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CBN NewsWatch: August 24, 2018

CBN NewsWatch: August 24, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Announcer] This is CBN Newswatch.

- And thank you so much for joining us,

I'm Efrem Graham.

Hawaiians, along withthousands of tourists

are bracing for Hurricane Lane.

The storm has already inundated the island

with rainfall.

Jennifer Wishon has more now

on what is still yet to come.

- [Jennifer] Instead of luaus,

loud sirens warn tourists

to leave Hawaii's world famous beaches

as Hurricane Lane smacksthe islands with winds

and bands of debilitating rain.

Packing winds of 120 miles per hour,

the category three hurricane is hammering

Hawaii's main islands Friday

bringing dangerous surf of 20 feet.

- The huge threat is from rain

and you cannot underestimate how much rain

is gonna be falling acrosssome of those islands.

- [Jennifer] In some areas,nearly two feet of rain

have already fallen

and two or three more areexpected across the islands.

Already, mudslides are limiting travel

as residents brace for flooding.

- Well, I mean,

we used to run aroundthis park as little kids

and now it's

a raging river.

- [Jennifer] And with rising waters

come rising anxieties.

- I feel like it's gonna like,

come more

and like,

our house is gonna get like,

kinda knocked down and stuff like that, so

I just like, pray and stuff

to not make it happen.

- [Jennifer] Major hotels

are allowing their guests to stay

but urging them to stay inside.

Still, many tourists are seeking shelters.

- We were very afraid of the storm.

In France,

we don't have storm like that

so we decide not to stay near

the beach

and to,

to go to the shelter.

- [Jennifer] Residents are hunkering down.

- It wasn't rainingwhen Noah built the ark,

and so what that means isreadiness is important.

- [Jennifer] Many storesare already closed,

many others are running out of supplies.

- Be prepared to shelter in place

14 days of food, and supplies, and water,


- [Jennifer] Nestledin the central Pacific,

Hawaii rarely gets hit by hurricanes.

The last major storm tohit the islands was Iniki

back in 1992.

Already, Hurricane Lane is one islanders

won't soon forget.

- This is not just gonna be over

in the next 24 hours.

This system is gonnabe with us for the next

four or five days

continuing to

bring winds to the island, to bring

large surf,

as well as the torrentialrains that we've talked about.

- [Jennifer] Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

- And as that storm churns,

some Americans arestill feeling the impact

of Hurricane Harvey,

which hit

the Texas Gulf Coast a year ago.

Vice President Mike Pencevisited the Lone Star State

this week to offer support and to check on

the continued recovery efforts.

CBN's White Housecorrespondent Ben Kennedy

has the story.

- Last year's storm brought a week

of death, destruction, and loss.

During that time, manyturned to their faith,

including the second in charge

right here behind me at the White House.

- Even in the midst of the storm,

you were there.

- [Ben] Vice President Mike Pence

returned to Rockport, Texas

revisiting First Baptist Church,

which was hit hard by this storm.

- It's profoundly inspiring.

And to see the way that thischurch and this community

rose to the challenge in the wake

of Hurricane Harvey.

- [Ben] Pence also met with FEMA workers,

disaster relief volunteers,and residents of the area.

CBN's Operation Blessingjumped in last year

long before the flood waters receded.

The team organized morethan 6,000 volunteers

to hand out food, water, supplies,

and even offer prayer.

- Christians all over the world

who descended upon Houston

put feet to their prayers and literally

outpaced FEMA helpingpeople restore their lives.

- Jeremiah Johnson's home

was in the disaster zone.

Your backyard turned into a lake.

Water was creeping up to the front door.

How did you get yourfamily of five out safe?

- Well, thankfully, Ihave four wheel drive.


But truly, our home had become a moat,

just to put into context,I'm a father of five.

Our triplet boys were13 months at the time.

We ran out of our homein our p.j.s, no less,

jumped in our family vehicle,

put it in four wheel drive, but

five of the six evac routes,

they were impassable.

They were flooded.

- Turns out,

Johnson got his family out safe.

While his home did get damaged,

others felt a much worse impact.

It's been a year when driving around town,

do you still see signs

of the destruction of this hurricane?

- You do.

And unfortunately, there are still people

who are not back in their homes and so,

if you're watching this andyou still want to serve,

there's still opportunitiesfor you to serve

and honestly, pray.

Prayer makes a huge difference.

- Governor Greg Abbott proclaimedSeptember third last year

as a day of prayer inthe wake of the storm.

