismstill threatened her life.

Over the next two years,

Margaret's activities were restricted.

She was even hospitalized 28 times.

She didn't know whether she'd live or die.

Despite it all, she andJermaine continued to pray

and believe God for a miracle.

Finally, she says,during a time of prayer,

God spoke to her about her condition.

- He said while someissues are hereditary,

some are connected to your heart.

And he said your sickness, Margaret,

is connected to yourissues that you're having

that's in your heart.

The Lord said hey, I need you to forgive

everyone that's hurt you,

everyone that has rejected you.

- [Reporter] So she startedpraying, and after three months,

she noticed she was no longer in pain.

- I said I feel different.

I just felt so different in my body,

and I said something has changed.

- I said okay.

So are you saying God healed you?

She said yes.

The Lord healed me, I'm healed.

- [Reporter] The couple went to her doctor

who ordered CAT scans.

When they returned home, they got a call

from the doctor's office.

- He said I don't know what happened.

He said but thataneurism's no longer there.

And they're like this does not happen.

You know, aneurisms don't regress,

they don't shrink.

We cannot explain this.

You know? (laughing)

So we can only put resolved.

This issue has been resolved.

Miracle, she's a miracle.

- She was so excited, shejust broke down crying.

We just kind of held each other,

and we were just very happy

that God did what He said He was gonna do.

- [Reporter] Margaret and Jermaine

just celebrated theirseventh wedding anniversary.

They share hope andencouragement to their followers

on their weekly radio show.

She's also written a book

where she encourages everyone to trust God

to heal the broken places in their lives,

and be kingdom created.

- The power of forgivenessis able to heal.

Anytime you're broken, anytime you're down and out,

just forgive.

God is still a healer.

He's able to work miracles.

All you have to do is trust Him.

- Boy, you know, we'vetalked about this, Pat,

in the past, on this program,

the power of forgiveness.

It's not so much for the person

who's the perpetrator of yourpain or your ill treatment.

- It's for you.- It's for your freedom.

- Exactly.- Yeah, amazing story.

- You know, Jesus was saying,

when you stand praying, ifyou have ought against any,

forgive as your HeavenlyFather might forgive you.

It's the key to miracles.

I know you've got the report.- I do.

This is Charley fromPeabody, Massachusetts.

He was watching thisprogram on August 7th,

when you received this word, Pat.

You said there's a neck pain.

Oh, it hurts so bad right now.

Just turn your head and it'll pop.

Put your hand on your neck.

The Lord has just healed you.

Charley, take it in Jesus' name.

Charley had been sufferingwith neck pain for 20 years.

- Wow!- He reached out,

- [Terry] touched the specificarea, and the pain is gone.

- Praise God, boy!

God bless him.

I must confess, I don't know Charley,

but the Lord knows him.

Here's one, this is Lillianwho lives in Buffalo, New York.

She had suffered frommigraines since her 20s.

She's now in her 70s, that's50 years of migraines.

Last month, she heard Terry say

somebody else, you havethese migraine headaches.

It's not like it's sinus,

or you had allergies,

it's like a band that goesaround the front of your head,

around your back.

Then you'll have it again thenext day, and the next day,

and the next day.

You've never been freeof it, but right now,

Jesus is setting you free.

Lillian said ah,

you said put your hand on it.

Lillian did just that.

She hasn't had a migraine since.

50 years of suffering, completely healed.

And you don't know Lillianin Buffalo either, do you?

- I still don't knowLillian in Buffalo yet.

(Pat laughing)As you said, Jesus does.

- We wanna pray right now, for you folks.

Hey, there's nothing impossible with God.

So we'll join hands.

Father, thank you

for healing Lillian, thankyou for healing Charley.

Thank you for people all over this nation

and around the world thatare being touched by God.

Thank you, Lord.

Somebody else, we weretalking about an aneurism,

you have been diagnosed with an aneurism.

It's an aortal aneurism,

and that is very serious,and if it burst, you'd die,

but God is reaching down right now,

and He's restoring

the stability of that aorta,

and you will be completely healed

in the name of Jesus.

I think the name is George.

Go ahead.

- There's someone, you haverecurring strep throat.

