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The Global Lane - August 24, 2018

Secrets leaked & exposed. Why Trump pulled Brennan's security clearance;Scotus confirmation. What you need to know about Brett Kavanaugh; New PM in Pakistan. Christians seek justice; Campaign finance laws violated. Impeachment ahead for Trump? Read Transcript

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- Today from The Global Lane.

Why former intelligence officials

are losing their security clearances.

Supreme Court confirmationhearing is coming soon.

What you may not know aboutnominee Brett Kavanaugh.

A new prime minister in Pakistan.

Will Christians finally see justice?

And campaign finance laws violated,

could it mean an end tothe Trump presidency?

And it's all right here rightnow from The Global Lane.

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Washington politicians andmembers of the main stream media

lost their collective minds

when former CIA Director John Brennan

lost his security clearance.

Was President Trumpjustified in removing it?

Will clearances be removed

from other former government officials

to prevent the spillingof the nation's secrets?

Well, joining us to sharesome insights is journalist

and author Ronald Kessler.

Mr. Kessler has written extensively

about the CIA, the FBI andAmerican intelligence agencies.

His latest book is The Trump White House

Changing the Rules of the Game.

So, Mr. Kessler, Brennanis now threatening to sue,

does he have grounds toget his clearance back?

- Brennan has absolutely no grounds

to win a lawsuit over his clearance,

given a national security clearance

is totally discretionary,there's no absolute standard.

Nothing he has done, either contributes to

or does not contributesto a legal lawsuit.

Certainly, Trump's actionsends a chilling message

but at the same time fora former CIA official

to engage in such partisan,vituperative rhetoric

against a sittingpresident is unprecedented

and the fact is that he'sactually more in demand

on the tax circuit sothere's no infringement

of his First Amendment rights.

- Give us a little background here.

When did all this start,

this policy of allowingformer government officials

to carry the clearances with them

after they leave government

and how do they use and abuse them?

- Well, this is a traditionthat really goes back

to the beginning of the CIA

and the clearance may beused by a former official

if he wants to work foran intelligence agency

or an intelligence contractor and wants

to still have access toclassified information.

But in the end it's up tothat agency or that company

whether they wanna engage that person

and of course, the Trump administration

is not gonna wanna engageBrennan for any kind of advice.

So the whole thing is really moot.

But it's just another side showin the Donald Trump circus.

As you know, I wrote thebook The Trump White House,

Changing the Rules of the Game

and part of Trump's strategy

is to just become the center of attention

every single day on TVand then conversation.

And that in turn enhances his power

and he will make sometimesoutrageous comments

to make some of us cringebut at the same time,

he focuses attention on his self

and that gives him powerand that's one reason

he's been so successful.

If you look at the results,of course, they're amazing,

whether on the economic sideor the foreign affairs side,

the bull market, the tax cuts.

- Trump may pull theclearances of some others

not just Brennan.

I know some people myselfwho have security clearances.

They've told me they'll likely lose them

once they stop working for the government.

Should that be the policy,should that apply to everyone,

former FBI directors, CIA directors,

other top intelligence officials?

- You know, there's a good chance he may,

that they should not have clearances

unless they actually areengaged by a government agency

or by a company, inwhich case that clearance

can be reinstated.

They can do another background check.

So what is the big deal?

This is really sort of perk,it really doesn't amount

to anything and I think thepolicy should be reexamined.

I doubt if Trump is gonnarevoke the rest of the gang

of critics but we will seeyou never know with Trump.

- Well, talking about the gang of critics,

what impact has the wholeRussian investigation

and the politicization of theFBI, Department of Justice,

other intelligence agencies had on moral

and the agents in the field?

- FBI agents for example and CIA officers

are used to being the subjectof criticism day and night.

A lot of is unfair and theyreally are engaged 24 hours

a day working to protect us

and they don't really have much time

or interest in watching TVand seeing the latest bombast

from one politician or another.

So, I don't think thatthat is a major concern.

On the politicization of the FBI,

certainly we saw outrageousconduct by Strzok, by Page,

by Comey after he leftthe FBI as well as McCabe

but when it actually comesto the investigations

there's no real indication of actual bias.

The Inspector Generalreport made that conclusion.

There is more to come onthe Hillary investigation.

So, let's just keep an open mind

on some of these reports coming in.