Vice President Pencesaid a total of 31,000

federal personnel

deployed across the state

as part of an all hands on deck effort

by the federal government.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News,

the White House.

- Thank you, Ben.

Here is now a look

at some of the other major headlines

we're following for you today

inside the CBN Newsroom.

Preliminary autopsyresults have been released

for murdered Iowa collegestudent, Mollie Tibbetts.

Fox News reports the autopsy revealed

Tibbetts's death was a homicide

resulting from multiple sharp forces,

meaning Tibbetts waslikely stabbed to death.

The State Medical Examiner'soffice said further,

further examination of her body

may result in additional findings.

Tibbetts's body was foundby investigators on Tuesday

after a nearly month long search.

Illegal immigrant, 24year-old Cristhian Rivera

has been charged withkidnapping and killing Tibbetts.

The Pope is set to arrivein Ireland this weekend.

His travel comes amid several

clerical sexual abuse scandals in Ireland

and other churches.

Many which have expressed disappointment

in the Pope's response.

During his visit in Ireland, Pope Francis

will spend sometime meeting

with some of Ireland'ssexual abuse victims.

On Monday, he had vowed

that no effort must be spared

to root out sexual abuse by priests

and church cover-ups.

The dispute between President Donald Trump

and Attorney General Jeff Sessions

continues to heat up.

The President hascomplained about Sessions

recusing himself fromthe Russia investigation,

saying Sessions failed to take control

of the Justice Department.

President Trump exploded inan interview with Fox News

Thursday, saying thatSessions never took control

of the Justice Department.

Sessions defended himself, saying

he and his department will not be

improperly influenced bypolitical considerations.

For more on these stories and others

throughout the day, you can always visit

Coming up, we're gonnatalk with Energy Secretary,

Rick Perry

about the vision

for energy independence

here in the United States.

We've got that story coming up for you

right after this.

(news music)

Energy Secretary Rick Perrysees energy independence

as a reachable goal for the United States.

Under the Trump administration,

there's also a push toexport more of our energy

to other countries,

specifically, natural gas and coal.

As the White House has rolled out,

rolled back, rather regulationson those energy sources

just this week.

CBN's Jenna Browder has

the story now from Washington.

(crowd cheering)

- President Trump in WestVirginia coal country

after his administration moved to

ease regulations on thestate's main industry.

The Affordable Clean Energy rule

would give states the broad power

to control the carbonemissions coming from

their coal fired powerplants.

- We lost tens and tens ofthousands of coal mining jobs

in this country

due to these extreme regulations

under Barrack Obama.

- [Jenna] Economist Steven Moore

sees it as a good move

and praises the new direction on energy.

- Well this is the best

untold secret out there that

over the last year, the United States

reduced its

carbon and greenhouse gas emissions

more than any other country.

Now, people are gonna beshocked to here that because,

wait a minute,

Donald Trump pulled us out of that

Paris Climate Accord.

- [Jenna] He points hisfinger at other countries

seen as major polluters.

- There's not gonna beany progress whatsoever

in terms of reducing

greenhouse gases if China, and India,

and other developingcountries are not aboard.

- [Jenna] Bob Deans with

the Natural ResourcesDefense Council disagrees.

- These countries are lateinto the development game.

But over the next decade or so,

you're going to see

their numbers start to come down

as these investmentsin clean energy economy

really take effect.

- [Jenna] While Deansbelieves this week's action

is a big step backward,

the administration sees it

that efforts to create more clean energy

as major progress.

- 15 years ago, the United States

was depended upon a lottacountries for its energy.

Today, because of innovation,

because of technology,

we're the number one all in gas producing

country in the world.

American LNG is now going into

30 countries

on five continents.

The economics of that is powerful.

- [Jenna] Energy Secretary Rick Perry

is referring to liquified natural gas,

a cleaner form of energy that's plentiful

in the United States.

- The idea that we can go into

Europe and

deliver United States

liquified natural gas

as an alternative source ofpower to countries in the EU

instead of having to rely upon Russia

is a incredibly powerful tool.

- [Jenna] Moore says the one hang up

is having the pipeline and ports

to export all of this American energy.

If the administration canbuild up the infrastructure,

he says get ready for a Saudi America.

- Let's make North America the

energy source for the world,

not the Middle East.

- [Jenna] In Washington, Jenna Browder,

CBN News.

- And still ahead righthere on CBN Newswatch,

becoming One Race,

see how one upcomingevent is fighting racism

and paving the way

to racial healing.

