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Baseball’s Kyle Gibson Makes a Pitch for Faith

Minnesota Twins pitcher Kyle Gibson confronts the stresses of the game the same way he faces life - with God at the center. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] Kyle Gibsondoesn't just make his pitch,

the Minnesota Twins starting pitcher

targets the game inside the game,

arming his heart, mind and emotion

while the six year veteran takes the stage

in baseball's performance based business.

- From the time whereI'm sitting in my locker

when I'm listening toworship music, honestly

and really trying to make sure

that my heart's in the right spot,

I always feel like thatthat circle out there

is not who I am, it's justpart of what I'm here to do

and I'm gonna face a lot ofsituations throughout the game

that if my heart's not in the right spot,

the decision I make is probablygonna be a bad decision.

- What you said before,what you might face to do,

I've been presumed that that's anxiety,

is that fear?- Sure.

That's all the above, you know,it's a stressful situation

where if you're not prepared for it,

you could make the wrong decision pitch,

it could be, you know,maybe you have to show grace

after an error in the fieldor you have to, you know,

show a little bit ofhumility after a home run,

you just wanna make sure

that your mind andheart's in the right spot.

- Next to the arm what isthe most critical component

to be a successful starting pitcher?

- If you talk to 10 people,

you might get 10 different answers.

You know, I think the legs are important

and I think, you know,the torso's important.

Over the last year and a half,

I really kind of feel like the mind

is probably the next important thing.

You know, you can feel as good as you want

but if you get that mind right,

it just changes everything.

You can have the confidencebehind what you're doing

and if I don't have theconfidence in the pitch

that I'm gonna be throwing,

I might as well not throw it.

- What do you think wouldsurprise us the most?

- Sometimes it's a difficultto handle situations

that you can't control.

In this park in the summer,obviously, you can't control

which way the wind is blowing.

And sometimes a routinefly ball to the right

becomes a home run andsometimes a home run to left

becomes a routine fly ball.

So, once you throw theball, you can't control it,

if that umpire misses thecall or gives you a call,

being able to handle thesituations constantly

that you have no controlover is pretty tough.

- Has that been helpful foryou in your Christ following?

- In times, I think it's justlike a lot things in life,

the more you practice it,the better you get at it.

You know, it's really my love for Christ

that helps me in those other situations.

It's the grace that he hasgiven me that allows me

to hopefully show grace mostof the time on the mound

and do that in myrelationship, you know, versus,

practicing out on themound and taking it home.

- [Narrator] And as soonas your release that ball,

there is that surrender, isn't there?

- Yeah, you have to beable to be okay sometimes

with results that aren'twhat you've planned on.

And one of them is you caneasily get caught up in numbers

in this game and it's easyto look at yourself as an ERA

or a strike out total andkind of determine your worth.

- [Narrator] How haveyou been freed from that?

- Oh wow, that's a good question.

One of the lies that,you know, has been tough

for me to get rid of butI've had to get rid of is

I can't think of myself as anERA or even a jersey number

or anything like thatbecause it's just a lie.

My identity is in Christ andthat's really my identity.

You have to be able toleave those lies behind

because the more you startbelieving in those lies,

the less you're gonna believe

in the actual truths about yourself.

- [Narrator] What does the Christ follower

and the elite competitor have in common?

- I think they can haveeverything in common.

Paul is one of my favoriteguys to read from the Bible

just because of everythinghe went through.

And he talked multipletimes about running the race

and everybody that runs the race

is supposed to run to win.

You complete it as if you'recompleting a test from God.

There was a couple times where I started

showing a little more emotion on the field

and one talk that I hadwith, you know, our GM

and another one of our front office

and they said, listen we knowthat you're a man of faith

and those things don't have to separate.

I think there as intertwinedas you want them to be.

You know, walk off themound and do everything with

as much as love as possibleand sometimes having

that little competitiveedge isn't a bad thing.

- Gotta get you a tear away jersey.



That'd go over real well.

- Possibly not but I like it.

- [Narrator] Might have alot of explaining to do.

I've noticed when you'vesigned, you'll add a scripture

what is that scripture, whatis that scripture and why?

- It's Ephesians 2:8-10,as good of representation

of the gospel and what I'mreally trying to do in life

as I've found.

It's read by grace you'vebeen saved through faith,

not of works so that no one can boast,

it's a gift from God.

We are God's handy workand was created by him

to do the good works thathe set out in advance

for us to do.

This is what I'm here to do.

You know, I've been puthere to put this first

and to do the work that God setout in advance for me to do.

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