- Who do you blame for thepoliticization of the FBI,

Comey, Brennan, Obama, Trump,I mean, not just the FBI

but the intelligence agencies?

- I wouldn't even saythe intelligence agencies

were involved in the bias

but certainly Eric Holder senta message of political bias

throughout the Justice Department

and now that we're findingout what Comey's all about.

It's hard to imaginethat some of his leanings

didn't influence some of the decisions.

- Okay, Ronald Kessler, journalist, author

and author of seven New YorkTimes bestsellers I understand.

So thank you for being with us.

- Great to be with you, thank you.

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- Confirmation hearings forU.S. Supreme Court nominee,

Brent Kavanaugh are now just days away.

Leftists are finalizing plans for protests

and a big media blitz against him.

But moderates and conservatives argue,

Judge Kavanaugh is well qualified

to sit on the Supreme Court.

They say there's no good reasonto deny him confirmation.

Among them is legalanalyst, Kendall Coffee.

Mr. Coffee is a former U.S. attorney

from the southern district of Florida.

He worked alongside Kavanaughin the Elian Gonzales case.

Kendall thanks for joining us

from our Washington Bureau today.

So what was your impressionof Brett Kavanaugh

back during that Gonzales case

and how about since he's been on

the U.S. Court of Appeals in D.C?

- Well, I was deeplyappreciate of his volunteering

to join our effort.

He came in at a very tough time for us.

We lost the appeal, the original appeal

and the next questionwas the Supreme Court

of the United Statesand I think he and some

of his colleagues whohad not been involved

in the case up to then recognized

that we would need their kind of help

for the issues to fairly bepresented to the Supreme Court.

He volunteered his time,he was a brilliant lawyer,

a magnificent colleague andI was very, very grateful

for his efforts.

Interestingly, the issuein the Elian Gonzales case

which was thought about as abest interest to the father

kind of case, is actuallyan issue that is very much

getting attentionnowadays, a different issue

and that is the power of federal agencies.

Do federal agencies havetoo much power to make law?

And that interestinglyenough was a key issue

in the Elian Gonzales case.

- But Kendall, the NationalArchives refused to request

by Senate democrats toprovide them with documents

about Judge Kavanaugh's tenor,

now they're threatening tosue the National Archives.

The Archives said, 900,000 documents

couldn't possibly be readyuntil at least October.

Why this document request?

We're talking maybe three or four times

the number of documentsrequired for Elena Kagen,

Justice Roberts or Neil Gorsuch.

Is this reasonable, unusual?

- Well, he's got a body oflegal opinions as a judge.

So, in a sense he shouldbe straight forward process

to evaluate his work, the issueof going back into his years

when he served as an attorneywith the Bush administration

may or may not be necessary

if what you're interesting inhow well someone is qualified

to be the United StatesSupreme Court justice.

And if this individualwas serving for years

and wrote hundreds of opinions

on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals,

many regard that as thesecond most prestigious court

in the country, then you'dthink his body of work

as a judge would be enough

to determine whetherhe should be a justice.

- Well, it seems like they're just digging

for anything to try toblock this confirmation.

He served in the GeorgeW. Bush White House

and also in Ken Starr's legal team

in the Whitewater investigation.

So how do you think that'sbeing used against him

to stop this confirmation?

- Well, it's fascinating to see how he has

by his own admission grown and evolved

since the Ken Starr years.

He was a hard chargingprosecutor as a team member

with Ken Starr which,of course, as you know

investigated then President Bill Clinton,

ultimately wrote a very tough report,

we all know what happened at the time.

Since then though, Brent Kavanaugh

has taken a deeper lookat whether that kind

of investigation is good for this country,

whether the Constitution really

wants the President of the United States,

the most important andpowerful person in the world

to be hand strung distracted, basically,

made less effective asthe head of the free world

because the President hasto deal with subpoenas

and investigations anda constant drum beat

of issues with respectto an investigation.

Brett Kavanaugh, ultimately decided

that that kind of an investigation,

even though he'd been a critical figure

in the Starr investigationwasn't good for this country.

I think that will be an issuein the confirmation hearings,

the argument's gonnabe that he is not going

as a Supreme Court Justice,be in a position to fairly

determine whether or notDonald Trump should be subject

to a subpoena, I think thatthat is not going to be

a strong issue and I thinkyou could, obviously solve

the issue if he were to sayhe would recuse himself.

