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Bolton Visit Reaffirms Meaning of 'Ally' for Israelis, Americans

Bolton Visit Reaffirms Meaning of 'Ally' for Israelis, Americans Read Transcript

- [Chris] Throughout his visit,Bolton stressed for Israelis

that the U.S. will never allowIran to get nuclear weapons.

And he noted that the stricteconomic sanctions on Iran

are generating realanti-government protest.

- And by bringing the hammer down again

of reimposing American sanctions,

we've seen a profoundnegative effect on Iran.

I think, actually, more seriousthan we would've predicted.

And what's significant about the

demonstrations and outpouringsthat you've seen across Iran

is that to the best of ourknowledge, they're not organized.

This is not some kindof conspiracy in Iran,

it's just regular people saying

they're fed up with the government.

- Bolton's four day stay here was

longer than most official visits.

That's party because theWhite House is preparing to

lay the ground work for the roll out

of its Middle East peace plan.

He made it clear that theU.S. will not impose its plan

on either Israel or the Palestinians.

But he's skeptical about whether Israel

has a real peace partner.

- I can't even begin to countthe number of cease fires

we've heard from Hamas, Hezbollah,

other terrorist groups over the years.

I would be stunned if anybodyin the government of Israel

is viewing this with anything other than

a very clear-eyed understandingof what it's about.

It's a sad outcome forthe Palestinian people

that all they've got nowis a choice between Hamas

and the Palestinian authority.

- [Chris] For Israelis,the fact that Bolton

spent several days with thecountry's top leadership

is a refreshing change of pace.

Caroline Glick is chief columnist

for the Jerusalem Post.

- What you're really seeing here is

a business-like atmosphere of two allies

coming together anddiscussing common interests,

which is something that wehaven't seen in the past

from U.S. administrations who were blind

to the basic reality, which is that

Israel is the United States'

most powerful ally in the Middle East.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.


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