I don't know if you havea poor immune system

or what it is, but thatcutting feeling in your throat

when you get this, it just comes on you

and you have to take alot of medication for it.

God is healing you from it right now.

Put your hand on yourthroat, receive your healing.

It will not return, in Jesus' name.

- Wherever you are, you've been suffering,

you've cried out to God andGod's heard your prayer.

He's watching down, He loves you.

Receive His love right now.

Let the anointing of theLord come into your life

right at this moment,

and from this moment on, be made whole.

Thank you, Lord.


And amen.

Okay.- Okay.

Well still ahead, your questions

and some honest answers.

Joyce wants to know:

why are Christians notsupposed to do yoga?

Pat's gonna answer that andlots more, when we come back.

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- And welcome back to the 700 Club.

It's a happy day on Wall Street,

the bull market instocks is now considered

the longest ever.

The stock market bottomedon March 9th of 2009,

and despite some corrections,

has been heading up ever since,

getting a big boost afterPresident Trump won the election

in November of 2016.

Many analysts say the bullmarket still has room to run.

Some believe it could reach30,000 before it ends.

Well a new tariff battlebetween the U.S. and China,

both countries have increased tariffs

on billions of dollarsof each other's goods.

The 25% penalties applyto $16 billion of imports

from each side.

China said Thursday itwill file a complaint

against the U.S. with theWorld Trade Organization,

claiming the U.S.violated its tariff rules.

And you can always getthe latest from CBN News

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Pat and Terry will be backwith more of today's 700 Club,

right after this.(intense theme music)

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- Grandma Incarnacion takescare of her two grandchildren

who also live with her.

At one time, she was so discouraged,

she thought about taking her life,

all because she could notbear to see her grandson

sick and starving.

(light-hearted theatrical music)

- [Reporter] GrandmaIncarnacion works hard

preparing food to sell in the market.

Her five-hear-old grandson Stevie

is glad he gets to stay with her.

- [Interpreter] I love my grandma so much.

- [Reporter] Stevie has beenliving with his grandparents

since birth, but alwaysstruggled to get enough to eat.

He ended up severely malnourished.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] Some daysI only eat grasshoppers.

- [Interpreter] Life has been so hard.

We often scrimp on food.

Stevie got malnourished and sick.

- [Reporter] Stevie's grandpa Silverio

used to have a coconut business.

Then, two typhoons destroyedhis trees and their livelihood.

Grandma grew desperate.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Interpreter] One day, Ithought about killing myself

so I wouldn't have towatch my grandson suffer,

but I couldn't.

There would be no one to take care of him.

- [Reporter] Then, Grandmalearned about a feeding program

designed to fight malnutrition,

sponsored by CBN's Orphan's Promise.

It provided hot, nutritiousmeals for Stevie.

- [Interpreter] It's yummy!

I'm happy I get to eat.

- [Reporter] And thatone meal a day for Stevie

has taken a lot of pressureoff of his grandparents.

But to help them even more,

we invested in Grandma's cassava business.

Now she's able to make

a lot more cassava rice cakes to sell.

And that, along with the feeding program,

means they all have plenty to eat.

- [Interpreter] I make agood profit from my sales.

Thank you, Orphan's Promise.

God answered my prayerand sent CBN to rescue us.

- Can you imagine

having to watch your children starve?

You know, we have anopportunity, you and I,

to make such a hugedifference in the lives

of families in need,and you're doing that,

especially orphans, widows.

CBN is reaching out tothem all around the world,

and we say thank you for your support

because it makes that possible.

When you join the 700Club, you're doing so much

for so many.

This is just one story ofthousands and thousands of lives

touched by your generosity.

If you're not a 700 Club member,

then today's a great day to join.

It's a commitment of just 65 cents a day.

That's $20 a month.

It doesn't seem like much, butwhen we all do that together,

we can make a huge impact.

So will you go to your phone and call now?

Our number's toll free.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

Just call and say Iwanna join the 700 Club.

And when you do, I've gotsomething wonderful for you.

It's Pat's teaching on angels.

It's called "Angels; TheirPower, Purpose, & Presence".

It'll have an impact on your life

just like it did on Vanessa's.

She lives in East Point, Georgia.

She says thank you for Angels.