But I think that whatit really demonstrates

is maturity and wisdom.

How many of us can be intenselyinvolved in a position

and in a career and atsome point later on say,

maybe we need to look at the greater good,

maybe we need to rethinkwhat happened years ago.

- Oh, I remember the WhiteHouse when the announcement

was made that he wasgaining the appointment.

He said that he keeps an open mind.

I think that's one example of it.

So, but any chance we all remember

the Robert Bork situation.

Any chance he'll be Borked?

So what do you expectbeyond what you just said

for those confirmationhearings, any fireworks?

- I think his personal qualitieswill remind us much more

of Chief Justice John Roberts than some

of those who've come before.

He's extremely gracious and courteous

and thoughtful and bright.

I think people and the country watching

the confirmation hearings aregonna really like this guy.

Unless there's some prizes that none of us

have thought about, I thinkit's gonna be very uphill

to try to defeat his confirmation.

- Kendall Coffee, we thinkyou for your insights

from Washington, thanks for being with us.

- Okay, thanks for having me on.

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- Pakistan has a newprime minister, Imran Khan

has been sworn into office.

He's pledged to enactjustice for all Pakistanis

without discrimination.

Pakistan's Christian minority's hoping

their new Prime Minister willput his words into action.

Several days before Khan took office,

police ignored Christian pleas to locate

and arrest a murderer

of a 35 year old Christianfather in Lahore.

Joining us from London withmore is Wilson Chowdhry,

of the British PakistaniChristian Association.

Wilson, so tell us whathappened to this Christian man,

husband, father?

- On the 15th of August,a Christian father

of three children was about to celebrate

his ninth anniversary to his wife.

And he went out to buy an anniversary cake

for his wife and never returned home.

Around 10 minutes later, aknock arrived on their door

and young men informed thefamily that Viki Massie

had been shot and was needing help

at a nearby Muslim man's home.

When the family rushed there

they found him unlucid, basically,

he was falling into a comatose state

and there was blood everywhere.

The Muslim man who had shothim was still in the house,

ran off, the family placedVicky Masih onto a motorcycle

and took him to the hospitalwhere he was pronounced dead

on arrival.- Why was he killed Wilson,

do we know what the reason was?

- The murder is shrouded in mystery.

This man was a localneighbor, he was a Muslim man

but he is known to deal in drugs.

Now this Christian manwasn't a known drug user,

so that's not what it's believed to be.

He may have seen a crimeor and that may well be why

he has been shot but thepolice haven't revealed

any further details.

But for all intents andpurposes this Christian man

was simply going out tobuy a cake on the way.

He must have stumbledacross this gentleman,

was in his doorway andinvisibly trying to escape

because his legs aretrapped inside the door

as he got shot in thehead and bled to death.

- Yeah, maybe he saw a drugdeal coming down or something.

So, how did the police reactto this, what did they do?

- Absolutely nothing.

Initially a call was made to the police,

there was no response.

And later when the family arrived

and after Viki had beenplaced on the motorcycle

and sent to Mayo Hospitalwhich was nearby,

the remnant of the family wentacross to the police station,

had to lobby them for 20 minutes

and refusing to leave thestation for police officers

to actually then come out with them

to take images and a shortreport on what had happened.

At that point, despitethe blood on the streets

and the eye witness accounts,no FI answer, no charge,

no initial investigation ever took place.

And the police did escortthem to the hospital,

so we know no initialinvestigation was registered.

And the police did takethem to the hospital

where they did found that Vicky Masih

had been pronounced dead andthey took few witness accounts

from the two (mumbles) thatplaced them on the motorcycle

and still had failed toregister a first instant report.

- So there was no effort from the police

to go and pursue the perpetrator.

So then how did theChristians react to this?

- Well, due to thereluctance of the police,

the family totallyincensed, placed Vicky Masih

into a coffin and they wentto the local high street

where they protested with over250 to 300 other Christians.

And absolutely noPakistani Christians media

took any interest, exceptfor one national paper

that wrote one paragraph andclaimed it was a local dispute

without any reason for thatto be in the newspaper.

- Wilson, how typical isthis that police don't help

or respond at all to Pakistani citizens,

all Pakistani citizens,especially if they're not Muslims?

- Well, if you're Christianit's very hard to register

a police complaint orinitiate an investigation

even if the crime is murder.