It's created by centuriesof hatred, as you know.

We've got the story coming up next.

(news music)

(suspenseful news music)

Stone Mountain in Georgia

has long been a symbol of racial division.

In 1915, the Ku Klux Klan lit a fire

on a cross atop thatmountain, but Saturday,

thousands of believers from across racial

and denominational lines will gather there

to pray for racial healing.

It's all part of a collective effort

to heal the racial divide

at an event called One Race.

- It is always the right time

to right wrongs of the past.

You know?

And that's exactly what,

that's exactly what we're doing.

We're calling the church

to a place of historic division, right,

to Stone Mountain ofGeorgia where in 1915,

the Klan rebooted there,

which really representsthe riff that exists

within the church,

that exists within America,

and we're calling,we're calling the church

to be reconciled.

To be the tip of the spear, to speak out,

to lead in a place where the church

has historically lacked.

And it's an invitation to

gospel-centeredreconciliation for the body.

- And One Race kicks off at nine a.m.

on Saturday.

Our Amber Strong recently sat down

with the pastors in Atlantawho plan to shout...

Who plan to


the message of reconciliation

from the mountaintop, take a look.

- Lord, you've ordained it

before the foundation of the earth.

- [Amber] If you take alook around this room,

it may seem like yourtypical prayer meeting.

- Flourishing supernaturalgifts of the Spirit.

- [Amber] But there's something different

about this group.

Pastor Billy Humphrey andpreachers like him have

thrown denomination aside.

- We're saying the same things.

And I just look, like

that's the Spirit of the Lord.

- [Amber] Partnered together for One Race,

a movement for racial healing.

- We believe this

that God wants to change the testimony

in the city of Atlanta

where racism and dead religion has

kind of informed and influenced the city.

- [Amber] They're off to a good start.

125 pastors across racial lines

have already said,

"Count me in."

Bishop Garland Hunt is one of them.

He believes now is the timefor the church to lead.

- It's not really just political change

and policy changes.

It has to be a heart change

and the only one thatcan really fix the heart

is Jesus Christ.


- [Amber] So they meet every week,

praying and fasting.

Hunt says changes are already in motion.

- We've had meetingswhere mostly white pastors

will come together

so they begin to look around and they had

pretty much white groups.

They say, well how can we

make a effort to bring blacks in?

And sometimes you have to make more

than just what's comfortable.

You have to make yourselfa little uncomfortable.

- [Amber] Humphrey andHunt are hoping that

discomfort sparks friendships.

- [Announcer] Okay, guys, well here we go.

We're heading up to the mountain, folks.

- [Amber] In fact, they want to spur

100,000 cross-cultural relationships

over the next few months.

All leading up to theUltimate Day of Prayer.

The men of One Race say

they plan to make the trekall the way to the top

of Atlanta's Stone Mountain.

But 100 years ago, adifferent group of men

made a similar trek.

And for a very different purpose.

- From 1915

to 1960,

the Ku Klux Klan wouldgo to Stone Mountain,

and on top of the mountain,they would burn crosses

and do their rituals.

And so, what we feel like we wanna do

is change that testimony.

- [Amber] Humphrey and Hunt agree

it's time for a new narrativefor Stone Mountain, Georgia

and beyond.

- If the church doesn't take

its rightful place

and step into that

place of authority and set the narrative

and deal with these issues,

someone else will.

- There's really

a lot of voices out here.

The press gives a voice,

a lot of the activists have given voices,

but the church has to be

a predominant voice right now

in the culture.

- [Amber] They say it's time

for the church to be heard.

One voice, one people,

united together.

Amber Strong, CBN News,

in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

- The racial divide will certainly,

never be healed without the intervention

of God, so we need to all

be on our knees.

Stay with us, we're coming right back.

(news music)

Three fathers, two worlds,and one incredible true story.

Those are the makings of a new film

in theaters today.

It is called

Beautifully Broken.

- Be strong, okay?

God's hand has brought us to this place.

Who knows what wonderful things

his plan has for us?

(somber music)

- I will count the days

until I get to touch your face again.

Go make a new life for us in America.

- I will send for you

as soon as I'm able.

My love,

we'll be together soon.

(somber music)

- William.

We have to go.

(somber music)

- Father!

(inspirational music)

Will you write to us?

- Every day, my child.

You are my heart.

(tranquil music)

(plane engine starts)

- And joining us now fora closer look at the film

Beautifully Broken, is one of its stars,

Benjamin Onyango.

