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'One of the Most Important Stories Never Told:' Media's Blackout of Abortion Doctor Case Highlighted in New Film

'One of the Most Important Stories Never Told:' Media's Blackout of Abortion Doctor Case Highlighted in New Film Read Transcript

- Alright, listen up.

We're looking for anything that looks like

drugs or paraphernalia.

- [Narrator] Audienceswill finally get to see

and hear details of atrue life horror story.

In Gosnell, the trial ofAmerica's biggest serial killer.

- I don't know, I've never been in an

abortion clinic before.

- [Narrator] StarringDean Cain as a detective,

the PG-13 film exploresthe shocking crimes

and trial of Philadelphia abortionist

Kermit Gosnell.

Sentenced to life for killing thousands

of babies across three decades.

As far back as the 70s, the sign on

Gosnell's West Philadelphia clinic read,

Women's Medical Society.

Then in 2010, while investigating

an illegal prescription drug operation,

federal agents discovered what they called

a house of horrors.

Three years later, a jury found Gosnell

guilty of murderingthree babies born alive.

According to the grand jury report,

Gosnell killed them by severing their

spinal cords with scissors.

Investigators alsodiscovered refrigerators

full of aborted fetuses in his offices.

The case went largelyuncovered by politicians

and the mainstream media.

- You'd think a caseabout a medical doctor

killing babies born alivewould be a big news story,

but what was also shocking aboutthe trial of Kermit Gosnell

was how little mediaattention it received.

I was in the courtroom for CBN News

covering the trial, just one of a handful

of journalists in that courtroom.

And that really becamepart of the storyline,

which is why it was described as

one of the most importantstories never told.

- We at the media research center,

we actually tracked thisand we found it took

56 days before allthree broadcast networks

covered his story.

So those are new showsby ABC, NBC, and CBS.

So yes, there was absolutely a black out.

And it's hard to know why exactly,

because abortion is a huge issue

that American are concerned about.

And this shouldn't just be an issue for,

let's say, people whoare against abortion,

or for abortion.

It's a human right issue.

These were atrocities that were happening

in this abortion clinic.

- [Narrator] Producers Ann McElhinney

and Phelim McAleer saythey were on a mission

to expose the truth about Gosnell.

They told CBN newsHollywood rejected the film

because of its subject matter.

- At every moment of this process has

been challenging, like evenfrom the very beginning

when we started thecrowd funding campaign,

and we went to Kickstarter,where we had raised

money before for a different film,

for FrackNation.

And suddenly we go to Kickstarter,

we tell them our whole campaign,

and suddenly they'rebasically censoring us.

They said, oh you can'tmention babies murdered,

you can't mention babies stabbed to death.

And it's like, well howdo we tell the story?

Why are we raising moneyfor a film about a thing?

We have to describe it.

So it wasn't that, theydidn't want to have

anything to do with us.

- [Narrator] Actor KevinSorbo and his wife Sam

supported the movie byurging people to donate

to the fundraising campaign.

Sorbo recently tweeting,

we raised over $2 millionfor the making of this film.

Hope you all support to seethe truth behind this case.

- Gosnell, the trial of America's biggest

serial killer is set to release to over

600 theaters nationwide October 12th.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

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