This DVD made me overjoyed

because I know angels can help me.

Thank you again.

It really mattered to her,it'll make a difference to you,

but more importantly, you'llbe making a difference

in someone else's life.

So call us now.

1-800-700-7000.- Amen.

- Up next, we've got your email.

Catherine says the New Testament says

you cannot remarry, for if you do,

you are living in adultery.

So should my second husband and I divorce

to get into Heaven?

Your questions and Pat's honestanswers, when we come back.

(upbeat show music)

(upbeat show music)

Time for your questionsand some honest answers.

And Pat, this first one comes from Joyce

who wants to know:

why are Christians notsupposed to do yoga?

- Look, stretching exercises

are very good for your health.

It doesn't hurt to stretch.

Matter of fact, I want you towarm up before you stretch,

'cause you might rip a muscle,

but the idea of yoga,

you're supposed to have a mantra,

you're supposed to call on a Hindu god.

And you say, well all thosewords don't mean anything,

I don't understand what they are.

Well you're calling on a Hindu god.

You're doing it in Sanskrit,

or you're doing it in somekind of different language.

That's why yoga is wrong,

because when you do it that way.

But as far as stretching,

there's nothing wrong with stretching.

And if there's some posesand stretching, that's okay.

There's nothing wrong with that.

But just make sure

it doesn't have a religiousconnotation to it.


- This is Catherine who saysI remarried four years ago

to a great guy who had also been divorced.

We're both Christians.

The New Testament says you cannot remarry,

for if you do, you're living in adultery,

and it clearly states adultererswill not go to Heaven,

among many other things.

Should we divorce andlive a life by ourselves

to get into Heaven?

- You know, this is a tough thing.

I think it's time the church, as a body,

deal with this whole matter.

There's so many peoplewho are having divorces,

and Jesus said whatGod has joined together

let not man put asunder.

And I'm not sure thatsome of these marriages,

maybe yours was not one thatGod really joined you together.

You know, if a spouse dies,

the brother isn't, the sister isn't bound.

If the unbelieving spouse leaves,

the brother or sister isnot bound in that case.

And you go to the Old Testament

and you've got a whole group of people

who had married heathen women,

and they were instructed by the priests

to get rid of the heathenwomen and their children.

So I don't know.

I know what it says,

but you happily remarried.

I don't know what happened before,

but if I were you, I wouldask the Lord to forgive you.

I don't think you oughttaget divorced and suffer.

I really don't.

And somebody might disagree with me,

but I just think the Lordis a God of compassion,

and I think you liveyour life for the Lord,

and what went on beforeis just, it's all over.

- Okay, this is Zenda, who says

what do you think about going to church

on Saturday instead of Sunday?

The Seventh-Day Adventistsbelieve Saturday

is the day you go tochurch and do no work.

Is that such a bad thing,

as long as you take oneday a week for the Lord?

- You know, the Muslims have Friday,

the Jews have Saturday,the Christians have Sunday.

I think the whole idea of the Sabbath

was that Jesus said theSabbath is made for man

not man for the Sabbath.

And I think that the Lord established

one day out of the seven as a day of rest.

It's not a day where you'resupposed to be frantic

and doing church work,

you're supposed to rest and worship God,

because our bodies need to be refreshed,

our minds need to be refreshed.

And the day of the week

is not really what's important.

The important thing is thatyou're having a day of rest.

You know, in six days theLord created the Earth,

on the seventh day He rested.

So seven day, well whatever.

- Here's a quick one.

Tithing was mentioned way beforethe law was given to Moses,

so tithing is not part of the law.

My question is: who taughttithing in the New Testament?


- I think it is built into the fabric.

You know, Jacob gavetithes of what he had.

When Abraham met Melchizedek,

he gave a tithe of what he had.

And I just think this ideaof 10% of what you have

is to give unto the Lord,

but the idea in the New Testament,

we give tithes and offerings.

And look, 100% of yourmoney belongs to the Lord,

not 10%, 100%.

It's a question of howmuch you get to keep,

not how much you have to give away.

Well Today's Power Minute

is from the Book of Isaiah.

He gives power to the weak,

and to those who have nomight, He increases strength.

See you tomorrow, bye-bye.


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