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Super Bowl Winning Coach Explains Why He’s Fearless

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson shares about his new book, Fearless and how he lead his underdog team to the Super Bowl after losing their starting Quarterback. Read Transcript

- When the Philadelphia Eagles

upset the New EnglandPatriots to win Super Bowl 52,

it shocked the football world.

How could a team with so much adversity

pull off a miracle?

It was the ultimate underdog story.

When you hear Doug Peterson,

Head Coach of the PhiladelphiaEagles, Super Bowl champion,

what goes through your mind?

- I still gotta pinch myself everyday.

It's amazing, you know, it'swhy we get into athletics

to win championships, you know

and did I think it wasgonna happen quite this fast

in year two, probably not.

- [Narrator] Two years,which is quite impressive

for a guy that's been anunderdog his entire career.

He spent 14 years as a backup quarterback behind QB's

such as Dan Marino and Brett Favre.

He played with five teamsand was cut six times

before shifting into coaching in 2005.

He coached in high school for four years,

then made the jump to the NFL in 2009.

Then after seven seasons as an assistant

under head coach Andy Reidin Philly and Kansas City,

he was hired as head coach

of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016.

- Philly's a tough town.

It is a tough city.

What's going on through yourmind where you're the guy?

Do you feel the weight, what's?

- You know what, I don't,I don't feel the weight

because this is a placethat I've come to love,

this is a place, I played here in 1999.

I worked for Coach Reidfor four years here.

This is my third timecoming back to Philadelphia.

I have an idea, a passionof the city, the fans

here in Philadelphia.

I have an idea what the media is like.

So, it was very comfortablefor me to come here.

- [Narrator] But therewere a lot of critics

that felt he wasn'tqualified and wouldn't last.

- You know, not manypeople gave me a chance,

that I was gonna be aone and done type coach,

maybe two years, evengoing into the 2017 season,

there were comments made

that I was one of theworst hires in NFL history.

- But instead of focusingon the opinions of critics,

Coach Peterson got to work.

When a coach goes to a team,

they have to have some kind of mantra,

what was the mantra, what was your thing?

- We use this phrase allthe time, keep chopping,

keep chopping, keepchopping, keep plugging away,

keep studying the film,keep practicing hard.

Good things are gonna eventually happen

to this football team andchopping that wood man.

You know it doesn't takeone swing to chop a tree,

it takes multiple swingsand that's what we did.

- One of the swings Coach Peterson took

was drafting rookiequarterback Carson Wentz.

Within two seasons, hemanaged to turn things around

on the field.

But there were also someunexpected changes happening

in the locker room.

- The guys know that I'm a man of faith,

they know that I'm a spiritual believer.

They know I spend time every morning

reading my Bible andreading my devotional book

and that's how I start my day.

I think the spirit of Godjust kind of works itself

through certain members of your team.

And then eventually,

it's just gonna end up in the locker room.

I truly believe that, youknow, the power of God,

the Holy Spirit just sort of brings

everybody a little bit closer together.

- [Narrator] The team reliedheavily on their spiritual bond

throughout an injury plague 2017 season.

Especially, during week 14when their starting quarterback

got injured and they had tolean on backup Nick Foles

to carry them through the post-season.

Coach Peterson desperatelyneeded to find a way

to lift the spirit of his team.

The answer came to himin the form of a picture.

- On the wall behind uswas a quote on the wall

and it read one man can make a difference

but a team can make a miracle.

I looked at all the injuredguys around the room.

I says one man can make a difference,

Carson made a difference for us,

Jason Peters, you madea difference for us,

Jordan Hicks, you madea difference for us,

Chris, you made a difference for us.

But it's not about one man,you know, it's about the team.

I just kinda poured myheart out to the guys

and said, man, let'sgo, you know, let's go.

Nick Foles, you're the guy,we're behind you 100%, let's go.

- [Narrator] Doug Petersonled his underdog team

to Super Bowl 52 with NickFoles, his backup quarterback

to face a team very fewbelieved they could beat,

the New England Patriots.

Coach recalls meetingPatriot's Head Coach Belichick

before the game.

- We shook hands andcongratulated each other on their,

you know, our season, hisseason and in my mind,

I'm thinking, we're gonna win today.

While I'm standing there, you know,

talking to Coach Belichick,

like, he doesn't knowwhat's about to hit them.

We're gonna kick his tail today.

- [Narrator] With that confidence,

the team made of astatement early in the game

with one of the gutsiest playsin the Super Bowl history.

It was fourth and goal and the Eagles

had the ball at the one.

The play, Philly special,

which was not supposedto be a fourth down play.

The play was executed flawlessly.

Plays like that just don't happen,

one, if you don't work them in practice

but you gotta have belief first

that they're gonna work.

You can't go, alright, itworked now I believe in it,

you gotta believe it's gonnawork before it happens.

- [Narrator] On the armof his backup quarterback,

Doug Peterson and the Philadelphia Eagles

achieve a miracle.

Their first Super Bowlchampionship in franchise history.

In his book, Fearless, How anUnderdog Becomes a Champion,

Doug Peterson shares howhe along with his team

accomplished one of the mostmemorable Super Bowl victories

in NFL history.

And he hopes to share themessage that through Christ,

all things are possible if you believe.

- I've had to fight, scratchand crawl for everything

that I've gotten in life.

And nothing was ever handed to me,

I learned that from my dad.

You need to go earn it,you need go take it,

you need to go create yourown success so to speak.

You know, the Bible talks a lot about fear

and overcoming fear, itcan't be apart of your life.

I'm not gonna coach with fear,I'm not gonna live my life

in fear, I'm gonnatrust Christ number one,

I'm gonna trust my family,

I'm gonna trust the guys around me

and then something that we'll continue to,

I'll continue to lean on, you know,

not only the rest of my life

but as long as I'm the head coach

of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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