Christians often will haveto take dead bodies out

into the streets, block main roads,

burn tires in the streets to protest

until some police action takes place.

Even then, it's not aguarantee and often they then

have to obtain a solicitor toactually challenge the police

to do their job.

I've never heard of thisin any other country,

it's a very bizarre situation.

But you can imaginemost deprived Christians

don't have the money for a solicitor,

hence, they take thesedead bodies, these corpses

into the streets, allowing more decay

before they're able toreceive any solace or closure

by burying their dead.

- And Wilson, quickly,we've got about 30 seconds,

what can we do?

- Well, BPCA has set up an appeal

and where Christianswho would like to help

can donate towards the cost of the funeral

for his family and forthe cost of a solicitor

because it does seem as ifthat this local drug lord

has been bribing police toturn a blind eye to crimes,

which is one of the reasons why we believe

there was extra reluctancedespite the large protests

that happened in Pakistan.

And we are still asking people- Okay, Wilson Chowdhry,

to pray for justice.we're out of,

We will pray for justice.

Wilson we're out of time,

British Pakistani Christians in London,

thank you so much for joining us today.

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- Now that Donald Trump'sattorney Michael Cohen

has pled guilty to eight counts

of violating U.S. campaign finance laws,

what's the likely fallout for the President?

Could all of this Cohen drama lead

to presidential impeachment?

It all may depend on Cohen.

What may or may not berevealed from phone recordings

of his conversations with Donald Trump.

And of course, the outcome ofthis falls mid-term election.

First, here's CBN NewsReporter Charlene Aaron,

to explain more aboutCohen and his guilty plea.

- [Charlene] 11 days before the election,

Cohen paid off porn star Stormy Daniels

who claimed she had a onenight stand with Trump.

The President initially saidhe knew nothing about it.

Cohen said in federal court Tuesday

that he made the payments in coordination

and at the direction of acandidate for federal office.

It's not clear if Trump broke the law

and legal experts say it wouldbe hard to prove in court.

Cohen's guilty couldadd to democratic calls

to impeach the President.

Legal analyst say a sittingpresident can not be indicted

but he can be impeachedwhich is a political,

not a criminal response.

- Violation of election laws are regarded

as kind of jay walking in the realm

of things about elections.

And there are so many of them.

Every administrationviolates the election laws,

every candidate violates the election laws

when they run for president.

- Dershowitz is right, todaythe democrats are concerned

about the Russians and MichaelCohen paying hush money

to two women in violationof campaign finance laws.

But how soon we forget Chinagate.

Remember how the Chinesetried to influence

the 1992 and 1996 Presidential elections.

Remember Charlie Trie, JohnHuang and Johnny Chung, others?

I remember it well becauseI reported about it

from Washington.

The democrats didn't want an investigation

because millions of dollarsflowed to the Clinton campaign

and the DNC.

We'll never know the full extent

of the election influence buying

because then Attorney General Janet Reno

refused to appoint a specialcounsel to investigate it all.

Yes, Chinagate was reallybigger than Monica Lewinsky.

It could have led toPresident Clinton's removal

from office.

Now President Trump isfacing a similar challenge.

The recordings of his phone conversations

with Michael Cohen reveal he ordered Cohen

to use campaign fundsto pay that hush money.

Capitol Hill democrats willhave the smoking gun they need.

They'll rally more members of their party,

maybe republicans as well,

to join the impeachment Trump parade.

So far there's no evidenceof Russia collusion

or that the President himself intended

to violate campaign finance laws.

I know the Presidentmaybe saying to himself,

if only I hadn't had thatone night stand with Stormy,

none of this would be an issue.

Remember Mr. President, the Bible tells us

our sins will be found out.

Proverbs 10:9 says,whoever walks in integrity,

walks securely but whoevertakes crooked paths

will be found out.

Yes all of us have sinned

and fall short of the glory of God.

Donald Trump is no exception.

The difference is, he's thePresident of the United States.

Everything he does is watchedand exposed by his enemies.

Folks let's remember in this country,

we're like Michael Cohen,considered innocent

until proven guilty.

That also applies to our president.

So, let's demand fairness and justice,

let's pray that our presidentand all of our leaders

embrace truth and radiate integrity.

Well, that's it from The Global Lane.

Be sure to follow us onFacebook, iTunes, YouTube,

SoundCloud and Twitter.

Until next time be blessed.


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