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News on The 700 Club: August 24, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Aug 24.: King Hezekiah the Prophet Isaiah Debut in Oklahoma; Hawaiians Hunker Down as Hurricane Lane Lashes the Islands; A new movie documenting the crimes and trial of notorious abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell ... ... Read Transcript

- Hello and welcome to the 700 Club.

Hurricane Lane is lashingthe Hawaiian Islands today.

The powerful storm isinundating the islands

with several feet of rainfall.

Flash flood warnings area big part of the danger,

and at least five touristshave already been rescued

from a flooded home.

Jennifer Wishon has moreon what's yet to come.

- [Jennifer] Instead of luaus,loud sirens warned tourists

to leave Hawaii's world-famous beaches,

as Hurricane Lane smacks the islands

with winds and bands of debilitating rain.

Packing winds of 120 miles per hour,

the Category 3 hurricane

is hammering Hawaii's main islands Friday,

bringing dangerous surf of 20 feet.

- The newest threat is from rain,

and you cannot underestimate how much rain

is gonna be falling acrosssome of those islands.

- [Jennifer] In some areas,nearly two feet of rain

have already fallen, and two or three more

are expected across the islands.

Already, mudslides are limiting travel

as residents brace for flooding.

- I mean, we used to run onthis park as little kids,

and now it's a raging river.

- [Jennifer] And with risingwaters come rising anxieties.

- I feel like it's gonna come more,

and our house is gonna get like,

kinda knocked down and stuff like that,

so, I just like, pray andstuff, to not make it happen.

- [Jennifer] Major hotelsare allowing their guests

to stay, but urging them to stay inside.

Still, many tourists are seeking shelters.

- We were very afraid of the storm.

In France, we don't have storm like that,

so we decided not to stay near the beach,

and to go to the shelter.

- [Jennifer] Residents are hunkering down.

- It wasn't rainingwhen Noah built the ark.

And, so what that meansis, readiness is important.

- [Jennifer] Many storesare already closed,

many others are running out of supplies.

- Be prepared to shelter in place.

14 days of food and suppliesand water, medicine.

- Nestled in the Central Pacific,

Hawaii rarely gets hit by hurricanes.

The last major storm to hit the islands

was Iniki back in 1992.

Already, Hurricane Lane is oneIslanders won't soon forget.

- This is not just gonna beover in the next 24 hours.

This system is gonna be with us

for the next four or five days,

continuing to bring winds to the island,

to bring large surf,

as well as the torrentialrains that we've talked about.

- [Jennifer] Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

- Well, the potential damageis potentially considerable,

so please, keep Hawaii in your prayers.

I know that there are manypeople who couldn't get out,

though they tried to, and sowe just all need to be watching

and praying as they endurethis for the next several days.

Well, in other news, President Trump

and his Attorney Generalare feuding again.

John Jessup has more on that story

from our CBN News Bureauin Washington, John.

- Thanks, Terry.

The public dispute between President Trump

and Attorney General JeffSessions is heating up.

The President iscriticizing Sessions again

for recusing himself fromthe Russia investigation,

saying he failed to take controlof the Justice Department.

On Thursday, Sessions punchedback at Trump's comment,

saying he and his department

quote "will not be improperly influenced

"by political considerations."

Now, fellow Republican LindseyGraham says it may be time

for a new face at the Justice Department.

Graham says quote "ThePresident's entitled

"to having an AttorneyGeneral he has faith in."

well, two Iranian spiescaptured in the United States

were reportedly planning attacks,

according to the Clarion Project.

The Justice Department charged

the two Iranian citizens this week.

They were gathering intelligenceon people and groups

Iran considered enemiesof the Islamic regime.

That included Jewishfacilities, specific Americans,

and an Iranian resistance group.

Well, US National SecurityAdvisor John Bolton

concluded his three-daytour in Israel this week

talking with reporters.

His central message:the Trump administration

will enforce its tough line on Iran.

To Israelis, that's a breath of fresh air.

Chris Mitchell brings usthe story from Jerusalem.

- [Chris] Throughout his visit,

Bolton stressed for Israelis

that the US will never allowIran to get nuclear weapons,

and he noted that the stricteconomic sanctions on Iran

are generating realanti-government protests.

(crowd yelling)

- And by bringing the hammer down again,

of reimposing American sanctions,

we've seen a profoundnegative effect on Iran,

I think, actually, more serious

than we would have predicted.

And what's significantabout the demonstrations

and outpourings thatyou've seen across Iran,

is that to the best of ourknowledge, they're not organized.

This is not some kindof conspiracy in Iran,

it's just regular people

saying they're fed up with the government.

- Bolton's four-day stay here

was longer than most official visits.

