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King Hezekiah, Prophet Isaiah Debut in Oklahoma

King Hezekiah, Prophet Isaiah Debut in Oklahoma Read Transcript

- [Reporter] An exhibit oftheir personal impressions

that would have beenused to seal documents.

A simulcast linking Jerusalem

with Oklahoma's ArmstrongAuditorium, marked the debut.

- This is a celebrationday for all our friends

and especially for the loversof Israel and the Bible.

- [Reporter] Archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar

helped uncover the artifacts in 2009.

- This is one of the bulla that we found.

It's a seal impression, very tiny.

As large as you can see it now,

but this is only onecentimeter in diameter,

even not the nail on my finger.

- Workers uncovered bothitems just a few feet apart

here at the foot of the Temple Mount.

Historically, it's been called the Ophel,

meaning a high place to climb to.

King Hezekiah, considered oneof Judea's greatest leaders

and the prophet, Isaiah,lived some 2,700 years ago.

- When people wanted, atthat time, biblical times,

to seal a document, they use, you know,

they tie the document with the strings

and then they took a little, tiny mud

and pushed their privateseal to the soft mud

and made seal impression which contained

and you could read their names.

- [Reporter] Hezekiah'sreads: Belonging to Hezekiah,

son of Ahaz, King of Judah.

- To find such a private item that relates

to one of the Judean kings?

We came so close to that kind of figure.

- [Reporter] Isaiah's isn't as clear,

it reads: Belonging to Isaiah,

but the second word is missing a letter

that could complete theHebrew word for prophet.

- Whenever you find discoverieslike this, you know,

actual, physical itemsthat people can touch

and they have inscribed on them the names

of biblical figures, it's always powerful.

This is science proving the Bible.

- [Reporter] Mazar'sgrandfather, Benjamin Mazar,

led the first excavation

after the 1967 Six Day Warthat reunited Jerusalem.

- My grandfather excavated10 continuous years

without stopping.

This was a fantastic project,

almost no parallel in dimensions.

Hundreds of people worked,they revealed fantastic remains

of ancient Jerusalem, from all periods.

- We've had a partnership withDr. Eilat Mazar since 2006.

But, our relationshipwith the Mazar family,

actually goes back to 1968,when her grandfather worked

with the namesake of ourcollege, Herbert W. Armstrong.

So, since that time, we'vesent students to volunteer

on the excavations and we've also

provided funding for some of her work.

- [Reporter] Dr. Michael Oren,

Israel's Minister of Diplomacy,calls Eilat Mazar a hero.

- She has fought for Israel's future

by fighting for it'spast and against the face

of a lot of naysayers and, particularly,

people in the world today whodeny an historical connection

between Israel and the City of Jerusalem.

People who deny that thereever was a King David

or a King Hezekiah or a Prophet Isaiah.

Eilat digs down and she finds it

and she proves them all wrong.

- [Reporter] 10 years ago, while digging

in the City of David,

Mazar believed she discoveredKing David's palace.

- It's monumentality isobvious, everybody can see.

Also, it's date, being constructedsometime around 1000 BC,

the time of King David, in general.

Based on the pottery that wefound underneath and within.

These facts brought us tounderstand that we've got

fantastic monumental construction.

- [Reporter] While manyarcheologists dismiss the Bible,

Mazar maintains it to be animportant historical source.

- The biblical stories andthe New Testament stories,

by the way, it goes together because they

just prove, quite accurately,the development of Jerusalem

and the way Jerusalem isdescribed is quite accurate.

- [Reporter] The Oklahomaexhibit contains other artifacts,

including a life-sized replica

of Hezekiah's underground water tunnel.

It's open to the public,through mid August.

Oren believes thesignificance of these pieces

goes way beyond science.

- Archeology is not justabout revealing the past.

Archeology is about securing our present.

Archeology is about ensuring our future.

Archeology is about richness,it's about rootedness,

and as Eilat Mazar willtell you, it's about truth.

- Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.


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