And he joins us.

Benjamin, let's begin with

this seems like a bit of anemotional ride, this story,

how was it?

- Yes.

Before I even say that,I just wanna remind

the audience that

it will be in theater nation wide Friday,

August the 24th.

Yes, the story was,

shooting this movie was

an emotional rollercoaster,

just like the story itself is.

It's about three families.

One American

and two Rwandan

whose lives actually


in an amazing way thatshows God's provision

and redemption.

- What was it about the story

that attracted you to the project?

- The story was just ascript itself was like,

oh my God,

I've never done somethinglike that before.

And the Rwanda story,

the genocide

totally attracted me because

I was supposed to do the other,

the other one

and I missed it for some reason

and the fact that

it was in South Africa, also being shot

in South Africa, that was a very

interesting thing for me and I was like,

"Yes, I gotta do this movie."

- When you sit back now and look at it,

who is this film for, you think?

- Oh, this film is for everybody.

Right now, if you look at the world,

the way things are going on,

the politics, what not,

you know,

there's all sorts of things.

In London, every single time you hear,

oh, some suicide bomber did this

and all that stuff.

Those are chaotic times.

So this movie

draws you back from all that stuff.


its message is very simple, you know?

Reconciliation, hope,

you know,

forgiveness, you know,

and faith, and all thesepositive things that

the human being needs today

to get away from all that chaos.

So this movie's for every single person.

- Speaking of that,

you comment on thingsgoing on in our world,

what do you think about the timing

of when this film is being released

in light of all of theheadlines we're seeing?

Not only here in America,but around the world.

- I think it's very timely.

Beautifully Broken.

A lot of people are broken right now

because of the things that are happening

in their lives.

Beautifully Broken, the movie itself

shows us that

no matter what your circumstance,

no matter how dire it is,

there's always hope atthe end of the tunnel.

So to give people hope that

everything will be alright

at the end.

- The title is Beautifully Broken,

have you yourself undergone an experience

of being beautifully broken?


- Yes, yes, yes!

If you take even my journey

just coming to the United States,

it's another

beautifully broken, too story.

We just don't have time to get into that.

- Very nice.

Well once again, the filmis Beautifully Broken,

it is in theaters this weekend.

Benjamin, thank you so much for your time.

Much appreciated.

- [Benjamin] Thank you for having me.

Thank you.

- Our friends at Plugged In Online.

Now take a look at how Beautifully Broken

measures up when it comesto family friendliness.

(upbeat music)


- [Man] You have to give your family up.

- I'm gonna get her out of the car.

- The film Beautifully Broken

begins with a familyrunning from the dangers

of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

After narrowly escaping macheteand gun-wielding soldiers,

the father joins a program

that will allow him to travel to America

and establish residency.

He'll set off on his own

while his family waitsfor him at a refugee camp.

Leaving his loved ones behind

is a risky step with anunpredictable outcome

but, it's one that ultimately

weaves the future

of three different families together.

Each must endure struggles and separation

to test their faith and at times,

push all three to the brink of giving up.

- Everyone is broken in some way, Andrea.

Who knows how God will use your pain.

- Their lives do become


And, they realize that helping others

not only impacts the world around them,

but it can transformthe world within them.

This is an inspiringand emotionally stirring

true story.

It focuses on the struggle

of marriage and faith during remarkably

difficult trials.

And it showcases a kind of redemption

that only God couldprovidentially engineer.

That said, this probably isn't a movie

for small or sensitive children

despite its redemptive themes.

Several scenes give us a

restrained glimpse of horrific genocide

and later, a girl's physical assault.

Because of that,

I'll give Beautifully Broken

a three and a half out offive for family friendliness

for teens on up in mind.

For an in-depth review of this film

or anything else at your local box office,

visit us at

Plugging you in to the movies,

I'm Bob Waliszewski forFocus on the Family's

Plugged In movie review.

- And I'll leave you with this

thought for our Friday,

God is the same yesterday,today, and forever,

but he's prepared to do a new work in you

and that work

begins today.

With that word, Iencourage you to make this

a fabulous Friday.

Remember, you can find moreof our exclusive coverage

of the issues you care most about

always at

And we'd love to hear what you think

about the stories you've seen here today.

You can do that by emailing

And of course, you canalways reach out and touch us

on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hope you'll join us againright here next time.

Make this a fabulous Friday,have a wonderful weekend,

we'll see you right back here

come Monday.

Goodbye and God bless.

(news music)


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