That's partly because the White House

is preparing to lay the groundwork

for the rollout of itsMiddle East Peace Plan.

He made it clear that theUS will not impose its plan

on either Israel or the Palestinians,

but he's skeptical about whether Israel

has a real peace partner.

- I can't even begin to countthe number of cease-fires

we've heard from Hamas, Hezbollah,

other terrorist groups over the years.

I would be stunned if anybodyin the government of Israel

is viewing this with anything other than

very, very clear-eyedunderstanding of what it's about.

It's a sad outcome forthe Palestinian people

that all they've got now is a choice

between Hamas and thePalestinian authority.

- [Chris] For Israelis,

the fact that Bolton spent several days

with the country's top leadership

is a refreshing change of pace.

Caroline Glick is ChiefColumnist for the Jerusalem Post.

- What you're really seeing here

is a business-like atmosphere

of two allies coming together

and discussing common interests,

which is something that wehaven't seen in the past

from US administrations whowere blind to the basic reality

which is that Israel is the United States'

most powerful ally in the Middle East.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Thanks, Chris.

He's been called America'sbiggest serial killer,

and his victims, children.

A new movie documentingthe crimes and trial

of notorious abortiondoctor Kermit Gosnell

is about to hit theaters,a remarkable feat

considering what thefilmmakers are claiming.

They say Hollywood leftists conspired

to keep it off the big screen

in an effort to silenceit's pro-life message.

Charlene Aaron has this story.

- [Detective] Alright, listen up.

We are looking for anything

that looks like drugs or paraphernalia.

- [Charlene] Audiences willfinally get to see and hear

details of a true life horror story

in Gosnell: The Trial ofAmerica's Biggest Serial Killer.

- Um, I never been in anabortion clinic before.

- [Charlene] StarringDean Cain as a detective,

the PG-13 film explores theshocking crimes and trial

of Philadelphiaabortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Sentenced to life for killing

thousands of babies across three decades.

As far back as the 70s,

the sign on Gosnell's WestPhiladelphia clinic read:

Women's Medical Society.

Then, in 2010, while investigating

an illegal prescription drug operation,

federal agents discovered

what they called a house of horrors.

Three years later, ajury found Gosnell guilty

of murdering three babies born alive.

According to the Grand Juryreport, Gosnell killed them

by severing their spinalcords with scissors.

Investigators also discovered

refrigerators full of abortedfetuses in his offices.

The case went largely uncovered

by politicians and the mainstream media.

- You'd think a caseabout a medical doctor

killing babies born alivewould be a big news story,

but what was also shocking aboutthe trial of Kermit Gosnell

was how little mediaattention it received.

I was in the courtroom forCBN News, covering the trial,

just one of a handful ofjournalists in that courtroom,

and that really becamepart of the storyline,

which is why it was described

as one of the most importantstories never told.

- We at the Media ResearchCenter, we actually tracked this,

and we found it took 56 days

before all three broadcastnetworks covered his story,

so those are news showsby ABC, NBC, and CBS.

So, yes, there was absolutely a blackout,

and it's hard to know why exactly,

because abortion is a huge issue

that American's are concerned about,

and this shouldn't justbe an issue for, say,

people who are againstabortion or for abortion.

It's a human rights issue.

These were atrocities that were happening

in this abortion clinic.

- [Charlene] Producers AnnMcElhinney and Phelim McAleer say

they were on a mission toexpose the truth about Gosnell.

They told CBN NewsHollywood rejected the film

because of its subject matter.

- At every moment of thisprocess, there's been challenges,

like, even from the very beginning,

when we started the crowdfunding campaign

and we went to Kickstarter,

where we had raised money before

for a different film, for FrackNation.

And suddenly we go to Kickstarter,

you know, we tell them our whole campaign,

and suddenly, they'rebasically censoring us.

They said, "Oh you can'tmention babies murdered.

"You can't mentionbabies stabbed to death."

And it's like, well,how do we tell the story

of why we're raising moneyfor a film about a thing?

We have to describe it.

So, it wasn't that.

It wasn't that.

They didn't want us to have this,

they didn't want to haveanything to do with us.

- Actor Kevin Sorbo and his wife, Sam,

supported the movie by urging people

to donate to the fundraising campaign,

Sorbo recently tweeting,"We raised over $2 million

"for the making of this film.

"Hope you all support to seethe truth behind this case."

Gosnell: The Trial ofAmerica's Biggest Serial Killer

is set to release to over 600 theaters

nationwide October 12th.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- Thanks, Charlene.

Terry, this film has thepotential to be a big talker.

- You know, it's reallydifficult to imagine, isn't it,

that something so horrific could happen,

and that your political positionon the issue of abortion

would keep you from acknowledging

just how horrific this was.

I mean, this defies comprehension.


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